impact weapon

Little detail I love about this; as she lunges, she twists herself into a long, streamlined shape before striking out with the needle- the effect of which lends a stronger force and impact pressure behind the weapon, as the momentum allows the metal to punch through materials easier. It reminds me of the crocodiles’ death roll, for some reason. Just a little detail that I wholly enjoy, not only because it adds a natural fluidity to her attack but because it indicates just how familiar she is with her needle. 


Finally got this upper the way I want it:
-BCM KMR ELW 11.5" Upper -Vortex Razor HD II 1-6
-American Defense Extended Mount
-Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1
-Impact Weapons Components Thorntail Inline Mount
-Griffin Armament Flash Hider
-Griffin Armament Blast Shield
-Magpul MBUS Pro back ups
-BCM Lower
-Geissele SD-C Trigger
-Magpul CT-R Stock
-Spikes T-2 Buffer

Iron Man / The Avengers: Anthony Edward Stark [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Tony is comfortable engaging with the environment and using it to the best of his ability; when imprisoned, he uses the objects around him to invent the first Iron Man. He is comfortable in high-risk situations and enjoys physical engagement. Prior to finding “a purpose” as Iron Man, Tony is a playboy, caught up in indulging all his sensual whims (gorgeous women, fine cars, expensive parties, etc). Each situation is an “experience” for Tony, who goes straight for the quickest solution to resolve problems. He uses the world, connecting to and finding its possibility, without difficulty or hesitation – and nearly gets himself killed multiple times in the process. For the most part, he lets Pepper run his companies, preferring to “play” instead of “work.”

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Until the sales of weapons impacts Tony directly, he doesn’t care about them – and then once he reaches a hard line moral conclusion that it is wrong, he refuses to further make or sell weapons, which threatens the company’s bottom line. Tony’s Fi is unhealthy, in the sense that he often sticks to his own moral beliefs, without considering the fall out (refusing to sell weapons means closing some of his businesses, forcing hundreds of thousands of people into unemployment; he also disregards Cap’s feelings about Bucky, focusing on his own intense beliefs and need for revenge). Tony’s emotions bottle up, sometimes over years (his anguish over the last argument he had with his parents, finally exploding with rage when he finds out who killed them).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): CONTROL. Tony strives for it, constantly; he believes humans need monitored and protected, and that the Avengers need a check… government oversight. He sees a logical problem (the mass damage they have caused) and goes straight for the obvious solution (a contract forcing them to abide by rules) rather than engaging in creative thinking or finding loopholes (unlike Cap, whose Ti has analyzed the problems of governmental oversight). When Cap refuses to agree and sign the document, Tony recruits and avidly tries to force him into obedience. Tony often loops through Se/Te, creating brutal frankness in conversation, harsh insults and criticisms of others, and a tendency to disregard personal feelings to accomplish a task (ignoring Cap’s feelings about Bucky). Financial gain has little motive over Tony, who can put together business proposals but prefers to leave running companies to Pepper.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Tony tinkers with inventions, but all of them pertain in some way to Iron Man after awhile. He fixates on this one project, obsessively refining and perfecting the suit. He reaches singular conclusions, a sense of what he believes is going to happen or what will “fix” the problem, and refuses to change his mind, which leads to conflict with the other types. It’s ONE WAY, all the way. Under stress, Tony becomes convinced of catastrophic impending events, and disaster around every turn. He becomes so caught up in this vision, he can’t see any other possibility or solution. Further, sometimes his excitement over creating things fails to take into account the futuristic fall-out (Ultron).

Note: I know, I know. I’m going to take heat for this typing. Stereotypes want Iron Man an ENTP. This one is not. No Ne. None. One solution, one object, one interest, one resolution to every problem is not Ne. Half the movies are about Tony reacting to and engaging the environment (Se) and fixating on a single opinion (Ni). He also has no Ti. His adaptability comes from Se, but when presented with difficult problems, Tony locks into using control, force, and rules (Te), rather than inventing a new system (Ti). The last movie really showcases this, with his single solution of “sign the document.” His raging emotions turn up frequently, far more than futuristic insight. Tony internalizes feels until he loses it. His PTSD a few movies back showed his inability to articulate emotion outwardly, instead leading into a depressive, paranoid spiral. There is a margin of error for ENTJ, since Tony does spend most of his time in an unhealthy loop, but he exhibits the paranoid symptoms of lower Ni, and he appears much more capable with Se than Te, suggesting it’s the dominant. Some of his decisions are incredibly short-sighted (Ultron??).


A sap is a flexible club constructed from a flat-profiled outer skin, usually made of leather, which contains a heavy weight on one end, usually lead or steel shot.  Saps have been a mainstay of law enforcement since the 1800s.  They are more concealable and more portable than traditional clubs, and can deliver devastating strikes in tight quarters.  A heavy sap blow can tear off an ear.

Stinger II by Comtech. Probably not legal to carry around in California, where I live, since I’m sure it falls under the hard knuckleduster classification(doesn’t stop people from selling brass knuckles around here though). Very lightweight. About an ounce or maybe even less. Thought it’d be made of fiberglass or something but it seems to be made of the same type of plastic that goes in coat hangers. Seems sturdy enough though. It’s also a bit bulky - about 3 1/2” long. It also doesn’t come with a sheath. It might sound silly since it can’t hurt you or damage your clothes just by shifting around in your pocket but it’s mostly for accessibility and deployment. There are some aftermarket sheaths but they cost more than the Stinger itself. I guess a binder clip would work well enough for that though. I also don’t like how Comtech placed their watermark on the product. I don’t like it when companies treat their customers who carry their products like walking billboards, and having the words Combat Technologies written anywhere just seems obnoxiously mall ninja-ish and makes me feel like a dumbass for having this. I’ll probably just sand it off somehow. I might start carrying this, but I’d have to read up on some legislation first.

Panzerschreck 10,5cm
In August 1944 an enlarged version of the Panzerschreck was suggested. The caliber of this new Panzerschreck was to be 10.5cm (4.13 in.). The first prototype weighed 18kg (39.6 lb) and was 2.40m (7.87 ft.) long. The projectile weighed 6.1kg (13.43 lb), range was up to 300m (330 yd.), armor penetration was 180mm (7.09 in.) (60° impact angle). The proposed weapon was rejected: the new weapon was to be less cumbersome and lighter, also an armor penetration of 240mm (9.45 in.) was requested. Therefore the next model had a shortened tube of 200cm (6.56 ft.), weight was reduced to 13kg (28.6 lb). The proposed projectile now weighed 6.3kg (13.87 lb) with a shaped charge of 1.3kg (2.86 lb) which made for an armor penetration of 220mm (8.66 in.) (again at 60° angle). But recoil forces now became a problem and experiments with a small mount took place. The end of the war ended this development; none of these Panzerschreck 10,5cm - models ever saw active service