You flinched, the sound of Dean’s voice surprising you. You hadn’t heard him come outside. You had been hoping he wouldn’t see you on his car, knowing how much he treasured it. Something had drawn you to the hood of the Impala when choosing a place to layout and when you had settled down on it, you felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation wash over you. You had abandoned the thought of relocating then. 

You called out, raising your head, “How long have you been standing there?”

Dean’s eyes roved over you and the Impala, a goofy smile on his face. “Long enough to enjoy the view.”

You released a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding and blushed. “Oh, shut up.” You lied your head back down, waiting to hear the crunch of gravel underneath Dean’s boots.

After a moment, you raised your head again. Dean was still watching you. You asked, “You just going to stand there eyeing me all day?”

Dean shook his head, seeming to wake himself out of a trance. He said, a smirk stretching across his lips, as he marched dutifully over to you, “Not if I can help it.”


It’s my personal belief that the main reason Dean had Baby locked away in the garage is because he just wouldn’t have been able to drive her without having an emotional breakdown every time. Just being in the car knowing he’d never have Sam riding shotgun ever again would have been torture. All he’d have to do is look to the right and see the empty space and he’ll be assaulted with memories of them pretty much growing up in that car. 

And I think Jensen kind of thinks along the same lines if his dream was anything to go by.

“I dreamed the end of the series. And this is not the way I – I don’t know that I’d want it to go this way, but it was really interesting. Sam had died and Dean couldn’t get him back. All of the tools he wanted to use like angels or deal with Crowley or you know like any kind of deal he could make, all of it was gone to him and there was no way that he was getting him back. So in my dream and I still see it, it’s very vivid – There’s this long long stretch of highway with nothing but fields and Dean gets out of the impala and hands the keys over to a stranger and the guy hands him keys and we don’t know to what and the guy gets in the impala and takes off. And then the camera kind of turns around to reveal Dean’s got a motorcycle and he gets on and it’s super sad because he is like I don’t have my brother so what do I need a passenger for. So he gets on a single seated motorcycle and drives off down the highway. That was my dream.” (x)