Her mother always said to her, “you are a perfect little flower.” And as she blossomed, she rooted this compliment in her heart with dismay. So she breathed her every exhale, tip toed on her every second, in fear that one day her petals would surely wilt away. Yes, her mother always said she was a perfect little flower, and in fear of those words she uprooted her life; yes, she razed every aspect of herself to obtain a false permanence that the world deemed beautiful.
The most important thing for all human beings to understand is that it is impossible for us to be perfect. We are going to make mistakes as we move through life. We sabotage ourselves when we set ourselves up to be perfect. As human beings we are “perfectly imperfect.” It is through our mistakes that we learn. It is with this intention and your open heart that you can move forward and live consciously. Hold yourself with compassion and patience for the mistakes that you make, and forgive yourself as you move through your day.
—  Pleiadian Initiations of Light