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Imperial Fruk aesthetic!~☆

I think that this is an amazing point in history for these two. I’m not a shipper but I am an appreciator. It was the biggest rise for both nations, much like the cold war of who was the top dog, except this was the original rival duo taking over the world over a much longer time then the cold war. And yet I think that their love was strongest at this time period.

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Could you write AsaKiku with the prompt "over a cup of tea" please?

for the “how you said ‘i love you’” prompt list!
A/N: this is my first try at asakiku, as well as teikoku shimaguni (well, as teikoku shimaguni as I could make it lmao). hopefully I did this ship justice! 
(ง •̀_•́)ง

4: over a cup of tea;

Kiku Honda didn’t need to look out towards the sea to know who had arrived onto his shores. He could practically reach out and touch the arrogance and taste the sea salt in the air around him as he sat upon the engawa wrapping around his home, his peace long disturbed by the figure in the distance coming closer.

In his lap, Pochi was roused from his sleep by the sound of leather boots against the dirt path leading to Kiku’s garden. His ears flattened backwards, his teeth bared. It would seem that neither of them were fans of the infamous Arthur Kirkland.

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old woman’s summer

for day 1 of @aphukraineweek - “family”

1860s-ish. Ukraine and her little brother talk one evening. (some notes here)

“It’s harder than you think,” Russia says, sinking into an armchair. The rest of his empire is asleep, or ought to be; Ukraine’s just gotten back from another trip, this time as Russia’s envoy to Sadik in Istanbul – but that’s a whole different story.

She’s just closed the door behind her, shutting out the night. It’s warm, for early October, anyway. The Antonivka apples will be just starting to ripen back home. Ukraine shakes the damp fog from her shoulders and stamps the mud from her boots.

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“Once upon a December”
Imperial Russia aesthetic for my dear friend Ivan. I personally think that imperial Russia was one of the most beautiful time periods for the nation, even if politically it was bad. The big formal balls they held and such, leave me in awe. Imperial aph Russia was the prince of my dreams I swear hahaha ☆

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so i was browsing ur china tag and i actually had a dream about it where china was like "i put the GREAT in great grandpa >:D" and hong kong was like "you put the grandpa in great grandpa calm urself" and yao was offended it was funny i wanted to thank u

i’m flattered my art is entering people’s dreams now lol- anw i feel like depending on the situation, he wouldn’t always get offended by references to his age (elders have wisdom and are to be respected) 

but 10/10 they snipe all the time 


Some FrUk at war practises


So now that I’m finally feeling better (and can stand to walk around) I’m going to start posting the photosets I talked about. I’m going to start with my oldest to my newest, excluding con photos. (I can do those another time if you guys want) 

So these cosplays were where me and my cosplaying partner Kuroarashiryuu really started to get serious. Both cosplays were made for a local Christmas Parade and then used again at Katsucon 2014, and Saikoucon 2014. 

The Imperial Russia jacket was hand made by me, along with a 9ft long fleece scarf. The red decoration was also done by me, and all other details by Kuroashes. This design was based off of askcosplaybloodysundayrussia with her permittion and consent of course. 

Traditional Lithuania’s vest was hand made by me, and everything else was bought primarily from a Goodwill. 

These were taken early to mid January of 2014 in about 20 degree weather, and mind you these cosplays are not warm. I will continue to post pictures in the coming weeks, probably one to two sets a week depending on size. Next set is also related to Hetalia :) Thanks again for all of the support, I’m almost at 30 followers! <3 


Imperial Russia: Kuroarashiryuu

Traditional Lithuania: Me 

I do not own Hetalia, nor do I own its characters. I do not own the designs of the cosplays. I do own the physical cosplays themselves. 


They were a really respectable and loving family, even if they were a little naive what was happening around them. They loved to spend time with each other. The great Tsar took many vacations and trips to their summer home every year. However, it was hard having Alexei ( the only son and future tzar) with such a horrible disease, hemophilia, which put much burden on the family, scared that a small fall could kill him…. But, even with this disease, Prince Alexei would go with his father to observe his father “run the country”, just daddy son things, da? 

On July 17, 1918, Bolshevik authorities, led by Yakov Yurovsky, shot Nicholas II, his immediate family, and four servants in the cellar of the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The family was told that they were to be photographed to prove to the people that they were still alive. The family members were arranged appropriately and left alone for several minutes, the gunmen then walked in and started shooting. The girls did not die from the first shots, because bullets rebounded off jewels that were sewn into their corsets. The gunmen tried to stab them with bayonets, that failed, because of the jewels, the gunmen then shot each girl in the head at close range.

Such a sad story….. It’s heartbreaking at times to know I was a part of that…..*sighs and covers face* 

(( Sorry that this became a history lesson/rant… I’m just kinda passionate about this part of history Q~Q 

At metrocon, I had a little boy (that would have been around Alexei’s age) come up to me in my Bloody Sunday Cosplay asking for a picture… I almost started tearing up seeing this boy, but gladly accepted. I guess Russia really is a part of me… or I just really easily get feels x'3

Also, sorry if I got any of the history wrong… I don’t think I did though ))