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Recent Larry and 1D updates (Liam’s recent interview response)

Here is a very brief summary of some of the Larry related occurrences that I can remember happening since I finished my main Larry proof essay, but I mainly discuss Liam’s recent interview describing the lack of freedom in One Direction and how I hope we can all react to it. *


Since Harry’s yellow trousers with black stripes Louis has also worn yellow trousers with black stripes and Harry has worn another yellow and black stripy jumper (bee symbolism) Zayn got a bear tattoo heavily resembling RBB and made sure it was visible in the rip of his jeans for paparazzi to photograph. Louis got a tattoo of an ‘E’ on his hand and Eleanor got an ‘L’ tattoo on her hand, however there have been subsequent videos and photos of both of them without the letters on their hands. Louis was in LA only for the duration that Harry was in LA then went back to London when Harry also went back to London. Louis has worn nothing but white shirts right up until Two Ghosts was announced as Harry’s next single (the song where he sings about Louis in white shirts)

* Most notably, Liam has continued to reveal how restricted him and the other boys were in One Direction. He’s been explaining that his lyric “I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free” references how Harry wasn’t allowed to wear high waisted, bell bottom trousers and Zayn wasn’t allowed to dye his hair. Louis has also discussed at length how he was constantly made to feel like “the one at the back” of the band who didn’t get a single solo in the entirety of The X Factor, and didn’t have the confidence to ever see what it was that he was contributing to the band. It is also known that Niall barely had any solos either, and was forced to perform with a broken leg. Harry was forced to perform with a constantly bad back, and him and the other boys would still perform even when they lost their voices or were unwell, and Zayn obviously left the band due his lack of input in the music and the effect the entire thing had on his anxiety and his eating habits. It has also recently come out that someone spent 20 minutes pleading with Harry to not go on TV with lipstick on. One Direction’s make-up artist even said that she thought men should look like men and not be feminine and that if the 1D boys even requested their eyebrows to be slightly plucked that she would refuse to do it. I also recently learnt that Liam even had to spend time in hospital because of the impact that an alcohol problem was having on his health.

I’m bringing this news up and discussing it for a few reasons – we knew that One Direction were under heavy professional control with their gruelling schedules and the fact that they did an album and a world tour every year for five years with basically no break, but learning more specifically about just how severe their personal control was, has been shocking. These boys were as young as 16, and for them to be manipulated and pushed to the point of alcoholism, eating disorders, anxiety and hospitalisation, and for them to be so forcefully gendered, is disgraceful. I’m writing about this to process it myself. I could link it back to Larry and say that if management spent an entire 20 minutes begging Harry to take lipstick off and forcing him to wear more masculine clothes then why is it a surprise that they would closet his and Louis sexuality and relationship, as much as I believe that I’m more so bringing this up to try and calm people down.

Everyone has understandably been very upset to hear that Harry wasn’t allowed to dress how he wanted or wear make-up if he wanted to, and I am really shocked and saddened to only just learn about how terrible things got for Liam, but I just wanted to try and reassure people to not let this news affect us too much. It’s obviously heart-breaking. No one should be made to feel like who they are is not enough or is somehow wrong. No one should be forcefully told how to dress, how to look, how to act, what to say, who to love, or who to be, especially not at such an important and impressionable age when they are only just learning these things about themselves anyway. No one should be pressured and overworked and controlled to the point where it impacts their own physical and mental health or their own opinions about themselves. Especially not for up to 7 years. And most of all, none of these things should have been inflicted for somebody else to profit from.

BUT, however sad and unfair and wrong this is, we must absolutely not let this negatively affect our own emotions. As hard as this may be to hear, there is not much we can do about it. This is not necessarily our fight. All we can do is continue to love and support all the boys. We can do this the same way we always have - by sending nice messages on social media, listening to their music, being kind to them if we meet them, organising fan projects when we can, and reminding them that we value and respect them for who they are. That might not sound like much, but it is. We know that they appreciate this, because they always tell us that they do.

And if all this gets too much for you, then never forget that you are always allowed to take a step back and you should always look after yourself first. The boys wouldn’t want you to be upset. There are enough of us out there to keep supporting One Direction if some of us need a break, and the lads themselves have each other and their friends and families to support them too. Being a fan is meant to be fun and enjoyable. And the boys themselves have still had an absolutely amazing time and have been happy and made such valuable friendships with each other and have not given up. They are strong. And so are we. And as they say - just hold on, remember everything will be alright, we’re fireproof and nobody can drag us down.

