Beyond the Steel [prologue]

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Summary: A love story of innocence and desire.
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female) [Pala Winchester]
Side Pairing: Sam/Becky
Rating: R
A/N: If you haven’t read Under the Hood; Into the Heart and The Hunters’ Rose, you will not understand this story. To those of you who have been following this series for a while…I love you to the moon & back, so very much & always. Enjoy. xoxo;;

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Imagine Dean Singing Along In The Car To Carry On My Wayward Son

“Will you shut up for five minutes?” Sam complained, hunching over in his seat and closing his eyes tight, as though that would stop him from hearing Dean’s off key rendition of the famous Kansas song.

“Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man!” Dean wailed. You let out a small chuckle as you watched the scenery fly by the car. The sound of the wheels spinning on the pavement sent you into a peaceful lull. Even Dean’s singing and Sam’s complaining was a relaxing sound that calmed you down after any hard hunt.

The song finally ended and Dean was on to the next set of lyrics, bringing even more complaints from Sam, more giggles from you, and Dean’s unwavering voice.