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Sadaaki “Matsu-chan” Akamatsu describing fighter tactics against American planes with the Raiden. This a shot from some great footage i managed to find, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest watching it from the link at the bottom.

Sadaaki Akamatsu (born 30 July 1910) was an infamous JNAF ace who fought from 1937 in China till the end of WW2 in 1945. Akamatsu was well known, with a reputation as a trouble-maker and also a trickster. Many of his air-victories were obtained while drunk and his supervisors stood behind him, as did his fellow pilots who frequently defended and covered for him. When intoxicated he boasted that by the end of the war he had 350 victories (260 when not) but it is he is generally credited with over 30. No matter what his score was, he had more than 8000 flight hours & was never wounded even tho his plane was hit multiple times. His nicknames, Matsu-chan (little pinetree) and Teimei were puns of his name: Akamatsu means “red pine” in English, while Teimei is the on-yomi reading of the kanji of his first name.

Akamatsu could be compared as the “Japanese Marseille” with his Rogue Characteristics and great flying skills. There are many interesting stories about him including bolting from a brothel to jump in his fighter still wearing his Kimono & wooden clogs! Famous ace Saburo Sakai said about these stories “Don’t believe those silly stories - it’s all nonsense!” A story that is true is when the 34yr old flew single-handedly with his Zero into a formation of 75 P51s, shooting one down and making it out alive. One American who witnessed it said “If he had been American he would have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.” 

After the war he became a fish search pilot for the Kochi Fishery Assocation with a plane his old comrades bought until he sold it to contribute to his alcoholism, he ran a cafe in Kochi city till he died on February 22nd 1990 of pneumonia, a broken and dejected man.

(My own words of info taken from Osprey: Japanese Naval Aces)

Ensign Junichi Sasai (1918-1942), commanding the Tainan Zero fighter group, Lae. Supervisor of the Saburo Sakai, 64-victory ace, himself an ace, standing in front of the captured P-40, similar to the one he shot down. KIA while Saburo was in the hospital in Japan but kept the special tiger belt buckle that Sasai gave him until his own death in 2000.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Friendly mock battle between the Rogues and the Sabers. (Vader is NOT pleased, but Luke is thrilled to go up against the Imperial aces. Fel gets a surprise gift for his wife when the two squadrons do a group holo.)

They all got told off for being “unprofessional” and “consorting with the enemy” and “walking a very fine line between reconnaissance and treason”.

Unfortunately for Admiral Piett’s growing headache, the Sabers were all completely stoic and the Rogues had long since mastered the look of wide-eyed innocence.

“We understand,” Wedge said with a perfectly straight face. “In hindsight it was, of course, irresponsible to engage in mock battle this way.”

“Completely so,” Fel agreed, eyes front and shoulders stiff. “Certainly not behavior befitting our respective leaders’ reputations.”

“No more mock battles,” they were warned, “I hardly need tell you that Lord Vader is furious.

“No, no more practice maneuvers against each other,” Wedge agreed quickly. But before Piett could relax, he added, “Next time we’ll just practice as one unit!”

Standing behind the two and trying to blend in with the other pilots, Luke was beginning to lose the battle against the giggles. He leaned forward to whisper to Fel and Antilles, “If we combine Sabers and Rogues, what does that make us? Swashbucklers?”

“Sir, with all due respect, if you call us Swashbucklers on an open comm channel every man and woman here will make you regret it,” Fel replied, never taking his eyes off of the horrified officers in front of them.

The Kids Ride

Prompt: In which you loose a bet and end up an a kids ride with Buck.
Warnings: None
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
A/N: it’s just a nice fluff for passing a good time


“So, here’s the deal. If I win, you two have to go on a kids ride on the fair” You stated.

“But if you don’t then there’s you and Terminator on the ride” Tony defended.

“Yeah. And it’s more than obvious that if I win. Both of you, will go on it” Said Bucky pointing at both of you.

You all looked at each other trying to reveal each other’s thoughts and proceeded looked back to your set of cards. You had 2 pairs. One of queens and one of 10’s. You had this game won. Or so you though. You left your cards on the table with a pleased smile. That didn’t last long as not much after Bucky threw his cards over yours. With 3 kings and a pair of J’s.
“Oh, I’m so gonna film Iron man and (Y/S/N) on a kids ride…” but was shut up by Tony as he threw on his hand. A scale from 10 to ace… imperial flower. You were done for.

You were aggressively biting on a cereal bar as you got up pissed. You weren’t counting on losing. You didn’t really mind going on the ride. But you knew Tony would make this something to bother both you and Bucky for the rest of your life.

“See you on the fair” You said before leaving to your kitchen.

Once in your room. You changed yourself into a pair of pyjamas and grabbed the remote control. You turned the TV on and started browsing around on Netflix.

“What are you doing?” Said Bucky letting himself on your room. He was your room neighbour on the house. And he would normally let himself in with Wanda and vision jump scaring all of you, when he entered through the walls.

“I’m looking for something on Netflix” You answered.

“Will Wanda and Vision come?” He asked.

“I doubt it. I think they are finally accepting the filings they have for the other and bonding over silly romantic movies” you told him.

He nodded “What are we watching then?”

“I was thinking of binge watching a show…
Any suggestions?” You asked.

“Have you ever watched a Doctor Who?”

You denied with your head.