And lastly, here are all the positive and beautiful things we should focus on –

Harry is out there right now finally able to openly wearing pink, satin, velvet, golden, embellished, sequin, high waisted, flared, women’s trousers, lilac, pink ruffled, women’s blouses, fully painted nails, probably some lipstick every now and again, in public, looking amazing, with a real smile on his face, and being continuously respected and accepted for it, by the fashion world and the general public, as well as writing his own honest and personal music that he is proud of. Harry covering his ‘things I can’t’ tattoo with an eagle tattoo shortly after One Direction’s hiatus is surely a metaphor for this freedom.

Louis got a serious and honest solo interview with a respected journalist which won him enormous love, respect and acknowledgement from the general public. There have been articles written solely about his music and not just his private life and the promotion for his new single is much better than it was for his first single. He is writing his own solo album and is finally feeling really confident and excited about his own abilities as a singer.

Niall is also writing his own solo album under his own conditions and in his own time and is also feeling confident in his own abilities as a singer and songwriter, and out of all the boys he now has the most followers on Twitter, which has happened purely as a result of good music and good promotion for it.

Zayn was able to finally make the type of music that he wanted to make, can dye and cut and style his hair however he wants and has had quiet time to himself to deal with his anxiety and his eating, as well as be honest and open about it.

Liam seems happy and healthy, his music is being is really well received and he has more control over his own words and the freedom to sing honestly about what he wants to say, and most of all, the fact that Liam is able to finally talk so openly about the lack of freedom in One Direction is a positive indicator at the increasing distance between them and 1D’s management.

Since the hiatus, all the boys have been doing what they want for themselves and have been genuinely happy, and have been constantly supporting each other publicly. As much as I miss them together and I do want them to come back, I want it to happen under the best possible circumstances, at the time that they want it to, and if they all definitely do want it. Although, as mentioned in my main essay, there is so much we don’t know, it seems like although things aren’t perfect and there is still a long way to go and they are still under control, things are the best they can be, and they are maybe the best they have been.

Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn seem happy at the minute and they have more freedom than they have had since 1D began. No matter what they’ve gone through and although they aren’t perfect and we don’t know them personally, the boys are still true to themselves and their work, they’re doing brilliantly on their own and they continue to inspire and encourage people to stay strong and be themselves – if that’s not something to celebrate then I don’t know what is.

Finally, without wanting to sound like I’m telling you how to feel or that I would even have any right to do that, I would just like to advise you to please try not to worry or to get too emotional, and please try to always see the positives. Put yourself, your own feelings and your own life first and just enjoy being a fan :) 

All My Friends

Bucky x Reader


Summary: you come home after a long night of partying and drinking with your girls and find yourself crawling into Bucky’s bed.

Words: 952

Warnings: smut? (just making out)

A/N: Based on the song All My Friends by Snakehips. Thought it would be cute :) (this is in Bucky’s POV)

A/N 2: this is not only my first published fanfic, but also my first—sorta—smut. If it’s terrible, please please please give me feedback on what I should change. Thx 💛

Wanda’s laugh echoes through the halls, a clear sign that the girls were home from their night out. It’s nearly four in the morning, but I expect nothing less. Nat told me about it before they left. Yesterday’s mission was hard on all of us. More people died than we intended, and Y/N blamed herself for not being there in time. It hit her roughly and she had been depressed about it for two days straight. So Nat opted for a night out. Evidently, it went well, because I hear Y/N’s scream-like laughter not far away from my door. A smile plays onto my lips from the sound, my eyes staring up at the dark ceiling. I’d never get tired of it. I shake my head, shifting in my oversized bed, sighing at my own thoughts.

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Angel’s Water or Angel Water

The term “Angel Water” may refer either to Jordan River Water, or to an eighteenth-century love potion. This, the most popular version of Angel Water and the one indicated in this book, began as a sixteenth-century complexion remedy before evolving into a love potion and a popular aphrodisiac 200 years later. Its name may derive from those angels who seduced the “daughters of man” with magic lessons in the Book of Genesis.

The crucial ingredient, the one that cannot be replaced if this is to be considered true Angel Water, is myrtle, a small tree native to North Africa and the Mediterranean coast, considered sacred to Aphrodite, whose name inspired the term “aphrodisiac.”

In legend, when Aphrodite first emerges naked from the sea, she is clothed in myrtle leaves.

The basic formula consists of:

  • Myrtle
  • Orange blossoms (Neroli)
  • Rose

Myrtle is the predominant material. It is substantially less expensive than the other ingredients. Many versions of Angel’s Water contain only myrtle. The terms “Myrtle Water” or “Water of Venus” is sometimes used synonymously for Angel’s Water.

