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Palpatine is very proud, if completely exasperated with, his Jedi Knight son and his accomplishments. "If any Jedi has to disrupt the Sith's plans, than at least it's my son!" "Obi-Wan is such an excellent strategist, but I wish he'd Turn so I can use his mind to help finish the revenge of the Sith." "My son is such an accomplished warrior, imagine how he's going to be once he's a Sith!" And the like.

Darth Sidious, in his guise of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, sighed as he set down his datapad.  That latest attempt to stir up trouble in the Mid-Rim colonies had failed. Spectacularly so.  And yet, though this set back his plans for a war by at least a year, he wasn’t all that upset.

It had been Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, that had stopped the brewing war.  If his plans had to be unknowingly thwarted, at least it was by his own son. 

Sidious managed a crooked grin as he read Obi-Wan’s report, followed by Anakin’s.  His son hadn’t mentioned how he’d been injured, only to be tattled on by the Padawan. Typical.  Obi-Wan was always downplaying his own personal injuries. Sidious was certain it was because of how he’d been raised as a Jedi.  When Sidious first had the revelation about Obi-Wan, and after confirming it with a very discrete DNA test (and then destroying the droid and equipment that performed the test), he’d also covertly gained a copy of Obi-Wan’s files.

He had not been happy.  Some of the Jedi who had demeaned his son, had turned him down, had neglected and hurt him, were dead.  Some were not.  Those ones were on Sidious’ list to insure a painful death during the coming war. And, if he were lucky enough to Turn his son before they died, he’d let the boy get his own revenge.

If.  Sidious’ grin flattened.  Obi-Wan was too strong.  Both in the Force and in his own will.  It was taking a lot to tear him from his Jedi teachings.  It was slowly working, but almost too slowly.  At the rate it was taking, the rest of the Jedi Order would Fall before he would.

That would not do.  Oh, Sidious was proud of how strong his son was, but he wished the boy would just realize what was best for him.

Perhaps he should pretend to come across some information about Maul.  Sidious knew that clone of his apprentice believed he was the original.  He’d planned it that way, though he’d never thought Maul would die the way he had.  Obi-Wan would believe that was the original, more importantly.  And he’d want to make sure the being that had killed his Jedi Master was dead.

He’d slipped once, that way.  He could be made to slip again. 

Sidious sighed.  Yes, that was a good idea.  Not now, no, but once Obi-Wan was exhausted by the war and made more vulnerable by death and destruction, it would help.

Oh, Sidious could not wait until he didn’t have to work around his son and could work with him.  The boy had such a fine strategic mind, he’d be able to maneuver the Jedi into whatever trap he wanted them in.

Sidious felt the very man he was thinking of approach, and smiled.  At least he’d managed to position himself as a mentor to both Obi-Wan and his Padawan.

Sidious made sure his shields were solid, then smiled as Obi-Wan was shown in.  “Obi-Wan,” he said with actual genuine pleasure.  “It’s good to see you.  I was just reading the reports of your spectacular work on Felucia.”

Obi-Wan smiled slightly.  “Oh, I assure you, it was mainly down to my Padawan’s investigation that we were able to find the men behind the bombings.”

Sidious chuckled.  “My friend, you sell yourself short.”  And Obi-Wan did, he really did.  That would be one of the first things Sidious would help him with, once Obi-Wan was the Imperial Prince.  It wouldn’t do to have a Prince that was so humble.


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Princess Aiko, 15, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, attended a graduation ceremony at Gakushuin Girls’ Junior High School on March 22.
Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako also attended the ceremony, held at the school’s gymnasium in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward.
Asked about her thoughts about her junior high school days, Princess Aiko remarked, “I enjoyed the past three years thanks to my teachers and friends.”


Imperial Prince... Luke

So, there’s the whole Imperial Prince Obi-Wan Kenobi, son of Emperor Palpatine, post going around.  I can’t really read the whole thing, because the OT3 is not my thing, but it’s been showing up on my dashboard.  The two main contributors seem to be @hamelin-born and @stylishbutdefinitelyillegal.  I’m pretty sure stylish is writing a story based on it.

