impact. the connection


May apply to Ascendant or sun as well. Aspects to the sun & Venus matter.


Self-esteem is generally fragile. They seem confident and self-assured, but on the inside, their opinion of themselves fluctuates wildly, ranging from sheer conceit to self-loathing. They need validation from others, and if they’re deprived of that, there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding their value. They judge themselves harshly and it’s difficult to recover from embarrassment.

Self-esteem is increased by victory; coming in first place or being the best; encouragement; feelings of strength, bravery, and capability; independence; proving themselves (especially to themselves); learning from mistakes/defeat.


Self-esteem is generally steady. They’re humble and down-to-earth about themselves, with a very realistic opinion of their worth. They can have difficulty with feeling secure inside in the beginning of their lives, but once they have a solid grasp on what makes them unique and valuable, nothing can shake their confidence, and they’ll seldom depend on others to define them.

Self-esteem is increased by self-acceptance; surrounding themselves with pleasant possessions & people; being spoiled/pampered; taking time to relax & replenish their energy; low stress; aesthetic beauty; feeling natural/elegant.


Self-esteem is generally erratic. Their opinion of themselves fluctuates with their mood & the context. They easily become dissatisfied with the state of themselves due to their many various interests, which leads to inconsistent admiration and consequentially inconsistent aspirations. Their confidence relies on the “facts” about their beauty, accomplishments, etc.

Self-esteem is increased by satisfying details; being able to keep up with themselves; freedom to develop & change; variety & constant stimulation; having options; engaging people; being able to express their thoughts.


Self-esteem is generally introspective. Their confidence can be unstable and inhibited, particularly when they’re young, but they tend to be more secure in themselves once they have a good awareness of their nature/identity. Their value must be discovered before they can feel or appreciate it, and it may take a long time for them to do so if they’re on their own in that endeavor.

Self-esteem is increased by support; sympathetic people; reassurance; emotional openness, catharsis; close loved ones, people who are interested in being intimate with them; positive reactions; healthy expression of self.


Self-esteem is generally glowy. They radiate confidence and pride; they’re typically secure within themselves, knowing their value & easily sharing it with others. If they doubt themselves, it’s because something external is obscuring their inner light – true self-value shines boundlessly from inside them and it’s invincible once they claim it and learn how to own it intrinsically.

Self-esteem is increased by validation; praise; attention; compliments; popularity; affection; positive, enjoyable experiences; creativity; inspiration; being received well; self-expression; grand gestures of love & adoration.


Self-esteem is generally weary. They can be extremely insecure, lacking confidence due to trying too hard to be worthy of it. They’re harshly critical of themselves and constantly strive to be beautiful and valuable, which takes its toll on their very essence – they tend to shrink further into themselves the more distance they feel stands in the way of what they intend to be.

Self-esteem is increased by making progress, noticing positive results of their efforts; good health & hygiene; appreciation; acknowledgement; feeling able, organized, and useful; being thanked; admiration; being understood.


Self-esteem is generally buoyant. Their confidence fluctuates erratically, yet gracefully; the lows are taken in stride and the highs are positively elating. They reflect the opinions of others and tend to take things very personally but they typically convince themselves that their insecurities are silly, and return to airy self-acceptance, which can easily turn into oblivious vanity.

Self-esteem is increased by acceptance; integration; inclusion; positive social interaction; peaceful bonds; being well-liked; having fashionable interests & friends; being talked about; attracting & being interesting to others; romance.


Self-esteem is generally all or nothing. They’re very cutthroat in the inner competition to be better than they used to be and they can sink into terrifying depths of self-hatred if they fail themselves. If they achieve what they aspire for, they can become obnoxiously conceited. There is rarely a balance – it goes from one extreme to the other very easily (but it’s not exactly unstable).

Self-esteem is increased by distance or extreme closeness; knowing other people intimately; being mysterious; having an impact on others; loyalty; deep connections; intensity; becoming stronger after being hurt; being guarded.


Self-esteem is generally carefree. They always try to let go of their insecurities. This often leads to arrogance and vanity, since they sometimes their desperate aversion to being weighed down by negative feelings can result in being carried away by positive ones. They tell themselves a lot of things “don’t matter” because they don’t want to face the discomfort of low self-value.

Self-esteem is increased by enjoyable distractions; trying new things; adventure; discovery; realizations; feeling wise and untamed; being free to do what they wish & make their own decisions; getting away with bad behavior.


Self-esteem is generally brutal. They lack self-compassion and they’re critical of themselves, but they’re also down-to-earth and pragmatic about their value. Self-hatred motivates them. They use their insecurities to their own advantage, to improve themselves, even if it’s unhealthy or painful. Sometimes it works too well & they become conceited. Other times, they end up hurting themselves.

Self-esteem is increased by success; accomplishments; respect; having influence and authority; being self-sufficient; solving their own problems; having answers; leading; control; wealth; being considered important.


Self-esteem is generally contrary. They’re very concerned with what they’re not and this is how they discover their value – by resisting insecurity & criticism of all kinds and trying to prove the opposite. They do this to positive things too sometimes; they’re essentially playing devil’s advocate when it comes to their value, and that’s where they find equilibrium between the inner & the outer.

Self-esteem is increased by breaking rules; being unpredictable; challenging standards & assumptions; being given the space to openly express & define themselves; changing the minds of others; inspiring others; being a role model.


Self-esteem is generally amorphous. They vaguely absorb both positive and negative perspectives on who they are, and the result is fluid confidence that relies on their emotional state (and the emotional states of those who surround them). They’re typically unaware of the “truth” about themselves so they never feel secure in any opinion they form about their worth/beauty/etc.

Self-esteem is increased by fantasy; absorbing positivity; devotion; sacrifice; powerful emotional experiences & connections; artistic expression; mutual reflection of beauty; being explained; poetic love, “magical” relationships.

The Tenth House Legacy

Planets in the tenth house indicate a public expression of this energy, where these individuals will often be remembered for their tenth house experiences.

The Sun- Remembered for their unique expression, creativity and personality.

The Moon- Remembered for impacting the people around them on an emotional level.

Mercury- Remembered for their comedic style or intellectual talents.

Venus- Remembered for how they impacted others/their connections with others/relationships.

Mars- Remembered for their battles, conflicts and what they directed their energy into.

Jupiter- Remembered for breaking barriers and as a catalyst for mass expansion.

Saturn- Remembered for overcoming obstacles and struggling through/teaching us all something of significance.

Uranus- Remembered for what they changed/destroyed/propelled forward/as someone that broke the mold.

Neptune- Remembered for closing the gap between one group and another/a spiritualist of some kind. Would also be remembered as a bit of a mystery.

Pluto- Would be remembered as someone that caused a powerful shift in perspective, for better or for worse.

Self-Esteem May apply to Ascendant or sun as well. Aspects to the sun & Venus matter.


Self-esteem is generally fragile. They seem confident and self-assured, but on the inside, their opinion of themselves fluctuates wildly, ranging from sheer conceit to self-loathing. They need validation from others, and if they’re deprived of that, there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding their value. They judge themselves harshly and it’s difficult to recover from embarrassment.

Self-esteem is increased by victory; coming in first place or being the best; encouragement; feelings of strength, bravery, and capability; independence; proving themselves (especially to themselves); learning from mistakes/defeat.


Self-esteem is generally steady. They’re humble and down-to-earth about themselves, with a very realistic opinion of their worth. They can have difficulty with feeling secure inside in the beginning of their lives, but once they have a solid grasp on what makes them unique and valuable, nothing can shake their confidence, and they’ll seldom depend on others to define them.

Self-esteem is increased by self-acceptance; surrounding themselves with pleasant possessions & people; being spoiled/pampered; taking time to relax & replenish their energy; low stress; aesthetic beauty; feeling natural/elegant.


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anonymous asked:

How do you know if you're making your slow burn, burn too slowly? If you're just boring the reader with repetitive back and forth at a certain point

Hi, love!  Thanks so much for your question :)  This is hard to define without knowing the story and the characters, but I’ll go off what I’ve experienced as a reader/viewer/lover of romance.