The simplest method of creation is via hydrosols. This may be best if Angel’s Water is to serve as a philter. Homemade floral waters may also be used, as well as infusions of fresh and dried leaves and flowers. Home-grown roses may be preferable to those of florists because of the massive amounts of pesticides used on commercially grown roses. All the basic ingredients are available in the form of essential oils

Angel’s Water is typically used externally:

  • Add to a bath: allegedly the greater the quantities of Angel’s Water, the greater the erotic impact
  • Blend with alcohol to create a liniment for purposes of massage: administered this way, (and presumably if it’s a good massage) Angel’s Water reputedly inspires erotic thoughts in even the coldest woman
  • Angel’s Water may also be used as a love potion, in which case make sure that all materials are safe for consumption

Myrtle-based Angel’s Water was used throughout Europe and the British Isles. There is also a Spanish formula, used for romantic and cleansing spells. This version’s basic formula consists of angelica, lavender, rose, and trefoil.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

dark likes to have a drink is hand, probably whiskey, a lot of the times but he cannot actually feel the impact of alcohol. he just likes the burn of it going down his throat.

opposed to anti who i think would drink crazily till he blacked out. i dont think he would really enjoy the taste of most alcohol but he would drink it anyway, being the person to pass out on the front lawn with a stolen cat or something. 

Original Imagine: Imagine being scared of losing Elijah to Hayley, but really being the only one that he loves.
Author: Uhmayzingduh
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2885
:Nothing really.

Never in her life had Poppy felt more exhausted than she did right then. Which was an odd feeling for her considering she’d a vampire for more than 50 years and they rarely felt the heavy down-pull of tiredness. But there she was sat slumped over on the porch steps of Klaus’ mansion, her light blonde hair hanging down framing her pale face as her eyes fluttered closed against the afternoons chilly breeze.

She’s only been in New Orleans for a maximum of six months and she was still trying to decide on whether she liked the place or not… Well that wasn’t quite right because she adored the place, it was magical but not in the sense of witches (although it did have a fair number of those) it was because of the city it’s self and the festivities. She loved those, just the atmosphere of everyone enjoying themselves, vampires, humans, witches, on those certain events there didn’t seem to be a problem, people were able to associate without dispute, and Poppy felt like she could finally relax when that happened…It was the people she had problem with,-one of those living in her house.

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anonymous asked:

there was also an anecdote about minho seeing onew drinking tea in the morning, only to find out he was actually drinking soju out of a mug. he's been referred to frequently as a "strong drinker" and i've kind of always suspected he had a drinking problem.

Wow! That’s so sad. I’m not the most informed Onew stan (so this makes me feel pretty incompetent). I pray he’ll get over this addiction. Most people, myself included, have seen the impact of alcoholism. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call. Thanks for the info!


jackie chan in his prime was no fucking joke, and this is the kinda shit you gotta watch if you wanna know how to make a fight scene - in just about any medium - have “impact”

Drunken Master II, 1994

Proposed ban on flavoured tobacco sales raises worries among retailers

A proposed ban on the sale of flavoured tobacco products in Singapore has caused rising concerns among provision shops, coffee shops, minimarts and other tobacco retailers over the sustainability of their businesses.

In a recent survey of 1,475 independent general trade retailers commissioned by four trade associations, almost all respondents (99 per cent) were worried that such a ban would hurt their business. 

Their concerns stem mainly from the potential revenue loss from menthol cigarettes – the most popular flavour on the shelves.

A handful of provision shop and minimart owners who spoke to Yahoo Singapore estimated that 40 to 65 per cent of their profits come from cigarette sales. Most of these merchants said that flavoured cigarette sales accounted for at least half of these profits.

In tandem with overall cigarette sales, market share for menthol-flavoured tobacco has increased over the past three years, according to three minimart owners. They were troubled by the prospect of having to forgo their biggest income generator.

Businesses interviewed by Yahoo Singapore attributed at least half of their total revenues to cigarette sales, of which about half are from flavoured cigarettes.

“Cigarettes are good profit-makers especially since they take up less storage space compared to food and drinks. Furthermore, they have a high sales turnover since people don’t typically sit at the table to smoke for long periods of time,” said Hong Poh Hin, chairman of the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association, one of the associations that commissioned the survey.

“It is important that any proposed tobacco control measures be supported by evidence of their effectiveness in reducing smoking incidence in Singapore, while addressing the impact to the affected retailers,” he added, warning of possible business closures that could follow if the rule is passed. Hong compared the potential impact to the ban on alcohol sales between 10.30pm and 7am, which has been in place since 1 April 2015, and its negative effect on retailers that sell alcohol products.

