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does this make sense? | 11 (m) ✓

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: romance, fluff, heavy petting, smuuut, they finally get down and dirty, college! yoongi
words: 11,752
summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you’re can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

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First Impressions

You pushed past a gaggle of interns, who were scrambling over a high profile case, as you made your way to the DA’s office. It was your first day and you were late. It was making you feel irritable because it wasn’t the first impression you had planned to make. As you stood in front of your dresser this morning, pulling on your favorite outfit and brushing back your hair, you day-dreamed about what your first day at your new job as a paralegal in Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office would be like. You wanted to be a lawyer and this was your way into law school.

Things had started out so well that morning, you’d left your studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights with ample time to walk to work across the Brooklyn Bridge. You grabbed a coffee from a cart outside your apartment.

“Morning! Here is your coffee. Might I say, you look radiant today. Ready for you first day at work?”

You’d become fast friends with the vendor and he now knew your order, often having it ready for you before you’d even had a chance to open your mouth.

“Thank you, Kapil! I’m going to need this.” You smiled at him warmly before setting off towards the Bridge, feeling thankful that your journey to work provided such a wonderful view.

Halfway across the bridge, your sense of wonder had been put to the test. Your coffee had been knocked out of your hands, your heel had gotten caught in the gaps in the bridge and you’d needed the help of a kind stranger to free yourself. To top things off, it has suddenly started to rain, not a lot, but enough to ruin your immaculately put together persona for a stunning first impression.

Running uncomfortably late, you hurried through the hallways of Hogan Place, reaching the elevator doors as they began to close. No! You absolutely did not have the patience to withstand another delay to get to your meeting, so you did the only thing a sane person would do, you pushed your hand into the gap of the closing doors.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I hope you are doing well. I have a question for you because I loved reading your last Greek mythology answer. Please feel free not to answer though. Which of the gods from Percy Jackson do you think would claim Lena Luthor? What about Kara Danvers? I wonder if there's SuperCorp fic like this. Thank you for your time. I hope you have a great day/night. 😊💙 (Blue because you're a Ravenclaw).

HI! I’m doing great, thank you very much, hope you’re doing good as well.

There are a few Percy Jackson/Greek Mythology AU’s for supercorp, but I’m too lazy to look for them right now (sorry)

Now, I think there’s an obvious answer for Kara here. If you base on the books, Kara has the physical characteristics and abilities to be a daughter of Zeus. Like Jason she has blonde hair and blue eyes, she’s (supposedly) muscular and tanned (if you compared to the other white people on the cast that aren’t Italian) and, like Jason, she can fly and generate air currents (in her case with superbreath, but okay.
Also Jason has been compared to superman so that’s a great nod).

However, I personally think Kara could very well be a daughter of Apollo. Apollo also has blonde hair and blue eyes but also he is the God of the sun, and not only does Kara/Supergirl gets her powers from the sun but her Family’s name is El, which in Kryptonian means star/sun, so it’s fitting.

Apollo is the god of many things, and a few of them are: music, poetry, art, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Apollo is the ideal of the kouros, which means he has a beardless, athletic and youthful appearance.
Kara is canonically very good in arts and music, she’s very smart, she likes games, she ages slower than humans, she’s athletic (cuz she’s a superhero), and she’s ridiculously good looking, and those are all traits of Apollo, and childern of Apollo.
Now while Apollo doesn’t have a beard Kara does, he’s from Daxam…

The rest of her powers could be associated with any regular well-trained demigod, the superhuman strength, agility. durability and reflexes. She’s also, in my personal opinion, very ADHD and that’s a demigod trait as well. 

For Lena, I think physically she’d be easily compared to Percy/Poseidon children, since she has ‘jet black’ hair and ‘sea green’ eyes, but honestly, I think that’s all. There are two a lot more plausible possibilities and I think they are the most common. 

They are:

A) Daughter of Athena
B) Daughter of Afrodite

I like both of those. 

Athena as I talked about before, is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Those are all traits Lena seems to have a lot of affinity with so far in the show’s canon, except for arts unless you count her face.

Children of Athena are said to have immense expertise in war strategy, possess high intelligence and wisdom, be able to adapt to using various types of weapons quicker than normal, amongst other things. We see Lena being a chess prodigy, beating Lex, someone who was a lot older than her and had knowledge and training of the game, on the very first time she played at the age of four. That shows she has an innate ability for strategy. She was shown to know how to handle herself with a handgun and a taser so far, that shows she can use different types of weapons. And she’s the CEO of her family’s company at the age of 24. Now, of course it’s her lawful right to control the company, but it’s not just anyone who can just be a CEO, no matter who built and/or owns the company. If she wasn’t capable of doing so she would have appointed someone to work for her while she served as an advisor to steer the company to where she wanted (see Iron Fist, Dany can’t do shit, but he has the power to tell everyone what to do because he holds the majority of the shares). She also is shown several times being basically a genius, she built the alien detector, she build the black body generator, she neutralized the medusa virus… That shows high intelligence and wisdom.