When writing a romance plot, the most important part of the back-and-forth is growth in the relationship.  Typically, people think of romance plots as if they’re a straightforward journey – linear, from Point A (strangers) to Point B (happy ending) – and everything between that, just moving forward or backward.  But this should not be the case.  Every moment of peace, conflict, happiness, or frustration, should do more than move the relationship forward or backward.  They should change the relationship fundamentally.  They should have consequences.

For instance: suppose that your two lovers first meet as rival politicians.  They spew angry words at each other on the debate stage until a brief, passionate affair confuses their feelings.  Then one of them wins the race for [governor/senator/etc.] and they don’t speak for a year.  Then they meet again and begin dating.  By this point, although they’re only at the beginning of their relationship, they have a lot of “emotional residue” from:

  1. the criticisms they made of each other when debating
  2. the sex n stuff
  3. the year of silence and everything that’s changed since then.

These aspects of their relationship, while linearly moving them backward, forward, and backward again, emotionally put them at a completely new place.  Despite being back at the beginning of a relationship, they now have:

  1. sore spots, which will impact future arguments
  2. physical connection and familiarity
  3. secrets and insecurities that have developed in each other’s absence
  4. personal growth and experiences in the year spent apart

So.  Circling back to your question: readers can actually wait a really long time for a couple to get together, but only if there is growth and change in the relationship.  If every fight and fling brings characters back to the same place, of course readers will get bored.  It’s that knowledge that everything that’s happening could wind up having no effect and making no difference – that’s what destroys a good slow burn.

If you need an example to support this, think about the famous slow burn stories we’ve all known and loved.  Think about Ross and Rachel, from Friends; those two went back and forth for ten seasons of TV!  That’s ten years of [SPOILER] Ross wanting to date Rachel, then getting a girlfriend right when Rachel falls for Ross, then the two of them finally getting together, then Ross cheating on her, followed by years of bitterness – and add in a few flings, a drunken Vegas marriage and divorce, a baby, and Rachel’s relationship with Joey, and you get the Friends rollercoaster romance plot that ultimately became the name of on-and-off TV romances!

Now, compare that to Nick and Jess from New Girl, who [less detailed spoilers] have basically been dating and not dating and dating and not dating and etc. etc. etc. for reasons even the shippers can’t keep up with.  And just this last season finale, they… kissed.  And I guess they’re back to square one or seven or something, but as for how all those situations affected them?  Couldn’t tell ya.  Couldn’t tell ya.

ANYWAY, all that to say, as long as the relationship is evolving in new and realistic ways, it should hold the interest of your readers.  Unless the two are just ridiculously toxic or there’s another more interesting romance for one of the characters, readers will be patient.  So think about it, plot it out, plan the consequences, and get rid of anything that feels campy or doesn’t add to the development, and you should be fine.

I hope this answers your question!  If you need any more help, you know where to find us :)

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

TTB--Excessive Force

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition—Excessive Force 

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Talks of Violence.  Talks of Danger.  Language. Slight Angst.

 Start From the Beginning

Originally posted by middle-earth-journeys

“Come on, Dwalin! If I am going to be a part of the company, I need to defend myself!”  This was probably the 200th time you had tried to convince Dwalin to teach you to fight in a two day span.  After the trolls, wargs, orcs, and you were gonna count the mutant rabbits Rada…Radagada…Bird shit face had, because they tried to nibble on Nori!  After all of that, it was clear you were lacking in one major aspect.  You were no warrior, you didn’t know how to fight! 

You were going to ask Thorin after Dwalin said no so many times,  at least you would be trained, and he seemed willing, but he wasn’t who you wanted to train you, you wanted Dwalin.  Dwalin, the one who was the greatest warrior in all of Middle Earth, according to Ori.  Dwalin, who could be mean as a wolverine and yet as kind as a butterfly (a giant one that scares small children, but a butterfly none the less).  But after every time you asked him, he always brushed it off, saying that if you were in danger, your best bet was to run.  

“I did run! And I still almost became dog shit!”  You screamed at him one time.  Ass hole dwarves around you thought it was fucking hillarious.   

But now here you were, in Rivendell, and it was the best time for you to learn.  The company was resting for a few days, they had nothing to do except watch Thorin brood over hating dwarves…you were determined.  “Just teach me, Dwalin!”  You whined, pulling on his arm.  You realized that pulling on him always got his attention, so you used it to your advantage.    

 Thorin was sitting with Balin, both of them chuckling as they saw you try to convince the stoic warrior to teach you again.  They were both in favor of you learning to fight, but for some reason, Dwalin wouldn’t teach you.  But you were in the right, and he was going to, whether he liked it or not!   

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Improve Your Writing Immediately in a Few Steps

First, you gotta know these things:


Prewriting/planning is knowing what you are going to write about. This can be done different ways and fully depends on the person and what they prefer and how they learn, but some examples of this is by creating a web graph, a list, talking to someone, researching, writing short notes, literal thinking, etc. of what you want to write about.

There are two types of people: A Plan to Write person and a Write to Plan person.

The first one, a Plan to Write person, is somebody who does a lot of prewriting. The second one, a Write to Plan person, is somebody who has little to no idea of what they’re going to write beforehand–they plan out as they write. Learn which one you are and you’ll be able to write more efficiently.

If you are a Plan to Write person, you will be doing more planning than writing.

Learn the best ways of prewriting/planning for you and give yourself more time for this part than the actual writing. Keep going back to planning to make your writing better.

If you are a Write to Plan person (like me, RIP), you will be doing more writing than planning.

You will spend more time writing, revising, and editing. Keep going back to writing to make your writing better.

The minimum or maximum length of papers that professors and teachers give you means they are looking for a certain scope.

Certain lengths require more or less focus and detail in the papers. Long essays will give you plenty of room to put in a lot of things, but you have to make sure not to make it dull, lose focus, or say things that don’t really add anything important to what you’re trying to say. Short papers don’t give you much room to give important details or let your writing flow, but it gives you the ability to be concise without much worry about focus and interest. Different lengths mean different scopes that professors and teachers are looking for, so try to keep the scope of what they may want in mind when writing for anything, not just papers.

Likewise, every sentence should be important and add something.

Like with movies, you don’t have random scenes put into places in the movie that have no context or are just completely random and don’t add anything to the story being told.. Each scene in a movie serves a purpose, and so should every sentence in writing.


Now, let’s learn about the writing process:

Your first step is prewriting/planning.

To remind you, this is thinking, writing down notes, researching, creating a list, etc. about what you want to say. Not everybody does this and it’s okay if you’re not one of those people, but try it out and see if it improves your writing or not. If you don’t like it, use that time for actually writing your paper. (Don’t be afraid to try different things. Stray from your comfort zone.)

Your second step is the first draft.

This is the base of your paper and the longest and hardest step.

Your third step is revision.

This is the heavy editing–putting in sentences, taking out sentences, reorganizing paragraphs, changing or adding focus or points, etc.


Basically fixing the minor details–typos, grammar errors, punctuation, etc. This step is just for polishing your paper.

Final draft.

As a writer and a perfectionist, I’ve had to learn that I won’t always be happy with what I turn in. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably felt the same. The most important thing for any writing is getting your point across to the reader in a way that will make them think about it even after they’ve finished reading it. Sometimes, you’ve got to let go of it and let the hands of the readers take it away.


You usually won’t have to do this, but in some cases, if you’re not happy at all with your paper, the professor suddenly changed the main point, or perhaps you wrote another page at the last minute–what have you–this is where you’ll go back to prewriting and repeat the whole process.


Things that make up a good paper:


To use a paper about dogs as an example, a connection you may make about dogs is that people who have them tend to live longer and people with clinical depression have overall better mental health. If people are living longer, getting out, and remaining healthy mentally, the economy will have a small boost. Therefore, you can say that dogs have an important impact on the economy. Make connections that matter and make sense, and make them big, varying, and interesting.


Elaborating on connections, explain why dogs and the economy have a relationship. You can say that “dogs have an impact on the economy,” which would be true, but explain why. Give and explain the details so that the reader knows you’re not trying to make them blindly trust you or think you’re insane for linking dogs and the economy.


This one is a little self-explanatory. Write examples of important connections that apply to the real world so the reader will go, “oh, you know, that actually makes sense.” For example (no pun intended), tell a story about how your friend Lana got out of her deep depression by buying a dog. Examples make it more real and more personal. Show them real world applications.


