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SPN FanFic

-When high on pain medication, you let a secret slip out in front of both Winchesters.-

Sam x Reader

1,059 Words

Warnings: Nothing really, mostly fluff. Use of pain medication (administered by a nurse)?

A/N This is my first ever fic, so feedback is welcomed. This is my @idreamofhazel​ and @impala-dreamer​‘s 1k/2k ‘Sammy Says’ Writing Challenge. (They are both seriously amazing so if you aren’t following them go check them out!!) My Prompt was: “You’re confusing reality with porn again.“ - this will be italicized in the text.

*I do not own or claim any of the gifs/characters.

So without further ado, here is High; my first ever fic!

Pain radiates up your right side, reminding you that something is not right with your body. You take a deep breath and squeeze your best friend’s hand tightly, “Sammy, if I don’t survive this, I just want you to know that hunting with you and Dean have been the best years of my life.”

Sam smiles down at you softly, but Dean’s snort from the other side of the hospital room tells you that he’s feeling less than sympathetic for your predicament.

“You’re getting an appendectomy, Y/N, you’re not dying.” He rolls his eyes and shuffles his feet.

“You don’t know that!” You throw your arms into the air dramatically, “They could leave a surgical instrument in my stomach; I hear they do that a lot more than people think.”

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