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OK, I this is my submission to @hannibalcreative‘s #SpacedogsSummer. It was just a goofy idea, but some people seemed to enjoy it and now I’m writing a multi-chap fic. Because I have no control over myself. 

         "You’re my what, now?“ Nigel lit another cigarette and stared at the man who had appeared in a flash of light at the foot of his bed.

         “I’m your guardian angel, Adam.” The kid’s face was impassive, blinking impossibly blue eyes as he took in his surroundings. When he noticed Nigel’s scrutiny, he ducked his head, flapping his long snowy wings nervously. The movement dislodged the golden halo, making it fall lopsided over one of the man’s eyes. With a mild disgruntled noise, Adam readjusted the circlet.

         Nigel looked at the trails of coke on his nightstand. “What the fuck is in this shit?”

         Adam looked at the powder, then back at Nigel’s bare chest. “It’s approximately 40% cocaine, 40% boric acid, and 20% laxative.”

         Nigel frowned. “Thank you, big bird.”

         Adam shook his head with a frown. “I’m not a bird, I’m an angel. The wings are part of the uniform.”

         Nigel sighed, scratching his chest. If this weird little thing was going to ruin his high, he might as well have some fun. “Not that I’m complaining about anything as pretty as you popping up in my bedroom, but why the fuck are the halos and harps crew interested in me?”

         “I was assigned to you because you’re a borderline case.”

         Adams fingers tapped on his neat little slacks. Nigel had the urge to link their fingers together. He shook his head. Coke always made him sentimental.


         "You have the capability of doing great good, though you don’t,” Adam admonished. Nigel snorted, waving his cigarette as he acquiesced the point. “If you live up to your potential, there’s a chance you could still go to heaven. St. Peter assigned me to try and get you on the right path.”

         "Well, fuck your path and fuck you, Feathers.” Nigel raised an eyebrow at the neat little beauty in his prim sweater. “I do what I want.“

         "Well, yes, that is the idea.” Adam furrowed his brow. “You were born with free will, Nigel. I’m just here to help you make better choices with your free will.”


         "Like you should stop smoking,” Adam snapped his fingers and the cigarette fell in a pile of ash on Nigel’s chest. “Also, shooting people is considered a sin in heaven. I’m not sure if you’re aware.”

         Nigel rolled his eyes as he brushed the ash from his pecs. “Oh really? Thanks for letting me know, gorgeous.”

         "See? I’m already helping.” Adam’s voice ticked higher. He bounced once on the balls of his feet, chest puffing. “Now that you know you can’t shoot people, I’m sure you-“

         "Feathers,” Nigel’s mouth quirked into a smirk. “I knew that already.”

         "You- You know it’s wrong but you did it anyway?“

         "Yeah, darling, that’s half the fun.”

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Eu me ajeito, no seu jeito.
—  Marília Mendonça.
The Problem With Cringe Culture

From what I’ve seen, the phenomenon dubbed Cringe Culture is a paragon of insecurity, internalized misogyny, and self-loathing.

Let me elaborate a little here:  here on Tumblr (and in life in general, honestly), a lot of folks are very pre-occupied with what is or isn’t Cringey.  It’s a dynamic somewhat reminiscent of an eighth grade schoolyard, but that’s really not the issue here.  

What Tumblr folks dub Cringey are typically things that are enjoyed by young teens (in particular, young girls) exploring fandom and fan creativity for the first time.

Yes, these teens are frequently obnoxious, overzealous, and loud, but it’s an exciting time for kids:  we as adults may have comfortably settled into our interests, but for them it’s an avenue of unsupervised self-expression they may not have experienced before.  Moreover, they have little to no experience in moderating themselves, which is one of the reasons why I believe the act of mocking them to be a somewhat callous one.  

Are they occasionally annoying?  Subjectively, yes.  I frequently find young teens and tweens annoying, particularly when they’re being loud and obnoxious during my allotted writing time.  But I don’t shame them for it, on here or in real life, because I’m an adult and they are literally children .  

And most importantly, so are the people mocking them.

