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I just want to ask for permission to participate in the black out on Friday because I'm white and I feel like I might be impeding on something but I just want to support this. I would only reblog selfies of all the women participating but I want permission since I'm not technically part of it

somebody coming to me asking to do something on Tumblr…

Mama I done finally made it.

And to answer your question, you can participate by reblogging us, yeah. Just understand that it’s for us to appreciate us, we have no issue with you appreciating us too.

Oh, and you better reblog my shit too.

É difícilacreditar que algum dia terei uma vida ‘’normal’’ se mal consigo me socializar, não posso me imaginar em um bom trabalho, com uma família, amigos, poder viajar me divertir, o problema não é ser tímida, não é isso, sempre aparece aquelas pessoas que me jogam na cara o quanto sou tímida, não, eu não sou tímida, a questão é, não me vejo tendo um dialogo com alguém por mais de 5 minutos,  não sei o que acontece, por mais que queira mudar há sempre algo que me impede, essa zona de conforto em que vivo, talvez seja proteção, medo, ou até mesmo preguiça o certo é que não me vejo em lugar algum a não ser em casa, chuva, chá e bons livros. Isso é viver? É pedir muito? Realmente não sei,  mas é o que tem pra hoje é o que tem para o amanhã…

I’m making a post about this despite being rather low on energy now, so I hope this makes sense.
I’m angry. I’m so fucking angry.
We’re barely into 2015. Four young trans people have already committed suicide. (Leelah Alcorn, Zander Mahaffey, Melonie Rose, and Ash Haffner).
And honestly, fuck that. It should not be happening. It just shouldn’t.
That these people have been pushed to such a low state of mind by those around them, those they’re supposed to be able to trust and turn to for help, actually sends me into a rage. I’m fucking angry and I hope to god I’m not the only one who is. 
But I can’t do anything for those already gone. All I can do is sit here and seethe, and let it impede my functioning because what the hell else am I supposed to do? Reblogging posts doesn’t feel like enough.

As trans people, we need to protect each other. I’ve said it before millions of times, but evidently it needs to be said again. We need to protect each other, because time and time again it’s been proven no one else is going to. 

To the unsupportive parents of the above four: I see you misgendering your children. You are contributing to their pain. You, their parent, who is supposed to love and care for them above anyone else. Tell me, why the fuck did you have kids if you’re handling it this badly? Why did you decide to have children? Something like the love for your child should never, ever be conditional. You should not be having children if you aren’t prepared to accept every goddamn last part of them. Don’t say you still loved them while misgendering them in the same sentence. You make me fucking sick.
To everyone gatekeeping our community: you are at fault here. Do not think that because you are trans, you get a free pass. Part of the blame is, as it rightfully should be, laid on you. You fucked up big time.
To all those who are not a part of the trans community, marginalized identity or otherwise: your lack of understanding, your unwillingness to even try, has landed us here. You wonder why we’re “attacking” you? It’s because you are to blame. We are trying to take back and protect our community. If we choose to do so with a barbed wire fence, it is only because you’ve forced us to do so. Desperate times, and all that. 
We’ve tried to be reasonable. We try to explain. 
Four fucking people are dead, three of whom were children. They were kids. 
This is still happening, and I’m fucking sick of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I don’t want to come on here and see peoples faces plastered on my dash in online obituaries. 

To all the trans kids out there: I’m so sorry. I am so sorry we’ve failed at protecting you. We have the responsibility to help you should you want it, provide a safe place for you, and to me, it feels like a personal failiure when that doesn’t happen. 
You guys are fucking awesome. I mean it. It’s not easy being trans, and it’s especially hard to navigate when you’re trying to juggle school and people and just life as a younger person in general (hell, I’m still trying to get my shit together. Just cause I’m a legal adult doesn’t mean I need to be completely alone, and I hope the rest of you 18+ guys feel safe getting help from your community too).
We as a group are supposed to be making this easier, not harder. That’s something we all need to work on. 
And if you ever, ever need anything, you can come to me. I promise you I’ll try my damnedest. 

Só tenho esperado uma única coisa de você nos últimos dias, que me pergunte se estou bem, que assim poderei contar tudo o que está acontecendo, a dor que estou sentindo e como foram horríveis meus dias, isso tudo com a esperança de no final você dizer que vai cuidar de mim e fazer como fiz da vez em que esteve mal. Nem que pra isso, pergunte de meia em meia hora o que estou sentindo, se já me cuidei ou o que fiz no dia. Não importa o que faça e como faça, só quero que cuide de mim. Pois é isso que qualquer pessoa espera, cuidar e ser cuidada.
—  Epístolas para Ben.


7. Favorite Weasley

        ↳ Percival "Percy" Ignatius Weasley

“Hello, Minister!” bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort. “Did I mention I’m resigning?” [Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows]


New Invisibility Cloak Augments Metamaterial Base with Electronics to Improve Performance

Alù’s proposed design consists of a conventional metamaterial base, but with CMOS negative impedance converters (NICs) placed at the corner of each metamaterial square.

A NIC is an interesting electronic component that adds negative resistance to a circuit, injecting energy rather than consuming it. NICs are not widely used as we’re not entirely sure how to use them.

Alù seems to propose that by interspersing NICs (which must be powered) with the metamaterial, multiple frequencies can be cloaked. In the image above, you can see a standard metamaterial cloak (blue), vs Alù’s metamaterial-and-NIC cloak (green).

Alù’s proposed cloak is invisible over a large range of frequencies, while a standard passive cloak is only invisible for a small range, and more visible than non-cloaked devices in other ranges.

(via New invisibility cloak combines metamaterials and fancy electronics to be thinner, lighter, more invisible | ExtremeTech)