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Another Terrible Magic Item Idea: Chainmail Chain Mail

Looks like a suit of masterfully crafted chainmail. Due to its magical enchantment, it provides great protection from weapon impacts, while maintaining an impressive degree of flexibility for the user. But of course, it’s cursed.

Once you put it on, you gain all the defensive benefits of the armor, but you also have to pay the price. The armor can’t be removed through conventional means, and the user has seven days to produce seven copies of this armor and give them to seven other living people.

The copies created will automatically acquire the same properties, as well as the curse, of the original. If the debt is left unpaid by the end of the deadline, the armor will suck the life from the wearer. If it is completed in full, the curse is lifted and the user now has a badass suit of “regular” magical chainmail.

The Iconic Swordsage: Valdos Kai

Name: Valdos Kai (Shar’ok by Merwild on Deviantart)

Race : Half Orc/Half Elf 


Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good. Since finishing his early training, Valdos Kai is beholden to no master but his conscience. He loathes those who would oppress the weak, and the unjust. He believes the powers of the Sublime Way are a calling to higher purpose to the call of justice.

Background: Valdos Kai was found orphaned by a swordsage master who took him in and raised him. Valdos’ early years consisted of rigorous training in both the arts and the blade, though he soon came to learn that the blade was an art all it’s own. He found himself skilled in the two schools of Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon, the raw strength of his orcish heritage combined with his elvish strength of mind to create a unique fighting style.. He was also taught philosophy, and that the purpose of strength at arms was to protect the weak and punish the unjust.

When he came of age, his adoptive father told him that he had learned all that he could be taught, and he must now learn from experience in battle and in life. And so, the young halfbreed set out into the world to test himself and his blade against evil forces and injustice. He is young, and untested, but his heart burns true.

Signature powers: A few maneuvers from Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon, notably Sapphire Nightmire Blade, which lsips past enemy defenses, and Stone Bones, which braces himself against a counterattack using his weapons impact power.

Signature weapon: A katana.

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Fantasy Archers in movies, TV series, comic books, and video games sometimes fight with bows as improvised impact weapons. I've even seen it where the Archer has used the string of their bow to choke an enemy unconscious. But what kind of way could you use a Longbow, Shortbow or other Ranged weapons, that don't break the Rules of D&D, or the Laws of Physics...

I would most likely call it an improvised weapon with damage relating to the make of the ranged weapon. It’s certainly not normally designed for choking or bludgeoning, which is why I would almost always count it as improvised. Its balance is off, it’s prone to breakage, and unwieldy. But a crossbow might count as a club, or a longbow as a quarterstaff. If a ranged weapon was designed such that it can be used in melee, I would likely accept either a garrote (as you mentioned) to suffocate enemies in grapple, a bayonet on a crossbow to deal piercing damage, or blades mounted above and below a composite bow’s grip (blades on the most flexible parts would hinder the bow) as a dagger or shortsword. I might have some caveat like you can only attack once during your turn to counteract its versatility. Oh and for other ranged weapons I suppose you could use a dart as a breakable dagger and a javelin as a breakable spear (50% chance it breaks or something) because they aren’t designed to withstand melee. But yea it’s feasible and I would allow players to redesign or improvise ranged weapons for melee.


BCM Gunfighter History : Travis Haley

An Exercise in Compromise

Hanging in my office, is a clone of the rifle I carried on two combat tours(Iraq and Liberia). It’s a reminder of where I came from, where I stand today, where I am going and why I am going there.

While serving in 2nd Force Reconnaissance in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, my unit started seeing radical advances in small arms and light weaponry via the SOPMOD program. Suddenly, carbines could quickly be fine tuned for specific missions by mounting night vision systems, laser aiming devices, weapon lights and red dot optics to the 1913 Picatinny Rail Systems on the upper receiver and handguard.

These technologies opened up whole new tactics, techniques and procedures that could be employed to prosecute our mission of specialized reconnaissance, ambush and direct action raids.

Despite the additional capabilities the SOPMOD program delivered, opinions were sharply divided on the program. Some saw these tools as a burden, adding a lot of “crap” that would only increase the amount of weight our Marines carried on mission for little tangible benefit. A maxed out M4 could run up to 14 pounds, but we didn’t need every component for every mission.


The SOPMOD accessory package that my platoon ended up running included almost two pounds of weight in mounting interfaces alone. When I challenged this, I got a typical Marine Corps answer, “Because that’s what you are issued, now quit asking irrelevant questions Too Speed.” (Too Speed was my call sign)

I couldn’t accept that answer. It was an institutional answer that repeated a party line and the lives of my teammates were, and will always be, more important than not rocking the boat.

