impala week

Imagine Crashing the Impala

Your eyes fly wide when you felt it. You had forgotten to pull it out of reverse. Your hand quickly fumbles for the gear shift, but it’s too late, for you are already crashing into the dumpster behind you. “Shhhit,” you breathe, closing your eyes and dropping your head to the steering wheel.

“Y/N!” You hear Dean yell, his voice rising in anger. His footsteps can be heard growing closer.

“Oh, dear God,” You mutter, before jumping out of the driver’s seat. “Dean, I’m so sorry,” you say, covering your mouth to suppress a gasp as you go around to assess the damage.

His eyes flash with fiery anger, but as best he could he contains it. If it were anyone else but you he would surely be ranting and raving.

You shake your head with wide eyes as you try to convey your truest apology. You had one job. Pull the car out of the parking lot. And you had miserably failed.

His eyes trail down to the bumper, taking in its crushed appearance. His head raises to look at you once more, a disbelieving look it his eye. It was the most obvious thing that he was trying to contain his anger.

But as he takes in your horrified expression, his anger diminishes to nothing. He couldn’t stay mad at you. The look on your face, the guilt in your eye, the way your hands toy with the hem of the flannel you wear - his flannel - in nervous habit.

“Dean, I’m really sorry. I thought it was out of reverse and - ”

“Are you okay?” He asks, raising his eyebrow.


Are you okay?” He repeats, looking up at you through his lashes, an exhausted look in his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you say. “But, Dean, the car…” You stretch your arm to present the damage.

He shakes his head, a ghost of a laugh breathed out as a miniscule smirk plays at the edges of his lips. “Y/N, it’s a car - I mean, sure, it’s the car - but Baby can be fixed. I’m more worried about the precious cargo.”

Dans live show 9/20/16

•Septembers theme is sadness
•TØP cancer fic
•he listened to part of the cover
•"interesting" his reaction to cancer
•Louise was watching
•his favorite radio head albums are “in rainbows” “kid A” and “amnesiac”
•"imagine if I was called Danny D"
•"real Satan is in the chat"
[my phone glitched as he was talking about fifth harmony]
•he said to look up “let It happen by tame impala”
•he said spooky week will probably happen
•he was watching his sheets so his bed was “naked”
•he accidentally unfollowed pewdiepie
•Louise texted Dan and she was watching
•the thing on his door says “ugh Becky”
•his new phone is in the post
•star bucks tweeted him
•Emma: I died
DAN: interesting
•'but where is Evan P’ “I read that in my rapper voice
•he’s confused but excited about AHS
•"non of you can do algebra and watch this at the same time”
[he says as I’m watching his live show I read if doing hw]
•PHIL bought three 3 wick candles
•lesson of the week: DONT get three wick candles unless you live in a mansion
•"call me the lord of autumn"
•" PHIL is the king of make up"
~ more PHIL talk~
•talked about Phils twitter
•about Phils twitter: “ we are all- as the kids would say- shook”
I’m from MA and i can confirm that Boston pizza is amazing
~ talks about PHILS houseplant~
~talks about Albert the shrimp~
•he bit his lip the other day and that why it looked gross in PHILS video
•he got a “spontaneous cupcake” and it was the highlight of his day
•it was red velvet
•"it was so moist"
•he has his Pokémon cosplay but the game is irrelevant now
~Harambe talk~
•he WILL watch stranger things
~talks about Kanye’s Instagram~
•he likes dipping his toast in soup
•might have undertake week, might not
•they want to finish the game
•he sang a song about him and Phil being busy
•there will be trailers for the films on his and PHILS channel
~whistles the totoro song~
•"snapchat? NOPE"
•he said he might paint his nails again
•no one in life is worth of the pistachio muffin
•"piano says everybody in the group chat, PI-A-NO"
~inspirational talk about social media~
•he likes physical books
•he doesn’t watch supernatural
•somebody in the chat said yo name their parrot
•he said no after finding out how long they live
~shameless promo~


Gif source:  Sam  |  Dean (Unknown)

Imagine confessing to your brothers, Sam and Dean, that you’re asexual.

——— Request for anon ———

“So you never— Not even a twinge down there?”

“Dean!” Sam chastises, earning an innocent look from Dean as he gives a shrug.

“What? I want to understand!”

“Dean,” you chuckle, shaking your head a bit, “You’ll never understand with how much you chase tail!”

“A good point,” Sam nods, only for you to turn to him.

“That goes for you too! Dean told me about your little rendezvous in the backseat of the Impala last week.”

Sam shoots Dean his most potent bitchface, only to crack as he looks back to you and sighs, “No secrets among siblings, huh?”

“Well, if your asexual, that just means more for the rest of us, am I right?” Dean grins at you, wiggling his brows as he sips his coffee.

This time, both you and Sam groan, “Dean!”



“Dean, can I ?”

“You don’t know how to play”

“Of course I know, you know, let’s make a bet, if I win I can drive the Impala for two weeks”

“And if I win?”

“I’ll give you a lap dance”

“this is getting interesting,” he said with a smile on his face.

“The key, Dean”

“That’s not fair, you cheated”

“you bet, the key”

“Okay, happy?”

“Thank you, if you’re lucky maybe I give you a kiss of consolation ”

(Gif is not my)