impala week

Dean can be a stubborn jerk sometimes.

Sam has been growing up with that since he’s able to remember and though his mighty weapon, the powerful puppy dog look, proved to be successful occasionally, Dean’s an insistent pighead more often than not. It’s a beloved Winchester trait he liked to nurse for a very long time.

But, thankfully, somewhere along the way Castiel showed up and turned Dean into a compliant puddle of goo almost instantly.

Because his dear big brother is obviously incapable of saying no to those big, blue angel eyes.

A very helpful turn of events, that’s for sure.

So when Sam finds himself in need of an agreeable Dean, he just goes straight to Castiel.

“Cas, I need your help,” he says one day. “I have a favor to ask of Dean and, well …”

“I see.” Castiel grabs a cup of coffee and studies Sam intently. “How can I be of assistance?”

Sam smiles relieved. Castiel’s easy acceptance is always something to cherish. “Well, it’s kinda big, I’ve gotta confess –”

Castiel nods like he totally understands. “You want a dog.”

Sam blinks a few times, staring at the angel. “Uh …”

Actually he just wanted to borrow the Impala for about a week (or maybe a bit longer) to visit some libraries high up north, but this … this is way too important to simply wave it off. “Why … why would you think that?”

Castiel tilts his head. “Because of the way you always look at dog owners playing with their pets in the park. It’s the same face Dean makes when he’s seeing a pie he can’t have.”

Sam ducks his head. He’s apparently been way to obvious if even an angel still learning human mannerisms is able to call him out.

“Well, yeah …” he mumbles.

Castiel straightens his back. “I will talk to Dean.”

Sam casts him an incredulous look. “You … you seriously think you could get me a dog?”

“Of course,” Castiel states simply, sipping his coffee and looking freaking confident.

Sam snorts at that. “Sorry, man,” he counters. “But even you can’t bring Dean to get us a dog!”

Castiel raises an eyebrow, the “Is that a challenge?” clear as day.

“Okay, fine,” Sam concedes, chuckling. “Show me what you got! Perform a fucking miracle!”

Castiel takes a last gulp and then marches out of the room like a man on a mission, calling Dean’s name.

And just five minutes later Dean drops onto the chair across from Sam, looking a bit rumpled and dazed, before eventually clearing his throat in a very melodramatic fashion. “Okay, bitch, listen up!” he announces in his bossy you’re-not-allowed-to-contradict-me voice. “There are a lot of things to discuss before we’re getting that stupid dog, you hear me?”

And while Dean keeps talking about rules and restrictions, Sam can’t do anything else than gape at Castiel who is standing just behind Dean, smirking and mouthing “You’re welcome!”.


  • Normal Person: *finds The Impala parked on the street*<br>
  • What a beautiful car. This is a classic isn't it? Look how big and shiny. Oh look at it's panels with brushed aluminum trim. This is a fine piece of mechanical bliss. I wonder how it feels to drive it. Nice.
  • Me: Baby! Oh how beautiful you are in person.<br>
  • * starts taking mental measurements of the back seat, to check if all the Destiel action described on fan fiction is possible*<p/><b></b>
  • Damm!

1.  The Heroine: 
The Impala
2.  The Hero:  Dean Winchester
3.  The Mentor:  Bobby Singer
4.  The Nemesis:  Lucifer
5.  The Alpha Vampire
6.  The Vampire: 
Benny Lafitte
7.  The Coyote:  Gabriel as Loki

Well, this has been an interesting week!! 
Ink is not a medium I usually use for portraits, but I’ve been wanting to get into illustration and comics more.  I have a dream of one day turning “By the Grace of God” into a graphic novel-type thing, and I have to start somewhere!
My favorite this week is definitely Lucifer (in terms of how well the piece came out).  Loki!Gabriel had the potential to be much better, but I was coming off a migraine still and my hand wouldn’t stop shaking.  I ended up overdoing the ink in areas like his hair to cover up bad lines.  Oh wells…
Next week is a new week!  And by next week, I mean today…gotta get drawing!  Then, maybe some writing…hmm….