After some trial and error, the first mod I made was to ditch the Surefire M951 Weapon Light and replace it with a Surefire 6P in a shotgun tube light mount that I scored at a sporting goods shop near base. After swapping the 6P tail cap for the M951 remote switch assembly, I then ran the tape switch on the left side of the 203 so activating the light wouldn’t impact my weapons manipulation.

Getting a weapon light in tight with a rail and shaving weight off the interface was something I would spend the next 10 years fiddling with before I had a eureka moment and Haley Strategic Partners released the Thorntail Adaptive Series of light mounts, currently in use by military, security contractors and law enforcement worldwide.

This time was a defining moment for me, as it was when I first started tweaking and eventually building original components for my platoon based on the unique requirements of our missions. These experiences of shaving weight, improving ergonomics and finding a balance between capability and utility, would drive the development of so many of the components I have commercialized in my post-service career.


Colt M4 with 14.5” Barrel
Colt M203 40 mm Grenade Launcher
Knights Armament RAS Handguard
PEQ-2 IR Aiming Laser
Surefire Classic 6P with a custom “Simply Dynamic” mount
Boone & Packer Redi-Mag
Simply Dynamic Multi-Mission Sling (commercialized by Magpul as the MS3)


Prior to the invasion of Iraq, Force was trained up for both Green Side(reconnaissance) and Black Side(direct action) missions, with the assumption we would be tasked to one or the other. However, when we entered Iraq, our platoon found ourselves doing a combination of both at the same time. Force Recon is a special operations unit that prepares the battlespace and gathers intelligence for the MAGTF(Marine Air Ground Task Force) and then prosecutes specialized targets as directed.  

With a few days under our belts, the entire platoon started striping gear and mags, looking for that perfect balance of speed, utility and capability. If you can’t move, you can’t be effective. Most of the Marines went from 13 rifle magazines to between five or six. I ended up with four on my vest and two taped together on my carbine with riggers tape and offset with a stick.

Force Recon ran low signature loads outs, often working out of vehicles(mil and civilian), and running a double mag on the carbine meant I had 60 rounds at the ready. When I saw the “Redi-Mag” in a copy of Shotgun News, I ordered it and had it delivered to me overseas. Despite the weight, the Redi-Mag was more versatile than the old riggers tape and stick, and cut my carbine reloads to sub one second.

I no longer run a Redi-Mag because there are so many excellent belt mounted magazine pouches available today, that I can reload at almost the exact speed as from a Redi-Mag. That said, you will sometimes find them on my house and car guns, as I do not expect to be kitting up if someone breaks into my house or I find myself engaged with an active shooter around vehicles in the streets.


The M203 is a vital component to small and agile units, like Force, who operate in small units in semi and non-permissive settings. It becomes even more essential in worst case scenarios where the mission is compromised or the unit is outright ambushed by an enemy force.

We prepared for scenarios where 203s could be employed for a hasty breach, in instances where a short count/stack was not possible. Also, as a posturing tool to achieve immediate fire superiority in the face of an ambush. Finally, we practiced employing them to suppress fortified enemy positions in buildings by putting accurate fire through windows or open doors.

In fact, in the first gunfight I was involved in during OIF, I put this into practice, pumping 40mm HEDP(High Explosive Dual Purpose) rounds through windows of enemy positions 50 meters out. This fire created instant hate and discontent on target, where crew served weapons and M4s did not offer as much of an immediate positive effect. We had never trained to fire the M203 at such a close distance for safety reasons, but I held at the top of the window frame with my Aimpoint and the round went straight where I wanted it.


The MEUSOC 1911 has an almost legendary reputation among 1911 and handgun enthusiasts. One of the most high performance handguns ever built, the MEUSOC 1911 we ran was hand built by Marine Armorers from the Precision Weapons Section at MCBQ (Marine Corps Base Quantico). They fine tuned our 1911’s, hand selecting barrels, link pins, sear springs, ejectors, firing pin stops, mainspring housings and mainsprings. Slides were custom built by Springfield Armory with beavertail safeties and recoil spring guides by Ed Brown, Novak rear sights, Wilson Combat extractors + mag release buttons, and King’s Gun Works ambi thumb safeties.

Force ran the 1911 specifically in direct action raid or ambush missions. It was not a primary and would only come into play if our carbines had run dry or malfunctioned. We carried 10 round magazines with 230 Grain 45 ACP. More than enough to deal with any immediate situation and then refocus on the carbine to get it back into action.

On DRP(Deep Reconnaissance Patrol) Missions, I personally chose my Berretta M92, which was our only 9mm alternative at the time. The flatter trajectory at range of the 9mm and the larger magazine meant more bullets to deal with more problems in the event my carbine was down or permanently disabled.

