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No other show is going to make an impact on TV as much as The Legend of Korra. Like, go on, do your best. But having Korra – the main character, a tomboyish, bisexual, PoC who is mental ill and was physically disabled – end up with Asami – a beautiful, bisexual, saint of an heiress, who can kick ass despite losing both her parents, one of whom was a helping a bunch of terrorists – raised the bar so fucking high for both cartoons, tv shows, and even games when it comes to representation. 

i feel like for my sake i should start unfollowing every single person who works on The Originals because everyone is saying their goodbyes and it’s starting to feel like psychological torture. It’s like i’m fine and then someone reminds me that the show is ending and the sets are getting torn down and in less than a month they’ll wrap filming and it makes me feel so damn sad.

Rage Quit

Fic Request: 
“How about an angst fic with a fem reader and Anti where the reader witnesses one of Anti’s complete meltdown/glitchouts for the first time and tries to help him, but ends up getting hurt.” 

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You’ve never seen him like this. The twitches and maniacal laughter. You’ve seen him frustrated, irritated. Even seen him throw a controller at the TV once. But never before have you seen his scar open and bleed along his pale neck. The glowing gaze, flickering and uneven made your hands shake when you tried to reach out to him. 
“Anti…. what’s happening? Talk to me.” 
You were met by another wave of static-like laughter as Anti’s head turned to you. Jerking this way and that as his piercing gaze set on you. 
“You… shouldn’t be…. here (y/n). Not a good time.” Not even his voice could escape the wildness of his glitching form. It came out like a growl through old speakers. And it terrified you. But you didn’t stand down. You wanted to help! 
“Please just tell me what to do.” 
“LEAVE!” His shout was loud and made the air shake and buzz with static. The bulb in the kitchen blew out and you yelped as Anti flew past you. A flickering form jerking and jittering across the room. “Leave…. before I rip your throat out.” 
His smile was unsettling. You couldn’t keep his gaze set with yours, it hurt too much to look at him. 
“Anti, I can help! Just tell me what happened.” You persisted, but it only made things worse. 
Anti bellowed and his arm swept across the coffee-table, discarding it’s contents to the floor. And then he kicked the wooden object. It splintered upon impact with the TV and you screamed as sparks flew everywhere. 

“You fucking can’t help. Leave! You’re making it worse!” Anti’s whole body dispersed for a moment before flickering back into existence. This happened more often as Anti grew more irritated. His hands yanked and tore at his hair. His teeth set in a silent snarl, the sound audible in static snipets. 
You moved forward and Anti’s eyes flashed, his voice rang out as he tried to stop you with a string of curses, but he wasn’t fast enough to stop your hand from touching him. 
You flew back from a blast of green sparks and a ripple of Anti’s crazed laughter. You struck the wall with a cry and collapsed to the ground. Anti was still cackling as you tried to sit up. His grin wide and wicked. 
“I-I tol-ld you, b-bitch. You-u ca-an’t help-p me!” His voice was almost inhuman now. Glitching in places with each syllable. You scrambled away when Anti moved forward, shrieking when he stooped down to touch you again. His eyes wide and vicious. 
Your foot kicked out and you struck Anti’s nose. He roared and stumbled back, his eyes like green hell-fire when he regained his composure. 
“You-u fuck-king s-slut! I’ll f-fucking-g en-nd y-you!” His voice rang out like a clap of thunder. The air was crackling with his energy and you didn’t hesitate to scramble to your feet and sprint towards the front door. 
“Y-You c-canno-o-t r-run from m-me!” Anti’s voice followed you out onto the front lawn and you didn’t stop running until you were down the street and around a corner. Your leg had been injured when you were sent flying from Anti. Making running difficult and alot slower than you would have liked.
Breathing heavily, you leaned against a metal post and tried to catch your breath. You were shaking, terrified of going back to Anti. What happened to him? Why was he acting like that? 
A distorted whistle snapped you from your thoughts and you looked up to see Anti crouching atop the metal pole. 
“F-Foun-nd you.” You barely manage to hear him over your own screams as electricity coursed through the metal pole and into your back. You lasted only a few seconds before your brain fell into blackness and you passed out from the pain. 

The next morning was painful. Even turning your head was a struggle and you groaned when you tried to move your hands. You needed water. 
“Try not to move. Your body is basically a giant fucking bruise.” A familiar voice said and you forced yourself to look over at Anti, who sat by your bed. His scar was back to normal but the blood was still there. He hadn’t cleaned himself up and it had dried against his skin, peeling away in places in small flakes. 
“What happened?” You croaked. Your throat was dry and very tender. 
“I fried you, that’s what happened.” Anti hissed. “Beat you to a pulp after you passed out too. From what I remember. You should have fucking left when I told you.” 
You moaned again when you tried to sit up and Anti rolled his eyes. He ignored your flinches when he moved forward and helped you sit up. Careful, but it still caused a wave of pain through you. Anti then passed you a glass of water and helped you drink. All the while his face was set in an angered expression. 
“Next time I start loosing control like that, do as I say. Don’t try to help me. It only makes it worse.” Anti told you. And you nodded, not wanting to argue with him. Not after seeing him last night. You couldn’t speak, to assure him you were ok. You could see the concern behind the anger. Anti didn’t feel guilt, but you knew his frustration was aimed at him more so than you. He didn’t take precautions and leave when he started feeling unsettled. He stayed near you and that was a terrible decision. 