I’ll elaborate once again:  I’m nineteen.  Most of my friends, both on here and on my other blog, are fellow chill late teens and twenty-somethings.  And I’ve never seen any adult who’s secure in their own self-image do anything other than Do Their Own Thing and allow everyone else do the same.

In other words, I’ve been involved in fandom for a few years now, and almost everyone I’ve seen actively participating in cringe culture has turned out to be no older than seventeen or so themselves, and probably (consciously or otherwise) attempting to distance themselves from their “embarrassing” younger alter egos and feel more confident in their purported maturity. 

Because they probably did some Cringey things when they were fourteen, too:  maybe they drew manga OCs on DeviantArt with needlessly elaborate hair, ran a passionate SuperWhoLock blog, read Homestuck, wrote angsty poetry about turning into wolves, et cetera.  

Of course, the whole point here is that there is literally nothing wrong with any of these things:  they’re harmless examples of children exploring revenues of creativity for the first time, that we’ve been conditioned to find embarrassing.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t have this phase myself:  I once got into an impassioned argument on Facebook with a bunch of One Direction fans when I was sixteen or so, in which I dismissed their obsession as being Stupid and Juvenile and proclaimed my favored Heavy Metal as being far superior.  

Now, I’m still not into One Direction in the slightest, but if I could go back in time I would probably smack my sixteen-year-old self upside the head and tell her to leave people alone and let them do their own thing.

Of course, a large part of my reasoning was also driven at the time by my unfortunate Not Like Other Girls phase, in which I wanted to distance myself from the silliness of my fellow teen girls as much as possible.  I may or may not have still been in my “I hate pink” phase, which I still shudder to think about to this day.

Which brings me to another one of Cringe Culture’s more problematic aspects:  it’s inherently a little misogynist, in that almost everyone who partakes in it is attempting to distance themselves from the interests of teenage girls.

Shows like Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Voltron, Supernatural, Yuri on Ice, and many others all have passionate and predominantly young female fanbases, and as such, people seem unwittingly inclined to see them as inherently vapid, annoying, or Cringey in a way that equally vocal male-dominated fandoms simply aren’t.  

Even being a Trekkie (Star Trek fan) was considered embarrassing when the fandom was predominantly female populated, although the means by which fanfiction and discourse was exchanged was via fan-run zines rather than Tumblr blogs.  Now that men are in on it, it’s considered one of the best fandoms there is.

More male populated fandoms such as Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, and Star Wars are just as impassioned, and have had just as many ideological issues in the past.  Yet are these things ever denigrated as being Cringy or annoying?  Not that I can recall.

Another one of my greatest issues with Cringe Culture is that it discourages passion:  I have never encountered a fandom, Cringey or otherwise, that hasn’t produced genuinely stunning works of art and fiction.  Moreover, I’ve never encountered a fandom that doesn’t have fans who have cited it as what saved them from depression or even suicide.  

So if someone’s passionate about something, even if it’s something of no value to you, it costs absolutely zero dollars to mind your own goddamn business and not taint their joy with your own insecurity, cynicism, and internalized self-loathing.  

Similarly, I can speak from experience when I say my interests and fandoms got me through the very worst period of my adolescence, and I’d be a significantly less happy person if I didn’t have still have them to fall back on.  Not everyone’s sole source of enjoyment and comfort in life comes from nihilistic memes.

So if you want to take a step towards fostering a more creative generation, take a step away from Cringe Culture.  Respect other people’s interests, and openly and unabashedly enjoy your own.  Question why you think certain interests are Cringey, and try to distance yourself from the mentality that you’re a better or cooler person for being less similar to young women.

And finally, try and forgive your fourteen-year-old self for whatever cringiness they may have been culpable of, and tell them that you love them anyway.


Mark Pellegrino is currently on his side account telling people why it’s a GOOD thing for millions to lose health coverage under an Obamacare repeal. Mark believes the government shouldn’t tax others to pay for things like welfare, medicaid, and environmental reform. Mark believes that clinging to every penny he’s earned is a more important right than a government/society taking care of those who cannot care for themselves.

The above was his response to someone sending him Misha’s impassioned plea to save Medicaid, a program which saved Misha as a child.

