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Testimony to my current boredom: gif lists of various SWR characters and their jobs. Create your own AU with a few clicks!

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If you feel like it, share the best combination you get! My first three were Inquisitor Leia, Pirate Tarkin and Emperor Zeb Orrelios!

Imperial Ghost Crew

Kanan helping Hera unwind after a stressful meeting with Kallus.

Zeb beating down anyone who harms his crew.

Hera shutting down anyone who badmouths her Inquisitor.

Ezra using his gift for connection to painlessly extract information from prisoners.

Sabine and Zeb staging an “accident” for Kallus.

Ezra getting captured by rebels and Kanan destroying an entire base to get him back.

Prejudiced Imperials thinking less of Hera for being twi'lek until she wipes the floor with them on every assignment.

Sabine painting the Empire symbol all over rebel ships.

Chopper being much less merciful with Hondo when he tried to recruit Ezra into piracy.

Kanan and Hera both dreaming about how disappointed their parents (or Master) would be with them.

Ahsoka taunting Kanan in a fight about taking Ezra as her own apprentice and Kanan nearly loses himself to rage.

Sabine leading squads of Mandalorians into battle.

Kanan’s eyes have a tint of yellow.

Kanan and Ezra trying to hide how powerful Ezra is to avoid Vader taking an interest in him.

The crew collectively agreeing not to tell the Empire about the location of Lirasaan.

Ezra connecting with feral vicious creatures very easily and Kanan torn between pride and concern.

Kanan being incredibly possessive of his crew.

Hera being know as one of the Empire’s best pilots.

Crew members infiltrating rebels cells pretending to be defectors.

Kanan being made to work with the Seventh Sister and he has to force himself not to attack her because she won’t shut up about how pretty his apprentice is and how much she’d love if he would let her teach him.

Ryder Azadi horrified to see the Bridger’s boy working with Imperials.

Ezra struggling with working with the Empire when his parents were taken for standing up to it.

Kanan becoming enraged when anyone threatens Hera or Ezra.

Kanan feeling the Light in Ezra and being hesitant to try and stomp it out.

The crew cruising through space unworried about Imperial blockades, laughing at Tarkin’s latest humiliating defeat at the hands of the rebels.

SWTOR Guides/Tips Master List

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Silly ‘Guides’:

can you believe there was a time where lucasfilms banned gay fan fiction 

We’re terribly sorry, but we cannot authorize homosexual expression of love among the characters created by George Lucas. This controversial subject must remain detached from the world created by Lucasfilm in order to preserve the innocence even Imperial crew members must be imagined to have.

(actual letter his legal counsel sent to a fanzine) 

20 years later the fandom is saturated with stormpilot 


Imperial Crew Vs Sin City Monsters another fun battle