But it occurred to me today that we have another character this whole scenario can apply to.  Luke Skywalker.  He’s Darth Vader’s son.  Depending on what you take as canon, he’s the son of the next in line for the throne.  Now, in canon, it seems like Vader tried to keep him a secret from his master, but what if he couldn’t?  What if they learned at the same time the name of the rebel who destroyed the Death Star?

Palpatine could have come up with the whole “taken from his father and raised to oppose him” thing, since, in broad terms… it’s kinda the truth.  He and Vader realize that this will mean revealing the Anakin-Vader connection, and probably the Anakin/Padme one, but it’d be worth it.

The galaxy is shocked. The Rebels are shocked.  Luke is shocked.  And Luke has spend a year or two with the rebels, and they can tell he didn’t know…

What happens next?  I think that Vader would put out an “alive and unharmed” bounty on Luke and would make appeals to the galaxy, Luke would clearly want nothing to do with being an Imperial Prince.  Or maybe not.  I don’t know, but I’d love to know what Han’s reaction would be (the Kid?  Really?) or Leia’s (what?!) or the Rogues or other Rebels.  And just… Palpatine is probably cackling back in his throne room, of course.

(In the Force, Obi-Wan is probably either panicking or facepalming.  If Luke is at the point of being able to talk to him, there’s probably a lot of “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!?” going on.)

The most esteemed citizen of Laair Station

This song concerns
A drastic reversal of fortunes
In which the singer became
The most esteemed citizen of Laair Station

The singer was born to a lesser house
And prepared herself for the Aptitudes
In just and proper fashion
But two uncivilised people
Disrupting the proper running of the community
Provoked her to uncivil behaviour
Her mother was concerned
And advised her to seek a new assignment.

The singer thought this was unnecessary
But her mother kissed her
And made gifts of tea and soft cakes
To pay for her reassignment
So she deferred to her mother’s wishes

The singer was delighted to find herself
On a ship sipping tea from a delicate rose glass bowl
She speculated that the conditions of her reassignment
Might be beneficial after all.

But she feared the strict and demanding etiquette
Of the prestigious houses
Would be stifling and oppressive
So she awaited her arrival
With trepidation

As she departed the transport
An ancillary approached her and spoke her name
She hurried away anxiously to the shuttle bay

A shuttle was arriving from the station
Decorated in a jovial way
That was familiar to the singer
So it was with a sense of relief
That she boarded

Alighting at the station,
She thanked the transport pilot with a bow,
And surveyed her new domain of responsibility
The journey had been long
Yet now the singer had arrived
To assume her just position

(collaboration with @syntheticmodularity)


July 25 2015 -  Haiti marked the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. invasion of the country with protests in Port-au-Prince under the slogans of “Enough” and “No More Occupations”. 

One hundred years ago, U.S. corporations turned Haiti into a source of cheap labor and 400,000 workers were forced to go to other parts of the Caribbean and work in U.S. enterprises. The anti-imperialist protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.N. forces and reparations for historical losses inflicted on Haiti. 

As one protester said “The goal of this march is to say: Death to the dictatorship. Death to the occupation. Long live Haiti and the Haitian people. The USA are terrorists”. [video]


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[FE Cipher/Rika Suzuki]

Prince of Grannvale, Seliph


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[FE Cipher/Rika Suzuki]

Shadow-Bearing Imperial Prince, Julius

Savior of Light, Seliph


Rika Suzuki on twitter, 17-3-2017:

[FE Cipher/Rika Suzuki]

Savior of Light, Seliph

The God of Light’s Descendant, Julia


Rika Suzuki on twitter, 17-3-2017:

That’s all of my illustrations for FE Cipher from Series 6-8.
Wow… this was all so, so fun…!
To players and to IS, thank you so much!!

In 1896, months after their coronation, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his wife Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna travelled abroad to the United Kingdom to meet with Alexandra’s beloved “Grandmama” Queen Victoria. Not wanting to be parted with their first born child, the Imperial couple also brought the ten-month-old Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna. She would be the only one of Nicholas and Alexandra’s children to meet their formidable great-grandmother.

Victoria was enthralled with little Olga. Nicholas wrote that the Queen was “marvellously kind and amiable to us and delighted to see Olga.”