impala at 221b

When it ends

When spn ends I like the last episode ideas on other posts but when it ends I want them to make a different SuperWhoLock show. With demons and aliens and all that crap with Mozart teaming up with Crowly and the Darlax (idk how to spell it) as they try and take over the universe. But fail when Crowly kills Mozart. Also we could have the Doctor’s aging restart and have a 12 year old boy with the mind of a timelord. And Destiel finally happens!… but that’s just my idea…

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*stab* *stab* *stab* Yeah, we’re totally not friends and I’m fine with this. *stab*

No, I take it back, @tardisblue-impala-221b was absolutely correct, it’s C), you were just thrilled that Garak was teaching you stuff.

(And man, I think I would consider someone a friend after having a weekly lunch date with them for over a year.  You’re not weird for thinking he’s your friend, Bashir!  I think Dax is the weird one–she probably doesn’t consider anyone a friend unless there’s a blood oath involved.)

Just watched The Wtch’s Familiar.
A lot of things already bothered me with The Magician’s Apprentice. Now. THE DOCTOR WITHOUT A SONIC SCREWDRIVER???? It’s like Sam and Dean without the Impala. Sherlock without 221B Baker Street. Or if the TARDIS didn’t look like a police box anymore. What the hell?!! WE HAD THIS THING FOR 28 SEASONS. SINCE FUCKING 1968. It’s a freaking symbol of the show! What the hell?!!
When are we getting rid of Moffat.