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International Socialist Republican Solidarity with Standing Rock!

We, the undersigned socialist republican organisations from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, express our complete solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their heroic resistance against the imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline on their sovereign territory.

The ongoing resistance at Standing Rock in defence of land, natural resources and the right to water, is providing inspiration to anti- capitalist and anti- imperialist struggles around the world. The resistance at Standing Rock resonates in particular, in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where our peoples have, and continue to fight against the joint systems of Capitalism and Imperialism and in defence of our homes, our natural resources and our right to clean safe and free drinking water.

We recognise that the fight of the Lakota is our fight and we further recognise that Standing Rock is a key battle ground in the struggle of the international working class and oppressed peoples around the world against the exploitation and oppression of Capitalism and Imperialism.

We condemn the US Imperial administration for its ongoing attacks on the Standing Rock Sioux. The militarisation of tribal lands, and the brutalisation of those acting in defence of their future is unacceptable and must end immediately.

We note with concern the recent raid on Last Child Camp and the subsequent mass round up of protestors. We demand that all those arrested are immediately released.

It is our view, that the US administration, acting as it is, in support of the private capitalist interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have convincingly demonstrated, the fundamental truth of James Connolly’s maxim, that ‘governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class’.

We call on all progressive forces in the United States to rally behind the resistance at Standing Rock. For our part, we pledge our continuing support and solidarity and vow to do what we can in our own countries to highlight the outrages being committed at Standing Rock and to build international support for the resistance!

Defend natural resources!
Release All Prisoners!
Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Signed (List in formation)

Ireland- Éirígí
Wales- Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest

Osaka Castle in Osaka with autumn leaves, Japan, landmark of Unesco.; Shutterstock ID 227729509; PO: Korea TVC ad; Client: Korea by Leona
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Osaka Castle in Osaka with autumn leaves, Japan, landmark of Unesco.; Shutterstock ID 227729509; PO: Korea TVC ad; Client: Korea

Reichswehr, Army of the Reich

The Reichswehr was a unified organization composed of the following (as was allowed by the Versailles Treaty):

  • The Reichsheer, an army consisting of two group commands,
    • seven infantry divisions, and
    • three cavalry divisions.

The Reichsmarine, a navy with a limited number of certain types of ships and boats. No submarines were allowed.

British Imperial Federation

Just been reading up on Cecil Rhodes. His views were pretty based tbh.

He wanted to the British Empire to become an Imperial Federation where the British dominated countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Cape Colony) would have representation in the British Parliament, effectively creating a superstate ensuring imperial unity whilst still allowing for a democratic government. This would allow Britain to share the costs of imperial defence. 

Many supporters of this believed that the United Kingdom would have two possible futures; imperial union and continued long-term importance or imperial dissolution and the reduction of the status of the UK to a second-class nation. Which is pretty true considering we no longer have an empire and are no longer a superpower.

He also wanted the US to rejoin the Empire and have a strong alliance with Germany as he believed Britain, USA and Germany would dominate the world and ensure peace.

Man this would of been great for Britain if this happened but WW1 & WW2 happened and support faded as colonies started to gain individual identity. But ideas similar to this have risen in recent years, especially with the skepticism of the EU, for Britain to leave the EU and start a Commonwealth Federation of UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in similar fashion to the EU.

Anyone else got opinions on this?

The Imperial Guard had managed to create a 40km line of trench works, tank traps and fortifications against the traitor forces arrayed against them on Illiad. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and tanks populated this line which ran along the southside of the Charonis river. Recent arrivals from the Mordian Iron Guard and the Attilan Rough Riders who would have bolstered their numbers had been redeployed elsewhere. Arrayed against them were the Black Legion supported by what war bands had thrown their lot in Abaddon the Despoiler.

Although the Imperial commander knew that retreat was likely to be a necessary act and warned against the Black Legion pushing through the Imperial lines, his superiors believed that nothing could breach the Charonis defences and ordered him to stay put and hold the line. The Black Legion launched a serious assault, with raptors and other assault troops crossing the river, while elsewhere two bridgeheads were established to allow the troops across safely. Despite repeated attempts by the Imperial artillery, they could not take out those bridgeheads. After three days of fighting, the centre of the Imperial lines began to falter and fall back.

Meanwhile other elements of the traitor forces had crossed the river further east and under cover of the battle were able to move unseen to slam into the eastern flanks which quickly collapsed under the two pronged attack. With the loss of two thirds of the defences, the Imperial Guard fell back in a disorganised route.