imperfect spiral

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    Squinting against the sudden light, Jack listened to Hiccup’s apology. “I’ve been better,” he admitted, not feeling up to ribbing Hiccup quite yet, although he had thought of a few potential comebacks. “Is it going to be okay having me here with that other human around?”
    Jack eyed his leg, still pulsing faintly with the magic that had been meant for his heart. After a moment, his eyes trailed up to his opposite arm, which currently ended in a completely blackened hand with thin, ashen flakes falling from it. As he stared, he began to forget that Hiccup had entered the room at all. Such ugliness… it made his blood boil; he detested anything that detracted from his attractiveness or power.
    His mind flickered to the idea of severing the arm and leg, but he quickly discarded it. He valued them too much. But surely Hiccup would not regard him as highly with these imperfections. He began to spiral into a fit of loathing, his expression drawing into a near-feral snarl as he still glared at the leg the hunter had taken from him. Stuck in his own world, Jack unintentionally began forming needles of ice on the floor around him, which quickly became thick and long enough to be dangerous to anyone approaching them.

“Dad won’t bother us… ehm, Jack?” Hiccup almost whispered. The look on Jack’s face made shivers run down his spine. It was one of pure loathing and disgust, totally unlike the sassy, grinning demon he’d met this afternoon.
  Ice was spreading towards Hiccup. Long, sharp, ice-cold spikes were growing, extending from the floor around Jack in every direction.
  “Ehm Jack that looks  pretty dangerous.” No response. His words were not getting through. The demon was only staring at his black, charred hand. Flakes of ash fell from it when he moved it, and his expression only turned darker.
  “Come on, Jack, work with me here,” Hiccup mumbled before he took a deep breath and stepped closer. He slipped past the biggest of the ice-spikes. He could feel the intense cold radiating from the ice, sucking the warmth out of him. His first instinct was to flinch, but he resisted, lest he touched a spike.
  Slowly but steadily he worked his way forward, avoiding the ice as best he could. He extended his hand to touch Jack, but he couldn’t quite reach him. he came even closer now, pushing against one of the spikes. Still. Not. Far. Enough.
  Just a bit more. 
  Shivering, he covered his hand with his sleeve and broke the ice that was blocking his path. One final step, and he could finally reach the angry demon. He touched Jack’s shoulder, hand numb from the intense cold. His lips were blue, his breath foggy, and he shook like an elderly person with Parkinson’s.
  “JACK,” he hissed, shaking his shoulder. “Snap out of it, please!” 


Imperfect Spiral by Debbie Levy


Okay, so this book is about a girl named Danielle who gets a summer job  babysitting this lawyer’s five year old son, Humphrey. Humphrey is one of the most intellectual and yet adorable kids you’d ever meet, and it doesn’t take long for Danielle to become his friend. But something horrible happens, and Humphrey gets hit by a car driven by an illegal immigrant and dies while in Danielle’s care. Danielle has to learn to preserve her Humpty-Dumpty’s memory while dealing with the public backlash concerning safety and immigration.

All I can say is omg. This book is so good. No joke, I could not stop reading it. Seriously excellent.

I loved how the plot was so unpredictable. Just when you thought you had it figured out, BOOM PLOT TWIST. I also loved how alienated Danielle felt, especially with her friends. As a teen girl, I get how sometimes you just don’t feel like you fit in with the people you think you should.

Overall, I give this book a 9/10 because there wasn’t really anything I disliked about it.