“Look it up”

You nodded and looked for the show. Then you played the first episode and you two ended up watching about half of the season.

When neither of you could stay awake any longer you gave a good bye kiss and he left to his room.

You accommodated yourself on the bed and not long after drifted asleep.

When you woke up, you went to the kitchen and prepared yourself breakfast. You ate. Read a little and the proceeded to
do training. Took a bath. Rested a little and then prepared for the fair.

Once there you went on the shooting games with Nat and Buck. Which not surprisingly, got the three of you on a tie.

Later on you competed with Buck and Clint on dart shooting. In which the SuperSoldier won. And he won one giant unicorn.

“(Y/N), this is now yours” he said as he tried to force you into taking it.

“You won it! It’s yours, I can’t take it. Plus you look adorable with it” you said as you grabbed your phone and snapped a picture of the man caring a giant stuffed unicorn.

He rolled his eyes “Are you gonna grab it now?” He asked.

You pretended to think it and then snapped it out of his hands. “Don’t expect me giving you any boy toys as a thanks”.

“Boys” you heard Tony from behind you. He came and placed himself in the middle of you two placing his arms on both of your shoulders “Sorry to interrupt your little moment here. But I’ve found the ride” you could hear his devilish smile as he said the last words.

You both turned around and followed him closely.

After a while he stopped you both in front of a roller coaster. If you could call it that… of a worm. It was oval, with no longer than 9 meters of perimeter with two up’s and down. “the little Worm” he said pointing towards it proudly.

“Are you kidding me?” You said looking at it.

“Not one bit” he answered “Oh and as a plus, you have to be on one cart. I don’t care how you fit.”

“Fine. But you have to take care of Roberto” you answered.

“Who the fuck is that?” He asked confused.

“He is” you said as you handed him the giant unicorn to then snap a quick picture of him. You had a plan to get everyone’s picture with it. Plus you wanted to piss Tony off.

He rolled his eyes “I want you there. Now!” He said annoyed.

You both got up on the small stairs and proceeded to mount the ride. You got in first and Buck followed. Surprisingly enough. Both of you fitted.

Tony took a bunch of pictures and he ended up getting bored and sitting on a bench near by.

“You know. If this thing fell I would totally get stabbed with that pole over there” you said pointing at a metal pile in the middle of the space that was surrounded by the railing.

“Don’t event think Of that”

“But it’s true tho” you stated before focusing on your own thoughts again.

“I wouldn’t let that pole hurt you… anyways, can’t believe we lost” Said Buck as the little worm went up for about the 7th time

“Me neither. I really wanted to see you and Tony on a kids ride. Would have made an even more epic shot than yours with the unicorn”

He rolled his eyes “shut up” you smiled at him “Anyways, what’d you think of the show?” He asked.

“BADASS” you answered.

“We should watch more later on” he suggested.

“Totally” you stated. And just as your conversation finished. The ride did too.

He got out and as you were on it. You didn’t rise your foot high enough and ended on the floor. You stopped your fall with your hands and proceeded to course under your breath.

Then you felt Bucky’s arms helping you up effortlessly. You turned around once your feet were on the floor and smiled “Thanks”

“You ok?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah. I guess I wasn’t paying attention.
And anyhow. I’ve been on far more dangerous situations”

“Oh, kiss already” said Tony catching up with both of you.

Bucky basically killed him with a look and you just snapped the food of the hand that was not occupied by Roberto.

“Hey!” He complained.

“You forced us into that ride. And then I fell. And I’m blaming it on you Stark. So I’m eating this food. Shut up” and he did. You you and Buck finished his food, grabbed Roberto, and went to find the others.

A Very Imperial Valentines Week - Day 3 - Secret Relationship

Hera Syndulla and Baron Valen Rudor

Wishing everyone a happy Valentines’s Day! I double-indulged today, by not only drawing my fave crack pairing but also making what I think miiight be the first proper kiss I’ve ever drawn. (I like these two because she’s an ace rebel pilot and he’s supposedly an ace imperial pilot - but he keeps getting his TIE fighter broken because of her actions. :D )

Japanese fighter ace Saburo Sakai.
He was the Imperial Japanese Navy’s fourth ranked fighter ace of the war and it’s second best to survive the war.

On one occasion Sakai having returned to base within a damaged Zero after a four hour and 47 minute flight. Saburo having sustained a bullet wound to the head and being blinded in one eye, insisted on making his mission report, before seeking medical attention.


Kobayashi’s Ki-61-1 Tei

Teruhiko Kobayashi began his career as a light bomber pilot over China, in 1941. In November of 1944, he became the commander of the 244th Sentai, and the youngest commanding officer of the IJAAF (he was only 24).

The 244th Sentai was assigned to protect Japan’s home islands, especially Tokyo, against B-29 bombers.

During the war, he was credited with 12 kills, 10 of them B-29s.


The JAAF‘s ‘Ace of Aces’ in World War 2, MSgt Satoshi/Satoru Anabuki posing in front of a Ki-43-IIIas at the Akeno fighter school where he was an instructor from Feb 1944 till late ‘44/Early 45.

His parachute harness is a Type 92 whilst the white identification label on the strapping itself reads ‘MSGT Anabuki’. Despite being dressed in a summer suit, the “Flower of the Youth Flyers” is inexplicably wearing a winter flying helmet. The bandaged left hand is a result from his 8 October 1944 combat with US Navy Hellcats.