imperfect clothing


It’s so ingrained in people to not trust women in power, or women who want power. It’s so ingrained to think a woman can’t do that kind of job, and to criticize her for her personality, her imperfections, her clothing, her hair, her makeup, her laugh… That’s such bullshit. It’s not acceptable. There’s no excuse.

Lucky is your ceiling,
for it can watch you for hours
while you’re slumbering,
beholding your every movement
as you dream.

Lucky is your mirror,
for it can look at your reflection,
Silently judging and
witnessing every inch of your

Lucky are your clothes,
for they can touch the wholeness of your skin,
Feel the tenderness of your muscles,
Embrace every curve
of your flesh.

Lucky are your shoes,
For they can trudge with you
Along the rocky paths of life,
Guarding your every pace
As you walk.

I wish I was the ceiling,
The mirror, cloth, and footwear,
So that you will notice me
Right away when I go