Moving on

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, lust, desire, sexuality, and pleasure. And, well, Lena is simply hot as fuck. She is so beautiful I often cry just by looking at her, so it’s really fitting. Lena holds herself at most times, in a way that exudes lust and desire, she’s a very attractive woman and it’s clear that she knows that and knows how to use that for her own benefits. Every time she speaks with someone, unless shown specific displeasure, she just looks like she’s flirting with them, and without even trying. With see that with Clark Kent, ‘Mike of the Interns’, Alana the evil assistant, Supergirl, Kara, and others. So that’s very suitable for an Afrodite daughter. 

There are also a few traits/abilities that children of Afrodite have:

  • They have control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Amokinesis: As the children of Aphrodite, they have absolute control over love and desire
  • Charmspeak: Selected children of Aphrodite can influence other with the strength of their voices. 
  • They possess high social abilities and awareness.

Lena is always impeccably well dressed, her makeup is flawless and her jewelry are very tasteful. Again, love and desire, she’s a very desirable woman and she doesn’t shy away from that. Charmspeak is basically magical charm, Lena’s charming, she’s influential in the sense of she can be manipulative and flirty. And as an heiress to one of the most powerful, influential and rich families of the country, it’s obvious Lena has high social abilities and awareness.

Basically I am very fond of both possibilities but I also like a way to make them both work together.

This is getting really long but it’s almost over, stay with me for a little bit longer.

Gods are said to grant gifts and abilities to both humans and demigods that are not their children but either prove themselves or they just take a liking of. I’ve always called this ‘grace’ but I don’t know if it’s mythologically correct or remember if it’s mentioned on the books. Let’s just say headcanon in which a god that is not your ‘goddly parent’ can sort of claim you, be your guardian/patron (like Hera with Jason) and you get the powers/abilities that their children have.

So, in conclusion, 

I think Lena Luthor would be a daughter of Athena with the grace of Afrodite.

And Kara Danvers would be a daughter of Apollo with the grace of Zeus.

Also they’re in love and dating. 

The end.

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if only I put this amount of dedication on school work… 

That was really long, but I have a lot of thoughts about this. We’re lucky you didn’t ask me for the other characters as well, this would last forever.

Thanks again for the question and for the Ravenclaw heart, I love it 💙💙

Brigitte Bardot and Coco Chanel

Q: Do you remember when you first met Coco Chanel and how the meeting went?

A: I remember one day feeling like I wanted to treat myself to something really lovely.  I was fed up with lots of people living off me and not always indulging myself like I’d have liked to.  I had seen and loved a fantastic movie by Alain Resnais, which had Delphine Seyrig wearing a gorgeous dress. By Coco Chanel. It was Last Year at Marienbad. The dress was breathtaking and brought tears to my eyes, much more than Chanel No 5.  I wanted the same one. So I decided to buy it and I went to the Chanel boutique.

Q: Did she receive you?

A: Yes. Immediately. In her inner shrine, on the top floor of the couture house. The woman I met was human and accessible, charming and elegant. And I remember the meeting in every detail. In fact, I’ve described it before. We talked, she told me how she hated physical sloppiness and described her mission to ensure that women could look well groomed and attractive during every moment of their lives.

Q: Did she say anything in particular about you?

A: No, not that I remember. She said she couldn’t stand slippers, dressing gowns, and house coats unless they were beautiful. She said more than once that a woman should always be impeccably dressed. And well groomed. I explained that I wanted to have the same breathtaking dress as the one Delphine Seyrig wore in Resnais’s movie. She immediately had my measurements taken, had the dress made for me, and gave it to me as a gift. I’m still grateful to her.

Big thanks for the photos and info @kseniavs

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (2)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: Sorry guys, this part is very similar to the books because why fix what isn’t broken. However there is more attitude in this, I repeat very loosely based. I don’t know how to write a girl without attitude so… sorry?

P.S… I know this took a little while sorry. Internet went down! >.

Word Count: 1 382

( Part 1 )

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1. One day at a time. It isn’t easy to stay strong, but every little step is part of a bigger leap. Keep listening to the music that fills you with power, keep believing in the small truths that you hold inside of yourself.