When I later worked as a security contractor on Ambassador Bremmer’s detail with Blackwater, we would run Glock 17s. But in the end, the mission drives the gear. But more importantly, the mission drives the man.


When I first started making gear, I was doing it to help keep my guys alive. When I started my first company, Simply Dynamic Tactical, I wasn’t in it to get rich. I was doing it to pass on what I learned in combat and to provide tools that would stack the deck in the favor of the men and women who were going overseas or out on our streets as warfighters, law enforcement or private citizens.

Surviving war is an awesome responsibility. For those who have been in combat, you never forget the brothers you lost. When you are one of those who made it back, you carry a weight that is difficult to put into words. I was lucky to have known such great men in my life. I was lucky to have a second family closer than any people I will ever know.

As I approach the 5th year in business with Haley Strategic Partners, we have tried to bring this industry together and to stay focused on that one mission. Enable brave men and women to complete their missions as safely as possible. Through training, through gear and through mindset.  

Stay Sharp and be safe,

Travis Haley
October, 2015

Little detail I love about this; as she lunges, she twists herself into a long, streamlined shape before striking out with the needle- the effect of which lends a stronger force and impact pressure behind the weapon, as the momentum allows the metal to punch through materials easier. It reminds me of the crocodiles’ death roll, for some reason. Just a little detail that I wholly enjoy, not only because it adds a natural fluidity to her attack but because it indicates just how familiar she is with her needle. 

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Okay I'm not sure what Queen's Thief pairings you ship, so: Eddis/Sophos/Magus, Hush OR Nahuseresh/Kamet, Come Back, OR Queen Thief/Minister of War, Hold

Queen Thief / Minister of War

Her hands were slender, the fingers lithe. His had always been broad of palm, joints thickened from the bruising impact of training weapons. Hers interlaced with his without space or hesitation, like the gears their eldest son cast. Like their handclasps, those gears had first been large, the teeth ill-fitting, but with time and confidence they grew ever smaller and capable of more complicated windings.

His hands were always warm, ridged with old scars. Her callouses caught people by surprise, expecting the soft palms that the jewel-clad wrists and shaped nails promised. He could fashion a pulley line in a pitch-black mountain night, and she had challenged him to braid her hair. When she had been forced to stay abed, their daughters had lined up each morning for his rough brush strokes and simple braids. He had tied their curls into loops for the funerary rites. She could tie complicated knots and fashion a rope fine enough it was a shadow against a wall. He had loved to watch her, sewing a prayer into each seam of the gowns she had made their impossibly tiny third son, each embroidered feather an invocation.

When they walked, whether on the street or the high balconies and ramparts of the palace, they had been hand in hand. From the first steps of their first square dance – him breathless and blushing, her fearless and fae – he had been the rock and she had been the cloud. Her father chided her for letting him restrain her. His expressed disappointment that he would marry someone who dragged him from the narrow way. They danced together, and neither looked for the edge of the roof.

Their fingertips touched each time they passed in the halls. His eyes were on the ground as he taught a grieving girl to find strength in stone. She looked upward, teeth flashing as their son leapt from one balcony to another. He found his cloak unevenly fastened, his pin replaced with one of her earrings.

His fingers brushed over her lips as he raised their entwined hands to his mouth. Hers were cold, the pads roughened and torn. There was no answering tightening of her grip. His were ink stained, the muscles aching from hours with quill and paper. Another crisis of Sounis’ making on another moonlit night where the dew made the slates glitter and the breeze made her braids dance more wildly than she. He felt her fingers warm, an answering tremble waking in his own. She would not fall, He would not be drowned in the mud of a hundred battle fields, not as long as they could hold each other.

Iron Man / The Avengers: Anthony Edward Stark [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Tony is comfortable engaging with the environment and using it to the best of his ability; when imprisoned, he uses the objects around him to invent the first Iron Man. He is comfortable in high-risk situations and enjoys physical engagement. Prior to finding “a purpose” as Iron Man, Tony is a playboy, caught up in indulging all his sensual whims (gorgeous women, fine cars, expensive parties, etc). Each situation is an “experience” for Tony, who goes straight for the quickest solution to resolve problems. He uses the world, connecting to and finding its possibility, without difficulty or hesitation – and nearly gets himself killed multiple times in the process. For the most part, he lets Pepper run his companies, preferring to “play” instead of “work.”

