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For the character thing: Sango

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Myself. Seriously though, Miroku.

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Sango was like…my first anime crush? I don’t feel the same way now as I did 8-11 years ago, but still. She and Miroku are by far my fav Inuyasha characters, even if I have a healthy enjoyment and respect for the rest. I think it’s because she’s just so badass in a lot of ways?
Hell, she’s a normal girl (with extensive training) and she has SUPER STRENGTH. She’d an expert demon slayer, in a universe where Demons prey on humans as easily as we step on ants, and she fucks them up. That and she was shot by multiple arrows, impaled by her brother’s sickle, buried alive, and then dug herself out of her own grave
Not only that though, but there’s another side of her I love too.

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Even though she’s a fierce warrior, she’s also a normal, good hearted young woman. She’s deeply respectful of her family and customs, as well as the feelings others. Sango has to deal with so much in her life, but at the end of the day passed all the ass kicking, she’s just a beautiful and flawed character. 
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It’s Survival Of The Fittest

@keith-week: Day 2 - Combat

Trigger Warning: Mild Descriptions Of Gore 

Rating: Gen

Word Count: 529

A//N: Sorry it’s so short. I tend to find writing fight scenes a little difficult! 

“Hunk! Look out!” Keith yelled as he sprinted towards the yellow paladin as several galra soldiers surrounded him.

Keith knew that he wouldn’t reach Hunk before one of the soldiers got a couple good hits in so he took his bayard, and as if it was a spear, he threw it towards the soldier closest to Hunk.

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What will this pain bring?

Fandom:Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeyoung X MC

Summary:“Do you think..she’ll ever forgive me?"this was the first time.We fought for the first time and my heart shattered into bits and pieces of regret and sadness that was stuck in my throat that felt like a knife had just been impaled into my skin into my heart..I’m so,so sorry.

My notes: I love angst.This story will probably depend on how much of you want to read something like this and how much of you want your hearts to shatter :’)) a like or something will be fine ^3^

I like to think the reason Dirk knew what was going on so specifically during the alpha universe apocalypse was because Alpha Dave was continuously taking selfies during it and posting them on his social networks.

“taking on the presidents in a duel to the death brb”

“just overthrew the government #nbd”

“is that a sword sticking out of my abdomen or am i just happy to see you”