And yes, it’s really Mark’s side account:

Just think long and hard about who you’re giving your money to, even if they claim to care about helping people with mental illness:

For more utter bullshit, all you have to do is look at his replies:

Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

Originally posted by krisletang

The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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go-powers1111  asked:

Have you heard about the racist concepts with Amethyst?

I assume you mean the yellow image in the middle, right? I can easily see how someone might see that as racist, but after this whole Concrete thing I’m too drained and frustrated to give an impassioned speech about it, and frankly I think we’ve lost sight of what this was all supposed to be about

Is it offensive? A little, but it’s not exactly exceptional compared to the stuff we’ve seen elsewhere. Hell, Gravity Falls has done something worse than this pretty much once an episode. The only reason tumblr hasn’t thrown a shit-fit over that is because in the end, SU made one critical mistake: It tried to be perfect.

Lets be honest, for the first few seasons, SU was considered a godsend for representation. Even early on the cast spanned a wide variety of races, sexualities, body types and disabilities, none of whom had been deemed a token or “problematic” at the time. The fact that I can have serious discussions with people about whether the main character of a children’s TV show is trans on 4chan of all places, and actually convince them the answer is yes should tell you just how big a deal this all should be. Even now, several years later, I have yet to see another cartoon that even comes close to doing what SU did. So what happened?

Simple: we got used to it. SU had made itself look so perfect for so long that some viewers lost any sense of relative scale, so when the crew or an innocent fan artist made a slip-up that wouldn’t have even caused a second glance elsewhere, they became a menace to society that had to be driven to destroy itself less it corrupt this beautiful cinnamon bun. Of course, it was inevitable the show would eventually disappoint them in some way or another, turning an unhealthy obsession into a feeling of utter betrayal.

I honestly find it incredibly ironic that the criticals refer to us as “Stans,” seeing as the song they’re referencing is about an unhealthily obsessed fan who goes off the deep end after being let down by his favorite content creator and ends up acting increasingly irrational and violent. I guess in the end, with people like this, self awareness isn’t exactly their strong suit

  • Sometimes writing is like: The forest arched high an impassable over her head, thickets thatched tightly together as if to keep her out. Even the trees seemed more foreboding, hollowed and bare, wind whistling ominously through their empty branches like a long-forgotten song.
  • And sometimes it's like: The forest was filled with trees. It also had bushes. Ugly bushes. it was spooky.

impassive-monster  asked:

Hey!! Maybe you've answered this before and I just haven't seen it but do you have a masterpost for cheap art supplies?? I'm trying to gather things for my design 1&2 class for when school starts and things like prismas and copics aren't available to me. Thanks!!

Heyo there! 

Just a small note, for some things, like painting, where you can fully mix colors, it’s sometimes better to buy a very small higher quality set  (even like 3 colors is good), versus a larger, but less quality set. If the prices end up being similar–the big, cheaper brand set is close in price to the tiny, high quality set, definitely go for the smaller, higher quality set. However, there are also a ton of great value art brands out there, but not all of them. 

Personally, I avoid artist’s loft, for example. Those are a bit frustrating. 

Micheal’s, Blick, & Jo-Ann Fabric/Arts Stores often have great sales, so check them out too. 

@hazmatt86 also recommends signing up for Hobby Lobby’s email list and getting a 40% off coupon. 

Note: The following links to Amazon are affiliate ones, if you buy off these links, you can help support Art-Res & also help me pay for college! These are also hand picked recommendations by me. 

Affordable Art Supplies – Tried & Liked

Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Colored 24-Pencil Set - $16 (Also available in a $9 set of 12)

These are really awesome because they don’t have a woodcasing, just a protective laquer and color. They blend surprisingly well for the price and have vivid colors. I find them great for covering large areas and underpainting. 

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core 24 Set is $10 on Amazon. Not too expensive, and I know you said Prismas are out of price range, but this set is pretty darn cheap. Prismas blend really well, so you can get better results with a small set like this than say, 100 from crayola.

Crayola Colored Pencils set of 50 - $6.97 however, crayola rocks and these pencils carried me for a while before I was able to upgrade (For Christmas/Birthday presents, I asked for art supplies instead of clothes/tech lol)

 > Note, do NOT buy Roseart. You will be frustrated, and the extra $1 you save will not be worth it. Trust me, I’ve tried it.  

Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Line, I personally own their Water Colour Sketchers Pocket Box, $12. Cheaper on Amaxon than Blick, but if you can afford it, go shop at Blick because it really is an amazing store.

These watercolors are pretty great. Not as saturated as professional/artist grade, but quite serviceable, especially if you layer them. Good coverage and smooth. Not grainy, which is great. Quite long lasting as well. I’ve used these in combination with my colored pencils for a long time, and I love them!

Royal & Langnickel Essentials Sketching Pencil Set 21 pieces, $4.24

Very affordable and they’re pretty nice! You get a nice, wide variety of graphite grades to experiment with. I don’t really oil paint that often, but their oil painting set is pretty high quality for the price as well. Here’s a link to more of their products. 

Sketchbooks & Paper - quite cheap on amazon, but Micheals often has great sales & buy 1 get 1 free deals, so I also recommend checking out the prices/sales there before looking at Amazon. Below are a list of my personal favorites.

  • Strathmore Series 400 Sketch - $4.67- $11 (depending on size) - I used watercolor & colored pencil on this paper and it didn’t wrap too much, which surprised me. I like the toothy surface. 
  • Strathmore STR-362-5 40 Sheet No.90 Mixed Media Pad, 5.5 by 8.5" -$7.78. One of my favorites. A smallish size makes it portable. Vellum surface is smooth, which is great for blending and a less grainy look, but also holds on to colored pencil & watercolor. Completely filled mine and plan to buy another! 
  • Strathmore STR-642-111 No.100 Wind Power Vellum Bristol - $10.64 - Super nice smooth texture, also eco friendly. Similar to the paper above. 
  • Not on Amazon, but Blick’s line of sketchbooks/paper rocks. I love their mixed media drawing pad. I filled it up completely. 

Affordable Art Supplies – Not Tried, but Highly Reviewed (Comment below if you have any recommendations, I’ll add, credit you, and reblog)

Ohuhu 40 Colors Dual Tips Art Sketch Twin Marker Pens - Amazon’s Choice, $20. 40 is enough colors to have a few base & shade tones, which is what you need for markers. 
Faber-Castell Grip Colored EcoPencils - 24 ct, @12.99. I have a medium sized set of the polychromos & albretchd durer line, which I love. I have not tried these, but I read a few art supply reviews praising these for their quality for the price. 
Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencils, 48-Count - $11.75 is  pretty cheap and their scholar line is pretty nice, from reviews I’ve seen! A good middle ground, like the faber castell pencils above, between crayola & expensive pencils.
Amazon list of products under $25. 
I hope this helped! If it did, please consider reblogging so it can reach more artists! Thanks for all your support! 

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anonymous asked:

What all instances of flirting, like I missed so many lmao


  • :16 dan is acting out what they’re like in these bomb videos and immediately seizes the opportunity to playfully punch phil’s arm repeatedly. phil, for his part, just sits there and looks adorably bemused while dan is yelling. love it
  • :33 dan does some sort of sketchy fist gesture, phil immediately reacts to it even though it was generally benign, in a blatant subversion of their normal roles w making innuendos/sexual jokes. they both giggle
  • :47 phil goes into a whiny voice to say how he really wanted to do an exotic bomb and then hums the generic vlog music they always use. dan tries to look annoyed but just giggles some more
  • :56 dan’s like ‘so i reckon we need to actually beat more than one in this section’ and leans in all close to phil and phil’s like ‘alright! okay!’ in the flirtiest voice ever i wanna die
  • 1:16 ‘so I’m gonna bomb first, i think you should read first,’ says phil and the ensuing exchange where he’s just cheekily giggling while dan is acting all exasperated is just so cute … and uh, i can’t be the only one who thought there was a pretty blatant sexual undertone to phil saying ‘just tell me what to do. i’m your putty. mold me into whatever shape you want.’ … and dan’s eyes go momentarily wide while he says it. nice
  • 1:52 dan calling phil ‘felipe’ lmao what even
  • 5:32 when they’re epically failing and they’re about to lose, phil does his instinctual pat of dan’s arm to tell him they have fifteen seconds left and it’s cute
  • 5:50 the look they share immediately upon losing, before phil just breaks into giggles
  • 6:14 phil going ‘what is something that flops like more than anything else in the world’ with an utterly impassive poker face purely to wind dan up and see him laugh is one of the most simultaneously adorable, hilarious, and impressive things i have ever witnessed
  • 6:36 thIS WHOL E EXCHANGE w dan asking if phil thinks it’s his (dan’s) fault that they didn’t do well that round and saying ‘you can be honest’ with wide puppy eyes, and then phil saying yes, he thinks dan was pretty bad that time, and then dan trying to look shocked n appalled while still grinning:
  • and then screeching that phil is supposed to lie!!!!! and phil just consolingly being like ‘well you were flustered …’ like trying to be a bit reassuring,, honestly fucking end me, that was one of the cutest bits in this whole vid, they’re just so comfortable w each other and I’m dying
  • 9:33 onwards when dan is retaliating by telling phil he should be able to decode this morse code thing just bc he litro can’t let phil’s criticism go. he is a child. i love it
  • 9:53 when phil says it’s too hard, dan’s all ‘NO WE CAN DO THIS PHIL’ and slams his hands on the table and leans into phil’s space just to grab the manual and its all v cute
  • 10:27 ‘shut up rat’ omg i lost it at this. and then a few seconds later ‘shut up turd.’ dan is really top notch at verbally abusing his partner
  • 10:53 phil v abruptly shush-ing dan in order to cut off what was sure to be a long and hysteric rant about how unfair the last round was. i love how instinctual that was for phil, like he just knows dan’s about to go off and neither of them have time for it, and then dan immediately complies when phil tells him to shush hahah
  • 13:25ish during the really stressful new one that they didn’t really understand i noticed that they kept bumping arms until they just decided to keep their arms touching for basically the rest of the time until the bomb goes off and it struck me as maybe being a way for them to subtly kinda be like ‘we’re all right it’s all good’ and ground each other. cute
  • 14:04 the look they share AGAIN when they lose
  • and the whole exchange up until like 14:35 where they’re debriefing and just talking to each other, sort of forgetting the camera exists. I LOVED watching that even though the v obvious jumpcut suggests they cut a bunch of it out bc it was just dan walking phil through the instructions for the new module and phil just leans in all close and lets dan guide him and i loved their facial expressions during that part AHHH it was just so comfy n GOOD
  • 15:35 dan telling phil about the new module they’ve never done before by singing it, i felt like this was yet another example of him trying to keep the energy light and non-stressful so that phil would stay calm and it’s cute that these videos have so many instances of them trying to look out for each other like that (but then dan is actually kind of bad at this and spends a lot of time screaming when he’s doing the bomb and i cried laughing at the bit at 18:11 when he’s jst high pitched squealing for a few seconds)
  • 18:26 the looks they share!!! YET!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!! when they lose!!!!! (partially obscured by the explosion effect lol):
  • 18:51 dan proudly proclaiming that they probs have above average communication skills when they’re not stressed or trying to be entertaining bc apparently they are unable to do one of these vids without mentioning or alluding to their psychic connection and best friend mind meld

ahhhh watching them work together in this game is the fucking best and they were just so happy in this one, it was so palpable and hilarious and fun to watch, as though all the fun they have together is actually contagious. i love them and this video series so fuckin much :((

(keep talking and no one explodes #3

The Styles power ballad was released on the 30th anniversary of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times but has no similarities with it after the title. It starts with a restrained piano. Styles launches into an impassioned vocal and a falsetto chorus to show his singing gymnastics: “Why are we always stuck and running from the bullets.” After one verse it crashes up a gear, like a Bonnie Tyler/Jim Steinman number with generous support of Oasis or Elton John. Styles has cited Bowie as an influence.
—  Forbes: One Direction Star Harry Styles Heads For Top To Dethrone Ed Sheeran

imagine robert coming back from idris to check up with the institute.

he’s heard alec has been named head, so he goes to congratulate his son; he knocks and opens the door to alec’s office to see him sat behind a grand desk littered with papers, but he’s not alone - magnus is there with him, dressed in dark, regal colors, but smiling at alec from where he’s perched at the edge of the desk. both turn their heads at the sound and their flirtatious laughter quiets into an awkward sort of impasse where nobody moves, until it’s robert who shatters the moment. 