                                A DIRK GENTLY PLAYLIST

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Dear Andrew Dabb and the SPN writers -

Please for the love of Chuck, do not use the same tired, overused, “I fucked up and now I’m gonna fix it” plot line for season 13. As much as I love this show, I’m not sure I can handle it for the umpteenth season in a row (starting with season 6). I’m over it, I don’t want to see it, I don’t care. Give me the boys in the Impala hunting monsters every week and you will keep me hooked forever. Forever. Everything else is weighing on my patience.


A dedicated fan

feels like we only go backwards (ten/rose)

it feels like we only go backwards baby
every part of me says go ahead
[tame impala]

ten/rose. post-gitf. pg-13. 3193 words.

It had been a day.

When Rose was young, she’d sometimes arrive home from school and find Jackie on the sofa, eyes closed against a droning television. Her moods were never quite discernible in those moments but Rose, growing up as the child of a widow and a single mother, was sensitive to them all. So she’d put on her happiest face, thrust her shoulders back, skip over to her mother and greet her with the brightest and happiest “Hi mum!” she could muster. And though the smile would twitch at the corner of Jackie’s mouth, and though her eyes would sparkle with the exhausted affection only parents feel for their children, she’d wave her gently off and say:

“Oh, love, give me a mo’. It’s been a day.”

Rose hadn’t known what that meant, not really. A good day? A bad day? A busy day? Or something entirely else? But now, taking the long meander back to her room from Mickey’s, it’s all she can hear in her head, her mother’s voice weighed down by the world in a way her youthful ear was never attuned to, saying with the very last of her good cheer, Oh love. It’s been a day.

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Flirty in French

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Pairing : Samxreader, Dean
Word count : 1,453
Author : Mel

Request : Anonymous. Hey I love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a Sam x reader one-shot where Sam, Dean & reader are on a hunt and reader can speak French but thinks Sam can’t and whispers dirty things (smut) thanks!

A/N : So I went a bit different. I have to be honest with you, most flirting / dirty talk that I’ve ever heard, has been at least half English. I’m French Canadian, and based on my experience (And my spouses, I asked him for help here), most people just switch to English. So trying to come up with dirty things to say in french wasn’t easy, and doesn’t translate well. At least not into Quebecois. Our version of french is half English, and 90% slang. So, rofl. I hope you enjoy awkward flirting instead. Authentic French pick up lines in Bold XD. Use them well :P. - I might attempt at a part 2 later, that has smut as I figure out how our version of french dirty talk works. I’ll experiment for you Anon. I hope you like this in the mean time.

You had tried stopping in earlier in the week, but no one had been there. You didn’t want to be an ass and just barge in. So you watched and waited.

Pulling in, you knew they had just arrived minutes before. You knew, because you were behind them. They went into the garage, you went to the door, parking outside.

Knocking on the door, you stood and waited.

The door opened, and two men stood before you with guns drawn. “ Désolé ..” You held your hands up.

“The fuck did she just call me?” The shorter one growled,  cocking his gun.

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Gif source:  Sam  |  Dean (Unknown)

Imagine confessing to your brothers, Sam and Dean, that you’re asexual.

——— Request for anon ———

“So you never— Not even a twinge down there?”

“Dean!” Sam chastises, earning an innocent look from Dean as he gives a shrug.

“What? I want to understand!”

“Dean,” you chuckle, shaking your head a bit, “You’ll never understand with how much you chase tail!”

“A good point,” Sam nods, only for you to turn to him.

“That goes for you too! Dean told me about your little rendezvous in the backseat of the Impala last week.”

Sam shoots Dean his most potent bitchface, only to crack as he looks back to you and sighs, “No secrets among siblings, huh?”

“Well, if your asexual, that just means more for the rest of us, am I right?” Dean grins at you, wiggling his brows as he sips his coffee.

This time, both you and Sam groan, “Dean!”