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Hartwin prompt: Both of our lovely idiots groaning about the other's looks to Merlin (who'll get pissed off and fixes a Hartwin date for them without the dummies knowing anything)

Thank you for the prompt, this was a lot of fun to write ♥

„Tell me ’ow to get me ’air like that”, Eggsy exclaims, plops down on the chair in front of Merlin. He’s still in his suit, the white of his shirt stained with blood, and it takes Merlin a lot of strength not to comment on the price of the chair Eggsy is just sitting in, or that he will not hesitate to send the younger man the bill for the cleaners, should be get stains on it.
“You shave your head. It is very simple, really.”
“No”, Eggsy replies, rolls his eyes like Merlin just said the silliest thing he has ever heard. “I mean like ‘Arry, of course. It’s just so perfect. Like, it looks so soft, like a cloud. I just wanna- I don’t even know. ‘s probably not safe for work.”

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