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Until the sales of weapons impacts Tony directly, he doesn’t care about them – and then once he reaches a hard line moral conclusion that it is wrong, he refuses to further make or sell weapons, which threatens the company’s bottom line. Tony’s Fi is unhealthy, in the sense that he often sticks to his own moral beliefs, without considering the fall out (refusing to sell weapons means closing some of his businesses, forcing hundreds of thousands of people into unemployment; he also disregards Cap’s feelings about Bucky, focusing on his own intense beliefs and need for revenge). Tony’s emotions bottle up, sometimes over years (his anguish over the last argument he had with his parents, finally exploding with rage when he finds out who killed them).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): CONTROL. Tony strives for it, constantly; he believes humans need monitored and protected, and that the Avengers need a check… government oversight. He sees a logical problem (the mass damage they have caused) and goes straight for the obvious solution (a contract forcing them to abide by rules) rather than engaging in creative thinking or finding loopholes (unlike Cap, whose Ti has analyzed the problems of governmental oversight). When Cap refuses to agree and sign the document, Tony recruits and avidly tries to force him into obedience. Tony often loops through Se/Te, creating brutal frankness in conversation, harsh insults and criticisms of others, and a tendency to disregard personal feelings to accomplish a task (ignoring Cap’s feelings about Bucky). Financial gain has little motive over Tony, who can put together business proposals but prefers to leave running companies to Pepper.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Tony tinkers with inventions, but all of them pertain in some way to Iron Man after awhile. He fixates on this one project, obsessively refining and perfecting the suit. He reaches singular conclusions, a sense of what he believes is going to happen or what will “fix” the problem, and refuses to change his mind, which leads to conflict with the other types. It’s ONE WAY, all the way. Under stress, Tony becomes convinced of catastrophic impending events, and disaster around every turn. He becomes so caught up in this vision, he can’t see any other possibility or solution. Further, sometimes his excitement over creating things fails to take into account the futuristic fall-out (Ultron).

Note: I know, I know. I’m going to take heat for this typing. Stereotypes want Iron Man an ENTP. This one is not. No Ne. None. One solution, one object, one interest, one resolution to every problem is not Ne. Half the movies are about Tony reacting to and engaging the environment (Se) and fixating on a single opinion (Ni). He also has no Ti. His adaptability comes from Se, but when presented with difficult problems, Tony locks into using control, force, and rules (Te), rather than inventing a new system (Ti). The last movie really showcases this, with his single solution of “sign the document.” His raging emotions turn up frequently, far more than futuristic insight. Tony internalizes feels until he loses it. His PTSD a few movies back showed his inability to articulate emotion outwardly, instead leading into a depressive, paranoid spiral. There is a margin of error for ENTJ, since Tony does spend most of his time in an unhealthy loop, but he exhibits the paranoid symptoms of lower Ni, and he appears much more capable with Se than Te, suggesting it’s the dominant. Some of his decisions are incredibly short-sighted (Ultron??).

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top 5 tony headcanons? :)

I’ve written a few of these actually:

1) TONY AS MOM. The Avengers call Tony and Steve “mom and dad” respectively (this is canon) and everyone expects Tony to splutter and insist that he’s the “dad” of the Superfamily, but that’s not the case. For Tony “dads” and “fathers” are abstract figures, just words in his life. When he thinks of a wonderful parent in his life, he thinks of his mother, who taught him how to play the piano, who reminds him of gentle memories of cooking together in the kitchen, of tending to his mother’s garden with Jarvis’ help. So when the Avengers call him “mom”, even as a joke, he accepts the label with warmth and pride. Moms are awesome.

2) TONY IS ACTUALLY NOT JEALOUS. Tony quietly loves Steve, and believes he deserves the best. Tony is genuinely happy when he hears that Steve and Sharon have started dating (when they break up amicably, he feels sad and tries to squash a tiny bit of hope). He’s come to slowly enjoy Steve’s childhood friend James Barnes’ being on the team (Bucky is the only one who can actually rile up the Falcon–totally chill dude therapist Sam Wilson–which is hilarious). When Pepper and Happy tell him that they’ve also begun dating, Tony cries. They deserve happiness.

Okay, so he’s maaaybe a little bit jealous that his Science Bro Bruce is now besties with Thor after their little road trip…

Tony enjoys staying single for a while and hangs out a lot with the rest of the New Avengers and the new “superheroes”, like Dr Strange (he hates magic though), Spider-man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and even the X-men.

After the so-called “Infinity Wars”, when Thanos is defeated and the Avengers come together, Steve makes the first move. Tony is truly shocked. and when he finds out Steve was grumpily jealous of all his new friends he is FLOORED, like he cannot even fathom. Why would Steve be jealous? Tony’s heart has belonged to Steve since the beginning.

3) One of Tony’s negative traits is that he Closes his Mind on Other Things when he’s in a bad state. It’s why he chose to be ignorant of the impact of S.I. weapons in the world, leaving all the repercussions to be handled by his godfather (he’ll do all he can to make the world a better place to atone for his sin of ignorance. He must be a true futurist). His self-hate and self-loathing (and PTSD) pushes him to make shady decisions and keep them secret, without thinking about the feelings of the people he loves (Pepper, Rhodey, Steve), and their right to know. 

