The Signs As Wrestling Fans

Aries:  Will panic when a wrestler they like gets even the smallest of injuries, prone to overexcitement (especially at live events, they’re the one you can see going wild to Mark Andrews’ theme song). “FUCK YOU, VINCE MCMAHON. I WILL FLY TO STAMFORD AND I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!”. They probably like indy wrestling better than WWE now.

Taurus: Appreciates truly good wrestling, probably an avid fan of NJPW or ROH, would write a 6 page essay on why Kenny Omega is a wrestling God, watched the G1 from start to finish and hibernated in their room for a week after it ended.

Gemini: Could and would fight Jim Cornette and win, CHEER THE FUCKING HEELS, aggressively loving to their fellow wrestling fans but they ain’t taking your shit. If they’re going to one of the big 4 PPVs, they’re going all out! I’m talking PPV, Axxess, RAW, Smackdown, Takeover, EVERYTHING.

Cancer: look, they just want their precious children to be happy, okay? If teaming with Kevin makes Sami happy, then so be it. Leave them alone, they’re so proud AND THEY WILL HURT YOU IF YOU TOUCH THEIR CHILDREN.

Leo: Probably leads a group of fans, you’re spending Mania week with them, if there is a show in town, they’re getting a ticket for themselves and for you, Mojo Rawley is pretty much their spirit animal when it comes to wrestling. 

Virgo: wants to be a wrestler, sits alone at WWE shows but will open up to people at indy shows, most likely makes GIFs on Tumblr, “yeah, I like the Bullet Club but I also like Los Ingobernables, is that a problem?”

Libra: Most likely to be seen with aries, passionate about indy wrestling, has like four Candice LeRae shirts, supports intergender wrestling, has marked out for Jack Sexsmith and is extremely proud of it.

Scorpio: Watches TNA and doesn’t care what you think about that, would kill to protect Jeff Hardy, *raises middle fingers at security guards*.

Sagittarius:  Push Finn Balor, push Finn Balor, push Finn BaloR, push Finn BalOR, push Finn BaLOR, push Finn BALOR, push FinN BALOR, push FiNN BALOR, push FINN BALOR, pusH FINN BALOR, puSH FINN BALOR, pUSH FINN BALOR, PUSH FINN BALOR.

Capricorn: Watches 205 Live every week, wants Drew to finish his powerpoint, “I’m not mad, just disappointed”

Aquarius: Lover of babyfaces, has WWE theme songs on their phone, cried when Daniel Bryan won at WM 30, has a love-hate relationship with Seth Rollins, *headbangs to Becky Lynch’s theme*

Pisces: “I’m done… I’m never watching RAW again… oh shit, wait… never mind, I’m back…” and the cycle repeats.

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