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Now,before i start with my case,i would like to clarify that i am a beyonce fan but not a tswift hater. Infact, i love her songs. They are hella catchy.
So now i am gonna present you some facts so you can get to know why bey is the queen and taylor isn’t inspite of her being an amazing female artist.

1) Some swifties claiming that “Taylor is the new queen” , “1989 has so many no1 songs. When was beyonce’s last no.1 song ? In 2008? Single ladies huh ?”
Now honey,let me tell you that bey is no longer a “singles” artist which taylor still is. Beyonce is an “album artist”. This woman dropped an entire album on itunes at midnight without any promotion and changed the game. who does that ? AN ICON. Bey doesn’t need a single to make her successful because she already is. Sure,’Blank Space’ is an amazing song and its a right move for her to hit back at her haters. Yes it was a no.1 song on the billboard charts. But does it have an impact on the generation ? Nope.
Now “Formation” - a song from beyonce’s “Monumental album lemonade” (As said by adele, Period.)  Was it a no1 on the charts? NO. Was it impactful ? HELL YES. She got white people talking about the black lives matter bubs.

2)Taylor swift’s RED and 1989 both are amazing albums. While the former is about her feelings. heartbreak and romance..the latter is romance presented in a more ideal way , flipping her haters off. Are they good albums ? YES. ( Do they deserve a grammy album of the year ? While Red should have won cuz it actually that good. 1989 shouldn’t have won. In an ideal world, everyone should admit it that a man talking about the pain of black people, police brutality, slavery in such a bold way is commendable but not the grammy’s aka the racist award ceremony. Rather than thinking of it as people hating on taylor, think of it as people giving that man (Kendrick lamar) the credit that he deserves. Grammys are racist. Adele knows it. Kanye west knows it. Frank ocean knows it. Every fucking artist knows it. So its time that we know it too rather than defending our favs and missing out the entire point of frank ocean saying that “To pimp a butterfly” deserved to win rather than “1989″.  )
On the other hand, beyonce’s self titled album and lemonade are both extraordinary albums. Both lost a grammy AOTY( duh ! Obviously. Its grammys bruh and Bey is a black artist) While the former is about embracing sexuality and feminism,the latter is about infidelity, reconciliation, black lives matter. Are they good albums ? FUCKING EXTRAORDINARY BRUH.

3) The whole experience of listening to bey and tay’s album is amazing. While listening to taylor , i connect with her lyrics and associate with some incident in my life. Bey’s albums makes me wanna dance, then be a boss ass bitch, then cry when a sad song comes on ugh. Its a roller coaster ride.
But in the last few years, the experience of listening  to a beyonce album is better than listening to a tswift album . Blame it on the extraordinary concept of beyonce’s visual albums. She is making such cool and powerful albums that its hard to like beyonce and tswift’s album the same. Bey is in the lead baby.You gotta accept it.

4) If we’re talking about commercial accomplishment then tay might be the one ahead right now but beyonce was doing all that when tay was dropping her initial albums. She’s come far beyond that. She doesn’t need her albums to sell millions of copies the way taylor’s does because even after years , bey’s albums are still the talking point. Not for the damn sales,but for the message it holds. ( Btw this is the woman who brought in the whole alter ego thing. Sasha fierce ? Yonce’? YAAAAAS )
Also beyonce is the only female artist to have all her 6 albums debut at no.1 on the charts so…

5) Tay might interact with her fans a lot to get that connect but does bey even need that ? Bey might not talk to her fans on tumblr or respond to them on twitter the way taylor does but when she is on that stage singing “Halo” or “XO” or anything else it feels like she is just talking to you. That connection my love, is not easy to achieve so easily. She doesn’t need to interact with the beyhive to increase her fan base. It has been increasing forever since 2003.

> Taylor swift might be the biggest FEMALE ARTIST in the world right now but Beyonce is the biggest and the most impactful ARTIST AND ROLE MODEL in the world. ( She doesn’t need that whole ‘male’ ‘female’ artist distinction. Lmao )
And that is why Beyonce is the Queen and artists bow down to her including your fav.