This survey was concluded in September 2016 and was commissioned by several trade associations, including the Foochow Coffee Restaurant and Bar Merchants Association Kheng Keow Coffee Merchants Restaurant and Bar-Owners Association, the Singapore Mini Mart Association and the Singapore Provision Shop Friendly Association.

About 97 per cent of the respondents flagged another key concern — that a ban could cause smokers of flavoured cigarettes to turn to the black market.

A provision shop owner, who declined to be named, agreed with the finding. “What happens is that when people can’t get the kind of (cigarette) variant they want, they will find alternative ways to get them,” he said.

The trade associations said they were carrying out a separate study on the efficacy and business impact of the proposed ban on flavoured tobacco products. The results will be presented to the government upon completion.

“The trade associations urge the government to review these results and consult with their members before further deliberating on this proposed regulation,” Mr Hong added.

This article was produced in partnership with the Foochow Coffee Restaurant & Bar Merchants Association


You’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Gummy bears or worms, sugar-free or regular
  • A glass container (a glass with plastic wrap over it will do – rumor has it plastic does bad things to vodka, so be sure there’s no plastic actually touching the vodka).

I put the bears into the glass dishes. Then I poured in vodka until it reached the top of the candy. Using that much vodka makes the candy swell and take on a noticeable but not unpleasant “burning” alcohol sensation. If you don’t want the alcohol that strong, use less vodka. (The amount of time you let the bears soak has no impact on how alcoholic they are. They will suck up nearly every drop of vodka you put in, so the trick is to use the right amount for your taste. You can always add more if you taste them after a day or so and think they’re not alcoholic enough)

Then I put the dishes in the fridge. I left the bears soaking for a total of five days, but after three they had absorbed about all the vodka they could. Give yourself time to leave them in at least a couple of days, if possible.

Ceridwen Dovey on Hello Sunday Morning, an experiment in sobriety:

The core demographic is young professionals in their mid-twenties to mid-forties—people who have been drinking for long enough to be aware of the often negative impact of alcohol and post-drinking recovery on their lives. For many, the promise of increased productivity is the most appealing aspect of joining Hello Sunday Morning; as one abstainer put it, “I didn’t lose any more of my life to feeling average.” Sixty-five per cent of H.S.M.ers are female, which is in keeping with research that shows women are more likely than men to seek help for problem drinking due to greater health consciousness and self-critical (or self-care) tendencies. Most participants are Australian, but people are starting to sign up in the U.K. (fourteen per cent of H.S.M.ers) and, more recently, in the U.S. (only five thousand people so far, but ten per cent of them signed up in the past month).

Illustration by Victor Kerlow

Today Jessica Valenti said that marijuana has no negative impact on society, compared to alcohol, mainly because now that marijuana is legalized in Colorado there are fewer drunk driving fatalities in Colorado specifically. Her suggestion is for women to smoke more weed. Over a hundred thousand people have been reported killed in the “war on drugs” in the Western Hemisphere, many (most?) of whom are women, before even beginning to account for women murdered as a result of related border politics and the same US imperialism that leads us to demand that central America produce and export our recreational drugs. Something like thirty thousand people are in prison on marijuana charges (alone) in the US and the vast majority of them are black and latina/o–it”s common to hear that marijuana arrests are three or four times as likely for black people than white people (or eight times more likely in D.C, for example) but black people are on average ten times more likely than white people to go to prison over it. If you ever needed a snappy example of white feminism I think “there are no societal risks linked to marijuana” oughta work.

Clash of the Titans

Resbang is eh right now, and you all encouraged me yesterday, so this happened. College AU with ToraDora! premise.

The door of the coffee shop was emblazoned with a familiar green trim, but instead of the trademark mermaid that dotted every city corner in New York City, the circular logo slapped on every wall, doorway, and coffee cup featured a cartoonish skull. The most incriminating evidence of plagiarism was the coffee shop’s name–Deathbucks.


“How the hell hasn’t this place been sued yet?” Soul wondered aloud. He fingered the shoulder strap of his bag, gathering his courage. The overwhelming whirlwind of sophomore year had only just begun, and already Soul felt the weight of his classes hang heavily on his psyche. This school year wasn’t going to be easy, but he had a feeling things were turning around.


Soul pushed open the door of the coffee shop, resolute. This year things were going to go differently. This was the year everything was going to turn around. No more rumors that he was a demon some drunk freshman summoned with a spell off the internet. No more whispers that Soul was secretly a mass arsonist, a cult leader, a serial killer, or a death eater. No, this was his year to shine, his year to show everyone that red eyes and sharp teeth didn’t mark him as the spawn of Satan. He just had to get over his shyness and take the first step.

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