4) Tony Can Cook. Maria and Jarvis taught him their secret recipes, and he cherishes those memories. Tony’s cooking is what girlfriends and boyfriends love about him. Actually, Tony is the real reason why Rhodey survived MIT.

5) Tony is Attracted to Intelligence. The people he is attracted to are not necessarily geniuses (like him), but those who excel in their fields of expertise.

The media unfairly paints a picture of his former girlfriends and boyfriends as mere “starlets”, “bimbos” or “gold-diggers”, but that was far from the truth. He’s dated talented models, actresses and actors who have won awards, investigative journalists, programmers, professors, artists, scientists, businessmen, and in one memorable occasion, had a steamy affair with a humanitarian doctor… but not just with people he dates, he enjoys being around intelligent, passionate people.

That’s why Tony’s always in a state of euphoria when he’s around the Avengers. Rhodey earned his Masters in Engineering and had high academic achievements during their stay in MIT together (he had a tiny baby crush back then, ok?). Staying in a lab with Bruce, Jane, Peter, Reed and Sue always makes him giddy with excitement. Thor’s tales about his adventures in Asgard are hilarious, but Tony is in awe with just how wise and experienced the Norse god is. Clint’s wit, Bucky and Nat’s ability to make tactical decisions and see through people (quite scary sometimes), even Peter’s simple, genius solutions when Tony tends to overthink… he loves how his friends are just so amazing.

Steve’s strategic mind, his kind heart, makes Tony fall hard for him. When a spell hits Captain America and he is reverted back to his pre-serum body, Tony’s theory is confirmed: what made Captain America their leader was not the serum, but his compassion and his intelligent mind.

Steve realizes this, and loves Tony even more as well.

Shoot to STOP.  DON’T “shoot to wound.”

There is an ever-persistent myth that, in the heat of a life-or-death struggle, it is possible to “shoot to wound.” According to this myth, you should incapacitate an attacker by shooting him the arm or leg, instead of in the chest or head.

There’s two problems with the myth.  

1. In the frenzy of battle, that kind of accuracy is practically impossible.

2. Hitting a limb won’t stop someone from trying to kill you.

Anyone who shoots will understand how incredibly difficult it is to intentionally hit narrow, fast moving targets like an attacker’s arms or legs. That kind of accuracy might be possible on a shooting range.  In the heat of battle, with your adrenaline blasting through your skull? Maybe in Hollywood, not in real life.

Even if you somehow manage to hit an attacker’s arm, you might not stop him from killing you. Countless studies have shown that determined assailants are sometimes able to absorb massive numbers of hits before succumbing, long enough time to shoot, stab and kill the defender.

The only reliable way to STOP a lethal threat is to shoot the heart, spine or brain. The ignorant will call this “shooting to kill.” They completely miss the point. Shooting at these critical areas is the only way to immediately STOP an attack. If the attacker dies as a result, that is an only unfortunate side effect of your effective self-protection.  

What if the attacker is not a lethal threat? Then don’t shoot him. Guns are lethal weapons for use only against lethal threats. Shots to the arms or legs may not be immediately fatal, but may cause death eventually from blood loss. Thus, if your enemy is not endangering your life, use non-lethal means like tasers, pepper spray, impact weapons, or martial arts.

SU Theory Follow-Up: More About How Rose Quartz Shattered Pink Diamond

Summary: Pinky tried to kill Rose Quartz but it bounced back and shattered PD instead.  You want details, gotta read the whole thing.

In a previous post, I theorized that Rose Quartz did indeed shatter Pink Diamond, and did it because Pink Diamond was planning to shatter the other Diamonds.  After thinking some more, I believe I have deduced details of how the shattering happened.

First, let’s go back to whether Pink Diamond was loyal to the other Diamonds, or was indeed planning a coup.  There’s not much evidence, but there is some.  First is from the Diamond Authority logo itself.  As we know, the original DA logo was four Diamonds forming a greater Diamond, an elegant symbol of power, stability and unity.  

But when Steven asked Centipeedle to describe what happened that caused the destruction and corruption of so many gems on Earth, Centi drew a symbol with the bottom Diamond, Pink Diamond, missing.  

And of course, by the time we see another DA logo, on the ship used by Jasper in “The Return”, the logo has completely changed and now shows three triangles forming a larger triangle.  

That logo is not only less powerful, less stable and less elegant than the original, but it is also a clear abandonment of the original form. I found this change intriguing, because while we always knew something had happened to Pink Diamond, if she had been lost defending the Diamond Authority, the others might have tried to create a new Pink Diamond to restore the order, or at least shown respect for Pink Diamond.  I had originally thought that Pink Diamond’s place was lost because she helped Rose Quartz with the rebellion, but learning that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond changed the picture greatly.  If she was not on Rose’s side but was shattered by her, why was Pink Diamond erased from the official record of the Diamond Authority?

