imperfect replica

A list of possible ideas and plot twists that I think could happen in Dangan Ronpa 3:
  • The setting will look similar to Hope’s Peak Academy, except with differences players of the first game will notice such as rooms and objects being in places they shouldn’t be. It then turns out this Hope’s Peak Academy is just an imperfect replica to house this killing game.
  • In addition, it turns out this replica is actually in a remote place that the characters won’t be able to escape from easily, such as in the middle of the desert, under the ocean, or up even in space. I wouldn’t put it past this series.
  • There will be a nice character who befriends the protagonist quickly, reminding the player of Sayaka Maizono and Nagito Komaeda and drawing the player’s suspicion. It will then turn out this character is 100% nice and kind with no hidden murderous intentions or insanity at all.
  • So far we’ve had two protagonists who both love Hope’s Peak Academy and are excited to go. How about a protagonist who absolutey hates Hope’s Peak Academy but is forced to go anyway?
  • Instead of a protagonist who’s talent is luck or has no talent, we will have a protagonist with an SHSL talent.
  • The protagonist is the first to be murdered, and the POV switches to a different character straight after.
  • Better yet, the protagonists solves the first few murders and everything seems normal, and then the protagonist gets murdered, right in the middle of the game with no warning.
  • We’ve had a protagonist who turned out to be a amnesiac Junko Enoshima. How about a protagonist who turns out to be a amnesiac Makoto Naegi?
  • We won’t be told what happened to the cast of SDR2 and Another Episode after the events of their games.
  • It will turn out AI Junko escaped somehow and has taken over one of the SDR2 kids.
  • Worse, AI Junko took over one of the Future Foundation kids.
  • Monaka will be the faux affably evil big bad.
  • We are led to believe the big bad is Monaka, but it turns out to be someone completely different.
  • It will be revealed that not all of the SDR2 characters have responded well to rehabilitation, possibly leading us to another game with one of the SDR2 characters as the new big bad.
  • A Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 twist where it turns out DR3 is actually a prequel.
  • More AIs are introduced.
  • It will turn out none of the characters are actual SHSL students: they are simply normal high school students who were kidnapped and had their memories altered. This will be hinted at by showing none of the characters to be actually good at their supposed ‘talents.’
  • There will be many video game and anime references.