Make some generalizations. Start your paper with “dogs make America great again, and here’s why.” Obviously, dogs don’t make America great again, but the point is still taken from readers–dogs are awesome. Don’t make too many of these or you’ll lose readers and be viewed as grabbing at straws or just insane. Use only a few.


A few more important things to remember:

Remember your readers.

No matter what you write, whether it’s an essay or a novel, the point of writing is to have at least one reader. Without readers, it’s pointless. Tell the readers why they should care about what you’re writing about. Start your writing with that.

Dogs help economy: Boring

Here’s what you should tell your parents to make them give in to buying a dog: Interesting.


Make your writing exciting. “Dogs can help people” is a no no, but “Dogs are the best thing since sliced bread” is great. Don’t make too many exaggerations, for the same reasons as generalizations. Make your paper interesting and, most importantly, fun to read.

Start your writing with what the readers can agree about, then pull them into the more controversial things.

Don’t start your paper with “dogs are better than cats.” Start with “Man, small dogs can be pretty cute, let me give you some reasons why.” Make the readers trust you and see you’re a sane and factual person before pulling them into how “dogs are better than cats.” It’s better writing, more people will read it, and more people will agree with you.

Write as much as possible, then condense it.

Writing as much as you can and then cutting it up into a great short paper is the hardest thing for writers do, but it makes for the best writing, no holds barred. Like how we were talking about how every scene in a movie should serve some kind of purpose and add something to the story, every sentence and every word makes a difference. Work and work at it. The one right word is better than ten words that explains the same thing.

Example: The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams.

so much depends


a red wheel


glazed with rain


beside the white


You get an entire, vivid picture from only 16 words. Make your writing short and sweet.


Thanks for reading! I hope this helps some of you. Let me know if you have any questions.

🔮🕷Spiders as a Familiar🕷🔮

Spiders are my familiar

I love them dearly, as they are wonderful and insightful creatures. 

My correspondences: I associate spiders with creativity, dreams, persistence, to do what must be done, and knowing when it is best to just be. To watch. To wait. They can also offer protection as well. 

How I work with them: 

🕷 See if they will allow you to charge their webs with protective properties. Their webs can catch any unwanted energies heading your way. If you do this, try to use energy to cleanse their webs for them without disturbing them. 

🕷Decorate your altar with spider imagery

🕷Catch a spider (willingly and safely) to divine with them. I especially do this with spiders I feel have to be moved outside. I catch them in a nice jar, explain that I must move it and ask if it will answer a few questions or aid in a reading in exchange for my help finding them an ideal location outside. 

🕷call upon them to help you work on creative projects! I like to draw a little spider on my notebooks to attract ideas and to see pathways in my work!

🕷In my practice, spiders know a lot about how lives are connected, past and present. If you divine with them, ask them questions about past lives, how events come together and impact your life, or the connections you have to make to reach a goal!


GENESYS [Ethan Dolan series] Ⅰ

Summary: Times have changed. The world inevitably transformed itself by the greedy hands of thirsty humans. As an attempt to escape the dark future, a group of teenagers with special abilities was created and trained their entire life, in a facility called “The Camp”. However, everything is about to change when the mission to interact with the remaining savages, organized in clans habiting their country, is assigned to Genesys and her colleagues.Trying to survive and most importantly to complete her mission, she infiltrates herself in the clan establishing connections with its members. What Genesys wasn’t expecting was the way that this would change everything she has ever known and the impact these connections would have in her life, especially with the clan’s leader.
Important shoutout: I have to thank my very good friend Sheridan [ @dolans-making-me-crazy ]. Without her help, none of this would be possible. So follow her blog and check out her writing (it is completely and absolutely amazing). SHE’S A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL THAT HAS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS!
Word count: 2 634
Warnings: Violence, death, cursing
A/N: It’s my very first FanFic and the first “major thing” that I write in English (my native language is Portuguese), so this is kinda of a “big deal” for me. I hope you enjoy it and read it till it’s very end.
Please don’t forget to leave some feedback! Share your opinion with me or ask any question you want. It is very important for me and for this series to know what you guys think! I present to you Genesys.


I opened my eyes slowly, but quickly closed them again. My body was extremely sore. I couldn’t feel my legs; the cuts and scratches that deformed my face and body skin burned mercilessness.

I sluggishly looked around trying to understand where I was. With my eyes half-open, because of the intense sunlight, I saw pine trees and was able to hear the chirp of various birds: a forest. That’s where I was.

“How am I here?” This question started to haunt my mind.

I had no clue how I got here in the first place and why my body was in pain. I couldn’t remember where I was before. I couldn’t remember anything.

I slowly moved my fingers, feeling the humid grass and soil below my body. My lips were dry and chapped and the intense desire to have something to drink attacked my body suddenly: I was beginning to dehydrate. I must have been there for a while.

But how long? And why here?

This place was slowly killing me and I had no idea why I was here. I had to remember. I really did. But my head was throbbing and my chest felt too heavy, complicating my attempt to breathe which forced the formation of tears in the corner of my eyes. I was almost sure I had a broken leg. And if it was only one leg that I had broken, then I was a very lucky girl.

I looked at the blue sky where the sun shined powerfully.

“I’m going to die here.” I thought.

I closed my eyes once again and allowed the tears to slide down my fragile face. I just had to… remember.

I took various deep breaths, letting the pain of my body consume me, and in that moment it came to me. I remembered. Everything.

I woke up feeling the severe sunlight penetrating the small dorm. I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my head using the cold sheets.

“Wake up, Genesys. Today is definitely not the day to stay in bed sleeping.” Peyton whispered while getting closer.

I let out an angry gasp and pressed my head against the soft pillows under my neck.

“Well, if someone hadn’t had a panic attack last night, I would already be awake by now.“ I said with a serious tone.

"Genesys, I…” She spoke softly, lowering her head and intertwining her fingers together. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I just… Can’t control myself sometimes. You know.” I knew. I knew it very well.

Feeling sorry for having spoken to her that way, I got closer, mildly grabbing her hands. “No, Peyton. I’m sorry for having spoken to you like that. I know that sometimes you have these attacks and that you can’t control them. But I’m always going to be here for you. No matter what.” I said, giving her a hug.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me.” She added hugging me back. “I think I just feel especially nervous today, because, you know… today is a very important day, for all of us. Today is the day, Genesys.“ She lowered her gaze to her bare feet and let out a long sigh.

"Today is the day.” That sentence echoed in my mind. And in that moment all kinds of thoughts invaded my brain. My heart started to beat faster.

“Yes, today is an important day, for sure.” I stated coldly, lifting my body quickly. Now I was the one starting to have a panic attack.

“What’s…?” She tried to ask, but I interrupted her. “We should be getting ready by now.“

“Yeah… You’re right.”

I rapidly moved my body towards the closet, taking off a pair of tight pants with side pockets, a long-sleeve shirt and a waterproof jacket, all with one thing in common: the color black. After dressing myself, as fast as I could, I sat on the edge of the bed putting on my black leather boots that came all the way up to my shin, trying to ignore the fact that my heart was beating at the speed of light.

I lifted my head a little, exchanging looks with Peyton. She knew. She knew what I was truly feeling, even though I tried to look strong.

“It’s ok to be nervous. You don’t have to pretend that you’re unaffected all the time.” she said kindly.

As I parted my lips to answer her, I was interrupted by a voice through the loudspeakers that were placed on the top of the walls outside our shared dorm.

“All groups of students must be reunited at the main atrium accompanied by their respective tutors, at 09:30 am. Delays will not be tolerated.”

I got up quickly and looked at Peyton. She was completely petrified. And so was I.

I pulled her into a hug. "Everything is going to be fine. We’ll see each other again. I promise you.” I whispered, ignoring the fact that my heart was about to explode and I was having difficulty breathing correctly.

I used all the strength I had and separated my body from hers, stopping myself from exposing the tears that were forming in the corner of my eyes. I took a look at the watch that was on my wrist: we had less than 3 minutes.

“I just… I…” She tried to say, stuttering in her own unspoken words. 

