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Rey + locations: Rey’s Home

The Jakku scavenger Rey lived in a unique home – an AT-AT walker toppled near the outskirts of the Graveyard of Ships. The walker was once Hellhound Two, from the Imperial Star Destroyer Interrogator; Rey made a home for herself in its former troop compartment. There she cleaned equipment scavenged from the sands, cooked, slept, and dreamt of the day her family would return and take her away from Jakku.


He turned and saw the towering metal forms of Imperial walkers on the march. Their legs dwarfed the trees, and the laser cannons attached to their cockpits pumped ruin toward the scattering rebel soldiers. The stormtroopers had slowed their pursuit, staying out of the crossfire as they attempted to cut off the rebels’ routes to escape.

The rebels had already begun to die. But death was not failure.

Failure lay in the shadow of the metal beasts.

Go, little sister, Baze thought. Go!


A Galaxy Far, Far Away Raada

Technically a moon, Raada orbited an unknown planet in the deep Outer Rim that, while small, was self-sustaining and subsisted on the strengths of its close-knit farming community. After the Empire colonized the moon to drain it of both its labor resources and natural resources, Raada became the site of the first true Rebel Alliance action: a planned, coordinated uprising led by Ahsoka Tano with the help of Bail Organa, with the intent to damage AT-AT walkers at the Imperial base. Sisters Kaeden and Miara Larte were born and raised on Raada.

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“I don’t like leaving the kids all on their own.  I hope they’re all right.”

“I’m sure they’re fine, dear.”