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imo the split attraction model is kinda an issue for a few reasons
1. oversexualizes sga - allows the same girls who would normally go “yeah i would make out with a girl and have sex but i could never DATE her!!” to claim their weird hyper sexualization/homophobia is their orientation by being heteroromantic bisexual. makes everything sga ppl do seem sexual and disgusting bc we’re equating romantic to sexual attraction (even if experienced simultaneously) and are just being Dirty Allogays
2. trauma victims pushed into claiming differences that don’t exist for them - if u developed feelings for yr abuser, even tho u r sex repulsed due to that abuse, you’re not encouraged to claim your sexuality the way you feel safe - suddenly you can/should be biromantic homosexual
3. the way its written up it encourages the use of terms heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual - but only 1 of those was used as a disease diagnosis used to categorize and abuse people. i’m anti anything that uncritically promotes the use of the word “homosexual”
4. doesn’t allow lesbians to just be lesbians - even though i KNOW i’m not romantically attracted to men, my lack of revulsion for (almost inevitable feeling sex with men would encourage the name homoromantic bisexual - which can’t ever capture my experience of exclusive attraction to and desire to be with women in my life
5. separation of romantic and sexual attraction doesn’t exist for everyone and further problematizes the experience of young lgbpq kids trying to come out

disclaimer: i think its designed for use by aro/ace ppl and has a use in that sense, and might be used in some positive ways, but shouldn’t be pushed on everyone or encouraged in all situations.


Technique Shows Energy Dissipate from Projectile Impacts

There’s no reason to read more deeply into the following results of a Duke University physics experiment: When it comes to slamming objects into the ground, harder and faster doesn’t necessarily translate to deeper penetration.

Researchers at the university have been working to understand what happens underground when a meteor or missile strikes earth. They developed a technique to get a slow-motion view of energy dissipating through simulated sand and soil when a metal projectile is dropped on the two different media. Revealing a counterintuitive truth about the physics of colliding objects, their work shows that projectiles experience more resistance when they hit the ground at faster speeds and stop sooner than expected because of it. 

The physicists used clear plastic beads that transmit light differently depending on whether they are compressed or relaxed. By putting a polarizing filter on a slow-motion camera, they were able to record impact energy moving through a pit filled with the beads in transmitted lines called force chains. 

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Sondra Scerca:
“GIA – born 54 years ago today.
I took this shot in February 1978 in a studio dressing room a few floors above Wilhelmina’s Agency. Willy had arranged for Maurice Tannenbaum to use several of her neophyte models to shoot pictures for theirs and Gia’s book. It was Gia’s first shoot in New York.
Gia was extremely nervous to be shooting with “professional” models and was convinced that they didn’t like her. To help ease her fears, I suggested we take a few shots and encouraged her to look in the mirror and see that she was their equal – or better. As she leaned into the mirror…at that moment I saw and captured the face that would impact the world of modeling forever.”

In 1987, I got my first British Vogue cover. During the shoot, you didn’t know if it would end up on the cover; they called it a “cover try”, which meant you tried your hardest to make it good. Patrick Demarchelier was the photographer. He was a gentleman; he always has been. The theme was gold and I was in Chanel. I remember going to the Vogue offices afterwards and finding out I’d made the December cover. I looked at all of those beautiful covers – with girls like Christy and Yasmin – and thought to myself, “Wow, I have one, too.” 

The next year I made the June cover of Italian Vogue, shot by Steven Klein. He was very cool and professional, but the shoot was difficult, because the makeup artist hadn’t brought the right foundation for my skin. I don’t know what kind of girl he was expecting, but I wasn’t altogether happy with the final picture, because I didn’t feel it captured my true skin tone. (Afterwards, I always took my own foundation and powder.)

Three months later, I got the cover of French Vogue, which was an even bigger deal. I’d already shot a lot for French Vogue and been told – not in an especially rude way – that a cover wasn’t a possibility. I didn’t realise that there had never been a black model on the cover. In the end, it was shot by Demarchelier in a studio in New York. I didn’t like the cover much, but when the August 1988 issue came out, it made a huge impact: finally, a black model on the cover of French Vogue. I was glad I only found out afterwards that I was making history. Otherwise, I would have felt far too much pressure.

Then, in September 1989 (the biggest issue of the year), Anna Wintour put me on the cover of American Vogue. It was nerve-racking, because I understood the importance of being a black model. That was her first September issue as editor-in-chief, and I think she was given a lot of flak for it. I will be for ever grateful.

—  Naomi Campbell, The Guardian

US to require rear-view cameras on all new vehicles by 2018

USA TODAYThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it will require rear visibility technology in all new vehicles by May 2018.

The rule, which applies to all vehicles under 10,000 pounds, will impact 2019 model-year cars. 

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Entrepreneurship is the most dynamic catalyst for growth, ultimately with the power to lift communities, cities and entire nations. The question is, how do you scale and amplify the most successful entrepreneurial models for maximum impact? 