“I know Peyton. I really do. I feel the exact same way. But you’re stronger than you think, and you can do this. I know you can. I believe in you. I always have.”

She gave me a weak smile, letting her tears roll down her face. I smiled back at her and cleaned her tears using my right thumb.

I took a deep breath. “Now, it’s time to go.” I grabbed her hand and led us out of the small room that we shared since I can remember.

We started to walk through the long and clean hallway. Although for the first time this hallway seemed to be endless, neither of us wanted to reach its end.

As we arrived at the main atrium that was located in the exact center of “The Camp” I started to see some familiar faces. Other students. People like me.

Everyone was very serious and it was possible to hear various whispers in the air. Nobody dared to talk louder than that. We were nervous. We’re all in the same situation. In this situation.

Peyton was still very chapfallen and quiet when a familiar face approached us.

“How are you girls doing today?” Aspen asked, visibly trying to keep himself calm.

The relationship between me and Aspen was complicated, to say the least. I mean, I had feelings for him for as long as I can remember, but I never really knew how he felt about me, even though he seemed to care about my well-being.

As I emerged from my thoughts, I tried to focus on his question, forcing myself to give him an answer. Now was definitely not the time to fantasize about a hypothetical romance.

“Well, we’re still alive so… I guess that’s pretty good for today.” I responded letting out a deep sigh.

“Yeah… I don’t know if you can say the same thing about Peyton. Are you ok?” He asked touching her lightly on the shoulder.

“Hm… Yeah. I think… I think I will be fine.” She whispered quietly, maintaining her gaze in her shoes.

Aspen and I locked eyes for a while and I could just feel he was as scared as I was. We, all of us, have never been through this kind of situation. It was hard to deal with.

Even though I felt like we had been being trained for these type of situation all our lives, I still wondered if we were really prepared. The answer was about to unveil itself before us.

As Doctor Harris entered the enormous atrium, followed by other doctors, nurses and teachers, everyone became completely silent, and even more serious. The environment became so tense that I could feel Peyton’s hand shaking. I looked at her and offered a gentle smile, trying to calm her down.

Doctor Harris climbed the ladders that gave access to the big stage, located in the center of the atrium and positioned herself in front of the podium. Nobody was prepared to hear her words.

“Today is a great day. A day that promises to change the course of history. Our history. And the power to change it’s in your hands. Yes. In each and every one of you. Do not fear the future, my children. Do not fear the unknown. The change lives in every one of you. You are the future.“ She paused looking kindly to the group of people standing in front of her. "Now gather to your respective group and tutor and prepare yourselves for the mission assign to you.” She paused again, looking at us with a more serious gaze. “Good luck.” She added quietly.

For some reason, unknown to me, these last words made me feel even more anxious than I was before.

As I headed to the right corner of the atrium, to meet the group of people I was assigned with, I pushed Peyton’s hand but she didn’t move a millimeter.

Oh no, not now.

I looked at her, and there she was: immovable again and about to have another panic attack.

“Peyton, not now. Please.” We exchanged looks. “You can do this.” She nodded her head to me and finally started walking slowly.

“My dear students, I guess the day we’ve been waiting for, has finally arrived.” Professor Allan gave us a weak and sad smile.

I really liked professor Allan, we’ve known each other since I was a little girl. He was always there to guide me and help me when I needed him the most. He was like a father figure to me. A father that I never had.

“Now, each one of you, jointly with your group, will go to a specific ship, that has a red number written on it. This group’s ship, is ship number 7.” He looked at us. “This ship will fly over certain regions of the forest. Each one of you will be left in one of those regions, and hopefully later meet the clan.”

The clan. My heart started pounding through my chest faster than ever.

“Good luck to everyone.” He added as he hugged some of the students as a way to say “goodbye”.

He walked towards me and we exchanged a strong hug. “Now go, my students, and find your ship!” Everyone started to move towards the exit of the atrium, including me when Professor Allan grabbed my wrist.

“Not you, Genesys.” He said with a quiet and serious tone.

“What do you mean, Professor Allan? I was assigned to this group.” I stated, confused.

“Yes, you’re correct. But you’re going to be transported on a different ship.”


“Genesys, are you coming?” I heard Peyton asking.

“I… I don’t think so, Peyton.”

“What do you mean? I need you!” She was terrified.

“Say goodbye to your friend, Genesys. It’s time.” Professor Allan added coldly.

I ran to Peyton and gave her a tight hug. “We’re going to see each other again. Don’t forget that.” I repeated myself.

“But…” She tried to say, tears rolling down both of our faces. “I promise.” I assured.

I turned my back on her and tried to be as strong as I could not to cry compulsively.

“Follow me.” He guided me through a narrow hallway, which I have never been before.

“Professor Allan, could you please explain to me what is happening?!” I asked, wiping the tears off my face.

“Wait here, please.” He opened a grey door that gave access to a small room, closing it behind him as fast as he could.

What the hell is going on?

“Do you really think they’re gonna make it?!” I heard a male voice through another door. I moved towards it trying to hear the rest of the conversation.

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Another person responded. “I mean, these kids have been trained their whole life and some of them are really powerful, but they have never been outside this doors, so I can’t be sure.”

“Don’t you bullshit me. You know damn well some of this kids are gonna die. And they’re death is going to be in our hands!” An angry voice responded.

“Some of these kids are gonna die”? This sentence started replaying itself in my mind over and over again. I felt my body starting to shiver intensely and my heart beginning to beat so fast that it hurt.

I was paralyzed. Was Peyton going to die? Was I going to die?

“What are you doing there?!” Professor Allan asked concerned. “There’s no time, Genesys. Come with me.” He grabbed my arm and pushed me through that hallway leading me to a ship with the number 13 written on it. We entered the ship. My knees were weak and I felt like I was going to pass out at any given moment.

“Genesys, focus. Look at me.” He demanded, losing his patience. I forced my tearful eyes to look at him.

“You’re very powerful. The most powerful student I have ever had in my life, I must add.” He paused looking me in the eyes. “Because of this, you’re going to be sent to a different clan. Now, this is not any clan. They’re very developed and organized for a savage group. We have been studying their behavior for a while now, since they attacked The Camp, in the past. Their leader is…”. He took a deep breath. “One of the most intelligent people I have ever seen in my life and presents an aggressive behavior. He has a lot of influence and power in that clan.” My heart was beating so fast, I asked myself if he could hear it.

“You’re the only one who is able to get this mission done correctly.“ He grabbed my hand. "I know you can do it.”

“Now prepare yourself, we’re almost there.”

“I can’t…” I tried to speak, but for some reason… I couldn’t.

“Give me your arm, please.” A nurse instructed.

“What?” I raised my arm slowly. She took it coldly, lifting my sleeve and jabbed a needle in my skin, reaching my vein.

I clenched my jaw at the intense pain and looked at her completely shocked.

“Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. This substance will put you to sleep in a few minutes and will erase your memories. But don’t worry, they’ll come to you in a near future, not all at the same time. It is a slow process.” Professor Allan explained.

“Your abilities will disappear too. But they’ll return faster than you expect.” He added.

“Good luck my child. I’ve known you since you were a baby. I know you’re capable of this and much more. We’re all counting on you and I know you’re not going to let us down. The future depends on you. You are the future.“ He stated with confidence while I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier until I wasn’t able to react anymore and passed out.

"I remember. I remember now.” I thought, while opening my eyes slowly.

I was there for a reason. I had a mission to complete. I had, at least, to try. And suddenly I felt the strength that I needed. I was going to survive.

I slowly lifted my torso and crawled towards a tree trunk, trying to grab it for support. I was finally able to get up, when I felt an intense knock on the back of my head.

orodrethsgeek  asked:

Are you still playing Arcana? If so, what's your apprentice like? :3

Oh yeah, sure! I’m thinking their name is probably Faelin? They are really tall and lanky and have sorta short light blue hair. And they love scarves and shawls lol. They are pretty chill and friendly but can get nervous or flustered pretty easily when faced with unfamiliar situations. They adapt quickly though. Nadia kind of terrified them at first until they got to actually know each other haha. When there’s danger, however, they’re good at keeping a level head. They love magic and learning, always seeking to know more about the world and how things work, but sometimes that can make them a little reckless.