We see this reinforced with the Sky Arena.  There are places for four statues, to represent either the four Diamonds or their champions.   One of the four places not only is missing its statue, but the place has been obliterated, as if its very memory was offensive.  This only makes sense if there was a reason for the Diamonds to hate what Pink Diamond became.  

There is another clue about what happened, ironically shown twice so far as a proof of the cruelty of the Diamond Authority:  The devastation of Earth around five thousand years ago, at the end of the Galaxy War. In “Same Old World”, Lapis’ recollection of a panic just before a bright shining weapon hit the earth shows us how the three remaining Diamonds tried to end all life on Earth.  


Centipeedle’s recollection in “Monster Reunion” confirms this event, and adds the sonic dimension, a kind of song or sound accompanying the bright light.  

Considering the sheer mass of The Cluster, it appears to me that the weapon used by the Diamonds corrupted only those gems it did not shatter outright.  The existence of the weapon is indisputable, just as its clear that this weapon shattered and/or corrupted thousands of gems in a single strike, and the White/Yellow/Blue color of the flash shows it was a fusion weapon.  The impact turned North Russia into the North Asian Sea.


But questions come up as well – if the Diamonds had this weapon, why did they wait so long to use it? And why did they use it in such a hurry when they did deploy it?  Just suppose, if this weapon was so destructive when three Diamonds used it, could that same kind of weapon be used by a single Diamond, say, to try to shatter another gem?   What if Pink Diamond discovered this shattering weapon and planned to use it against the other Diamonds in an attempt to take over the whole empire?        

Of course, if this happened, we have to figure out how Rose Quartz not only stopped Pink Diamond, but managed to shatter Pink Diamond instead.  To get there, we need to take another look at the time line:

When describing the shattering of Pink Diamond in “Back to the Moon”, Eyeball Ruby reported:

Earth was Pink Diamond’s colony. Everything was going smoothly at first. Kindergartens were incubating their first soldiers. Big, warm pieces of quartz – like this mountain over here – were being created from its rich minerals with great success. Then – bam! One of Pink Diamond’s very own quartz soldiers started a rebellion and took it too far.

 I was there. I saw it with my own eye. I watched the leader of the crystal gems – Rose Quartz – shatter Pink Diamond!


This tells us the rebellion started after the kindergartens started, and after that Pink Diamond was shattered.  

This brings me to consider Bismuth’s account.

In the episode “Bismuth”, we learn that Bismuth was one of the “original Crystal Gems” (per Garnet). But ‘original’ does not seem to be the same as ‘the first’.  In “The Answer”, Pearl and Rose Quartz raid Blue Diamond’s court as it comes to Earth on a diplomatic mission.  But it’s only Rose Quartz and Pearl  we see in that raid.  And if you pay attention, Rose does not have her shield then, which I believe becomes important to this story.

So Bismuth was part of the ‘original’ Crystal gem movement, once it became a formal movement.  We later learn that Rose Quartz and Bismuth had a falling out (about 5,300 years ago, according to Pearl), which led to Rose bubbling Bismuth.  Two points are interesting from that episode. First is Bismuth’s enthusiasm for the ‘Breaking Point’ weapon, as she explained to Steven (thinking Steven is Rose):

I offered you the secret to victory, and you refused. The Breaking Point would’ve changed everything. I didn’t want to fight you, but you left me no choice! What type of leader doesn’t give her army the best chance to win?! Ah! Ah! How could you value the gems of our enemies more than our own? And look what you’ve done without me, without the Breaking Point! Ah! Ah! You’ve…lost!”


Bismuth clearly does not know that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond, or she certainly would have mentioned it.  Bismuth only knows what happened up to the point of her own original fight with Rose Quartz, and the near elimination of all of the Crystal Gems.   Bismuth does not know what really happened.  So we know that the shattering of Pink Diamond happened sometime after the rebellion began, and was due to a weapon unknown to the Crystal Gems’ own weapon maker.  We also know that Rose’s sword did not shatter Pink Diamond, because it was specifically made with limits.  As Bismuth explained:  

I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem’s physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.”



I also found it intriguing that Bismuth did not react at all to seeing Rose’s Shield. This tells me Bismuth didn’t make or enhance it, and it’s possible Rose did not even have it when Bismuth knew her, as she seems to regard it as one of Steven’s things rather than Rose Quartz’s item.