“alec, can i have a second with you?” he says and alec nods, his eyebrows pulled together. 

as he rounds the desk, alec’s hand comes up to grasp at magnus’ elbow and he leans in for a kiss, short but affectionate - they exchange a couple of hushed words, robert catches something about lunch and he watches his son, someone usually so stonefaced and closed-off, break into a bright grin that doesn’t last - when alec closes the door with them standing outside, he already looks wary, searching robert’s face for clues. 

he hesitates, slightly taken aback by what he has just witnessed.

“i see you’re still… involved with that warlock, magnus.” he starts, the congratulations pushed back and discomfort present at the very centre. it’s not that he doesn’t want to see his son happy, but he’s sure this is only going to end up in heartbreak. alec crosses his arms, shoulders squared, his whole body coiled for a fight. robert tries to amend, palms placatingly held out in front.  “i am just worried for you. i told you, he’s quite a player when it comes to people’s hearts.”

he regrets the words as soon as they leave his mouth; alec bristles visibly, eyes rolling with indignation.  there’s a hint of a knife-sharp smile tucked into the corner of his mouth as he steps closer, an accusing finger pointed at the oldest lightwood. 

“i am not involved.” he throws the word back, like it’s offensive and stings his tongue. “magnus bane, the high warlock of brooklyn, mind you, is my boyfriend.” 

shadowhunters pass by them and robert tries to quiet alec, wants to keep the next words private, since this doesn’t feel to him like something that should be discussed publicly, but alec pushes past that.

“i love magnus. i would do anything for him and i know that he is one of the most faithful people alive. unlike you.” 

heads turn and robert feels shame and anger spike inside in equal amounts; alec smiles, sharp and wolf-like with satisfaction. he doesn’t feel like his son - this person before him is not a soldier, but a warrior, venomous and proud.

“yeah, mom told me. told us. you don’t deserve her.” alec steps closer, jabs the offending finger at robert’s chest. “and you don’t get to tell me who to love.”

alec takes his hand away, straightens up with his hands clasped behind his back. “now excuse me, dad, i have a date with my warlock boyfriend to go to.” 

left without words, robert watches his son turn and close the door behind him. the corridor feels empty, whispers echoing in the corners. there’s something heavy hanging above his head, maybe it’s guilt, maybe it’s something more. 

the congratulations are forgotten.

Comfort Inn Ending | 5

Forgiveness from Jungkook doesn’t come easily.

Originally posted by kookmint

pairing: Jungkook x Reader
genre: angst, smut
wordcount: 8.1k

part one | two | three | four

warnings: angry sex, slight breathplay

You woke up alone.

You stirred, reaching out with one arm. You were half asleep, and when you found nothing but empty space, your eyes fluttered open.

You lay on your side, staring out into your empty living room. You were still lying on the couch and your limbs felt stiff, your eyes felt heavy and bleary as they adjusted to the dim light filtering into your living room. 

It all came back in a rush- Jungkook, holding you, telling you he would give you another chance

Jungkook. Panic crept in as you sat up straight, breathing heavily, suddenly terrified that he was gone. 

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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?

Of Sunsets and Tattoos

Originally posted by garisanee

Character(s): Reader X Changkyun

Genre: smut, pwp

Warning(s): praise!kink, pierced!chankgyun (is that a warning?), tatted!changkyun, breathplay, semipubluc sex

Length: 7k

Summary: In which you go to get a piercing and find that it isn’t so scary when you’re piercer is a cute boy with lots of tattoos

Friends are useless. 

You understand the truth behind these words when Minhyuk and Kihyun corner you after work an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon, smiles much too wide to mean anything good.

“So,” Kihyun begins, inspecting his fingernails with a smirk, “Remember last Thursday when you said I’d be too much of a wimp to ever get a piercing?”