I imagine whenever Asra goes traveling, Faelin uses the opportunity to mess with magic on their own lol. They are the embodiment of that meme, “Asra is 90% of my impulse control.”

Basic meaning behind the planets
  • Sun: Vitality, a sense of individualism, outward-showing personality
  • Moon: Emotional responses, self-image
  • Mercury: Communication and how you convey your thoughts
  • Venus: Interest in emotions, values, how you exchange and share with those you care about
  • Mars: Desire for action, physical energy, also associated with sexual desires and what turns you on mentally
  • Jupiter: How you handle yourself in tough situations, your sense of purpose, are you optimistic/pessimistic cheap/generous etc.
  • Saturn: Responsibilities, commitment, self-control, how are you when you're serious, how you apply yourself, fear and how you handle it
  • Uranus: Self-discovery, internal awakening, how you will become independent, what you will do to make an impact
  • Neptune: Dreams, idealism, connection to our spirit, your subconscious
  • Pluto: Self-empowerment, mutation, transformation of self, power, control, the cycle of death and rebirth "out with the old, in with the new"

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“Better get used to the sight of my basement, darling.” With McCree

He was used to you fighting against him no matter how slow or how non threateningly he approached you. Even when you tried to push him away or take a swing at him he always remained as patient as he could while restraining you. His frustration grew each time you rejected him and it was noticeable but this didn’t stop you. McCree was going to be out all day to get supplies for the week and he just wanted a kiss goodbye. Was that so much to ask? When he pulled you in close and in leaned in to kiss you he was met with the impact of your fist connecting with his face. 

“What the fuck,” He seethes, pressing a hand to his swelling cheek, “What is wrong with you?”

“Don’t you fucking touch me.” You glare daggers at him, backing yourself into the corner of your room.

Something inside of the man finally snapped. He wasn’t a patient me but he sure as hell tried to be with you and he finally had it. He gave you the clothes on your back, food, and even your own room. All the cowboy had wanted in return was just a simple peck on the lips, why couldn’t you give him just that? He’s done everything for you! It’s time he takes away some of those privileges.

Without so much as a warning McCree yanks your arm, nearly dislocating it, as he pulls you out of the corner before throwing you effortlessly over his shoulder. No matter how hard you pound your fists against his back he held onto you tightly. It made you remember just how strong he was and how much strength he was holding back. 

You cried out in pain when he suddenly threw you onto the cold, hard cement floor of the basement. It was completely empty except for a toilet and a broken sink. You glared at him, demanding answers. 

“Don’t gimme that look you know why you’re here,” He scoffs, “Until you learn to behave you better get used to the sight of my basement, darlin’.”

It’s Just a Dance ~ Hayes Grier Imagine (Requested)

ilysm108 said to mmagcon101:Can u please do a Hayes imagine where reader is a hip hop dancer has to dance with another guy and Hayes get jealous and walks away and the guy tries to kiss her and Hayes saves her etc. you come up with the rest


Masterlist  Imagines  Send request 


“babe pleas we are only rehearsing for like an hour for the show tomorrow and after me and you can get something to eat “ You begged Hayes to stay as you both entered the dance building . “okay fine but your treating “ he joked “alright fine “ you laughed. “whats your partners name again ?’ He asked clenching his jaw as he held the door open for you . “Sean is his name and pleas babe be nice and polite “ You asked knowing his past reputation of jealousy . “I wont okay I promise “ He gave a cheeky smile “yeah okay “ you smirked knowing just what he was thinking . 

“hey” You said greeting Sean pulling him in for a hug “hi” he replied “oh Sean this is Hayes my boyfriend and Hayes this is Sean my dance partner “ You smiled stepping back so they can both greet each other accordingly. “hey nice to meet you “ Hayes said pulling him in for a hand shake “you too” Sean replied . 

“so Y/n for the beginning of the dance I think we should make it much slower so it goes with the beat more “ Sean suggested starting the music . “yeah I agree” you said “ you smiled too look back at Hayes “hey babe you can sit there “ you said pointing to the seats across the room . 

As the dance starts you and Sean are separated and as the music progresses you both come together as one as he places his hands and your hips and your bodies both work together to hit each beat and movement . 

Soon the dance comes to an end . 

“wow” you said catching your breath ‘That was amazing “ Sean said giving you a simple high five . You looked over at Hayes to see him sitting there with his jaws clenching. 

“lets do it again “ Sean said replaying the music you simply nodded taking position . 

Once again you and Sean started very strong making an impact on the connection you both have together as partners . Soon you see Hayes up and leave from his seat exiting the dance room . You decided not to think to much into it and just flow with the choreography . 

the dance ended and you and Sean are on another world yous both are anxious and excited with the outcome of this dance . “your are incredible “ Sean said pulling you in for an embrace lifting you off your feet . “thank you “ you said awkwardly . “your welcome “ He replied looking deep in to your eyes, you could feel the tension arising he closed his eyes moving in for a kiss but you quickly backed up . 

Soon hearing Hayes storm in “whats going on here?’ He asked rushing to our side . “nothing Hayes lets just go “ You said giving him a look of its not worth it . “I’m very sorry man I honesty don’t even know what I was doing “ Sean admitted back up . “hey Sean I think we just end it here okay i’ll see you at the performance tomorrow “ you gave a fake smile grabbing your belonging’s holding tightly to Hayes . 

You and Hayes both sat in the car, you were the first to speak up “why did you leave the room ?’ You asked . “because I didn’t like that fact that he was grabbing your waste and holding your body it made me jealous but I know its nothing to worry about “ He admitted . “oh okay and Hayes pleas understand that he was trying to kiss me I quickly moved away “ you grabbed his hand . He chuckled “Y/n I know I just feel disrespected by him because he met me and seen me there with you so why would he just comply disrespect me “ Hayes said looking deep into your eyes . “I know and trust me after this I wont be dancing with him anymore okay baby “ you smiled grabbing his jaw and pulling him in for a sweet passionate kiss . 


I hope you enjoyed also sorry for any errs .

so i’m reading this paper on the impact of social connections on fitness in primates, and it’s talking about how the size of social groups has been shown to have some impact on the development of animals’ brains. which all stands to reason, but then it gets to talking about how this isn’t an absolute rule and includes the line “if it were only the size of social groups that mattered, wildebeest would be wizards” and uhhhh


Quer fazer parte da nossa conexão no ramo de beleza e estética? #faleconosco Adriana Coelho, 43 anos, é profissional há 15 anos e enviou um vídeo sobre a satisfação com a nossa parceria. Adriana participou com dicas de visual para entrevista de emprego. É nossa parceira para projetos de capacitação para comunidades e atendimento para “Dia da B3eleza” para empresas. Trabalhou na filmagem de comerciais indicados B3. Adriana utiliza produtos com medidores evitando desperdício e colaborando com o nosso meio ambiente. No currículo: Designer de Corte e tratamento de recuperação capilar, Consultora de Imagem Pessoal, Maquiadora, possui técnicas de educação na empresa L'oréal de Paris, trabalhos de editorial de moda e atua também em estúdios de beleza, sendo um deles, também parceiro da B3, Aternativa da Beleza no Rio de Janeiro.
Gratidão sempre parceira e também pela sua presença física como visitante na nossa Feira de Artesanato. 🍀 💚 💛🙏🇧🇷 🇬🇧 #B3 #Beauty #MakeUp #EmpreendedorSocial #Connection #SocialValue #FreeEvents #SocialBusiness #CollaborativeEconomy #Execution #Results #Transparency #Impact #Action #Initiative #Empowerment #Professionals #Business #Brasil #UK #Cabelo #Maquiagem #Beleza #HairDesign

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The Joker x Reader- “Love at First Sight”

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

Could be related to this:

First time you saw the Joker you were mesmerized. It felt like someone dropped a bag with 20 bricks on your head and kicked you in the nuts. Wait, you don’t have any, scratch that off, it might have been a cramp.

**** You just froze, staring at him. J is sitting on that fancy armchair he stole from Commissar Gordon’s office when he raided the police headquarters last week. He is on his phone texting and Frost is at the desk, typing something on the laptop. Everyone is running around the warehouse like crazy, getting ready for tonight’s robbery.  

