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No other show is going to make an impact on TV as much as The Legend of Korra. Like, go on, do your best. But having Korra – the main character, a tomboyish, bisexual, PoC who is mental ill and was physically disabled – end up with Asami – a beautiful, bisexual, saint of an heiress, who can kick ass despite losing both her parents, one of whom was a helping a bunch of terrorists – raised the bar so fucking high for both cartoons, tv shows, and even games when it comes to representation. 

Countdown to S4
Day 23     TJLC appreciation   »   Thank you, @loudest-subtext-in-tv.

Dear Nattie,
Thank you for teaching us how to read the subtext, decipher mirrors, understand the show in ways that were eye-opening.
Thank you for making us see.
Thank you for every reassurance. Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for saving people (including myself).
Thank you for being you.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing “Rhythm Nation” on #LipSyncBattle

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A love letter to Bones

People have the right to despise/hate Bones for whatever reason. But no matter what you say, it’s undeniable it had a huge impact on modern television and Temperance Brennan will always be one of the most influential leading ladies along with Dana Scully, Lorelai Gilmore, Kate Beckett and many others. Bones was able to be so much more than a procedural dramedy. The way they have dealt with social issues and shed light upon twisted matters will always be relevant. I am so proud to call myself a fan of this flawed but yet extraordinary educational program. Bones was one of the first tv products to have women being successful in the medical field, women being richer than men and women not taking men’s shit. Women reading feminist/ soft porn novels and not being ashamed. Bones was one of the first products to have a social inept woman cover a position of power in one of the most important scientific labs of the US (well, its fictional version.). And then a woman of color being above her. Bones was one of the first products that has never ever judged one of its female characters based on their races only. Bones has dealt with human trafficking, homeless veterans, abused handicapped children, dog fights, animal abuse, medical marjuana, feminism and so much more. Bones has treated religions with respect, it was one of the first programs to say out loud that Muslims are not the bad guys. They have had the gut to say that the 9/11 attacks are the outcome of pure ignorance, not religion. Bones has had a bisexual character. Bones has had a woman say that women have the right to sleep with a man without being forced in a romantic relationship. Temperance Brennan has dated 2 guys at once and she has not been judged for this. Bones has had a character with depression who was still able to do his job properly and was not judged by his collegues. Bones has had a male character say that rape is never the victim’s fault. Bones has had main characters who didn’t want children and still haven’t  had any and other characters who have changed their minds because it’s possible. Bones has had characters that got married and male characters that never ever touched their female partners whenever they didn’t want to. They have had men who are gentlemen and admire women for their brains and not their bodies. Bones’ fights between men and women were always mature and never abusing. Not even once Seeley Booth or Jack Hodgins have slapped Temperance Brennan and Angela Montenegro, even in their darkest moments. Bones was created by a man and its writer’s room was made of a good 80% of male writers. In a world where women and minorities are mistreated everyday in every way possible all of this matters. Thank you, Bones.

You have the chance to become the most noble contradiction in history: the Telmarine who saved Narnia.
—  Dr. Cornelius, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)

The Paley Center For Media’s Annual Los Angeles Gala, Celebrating Television’s Impact On LGBT Equality

Actress Katherine Moennig attends the Paley Center for Media’s annual Los Angeles gala, celebrating television’s impact on LGBT equality held at the Skirball Cultural Center on November 12, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Riders is this year’s Winter Movie War. Set in Ex-Aid’s world, the game “Pac-Man” has begun attacking and infecting humans, throwing the world into a crisis. This infection has spread even to Takeru Tenkuuji, leaving him unable to transform into Kamen Rider Ghost. In order to find the real body of the enemy - and the source of the virus - Ex-Aid sets out on a mission that will affect his own destiny and discover a “great truth” linked to it.

In the emergence of this new crisis, the legendary Kamen Riders make an appearance! Wizard, Gaim, and Drive all come to the aid of Ex-Aid and Ghost! A great reunion! How will this story impact the TV Series? Find out when the film premieres in theatres on December 10th, 2016.

Adventure Time is ending and, well, I’m both sad and glad. Sad because I will miss the show, but glad that we still have two entire seasons to go and that the show will end  in it’s own terms, with a proper, planned out ending for our characters.

Still, I’ve been watching it for so long… Adventure Time was the show that pulled me back into liking cartoons. And regardless of how you feel about it, it did leave a big impact on modern TV animation. It made cartoons ‘cool’ again, at a time where cartoons were severely declining in popularity, to the point where even Cartoon Network had wanted to trade their cartoons for live-action shows, in spite of it’s whole gig being, well, a cartoon network.

I’ll miss it, but I will also fondly remember it for the creative, funny, and often very emotional show that it was.

Reasons to vote for Super Junior on the Teen Choice Awards

- They have been on the kpop industry 10+ years and they have worked their asses off for every single trophy and award they’ve received
- To show the American television the impact they’ve made on us (fans)
- Because they’ve expressed their concerned that fans are leaving them and going to younger groups
- Because they deserve this

Alycia named as one of IMDb’s Top 10 Movers and Shakers of 2015 (x)

Alycia is the second cast member of “Fear the Walking Dead” to land on our list, underscoring the AMC’s spin-off series’ impact on television viewers this past year. In fact, the show’s premiere in August was the biggest in cable TV history both in total viewers and among adults 18 to 49. In the series, set in Los Angeles right at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse on the West Coast, Alycia plays Alicia Clark, the teenaged daughter of high-school guidance counselor Madison Clark. In addition to her work on this series, she continues in her role as Commander Lexa in the CW’s “The 100.” In 2016, fans can watch her in German thriller Friend Request
How Jon Stewart Is Still Making an Impact on Late-Night TV

“He is someone who I trust completely. He understands me and my personal process and also understands the flaming toboggan ride that is doing a nightly show. And he’s a constant resource.” 

“We’re beyond his process input. Now we’re on to, ‘Okay, I like what I do, this is where I want to go. How do I get to these goals that I established once I had a moment to think about it?’ I don’t have time to think about how to get there. And he’s doing that for me now.”  

- Stephen Colbert