So we’re back to asking how Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.  I think it happened as a consequence of Pink Diamond discovering how to shatter gems close to the time Rose learned how to summon and effectively use her shield. Consider what we have learned about that shield. In the episode “The Test”, Pearl told Steven that one of his greatest accomplishments up to that point was being able to summon Rose’s Shield.  In the episode “Ocean Gem”, when Steven summons Rose’s Shield, all of Lapis’ constructs are collapsed by the shield’s sonic reverberation. In the episode “Friend Ship”, Steven is able to use Rose’s Shield as a projectile weapon against Peridot,


showing that the shield can be used offensively.  In the episode “Earthlings”, Steven and Amethyst’s fusion Smoky Quartz is not only able to modify the Shield’s properties to use it as an effective yoyo weapon,

or as a fan to blow Jasper back,

but they can also multiply the Shield into many yoyos, 

demonstrating that the Shield has impressive properties besides its original form, and also that it can be used in different ways for different purposes.  The collective impact of these qualities to the Shield tells me that this is a very important artifact, even powerful enough to stand up to the Diamonds’ worst weapon. Greg told us that back in “The Return”, when he confirmed for Steven that the only reason any of the Crystal Gems survived, was because Rose was able to save those closest to her with her shield.

So here’s what I think happened:

Pink Diamond hated the other Diamonds and wanted to not only take revenge, but also their empire.  She discovered the power to shatter and corrupt gems, even Diamonds, but needed a diversion to be able to get close.  So Pink Diamond enhanced Rose Quartz, whom she knew loved the Earth and all living things, and used her to start a rebellion that would distract the Diamonds, and provide Pink Diamond an excuse to build up an army of Quartz soldiers. Earth’s destruction would just be collateral damage, of no importance to Pink Diamond.


But Rose figured out that Pink Diamond was not helping her to protect the Earth, and she confronted Pink Diamond about her motive and plan.  During the argument, Pink Diamond decided she didn’t need Rose Quartz anymore and wanted her out of the way, and PD tried to use the shattering/corruption weapon against Rose Quartz, but Rose produced her shield which rebounded the attack back onto Pink Diamond, shattering her.  

To anyone in the area, it would have seemed that Rose Quartz attacked and shattered Pink Diamond, especially since no one may have seen her use her shield before, so it may have appeared to be a weapon rather than a defense against PD’s attack.


After the fact, Rose Quartz realized this would change everything with the Diamond Authority, but also understood that the stakes were even higher than those she warned Bismuth against.  The other Diamonds eventually figured out what Pink Diamond had done, but they would never give credit to Rose or tolerate an Earth that knew a Diamond could be shattered, so they erased the records of Pink Diamond and tried to erase all life on Earth.  Rose Quartz started from this point to focus on healing,


Protection, and reverence for life even more than she had before.  And it led to her quest to renew herself as an innocent person, which is part of why Rose Quartz became Steven Universe.

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For the ask drabble thingy: "please, don't leave" - sonamy ;)

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble


A metallic hand tightened around her neck, slowly blocking her airways and causing her vision to blur. Two bright red eyes flickered back at her, sending a shiver down her spine in fear. Despite how much it hurt, and weak Amy had became she still had fight in her. She held her hammer tighter, and took a swing. Metal Sonic released his grasp after the impact of her weapon. She was starting to fall.

Instead of falling into Sonic’s arms, she hit the ground painfully. She felt numb where she lied, the pain from landing on her back traveled throughout her entire body. Tears started to flow down her cheeks in agony. Through her blurry vision she vaguely noticed Metal Sonic had recovered with only his head dented, showing clear signs he was functioning just perfectly. He advanced on his target, and Amy panicked. She needed to get up, and do whatever she could to get help. Her body immediately complained the second she tried to sit up. Yet, she was determined to get out of this situation… alive. Steadily, she managed to stand on wobbly legs. She could hardly keep her balance, as she stumbled toward the wrist communicator discarded on the ground. Metal Sonic reached the gadget before she did.

He picked up the wrist band and crushed the device in his hand, before tossing possibly the only way opportunity for Amy to escape alive. She shook her head, mumbling a plea and slowly backed away. Each step she took was agony after that fall. Metal inched closer on her, and pinned against the building. Once again, his grasp around her neck tightened. Amy coughed, kicked, and pleaded over and over before all these words became inaudible.

Gradually, Amy felt herself losing consciousness and her vision going black. Memories of her life begin to play in her mind. What she accomplished and what she desperately hoped for in the future. Unfortunately, she would never know what would lay ahead. She was slowly starting to accept this fate, by now. It was far too late to do anything, anyway.


A shake to her shoulder startled her awake, causing Amy to strike whatever… or whoever was touching her. “Whoa! Chill, Amy. It’s me- Ow!” Her attacks ceased to a stop after recognizing Sonic’s voice. Not exactly what she expected at all, but it was better than the horrifying nightmare. Knowing that she would be able to see him again… was the best news. Her eyes slowly peeled open to look up at the blue blur. His expression concerned her. He looked sad, and tired.