The Joker lifts his eyes for a sec and notices you glare his way. He doesn’t think anything of it and goes back to texting.  After a couple of minutes he looks up again and you are in the same spot, glancing in his direction. He looks left, right and behind him to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that got your attention. Nothing. And he doesn’t know you. How did you get in? Unless you’re…

“Hey, Frost, who’s that?” he growls at his henchman, pointing his head towards you.

Jonny sees you and:

“That’s my cousin, sir, that’s Y/N. She finally got here.”

“You sneaky bastard, you didn’t tell me she’s pretty, I would have hired her sooner,” he smirks, throwing his cane at Frost.

I had my reasons, Jonny sighs, keeping his composure. He knows what that look on your face means: you are smitten with your new boss- J is so your type.

Oh my God, I didn’t know Mister J is such a nice piece of a..”

“Y/N, you found us!” Frost interrupts your train of thought, signaling you to follow him.

**** You can’t take your eyes off him; you are totally infatuated with the Joker. Your cousin completely hates it that you two shamelessly flirt all the time. J calls you all these pet names and he can tell you love it. Frost wants to throw up every time he witnesses all this shit. Too bad for him because you absolutely adore your boss.

“Princess, go get Daddy a drink,” he asks while organizing the maps on his desk.

“Right away, Mister J,” you grin and go get it for him. The Joker is concentrating on his project, grabs his glass and without even realizing it he takes your hand and briefly kisses it:

“You’re such a good Doll.”

You never had a heart attack before, but you are pretty sure that is what it would feel like.

Holy crap, I’ll never wash my hand again!  you promise yourself, excited to the maximum.

**** You have to go to the penthouse and pick up some explosives. Getting around a living room might seem like an easy task for a skilled hit woman such as yourself but it all goes to shit when you see the Joker coming out of his bedroom with just a towel around his waist.

The two neurons in your brain that survived the visual impact have a hard time connecting because you can’t think right now. You are basically drooling.

Oh my God, look at those tattoos!!!! you squeal inside like a high school girl. His skin looks sooo smooth and soft, I wonder if he’s smooth aaaalllll over. Lord, I just want to yank that towel off him and grab h…

“Pumpkin, did you hear me?”

“Hmmm?” you try to pay attention but it’s hard.

“I said the dynamite is on the balcony, go get it, come on, you don’t have all day, you need to take care of my black list too.”

You make a few steps then you stop, a huge smile flourishing on your lips: Mister J is winking at you. Ahhh, he’s such a flirt, you think, delighted, but…why does he look so awkward while doing it?

“Stupid contacts, I really hate them,” he complains, heading towards the bathroom and rubbing his eyes, annoyed.

You must admit this moment is one of the biggest disappointments of your life, right up there with that time when you cat died.

**** At his club, late at night, just you and him in the VIP room, trying to wrap it up. You help him bag the money you guys stole from the Bank of Gotham and he suddenly asks you:

“Y/N, can you please scratch my back? I have a spot, right around …here” he guides your hand, ”it’s been itching like crazy, I can’t stand it anymore.”

You gulp, your eyes devouring him but he can’t see because you are behind him.

Oh, you sexy thing, I have an itch too and I would love for you to …

“Baby doll, what are you doing?!”

You look down, coming back to reality and realizing you are running your nails along the velvety tapestry of his chair. Oops. You didn’t mean to fondle it.  

**** J sits at his desk, very interested in the notes you gave him. Your informant was able to smuggle the new plans of Arkham Asylum, it looks like they actually have some secret rooms in the basement. The Joker keeps on licking his lips, purring, satisfied he has such a treasure in his possession and you are a step away from losing it.

You go and sit on the glass desk, scooting over until you are in front of him and all the papers are pushed to the side. He sees you and looks up, confused.

“Princess, what are you doing?!”

You lean over so you can be close to his face and just ask:

“Did anybody tell you you’re beautiful?”

The Joker’s blue eyes narrow, he thinks he didn’t hear you right.

“Did. Anybody. Tell. You. You’re. Beautiful?” you repeat, smiling.

“Ummm…yes?” he replies, now completely baffled.

“Who?” you snap, backing out a bit, irritated. “Was it one of the bitches working here?!!!”

“What? No, you told me last week and the week before, you always tell me that, you naughty girl. I’m starting to think you’re flirting with me.”

“Huh? I did?”  You really don’t recall.  “So I’m the bitch then,” you begin laughing so hard and he doesn’t know how to react. “All right, as long as it’s me I’m OK.”

He watches as you happily head towards the door and bump in the armchair.

“Sorry, my bad!” you giggle, closing the door behind you.

Why is she taking to the furniture? he wonders, snickering. And they say I’m the crazy one, J rolls his eyes, amused.

**** “Baby doll, can you make me some of those dark chocolate chip cookies I like?”

“Sure can, Mister J, “ you gladly oblige because you like using the kitchen in the penthouse.

“Can you make them into little bites?”

Gosh, I would love to bite your …

“Kitten, did you hear me?” the Joker interrupts your daydreaming.

“Yes, bite…everything,” you mumble, distracted.


“I got it, sir, no worries!” you reassure J, backing out while staring him down.

“Y/N, kitchen is the other way,” he points out the obvious direction, not understanding why you forgot where it is.

After you bake the goodies you bring them over and watch him munch on them, absent minded while drawing things on his maps.

He’s such a delicious morsel, you conclude and feel it is your sacred duty to do something about it.

You step in front of him, lift his chin up and kiss him. That was something he did not expect.

“Mmmmm, you taste so sweet, yummy!” you close your eyes, enjoying the moment.

“Y/N, are you flirting with me?” he asks, even if he knows the answer.

“No, never, not me…nope…Maybe?… Most definitely!… God, you’re such a tease!” you blur out, frustrated, kissing him again.

J snickers, definitely impressed by this new approach:

“What did I do?! I just kill people, steal and blackmail,” he seductively whispers on purpose (jerk, taking advantage on such a sweet, innocent little thing such as yourself) and doesn’t expect your reaction:

“Oh, my God, yes, talk dirty to me!!” you moan and land in his lap, starting to kiss his neck and face all over and he has to admit you’re not boring at all.

“I also drive my Lamborghini…”

“Jesus, yes, tell me more, you bad boy!!!” you scream, pressing your body against his, totally turned on.

He is so entertained and he has to admit no woman did this to him before.

“…And last night I washed my own dinner plate,” he confesses, winking at you.

Your jaw drops to the ground.

“Shut up !!!! No way !!! My Goodness and all the saints, you have such a dirty mouth, I love it !!! You sexy beast, keep going!!!”

He laughs and spanks you while you try to rip his shirt and actually succeed after two tries. You frantically start kissing his tattoos. The Joker has another one for you:

“The other day I was able to change a light bulb in my bedroom.”

“Holy shit !!!” you gasp, panting like you ran the 10K marathon. “You are so bad, I love it!!! I never imagined you could be so naughty!” You pull down his pants and push him on the floor.

He never had a woman before that undressed him so fast. And he thought he was impatient.

**** Frost comes up to the Penthouse to talk something important with his boss but doesn’t see anybody around. He suddenly hears some noises coming from the master bedroom and stops in front of it, listening at the door. What’s going on in there?

His eyes almost come out of their sockets when he hears you two:

“This morning I changed my earrings,” the Joker grunts.

“Ahhh…” you scream, “…you’re killing me!!! Talk dirty to me, don’t stop!!” you moan, ecstatic at the revelation.

“Last week I stole 8 million dollars,” he snarls, nibbling on your ear.

“You’re the worst!!! Wash your mouth with soap, Mister J!” you shout, feeling you are going to completely go bonkers soon.

“Wanna wash it for me?” A few slaps and muffled laughter.

WTF?! Jonny thinks, distancing himself from the room.

He’s going to have nightmares after this.


The Unknowns: Four

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Originally posted by hunterchesters

This is a continuation for The Unknowns.  Which was a one shot and is now a long ass Prologue.  Part One.  Part Two. Part Three.

Dean x Psychic!reader

Teaser/Summary: An AU sparked from a songfic challenge, The Unknowns is based on Season One Episode Nine, Dean met reader in Lawrence as a child and they created an unbreakable bond. At the end of The Unknowns, reader decided to stick with her boys because she felt something coming but she holds secrets; one she holds close to her heart and a few that she doesn’t even really know yet.

