impeccable imperfections

What I Call Life (Part 17)

Part Seventeen of the blangstpromptoftheday mpreg fic.

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This chapter might feel a little stunted, but there’s some serious growth in here. Forgive me for how long this took to post and also if it sucks because my will to write has been waning as of late.

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After their talk, everything felt like it was beginning to fall into place. The men were communicating more, Landon was ecstatic about having Kurt around, and things looked a little brighter. Then it all came to a crashing stalemate a few days later when Blaine woke up with a cold. Within a day or two, his cold mutated from a simple sore throat to something worse and before Kurt knew it, their progress was halted as Blaine became incredibly ill and the dynamic in the household (and between them) changed.

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Shattered Glass, Shattered Heart || Open

Christine looked into the mirror and felt disgusted with what she saw. Cold blue eyes stared back at her and her dark hair seemed limp. Mascara ran down her face from all the crying that she had been doing. She scrubbed her face hard and reapplied her makeup. It was a cruel cycle that she kept going through over and over again. She would cry and mess up her makeup, then she would pick herself back up, go to the bathroom, redo her makeup, and cry again.

She was a beauty, but that was all she had going for her. Her flawlessness  was her ticket to survival. If all people wanted from her was her beauty, then she would make sure to look impeccable. Imperfection of any kind drove her insane. And this crying? It made her feel weak and ugly. With a frustrated cry, she threw a bottle of alcohol against the wall and watched as the glass rained down and spread across the floor. It wasn’t the first bottle to be hurled against the wall either. Then she sank to her knees and started to cry again. How was it possible to be this broken?