She reached out to stroke his cheek, to be sure he was… real. The corner of his mouth twitched into a sincere smile and he laid his hand upon her own, offering her comfort. More tears started to flow, and Sonic looked back at her in alarm. Before he could even open his mouth to ask, she embraced him tightly and cried on his shoulder. Sonic didn’t flinch, or pull away for Amy’s sake. He even tightened the embrace, and stroked her back. Through her sobbing, she begun to give vague details of the dream. It now made complete sense to Sonic why he had heard her screaming, and thrashing about in her sleep. Sonic said nothing. He didn’t really need to say anything. His company was comfort enough.

After Amy finally relaxed, Sonic guided her back to her bed and draped her with her warm blankets. She rubbed at her eyes, wiping away any tears that still lingered. Exhaustion from the crying and from the stress she had experienced was hitting her hard, by now. Sonic switched off her lamp on the nightstand, and quietly made his way to the door to let Amy rest. “Wait…” When she got his attention, she sat up from her bed. Now that he stopped to turn and face her, confusion forming on his facial features. Amy started to hesitate, now. It was late. How could she ask him to do this? Yes, she was scared to go back to sleep, but why should she ruin Sonic’s sleep too? That was awfully selfish of her. “… Nevermind.” Amy cleared her throat, in awkwardness.

“No, go on. What’s up Amy?” Dang, he was being persistent. He leaned against the wall, and crossed his arms. He might’ve not been the most patient hedgehog she knew but when it came to his friends well-being that was a whole different story. She loved that about him. It was obvious that Sonic was concerned of her needs, no matter how silly it sounded to her.

“P-please don’t leave…”

Amy witnessed his eyes grow wide when hearing her plea. Sonic wasn’t exactly appalled, nor was he about to decline her request. When Amy looked away, afraid to witness seeing Sonic disappear from her sight, instead he approached her bedside and crawled underneath the covers. He grinned back at her awkwardly when their gazes locked, again. “If it helps you feel better, sure. I won’t leave ya’.” Sonic understood that after that startling dream involving Metal Sonic she’d would struggle to sleep, so he was more than willing to stay if it meant she would get a peaceful sleep.


Hinderer Tactical Pen.

You can use an ordinary pen as an impact weapon, but it’ll likely splinter after a single strike.  Tactical pens are hard enough for repeated blows. If someone is holding you, you can shatter the small bones on the back of the hand.  You can also drive it into a sternum, a temple, or an eye socket.  You can also use it as a glass breaker for escape from vehicles or burning buildings.


Finally got this upper the way I want it:
-BCM KMR ELW 11.5" Upper -Vortex Razor HD II 1-6
-American Defense Extended Mount
-Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1
-Impact Weapons Components Thorntail Inline Mount
-Griffin Armament Flash Hider
-Griffin Armament Blast Shield
-Magpul MBUS Pro back ups
-BCM Lower
-Geissele SD-C Trigger
-Magpul CT-R Stock
-Spikes T-2 Buffer


A sap is a flexible club constructed from a flat-profiled outer skin, usually made of leather, which contains a heavy weight on one end, usually lead or steel shot.  Saps have been a mainstay of law enforcement since the 1800s.  They are more concealable and more portable than traditional clubs, and can deliver devastating strikes in tight quarters.  A heavy sap blow can tear off an ear.

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Howwww abouuuuuut Peridot, set 2 #16? :V

at first i wondered why you chose what’s basically jasper’s palette, but as soon as i started coloring it hit me
did you pick this palette because it’s the color of doritos oh my god

Stinger II by Comtech. Probably not legal to carry around in California, where I live, since I’m sure it falls under the hard knuckleduster classification(doesn’t stop people from selling brass knuckles around here though). Very lightweight. About an ounce or maybe even less. Thought it’d be made of fiberglass or something but it seems to be made of the same type of plastic that goes in coat hangers. Seems sturdy enough though. It’s also a bit bulky - about 3 1/2” long. It also doesn’t come with a sheath. It might sound silly since it can’t hurt you or damage your clothes just by shifting around in your pocket but it’s mostly for accessibility and deployment. There are some aftermarket sheaths but they cost more than the Stinger itself. I guess a binder clip would work well enough for that though. I also don’t like how Comtech placed their watermark on the product. I don’t like it when companies treat their customers who carry their products like walking billboards, and having the words Combat Technologies written anywhere just seems obnoxiously mall ninja-ish and makes me feel like a dumbass for having this. I’ll probably just sand it off somehow. I might start carrying this, but I’d have to read up on some legislation first.