New model explains the moon’s weird orbit

The moon, Earth’s closest neighbor, is among the strangest planetary bodies in the solar system. Its orbit lies unusually far away from Earth, with a surprisingly large orbital tilt. Planetary scientists have struggled to piece together a scenario that accounts for these and other related characteristics of the Earth-moon system.

A new research paper, based on numerical models of the moon’s explosive formation and the evolution of the Earth-moon system, comes closer to tying up all the loose ends than any other previous explanation. The work, published in the October 31, 2016 Advance Online edition of the journal Nature, suggests that the impact that formed the moon also caused calamitous changes to Earth’s rotation and the tilt of its spin axis.

The research suggests that the impact sent the Earth spinning much faster, and at a much steeper tilt, than it does today. In the several billion years since that impact, complex interactions between the Earth, moon and sun have smoothed out many of these changes, resulting in the Earth-moon system that we see today. In this scenario, the remaining anomalies in the moon’s orbit are relics of the Earth-moon system’s explosive past.

“Evidence suggests a giant impact blasted off a huge amount of material that formed the moon,” said Douglas Hamilton, professor of astronomy at the University of Maryland and a co-author of the Nature paper. “This material would have formed a ring of debris first, then the ring would have aggregated to form the moon. But this scenario does not quite work if the Earth’s spin axis was tilted at the 23.5 degree angle we see today.”
Collisional physics calls for this ring of debris–and thus the moon’s orbit immediately after formation–to lie in Earth’s equatorial plane. As tidal interactions between the Earth and the moon drove the moon further away from Earth, the moon should have shifted from Earth’s equatorial plane to the “ecliptic” plane, which corresponds to the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

But today, instead of being in line with the ecliptic plane, the moon’s orbit is tilted five degrees away from it.

“This large tilt is very unusual. Until now, there hasn’t been a good explanation,” Hamilton said. “ But we can understand it if the Earth had a more dramatic early history than we previously suspected.”

Hamilton, with lead author Matija Cuk of the SETI institute and their colleagues Simon Lock of Harvard University and Sarah Stewart of the University of California, Davis, tried many different scenarios. But the most successful ones involved a moon-forming impact that sent the Earth spinning extremely fast–as much as twice the rate predicted by other models. The impact also knocked the Earth’s tilt way off, to somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees.

“We already suspected that the Earth must have spun especially fast after the impact” Cuk said. “An early high tilt for Earth enables our planet to lose that excess spin more readily.”

The model also suggests that the newly-formed moon started off very close to Earth, but then drifted away–to nearly 15 times its initial distance. As it did so, the sun began to exert a more powerful influence over the moon’s orbit.

According to the researchers, both factors–a highly tilted, fast spinning Earth and an outwardly-migrating moon–contributed to establishing the moon’s current weird orbit. The newborn moon’s orbit most likely tracked the Earth’s equator, tilted at a steep 60-80 degree angle that matched Earth’s tilt.

A key finding of the new research is that, if the Earth was indeed tilted by more than 60 degrees after the moon formed, the moon could not transition smoothly from Earth’s equatorial plane to the ecliptic plane. Instead, the transition was abrupt and left the moon with a large tilt relative to the ecliptic– much larger than is observed today.

“As the moon moved outward, the Earth’s steep tilt made for a more chaotic transition as the sun became a bigger influence,” Cuk said. “Subsequently, and over billions of years, the moon’s tilt slowly decayed down to the five degrees we see today. So today’s five degree tilt is a relic and a signature of a much steeper tilt in the past.”

Hamilton acknowledges that the model doesn’t answer all the remaining questions about the moon’s orbit. But the model’s strength, he says, is that it offers a framework for answering new questions in the future.
“There are many potential paths from the moon’s formation to the Earth-moon system we see today. We’ve identified a few of them, but there are sure to be other possibilities,” Hamilton said. “What we have now is a model that is more probable and works more cleanly than previous attempts.

We think this is a significant improvement that gets us closer to what actually happened.”

IMAGE….In the “giant impact” model of the moon’s formation, the young moon began its orbit within Earth’s equatorial plane. In the standard variant of this model (top panel), Earth’s tilt began near today’s value of 23.5 degrees. The moon would have moved outward smoothly along a path that slowly changed from the equatorial plane to the “ecliptic” plane, defined by Earth’s orbit around the sun. If, however, Earth had a much larger tilt after the impact (~75 degrees, lower panel) then the transition between the equatorial and ecliptic planes would have been abrupt, resulting in large oscillations about the ecliptic. The second picture is consistent with the moon’s current 5-degree orbital tilt away from the ecliptic. Credit Douglas Hamilton