“I’m gonna go fix up the lounge-room. Call my phone if you need me. Try and rest, you look like shit.” Anti said as he stood. Moving your phone from the bedside table to your hand. He winked and moved out of the room to let you sleep. But you couldn’t sleep. Anti’s crazed gaze was locked in your memory. Whenever you were pulled into sleep, he was there, kicking and punching you. You whimpered, sighing whenever you managed to calm yourself down. This was going to be a long recovery.

So I’m Seeing Everyone Still Kinda Subdued and Mite Mopey from Yesterday....

And I’d just like to say MY final words on this:

IMHO, Lili absolutely, positively did NOT mean us (though obviously, if you DO get anxiety from this, the show, fandom or anything else online, it IS time to unplug and find something else..)….because she is also one of the two people who CHOOSES to share things with us that actively encourage this….and, similarly, IMHO looked to do just that, with Cole last night.

Because all we are and all we ever have been is a family that noticed two adorable people were now an adorable couple and were happy for them. It’s again why I wasn’t upset about no SM posts from Cole on Lili’s bday and I always assert that they are not circus animals, performing for us, on cue. Additionally, it is why tumblr SHs don’t bother them or send hate—-EVER.

So don’t let the haters, from other ships EVER dampen your enthusiasm or manipulate you. For whatever reason, they’re convinced somehow putting a damper on our fun/getting us to even post less will make SH less real and their crackships actualities.

Don’t let judgmental exclusively BH fans, who are typically concerned with how a real life couple might impact their pretend TV couple, lecture you on this either. Again, shipping REAL people is wrong and gross (Lili’s entire point), enjoying an actual celebrity couple from a polite distance is NOT.

Certainly don’t let a Cornholio shipping loon with her nine billion socks and her latest, Cole isn’t merely teh ghey, but now genderfluid, cause androgyny’s her latest fapping kink in ANY way curb your enthusiasm.

Sprousehart is a real, adorable couple. Bughead is endgame. The show is back FIVE DAYS!!!

I don’t plan to change my behavior in any manner whatsoever, because I don’t feel I’ve done anything remotely wrong….

I’ve never seen GoT and I refuse to, but I’m aware enough of the show’s cultural influence, as well as how much shock violence the show has, to know that the show has effected tv storytelling. I’ve been catching up on orphan black, the final few episodes, and have been so disappointed by the amount of graphic violence for simple shock value displayed this season. I call this the game of thrones effect. And many shows have fallen into it. And I hate it. Because shows don’t have to be graphically violent and shocking to be interesting. But bc GoT is so damn popular it’s at like cult status, other shows are following it’s lead. And I’m ready for that to stop.

“Produce 101 Season 2” Contestant Park Ji Hoon Revealed To Be Ex-Trainee Of Big 3 Agency

The first episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” aired on April 7 and revealed the written applications of some of the contestants on the show.

One of the written applications was that of Park Ji Hoon, also known as “wink boy” thanks to his famous wink at the contestants’ first performance of “Pick Me.” He is currently ranked in first place.

Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that he had been a trainee at big name agencies SM Entertainment and Fantagio before entering his current agency, Maroo Entertainment. It is unclear why he left his previous agencies and joined his current one.

Meanwhile, “Produce 101 Season 2” is gathering a tremendous amount of attention from viewers, even topping the TV impact factor rankings after just one episode.



Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing “Rhythm Nation” on #LipSyncBattle

What happened to Suits’ Dr. Agard?

How did she go from an intelligent professional woman, to a not so bright love interest with no integrity?

by Sally Jones

“It’s just a TV show,” say the ones who don’t know how socially impactful television has taken over productions in the last few years. Television is being used as a vehicle to impact positive social change and as a way to open dialog. For a series like Suits, who takes pride on writing strong female characters, this has been part of the attractive and their most prominent characteristic, besides the fashion and the talent of the cast, of course.

The show introduced us to women who despite being side characters, were all fully fleshed and strong. Very few times we’ve been able to see women on screen who can be strong and broken, intelligent and beautiful, romantic but true to themselves, and the most important part, capable to stand up for what they believe.  