2. You will never please everyone. You will probably never please her. Or him. Or them. That is okay, it does not make you any less of a human being. Stop lamenting your lack of sparkle in someone else’s looking glass.

3. Love your mom. Love your dad. And let them know. They have sacrificed everything they have and more to have you whine in their ear about your trivial problems.
4. Gossip is cheap, and conversation is rich.

5. You may never find your place there, it doesn’t mean you don’t have one anywhere.
6. It is in the moments where you let God lead you that you will travel the farthest. Let go of your anxieties and rest your heart in the comfort that you are meant to go through all of this for a reason.
7. Open yourself up and bare your soul. Push yourself beyond what you thought was possible, never be the first to break the eye contact, work until it’s dark and keep working until it’s light again. Never stop improving.

8. Don’t live life halfway. If you go to the art museum, spend your whole day there. If you wear lipstick, wear red.
9. Find your passion, find your idol, and let it feed you. Find something that you love so much you don’t stop thinking about, day and night. Something you can’t function without.
10. Have impeccable manners, and dress well. Those are two things that will never leave you and never wrong you.

11. Stop doing big things half heartedly and start doing little things with your whole soul. Kiss beautiful babies, tell that sad girl behind you that she’s beautiful, make your worst enemy a batch of cookies, and tell that mean girl you’re happy for her.

12. Love.

—  What 2015 taught me

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Beauty and the Beast AU: beauty!Will wears women's clothing?

A fill for a prompt from here.

Will tugged at the bottom of his shimmering silk shift in exasperation. Couldn’t it be any longer? 

For weeks, he’d stubbornly worn the rough breeches and patched linen shirt he’d been wearing when he’d first arrived at the gloomy castle— which from the outside, appeared to be menacingly dark— but from the inside, to his relief, it was warmly decorated. 

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Wed, Bed, Behead || Minnie & Devran

Anxiety had never been a problem to her. But ever since her family had introduced her to her future husband, Minnie couldn’t help but fear what would come next. Yes, it was an honor to be the chosen one to marry the King, but it wasn’t her choice. Her father was so happy when he got the news that he had chosen her, her mother cried, and her brothers, trying to hide the jealousy they felt seeing her under the spotlight, encouraged her to smile and be thankful.

And when she met him, on the few times she actually saw the man who was becoming her husband, she behaved graciously, charmingly even. But she was scared. Terrified. Her life had been nothing but a quick blur, no big events, nothing interesting or devastating, and then suddenly she was chosen by the King of Spain to be wed. Spain! She was moving to Spain! A completely different country, a different language…

Breathe, the girl told herself, whispering quietly as she stood behind a big set of wooden doors in a beautiful light blue dress with small golden details, and a delicate veil, just as the doors opened, revealing a large decorated room, her soon to be husband standing all the way down the corridor formed by a crowd impeccably well dressed. And before she could do anything stupid, something like running away or shedding a frightened tear, Minnie took in a deep breath, tried to seem as relaxed and gracious as she could, a small smile resting on her lips, and began her walk down the isle, reaching the King’s side and keeping her eyes focused on the priest before them. 


Fic: Had Me A Blast

So this pic has been going around and then I just had to write it.

Blaine and Rachel Anderson-Berry are spending the summer in the Hamptons with their dads like always. The cute new pool boy and landscaper might make their summers a bit more interesting, though. PG-13, ~2700 words

“I’m not leaving this apartment!” Rachel shrieked for the tenth time that morning, prompting a tenth eye roll from Blaine.

“Kitten, you love going to the Hamptons,” their father Leroy said. “You’ve threatened to run away from us and live there forever before.” He and Hiram, their other father, exchanged a knowing look at the bottom of the staircase of their two-story penthouse.

“That was before I got into NYADA! I need this summer to catch up on shows and research all of my professors and classmates so I know what connections they have!” Rachel said. “You’re ruining my chances, Daddy!”

“Want me to go pick the lock to her room?” Blaine offered from his seat on the bench by their front door. “I can probably fireman carry her down to the car if you guys get the doors for me.”

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voidgoddess  asked:

“Well, well.” The impeccably dressed pale man leaned against the doorway of the CEO's office, smiling benevolently down at the furious woman in the ill fitting business suit. “Who’s cornered now?”

“Do you think,” the now-female CEO spat, “this is funny?” Inwardly, Diego felt the slightest bit of fear. The goddess (or god, as it were) and her appeared to have switched, and Diego didn’t believe in coincidences. Somehow, for some reason, this man was responsible for her current predicament.