imperfect clothing


It’s so ingrained in people to not trust women in power, or women who want power. It’s so ingrained to think a woman can’t do that kind of job, and to criticize her for her personality, her imperfections, her clothing, her hair, her makeup, her laugh… That’s such bullshit. It’s not acceptable. There’s no excuse.

anonymous asked:

Can u pls do an editing tutorial because 😍😍😍

MINI TUTORIAL… I guess ahhahah

  1. the first step is always Topaz Clean
  2. smart sharpening 
  3. trying out different PSD (this is the major part) ahahha
  4. spot healing tool & clone stamp tool I use to fix some small imperfections, like clothes clipping… 
  5.  if there is a need for it, I play with curves/exposure (just drag those sliders until you are happy with results…. you can find this under Image>Adjustments>….)
  6. gaussian blur for the background (easy way to do this is just to duplicate layer, blur and then just delete parts that you want to be sharp…bc sharp pic is under this blurred one)
  7. sometimes I use a brush to dark up the corners (add the new layer, pick the first brush in that little box with brush options, set opacity very low around 10%)
  8. dodge, burn and sponge tool are helpful too


TBH I’m very lazy for photoshop ahhaha so I use this basic stuff and kinda do it fast…I can see so many flaws in my pics tho 

Oh and if you want to know about some specific photoset then maybe send me link of that post and I can explain it more or maybe even link psd …ofc I would do this when I have time :))

The law condemns the best of us, but grace saves the worst of us (1 Tim 1: 15–16).

God is not about behavior modification, He is about heart transformation. The law and commandments leave use wondering if we are every good enough. Beloved, there is nothing wrong with the law. But it is perfect and makes us look at our imperfections. But grace clothes us. It points to Jesus. We no longer see our badness but we see His goodness. 

Grace is God’s unconditional love love for you completely independent of our performance. You can’t mess this up, for where sin abounds grace much more abounds.

-Joseph Prince

okay girls listen up: experiment with makeup. mess up your hair, make it messy, make it imperfect. wear clothes that don’t really match but that you feel good in. paint your nails black because you like how it looks and wear bright colors to contradict it. don’t shave if you don’t feel like it. put cute little braids or buns in your hair. listen to music that makes you feel like you’re a punk ass hot chick when you’re getting ready (I recommend the songs missed me by the Dresden dolls and cherry bomb by the runaways). do whatever it takes to feel good and feel like you!! if you feel obligated to dress a certain way, you aren’t letting yourself become what you are. if you love how you dress keep doing what you do!!! find your own definition of cute/hot/beautiful/lovely/ugly/messy/androgynous or WHATEVER you connect with. and rock it.

Lucky is your ceiling,
for it can watch you for hours
while you’re slumbering,
beholding your every movement
as you dream.

Lucky is your mirror,
for it can look at your reflection,
Silently judging and
witnessing every inch of your

Lucky are your clothes,
for they can touch the wholeness of your skin,
Feel the tenderness of your muscles,
Embrace every curve
of your flesh.

Lucky are your shoes,
For they can trudge with you
Along the rocky paths of life,
Guarding your every pace
As you walk.

I wish I was the ceiling,
The mirror, cloth, and footwear,
So that you will notice me
Right away when I go