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), a black female character was put above the two good-looking white leading males of the show. Her word was the law. Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) proved that you can go far in life if you have the balls, or shall I say, the ovaries to go for it. Rachel Zane faced her deepest fears to achieve her goals. Now, of course, these characters aren’t perfect, you could question why Donna took so long to put herself first, before Harvey (sometimes being selfish is necessary, girls. Not everything has to be about him.) Or the amount of times Rachel Zane had to show some skin because the scenes demanded it. But these details didn’t assassinate the characters for the sake of a plot.

So you can imagine my disconcert when I saw Dr. Agard returning to the show as Harvey’s new love interest. With the exception of Jessica, she was the only woman close to Harvey whom he hadn’t slept with, but of course, the show had to knock down a strong female character at some point, right?

We’re talking about a woman in her late 30s - early 40s, an experienced professional with a degree in Psychiatry, who despite knowing how unethical this is (and let’s face it, uncomfortable to some, and revolting* to others too) confessed to having fantasies about a patient, to that patient! The fact that the show calls Harvey an “ex- patient” or tries to justify it’s legal, is ludicrous. Mental health conditions aren’t like having the flu, it’s something a person can’t recover from with 50-something hours of therapy (around 2 days) as the show claims, and this is something some fans, especially the ones whose lives are impacted daily by mental health conditions, aren’t ignoring. It’s important to notice how Suits is portraying mental and emotional disorders in a global context where mental health awareness campaigns are rising in number. The perception of these illnesses has never been more significant (sure, the show depicts Louis Litt like the unbalanced guy who never recovers, but the sexy, handsome white male lead is perfectly fine after 2 days of therapy. Ouch, Suits.)

*Let’s go back to the female character assassination subject, why is this hard to swallow?

It’s simple: the asymmetry of the relationship and Harvey’s vulnerability. Invert the gender roles, what if Dr. Agard was a man and Harvey the emotionally damaged woman who went to his therapy…it would look like the doctor is taking advantage of a patient in need. Which is exactly what the show is portraying, although apparently, in Paula’s case, she is not aware of what she’s doing. But does this make her look less guilty? Definitely not, it makes her look unintelligent. Did you really get your degree from Harvard, Paula?

Of course, you could argue: it’s just a plot. It’s not that serious, there are other shows that portray similar relationships and even, the psychiatrists are psychos. Well, that fits the context of those shows, not the context of Suits. For example: marrying minors as young as 14 years old, is legal in several States. It’s legal, but it’s unethical. If Suits portrays this kind of relationship next season, would you be comfortable with it? It’s all about context and the way a very delicate subject is being developed on screen. Nobody, among the main characters, has pointed out how questionable this relationship is, which is perplexing.

Being Dr. Agard an expert of the mind and soul, puts her in a position of power over Harvey. As expected, she’s acting more like Harvey’s therapist than his girlfriend: she explains his feelings and motivations to him (mostly about his issues with Donna), and the delicate part is that because she’s his girlfriend, Dr. Agard can’t be impartial anymore, meaning her advice isn’t trustworthy (especially her advice about matters of the heart.) Her integrity as a professional is gone when it comes to Harvey. She has been reduced to a therapist with no ethics in order to play a love interest, and this is disappointing.

Her screen time is now focused on buying Harvey presents, celebrating a 2 month anniversary of dating (really? Who celebrates 2 months of dating?), trying to explain Harvey that he has feelings for Donna and Donna has feelings for him but they should move on (this is completely logical coming from a psychiatrist, correct?) All this leads me to the most disconcerting thing I heard her saying:

“I trusted him, and he cheated on me, and I was afraid of how you’d see me (…) some people think that a woman who can be cheated on can’t be loveable.” 

Really, Suits? Is this a strong female character speaking? (That line of dialogue must have been written by a man.) And let me emphasize that every time this character tries to speak her mind, she’s cut off by Harvey. Every time she makes a choice, Harvey contradicts her and she nods. (He decided what lawyer she should hire, when she had already made a decision.) So this woman isn’t capable of being a proper psychiatrist, of being consistent, or of standing up for what she believes.

Is Dr. Agard not as bright as I thought she was, or is she extremely manipulative and malicious?

Perhaps she’s both.

Maybe she is as emotionally damaged as Harvey due to her ex-fiance cheating on her, but what the show has told me so far, is that she’s an unintelligent woman who is throwing away her career and her integrity because she fantasized about the leading guy (her patient; who no woman can resist.) 

And this is very disappointing.

You have the chance to become the most noble contradiction in history: the Telmarine who saved Narnia.
—  Dr. Cornelius, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

Homage to Diana Rigg

For those of you into the amazing television series Game of Thrones (I, being addicted to it as well from its inception) let me loan a bit of interesting ‘trivia’ to you about one of the actresses there in the show. She is so incredibly amazing, and yet she does not get the true coverage or tribute she deserves. That actress is none other than Dame Diana Rigg.

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