imperfect rhymes

Everything I'm not...

I’ll never make you pasta
And if I do it won’t be from scratch

I’ll never cook the perfect pot-roast
And leave it cooling on the rack

I’ll never be able to wear a dress
Without feeling like somethings wrong

But I promise I’ll listen really hard
When your playing me a song

I’ll never be able to cook you pancakes
Early in the day

I’ll never figure out how to iron your pants
In exactly the same way

I’m apologizing for all the things
That I’m just not able to do

No matter how much practice I’d get
It just will never be true

The only things I have to give
I know you’d never want

The whole of my heart, and all my attention
And admiring you all night long

Can I love another?

Is love defined
I wonder
Since most is unrefined
His touch makes my heart thunder
The world we similarly define
My depression he cures
With simple lines
He melodically murmurs

It has been little time
But feelings I can’t ignore
Is calling it love a crime
Since I want him more
Or will he be another imperfect rhyme
One that will hurt my core
I just want him to be mine
But I’m also tore
Because my love history whines
You can’t handle much more
It tells me to hide from sunshine
Forget to implicitly implore
So now I hesitate to love once more

a glass heart, and all its parts

Yo I wrote some college au victuuri 

Title: a glass heart, and all its parts

Summary: Katsuki Yuuri comes to study in America with the hope that a change of environment will give his mental health the break he needs to finally write that book he’s always wanted. Viktor Nikiforov is there because he can’t think of anywhere better to be, sitting on a novel draft with zero inspiration to finish it. This is the story of how they struggle with themselves and their stories, and how they maybe find love in the process.

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Maybe, Yuuri thinks as he drops his last suitcase on the floor of his new bedroom, it’ll be easier this time around. He’s left everything behind to come study in New York, and he’s still not sure if he’s just made the best or worst decision of his life. There’s still an ache in his chest left over from the painful goodbye he’d exchange with his family twenty four hours ago in the airport in Fukuoka, but he feels surprisingly light here in a foreign country where there isn’t a single familiar face. The familiarity of Hasetsu had been as stifling as it had been comforting, full of faces that were just as likely to jeer as they were to offer a smile. Being the chubby gay kid with weird hobbies hadn’t done him much favors in a small town, and there’s a big part of Yuuri that’s excited for the anonymity of a big city.

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In the vaults of our hearts and brains, danger waits. All the chambers are not lovely, light and high. There are holes in the floor of the mind, like those in a medieval dungeon floor - the stinking oubliettes, named for forgetting, bottle-shaped cells in solid rock with the trapdoor in the top. Nothing escapes from them quietly to ease us. A quake, some betrayal by our safeguards, and sparks of memory fire the noxious gases - things trapped for years fly free, ready to explode in pain and drive us to dangerous behavior…

Thomas Harris, Hannibal

I love how they distilled this passage into three simple, elegant sentences that sound like a verse of a poem. The first time I saw the scene, I thought for a moment that Hannibal was quoting from Dante’s Divine Comedy:

All the palace chambers are not lovely, light and bright.

In the vaults of our hearts and brains, danger waits.

There are holes in the floor of the mind.

Now that I’m looking at it, the reason it sounded like Dante is probably because it mimics his patented terza rima ABA rhyme scheme, where bright/mind is a slant rhyme. Add to this the more modern internal rhymes, also imperfect (vaults/holes and brains/waits) and you’ve got yourself a pretty unique little poem. That Hannibal basically freestyled on the spot. (Of course he did).

Btw, the quote above is how Mads delivers it in the episode. In the script it’s still “light and high“:

Not sure if the change was accidental or deliberate but it worked out great in the end.