Word count: 4926

Lines borrowed from season one episode fourteen, “Nightmare” in Bold.

A/n: THANK YOU for all the amazing feedback!! <3

The drive felt claustrophobic which was a first that I could remember and it was all my fault. Dean didn’t seem mad or anything other than amused the few times I caught his eye but this was one conversation that I couldn’t get out of my head. The fact that it happened in my mind, our minds, didn’t seem to weigh as heavy as what I thought he might want to talk about.

We need to talk.

Dean and I never had a relationship where that was really something that was said. Was it ever said in real life like that? That’s the thing in shows and movies that’s either something serious like ‘your mom and I are getting a divorce’ or some stupid made up teen drama like ‘I think we need some space, it’s not you, it’s me’.

So what the hell did dean need to talk about that couldn’t happen right then? He basically admitted that he wanted that sentence to be just between us, he had tried to talk to me without speaking and it actually worked. It didn’t last for long and I wonder how much of that was also my fault since I’ve been stressing about the damn thing for hours.

The first hour of the drive, Sam and I had searched through the newspapers he grabbed at the airport, we found nothing in our wheelhouse. We grabbed more at each stop and went through the same with the same results but at least, the reading kept my mind occupied. Now there was nothing but baby’s hum, those four words, and dean’s glances in the rear view mirror.

I wondered if he was trying to have a conversation and realized I hadn’t felt anything while we were in the car. It wasn’t exactly new, sometimes it was just second nature for the block or filter to automatically go up when I got into a car but if Dean could feel that, it wouldn’t bode well. But we’d spent a full nine hours on the road with stops and no real destination and he’d acted completely fine the whole time.

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About your post on Kadena, Coco and Adena were never confirmed being back together, in episode 5, Adena said shes flying to Paris to TRY to work things out with Coco, TRYING to work things out and being back together officially are completely different. Also, Adena texting Kat when shes not really into technology is just proving a point that shes doing the most to stay in contact with Kat. Both Aisha and Nikohl said in their instagram live stream that Kadena is not over and there is way more to

come, including cute pillow forts. So it’s very important to not just assume things or look too far into it. Remember that! This show is incredibly important and covers such amazing topics and freeform is one of the best networks that treat gays amazingly.

I feel like ppl think I was criticizing adena/kadena/the writing. I wasn’t. In fact I believe I said something in my tags along the lines of “just go back to NY it’s where your heart is” along with some other stuff. The point I was trying to make (yet clearly failed miserably) was that what Adena feels for Kat is so strong that she is doing something that is completely out of the ordinary for her. It’s been established in canon – and by the writers via Twitter – that Adena is so not into technology/social media/being on her phone (did anyone spy a TV in her house? I don’t think I did) yet she’s texting pictures to Kat multiple times a day? And they are texting back and forth? I think that was the writers doing a good job of showing just how impactful/strong their connection is; of showing us that Adena  just can’t stay away from Kat, even tho she’s across the globe with the woman she’s been with for 3 years. 

Also another point that I made in the tags is that she did need to go to Paris so that she can return with a clean slate (unlike the first time she hooked up with Kat). I know more is to come, I’ve been paying attention. I know how to be patient with writers. I know that stories are supposed to unfold. I know that we have little to no context or facts regarding what’s going on with Adena and Coco. I feel like you don’t follow me? I feel like you thought I am one of the folks flipping their lid about this cheating storyline (I’m not, I have issues with it that aren’t specific to the show, but I’m not losing it like some) and you just wanted to reach out and defend the show. That’s cool and all but wholly unnecessary, I love the show and I’m here to stay and everyone check out The Bold Type every Tuesday at 9 est on Freeform. 


Script for Tsundere!Jean x Listener

(written by cherrypikkins)

(the listener is sitting up in a tree by herself. Jean is calling up to her.)
(louder and more irritable) HEY!
(arrogant and haughty tone, like he’s ordering her around) You! Yeah, you with the stupid face! Are you going to spend all day in that tree collecting splinters with your ass, or are you actually going to get some training done?!
(pause. listener is glaring at him)
Oh no, don’t look at me like that, get down from there and get your ass over here. Hurry up, I don’t have all day. Are you going to sit there until I climb up there and drag you down? I’ll seriously do it, you know! Don’t think I won’t!
(berating) What the hell were you doing up there anyway? Don’t tell me you were trying to hide from me. Did you seriously think that would work?
(muttering) … Honestly, of all the idiots I have to deal with in this army…
(the listener finally climbs down. Jean is sneering at her) Hm? Oh, look who finally came down. Yeesh. Took you long enough. I swear, you must be getting slower and slower by the day.
(throws a pair of gloves at her) Here. Put on these gloves. We’re doing hand-to-hand combat training. (still being bossy) No, don’t ask questions, just hurry up and put them on.
(waits while she puts on gloves)
Alright. Now follow me. (he starts walking off) Let’s go all the way over here. Come on, don’t dawdle.
(walking stops) Here we are. … This is perfect. Nice and private. (pleased) No one will interrupt us here. Hm? (the listener starts asking him questions, and his mood sours) What is it now? Ugh, you just won’t shut up, will you? (huffs) … Fine. What do you want to know?
(she asks a question, and Jean sounds absolutely incredulous and standoffish)
Hah? (loud and obnoxious) Give me a break. This. Is just. Training. It’s not like I wanted to spend time with you or anything. (obviously he does, but he’s doing his best to hide it with meanness) If you think I’m at leisure to run around chasing after a girl like you every second of the day, you’ve got another think coming.
Now, let’s get to sparring. (gets cold and serious as he assumes a fighting stance) On your guard, airhead.
Alright, now have a go at me first. Hurry up, already. I want to see what you’ve got.
(the listener rushes at him and throws a punch. Jean dodges.)
Hah, missed! (mean and taunting) Your aim is pathetic!
(the listener throws another fist. Jean blocks it. Easily) Come on! You call that a punch? Even Armin can deal harder hits than a weakling like you! (even more taunting) Are you even cut out to be a soldier?
(listener suddenly throws a kick, one that he is not fully prepared for.) Woah, hey! (he barely dodges it, and is forced to back away a step)
(the listener is getting pissed off, he is suddenly amused) Wow, is it just me, or are you looking a little angry right now? Ohoho, you’re looking for a real fight, aren’t you? (grinning threateningly) Fine, then. I hope you’re ready, ‘cos this is gonna hurt.
(he grapples with her, there is a struggle, and eventually he manages to wrestle her to the ground with an audible impact, and pin her down)
(smug and triumphant as he hovers over her) There! Got you pinned down, just like that! When it comes down to it, your strength is no match against mine. You can’t even move a muscle, can you? Are you seriously weak or something? You didn’t put up a fight at all!
What, you think I’m gonna hold myself back, just because you’re a girl? Don’t delude yourself. You know perfectly well that I’m no prince in shining armor. (still arrogant and talking down on the her, but less taunting, more serious lecturing) In the real world, your foes aren’t gonna show you any mercy, so why should I? (overbearing) It’s kill or be killed, and no one’s going to save you if you get in trouble. You should be thankful that this is merely practice, and I’m giving you everything I’ve got. I might end up beating you to a pulp, but at least with me you have the luxury of learning from your mistakes, without dying from them.
(this is where he sounds less like he’s bullying her, and more like he’s scolding her)
Honestly. An airhead like you wouldn’t last a second on the battlefield, let alone the real world. You’re naive and careless to a fault - exactly the sort of girl others would love to pounce on and take advantage of. (leans in closer to one ear) If you can’t shake off a guy like me, how in the world are you going to defend yourself against some random chump on the street? How do you even stand a chance against the Titans without someone to look after you?
(moves away from her ear, but is still hovering over her) The fact is, you don’t. Not with the way you are now. That needs to change. You need to start taking this sort of thing more seriously. You think I’m being too rough with you? I don’t care. As long as you learn to get your head out of the clouds, that’s the only thing that matters. You need to learn to protect yourself.
(the listener starts mumbling something. he snaps at her to say it louder)
Huh? What was that you just said about me? Say it again. I dare ya.
(the listener repeats herself. Jean reacts with bewilderment. She’s accusing him of worrying for her safety. Which of course, is closer to the truth than he is willing to admit)
…What?! Worried about you? Worried?! (flustered and defensive, getting louder with each sentence) Is THAT how you think I feel? Ha! You’re even more delusional than I thought! (outright refusing to admit his feelings) W-why the hell would I be worried about you? Just because you can’t even look after yourself in a fight doesn’t mean I’m getting all protective of you, or anything! (this is where he’s outright yelling at her) Don’t go getting the wrong idea, you moron!
(he roughly hauls her up onto her feet)
Come on, you! Up on your feet! I’m gonna make you pay for saying that!
(this time he tries to shove her, but this time she fights back by pushing back)
Woah, you’re actually putting up a real fight this time! I’m almost impressed! But didn’t I tell you before that your strength can’t win against mine? Come on, fight smarter than that! The least you could do is try to use one of Annie’s kicks to trip me up- (suddenly cringes from a sudden impact) Gah!
(the listener’s foot whips out. After a brief struggle, she really does trip him up…and ends up falling over with him)
(falling, reacting with surprise) Woah, woah, WOAHHH!
(as they tumble to the ground, the listener falls on top of him. On impact, their lips accidentally connect, and there is an audible kiss. Naturally, Jean grunts with surprise)
(a distinct pause as they both register what is going on)
Ngh! (Jean finally snaps out of it and shoves the listener away, breathing very, very heavily) What…what the hell did you just do to me?
(listener scrambles for an answer)
(angry and flustered) D-Don’t play dumb! You were the one who fell on top of me! How dare you try and play it off as an accident! You were trying to pull a fast one on me, weren’t you?! You sneaky little…!
(suddenly quiet. the listener doesn’t fully realize what just happened) Hold it. You don’t know what happened?! Oh for the love of…! (growls in frustration) Do I have to explain everything to you? Your lips… I felt them! You knocked me over, our lips touched and we…!
(suddenly quiet, eyes growing wide with horrific realization)
…Wait… why are you looking at me like that?
(voice trembling)
Wh-why is your face turning red? Do you even know how ridiculous you look right now?
… Hold on a second… Is… Is my face turning red?
(flustered and angry) Huh? It is? N-No it’s not, you liar! I’m not blushing, shut up! No! Don’t look at me like that! Quit staring! I don’t want to look at your face!
(even more flustered and angry) Why? WHY? Because it’s embarrassing, that’s why! Your lips basically just crashed into mine, and it’s all your fault! What if somebody had seen us? I mean, just now, you and I looked as though we were both…
(suddenly quiet) …kissing… eachother.
I… I don’t believe it. You and I … Our lips…
…That.. was a kiss…!