You roll your eyes, pushing him back a little bit with a shove. “That’s because you are a wim–”

“False!” Minhyuk interrupts, eyes glinting. “He is no longer Yoo Kihyun, wimp extraordinaire–”

“I resent that!” Kihyun interrupts, voice indignant.

“–but rather, Yoo Kihyun, hardcore, punk rocker with an ear piercing.”

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anonymous asked:

imagining laura hollis reacting to this dw 13th doctor announcement is giving me life rn. She'd be so excited!!!!

You know exactly what you’re doing putting plot bunnies in my head, don’t you anon? … and it worked too… you sneaky cupcake. 


The front door hadn’t even shut behind her when Carmilla suddenly had an armful of bouncing Laura Hollis. And then no Laura Hollis. And then arms full of Laura again.

“Carm! Did you hear the news?” Laura was practically wiggling with excitement, a flush in her cheeks and her eyes lit up with the sparkle that always made Carmilla’s heart flip over. “It’s like the best news all month!”

She grabbed Carmilla and kissed her full on the mouth. So hard and messy that Carmilla barely had time to respond before Laura was pulling back, arms locked around Carmilla’s neck. 

Carmilla wracked her brain, trying to balance Laura in one arm and hang her motorcycle keys on the hook with the other. She fought to keep her face impassive. She’d clearly forgotten something. Something important. 

Wedding anniversary. No. Birthday. No. Some strange modern holiday. No.

Doctor’s appointment?

She glanced over at the fridge and the tiny ultrasound photo prominently displayed in the center. No. That couldn’t be it. They’d just had one.

She had no idea. 

Still, she couldn’t disappoint the smiling girl in front of her. “Of course I did cutie,” Carmilla purred, her arms wrapping around Laura’s waist “But I’d rather hear it from you.”

Laura rolled her eyes but her smile never died as she kissed Carmilla on the nose and then broke away, grabbing the keys that Carmilla still hadn’t been able to hang successfully on the hook and popping them in place. “You don’t have to pretend for me, Carm. I know you don’t really care one way or the other but I just cannot believe that it’s a girl. I mean, I was hoping but I never thought it would actually happen and I just couldn’t stop smiling when I heard. Like, I think my face is going to split in two because it’s so great for feminism although it would have been nice to see some poc too because-”

Carmilla’s brain crashed to a halt halfway through Laura’s ramble.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla could barely breath the words. Laura was still talking but Carmilla couldn’t focus on her words.

She stepped forward almost involuntarily, capturing Laura and pressing a hand against her stomach. The smallest curve against her palm where only days before the doctor had taken an ultrasound of the newest member of their family.

“I thought,” Carmilla couldn’t take her eyes off Laura’s stomach, “we were going to make it a surprise.”

Still. A daughter. Taylor. They’d decided. The thought filled her mind, unable to be shaken once the idea was in her head. 

“Did the Doctor call?” Carmilla continued, “or did Laf sneak in and run those tests they’ve been trying to get us to let them do?”

It’s a girl. It’s a girl. It’s a girl. Laura’s words rebounded through her head.

“It’s a girl?” Carmilla repeated. 

She only noticed when Laura stopped talking. Then two hands came up and cupped her face, the wedding band cool against her skin. Laura was still smiling but her smile was tinged with amusement, “Um, Carm? You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

Carmilla kept her hands on Laura’s belly, “You said the baby’s a girl.”

Laura looked like she was biting back laughter, “I wasn’t talking about the baby, Carm. We agreed that was going to be a surprise. I wouldn’t do it without you.”

Carmilla frowned, “Then what were you talking about.”

“Um,” Laura blushed but was still practically bouncing on her toes, “The new doctor? Doctor 13 from Doctor Who? It’s going to be played by a girl this time! Jodie Whittaker. I’m so excited.”

Her eyes sparkled, face lighting up at the announcement.

Carmilla groaned, sinking back against the wall with a hand on her face, “You’re killing me, Mrs Karnstein. Absolutely killing me.”

“You love it,” Laura leaned in, pressing against Carmilla.”Although now that you’ve brought it up, how do you feel about the name Jodie?”

Carmilla closed her eyes, shook her head, and smiled.