Letter from the Chinese Emperor, Qianlong, to George III regarding Lord Macartney’s diplomatic mission to China, 1793

You, O King, live beyond the confines of many seas, nevertheless, impelled by your humble desire to partake of the benefits of our civilisation, you have dispatched a mission respectfully bearing your memorial. Your Envoy has crossed the seas and paid his respects at my Court on the anniversary of my birthday. To show your devotion, you have also sent offerings of your country’s produce.

I have perused your memorial; the earnest terms in which it is couched reveal a respectful humility on your part, which is highly praiseworthy. In consideration of the fact that your Ambassador and his deputy have come a long way with your memorial and tribute, I have shown them high favour and have allowed them to be introduced into my presence. To manifest my indulgence, I have entertained them at a banquet and made them numerous gifts. I have also caused presents to be forwarded to the Naval Commander and six hundred of his officers and men, although they did not come to Peking, so that they too may share in my all embracing kindness.

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X-Factor #43 - Kidnapped.

Long ago, Ship (the ship that X-Factor and the New Mutants had as headquarters) awoke in the hands of the arch-fiend, Apocalypse. It naturally assumed that Apocalypse had built it as his own massive, mobile headquarters. Now it wasn’t sure. The mutant heroes known as X-Factor had freed Ship and removed blocks placed on its burgeoning awareness. They took Ship for their own, treating it as both environment and friend. They planned to explore the mystery of Ship’s origin when they had time. But now time was running out. Ship’s past was lost in its own preconsciouness time. But sometimes it dreams of space and stars and the infinite beyond.

Ship was being impelled by a mysterious force to fly out into space, with X-Factor still inside. Marvel Girl lost some of her self-control and flew through the window and into space. Archangel went after her and brought her back to the Ship. Ship closed the hole in the window again. Apparently some memories from the Pheonix had become overwhelming and had controlled her.

While Cyclops spoke to Marvel Girl, the others in the team; Beast, Archangel and Iceman checked into Ship-s mainframe, trying to figure out what was happening. Suddenly, Ship went into hyperspace. They came out of hyperspace close to a planet. A ship as big as a moon appeared before them and a gigantic creature (a Celestial) appeared and picked up the Ship (not the new ship). The Celestial teleported X-Factor (and Cyclop’s baby, Christopher) to the planets surface, in the middle of a war. Marvel Girl had Christopher in a protective telekinetic shield. All creatures in the battle seemed to have different powers. Archangel saved a princess, but when he put her on the ground, he was taken as a prisoner. Iceman was knocked unconscious. While the battle raged on, the Celestial was watching. Now he decided to land.

The races seemed to be mutants, the ones that looked like monsters were called Rejects and the ones that looked human were called Chosen. One of the Chosen saw Christopher and picked him up (Marvel Girl had been subdued by a Reject). Cyclops had been knocked off a cliff. Iceman had lost his memories and was taken to the Chosen.

Cyclops awoke on a pile of bodies just to see a gigantic foot coming down above him…