(in a state of angry denial) N-no! I take that back! That wasn’t a kiss! That WASN’T a kiss! I absolutely refuse to believe it! Damn it, I didn’t want my first time to be something like this. An accidental kiss, and with you of all people!
(imagine him pulling at his hair in frustration) Agh! I don’t believe this! This is a disaster! The absolute worst thing that could have possibly happened! How could you have been so stupid? This is completely your fault!

(Jean suddenly notices the listener, who is on the verge of tears)
(startled and concerned) H-Hey. Why are you giving me that look? Say something, will you…?
(she’s crying)
(tone suddenly softens, he is absolutely panicking right now) Sh-shit… Hey, stop crying. Did I hurt you, because of what I said? (trying to explain himself) You… you don’t understand, I … I didn’t mean it like that! I don’t hate you, or anything. It’s just that… didn’t want our first kiss to be some kind of accident-
(realizes he said ‘our’ and immediately corrects himself) MY. MY first kiss. Yeah… That’s what I meant.
(quiet and embarrassed)…But I guess…That too was your first kiss, wasn’t it?
(guilty, angry with himself now) Shit… I really messed up this time.
(pleading, basically doing everything he can to repair his latest fuck-up and get her to stop crying) Hey. Come on. Stop crying already. Please. Please stop. Listen, I’ll admit it. I was the one who fucked up, and I’m sorry. Look, you’re allowed to get angry at me. Do whatever you want. Yell at me, hit me, beat the crap out of me. Anything at all. Just please don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you like that.
(the listener asks if he’s still angry)
No, no, I’m not angry, you moron. (lightly, not serious with the name-calling) I’m… I’m just… a little overwhelmed by what just happened. So much, that I can’t even think straight! …But no, I’m not mad at you. Believe me. (he sighs.) Please?
(very slight affection, more than he’s ever shown thus far, leaning close and murmuring) Come on, you little airhead. Stop crying. (softly) I’m not going to yell at you anymore.

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infinite-vague-replays  asked:

I think the major reason a lot of us dislike Agni's death is because how disconnected it is to the previous chapters. Like, I really don't mind him dying, especially if it's going to help move the overall plot, but I feel like it could have had a better set-up. From what I've seen so far, the boyband part is completely pointless and could have been easily cut from the story without any impact in plot, making everything connect better. 1/2

I hear people say that the previous arcs are similar to this as well, such as the jtr arc and campania arc, but throughout the comedy and dark sub tones where balanced, and didn’t suddenly switch on and off. The arcs had dark premises at the very beginning, where this arc seemed to forget it in the middle and have a pointless subplot. Honestly, cutting the subplot would make the arc flow better, including Agni’s death. Correct me if I’m wrong though, since I’m just being really salty now. 2/2

THIS. By itself, this is the ideal way for Agni to die- protecting Soma and noble to the end. But in context, it’s just cheap and unworthy of him on all accounts. The boyband could have been cut completely and Violet could have just told Ciel outright what was happening via a letter or middleman or something. 

The thing about Jtr, Campania, and even Weston, is that their “comedy” was relevant to the main arch of things- Ex. the Druitt debacle clued Ciel in on Grell’s superhumanity and set up Druitt’s character, the Phoenix was the main reason behind the Campania arc, the P4 were in the cricket game but were also involved with UT at the finale. Here, the S4 get brushed out of the plot with a snap of the finger, and the new P3 get taken out too as soon as they came. So in the end, we’re just back to Ciel and Sebastian again, making the attention to the boy band (1 chapter was enough) unnecessary and even more irrelevant to Agni’s death.

It’s not like Soma was targeted because he was part of the boy band anyway. Whoever orchestrated the attack already knew he was Ciel’s friend before the battle of the bands. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not wrong and we can sit here forever salting over Agni’s death.

A Different Kind of Magic

For @castihalo who has a fondness for Witch!Cas same tho so have an Urban Fantasy AU :)



The smell of lavender began permeating the air the moment Castiel lit the incense. It was one of his favorite scents to have going in his shop, seeing as it not only smelled relaxing, but also helped clear the air of any unclean spirits that may have decided to stay. Castiel would never speak badly about about a customer, but he wouldn’t be surprised if something attached to one of them decided to stick around.

A small bundle of black fur padded onto his work desk as sunlight began to peek through the front window.

“Careful, Hannah,” he murmured, scratching under her chin as she purred. “Remember what happened last time you accidentally stepped into my spell.”

The cat made a disgruntled sound and sat promptly on a corner of the table as Castiel continued his work.

Yesterday, a woman had come in looking for a spell to help find lost objects. While Castiel considered his specialty to be healing, he did have a few of those spells kept in bottles and the woman had delightedly bought all he had. It was good for business, but bad for his concentration.

Lost object spells were a difficult bit of stock to replace.

A few crushed pineapple leaves and a bit of his own memory later, he had almost filled three bottles with something that would help a person retrieve their car keys.

Castiel circled his hand over the bottles a few times, whispering under his breath as the sound of the front door opening and beads jingling nearly interrupted his ritual.

“Be with you in a moment,” he said, eyes still fixated on the bottles and continued the chant.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled at the bit of magic within himself and coaxed it to the palm of his hand and curled it into a fist. For a moment, it crackled under his skin, hot and sharp - and then he opened his fingers, releasing the finishing touch of the spell into the bottles with a faint glow.

The magic dissipated and Castiel looked up with a smile on his face, though he felt a little more weary than he’d been a few minutes ago.

“How can I help you?”

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