Why the Dread Wolf is Dread

So we, at VhenanTrash, have been digging into the DLC and have come up with a few theories as to why Solas is called the Dread Wolf.  Spoilers under the cut.

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Save Me! (ReaderXBoth Boys)

Imagine: You are a random hunter and the Winchester boys save you unknowingly when they go to solve a case

You thought you had gone on another everyday hunt with a demon, but you were so wrong. This demon had brought “friends” and you weren’t prepared for more than one. Right now you are strapped to a table, mouth gagged, and bloodied all over.
The demon and his friends have been torturing you for hours now. “Let’s move on to something that make you humans shriek the most, shall we?” the main demon says. He picks up a very jagged and sharp knife, then brings it to your stomach and slices all the way across.
You attempt to scream in pain but the gag doesn’t help. He keeps the cutting going despite your gagged pleas for him to stop. Your vision is starting to get blurry from the blood loss when there’s a crash from the front of the warehouse.
“I’m not finished with you.” the demon says while cutting you one last time and sprinting off.
Gunshot. Crash. The basic noises you hear.
There’s another crash but closer, then footsteps. A tall man with long hair replaces your view of the ceiling, “I’m gonna get you out of this, its ok.” he says. First, he unstraps your arms, then legs and finally unties the gag. You slowly and painfully sit up. “Can you walk?” he asks.
“I-I think so.” You slowly stand but once you take a step, your whole vision spins and you trip.
Two strong hands catch you before you hit the ground and picks you up bridal style. “I don’t think that’s walking” the man says with a smile.
You laugh quietly, “Yeah, not quite. Thanks again.”
“No need to thank me. You’re just lucky I heard faint scream.” He says and walks out the door. There are several bodies littered on the floor and another man. His hair isn’t as long as the man who is currently carrying you. He also wears a leather jacket and is holding a bloody knife.
“So you weren’t hearing things. But Sammy, when I tell you to go and pick up girls, I don’t literally mean ‘pick them up’.” he laughs and ‘Sammy’ smiles.
“Shut up, Dean. Lets take her back to the motel and fix her up.” Dean laughs again and opens the door to the back of a black ‘67 Chevrolet Impala.
Sam puts you in the back seat carefully then goes around to the other side. He carefully puts your head into his lap. “We have quite a drive to the motel so why don’t you get some rest?” he says. You don’t hesitate and quickly fall asleep.

*45 mins later*
You wake up to being pulled out of the Impala and carried into a room. Once you are layed on a bed, you finally give a sign that you are awake. “You should have slept longer,” Sam says, “this part sucks. I’m gonna patch you up and the only antiseptic type thing we have is vodka, so it’ll burn like hell.”
You don’t come into realization with what he says until there is a huge burning sensation on your stomach. You gasp in pain but stay strong.
It takes a while but Sam had finally stitched everything up that needed it. Sam goes to the bathroom to wash his hands and Dean helps you sit up.
“So, what’s your name?” Dean says to break the silence.
“Y/L/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N.” You answer. Sam comes back in the room with pain pills and a glass of water. He sits down on the end of your bed and hands you them.
“Thanks for saving my ass…” You mumble over the glass of water. You’ve always hunted by yourself, so being with others is sort of strange.
“Anytime” Sam says.
You’ll never forget the Winchesters.