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You know what? I really wish people were as hyped about Sonequa Martin-Green being the first Black woman to lead in a Star Trek series as they are about the D*ctor Wh* casting. But then again, most feminists don’t care about non-White women so it’s to be expected that most of you guys don’t care about the fact that she’s making history too. And when you factor in Michelle Yeoh, you get it doubly so. Last time I checked, this is a pretty big deal for the sci-fi genre too. 

What’s strange, to me, is people thinking that the D*ctor Wh* casting gives hope to all little girls when we know that’s not true. This issue is just so very layered and complex, but there is something particularly troubling about the fact that people think a White woman should be the symbol all little girls should look up to, regardless of their race. It’s so very arrogant to believe that little non-White girls will be represented by this woman that looks nothing like them. It’s very arrogant to think that little non-White girls should look up to the new Doctor as their new hero, especially knowing this casting is only a win for White women and White women only.

People seriously underestimate the impact the media has on notions of pet ownership and what people can handle in animals.

Books, movies, TV, and internet videos from Youtube, Instagram, and The Dodo often show animals in their best moments, or even acting because they’ve been trained to do certain tasks (or are animated as humanlike characters). The fact is that the vast majority of people, even those who already have pets, have a very low or nonexistent level of animal literacy; what they take away from that kind of media oftens turns into “I want that animal as a pet.” 

People who watched Finding Nemo created an explosion of demand for clownfish and blue tangs; Harry Potter, owls; 101 Dalmatians for dalmatians, etc etc etc. When the decision to get a pet modeled after the cute, photo-ready animals seen on a screen is made, there is zero consideration as to whether or not their needs can be met and if people can actually handle them. 

Media featuring animals inevitably creates a boom of abandonment and huge environmental impact precisely because people who were in over their heads and acted purely on a whim got their dose of reality, and it’s incredibly heartbreaking to have to see the news detailing such cases. These are just some examples: 

  1. Yearly reminders have to be passed around telling people not to buy rabbits on Easter unless they’re committed to actually taking care of them  
  2. Thousands of dalmatians were abandoned when families discovered that they are very energy intensive, broody work dogs that are not suited to families with small children, unlike the cuddly Perdita and Pongo
  3. Similarly, huskies and malamutes were surrendered to shelters when people realised they are not loyal Westeros direwolves
  4. Entire ecosystems in Europe and southern Asia lost valuable apex predators when people began poaching them to sell to fans who wanted their own Hedwigs and Errols, and again abandoning them en masse when they discovered owls are highly aggressive, loud, messy, and nocturnal
  5. Japan imported thousands of North American raccoons after the release of the Disney movie Rascal, people let them loose in the wild, and Japan now has a problem trying to figure out what to do with their enormous pest population that has no natural predator in place to control their numbers
  6. Pacific Reefs suffered greatly when people demanded to have clownfish and blue tangs as pets, especially considering they were caught by being stunned with sodium cyanide, which, additionally, severely damages coral as well. NatGeo estimates that up to 90% of tropical fish imported by the US are caught by way of cyanide fishing; this often ends up for naught as these fish are often flushed down the toilet or released to the wild in other ways, which is also why the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico are under threat by voracious invasive species like lionfish   

The gist is that the media perpetuates this cycle of people reading about or seeing animal characters, demand is created, people impulse buy those animals, and then leave them for shelters to care for or release them to the wild when they get a rude awakening and find they’re actually unable to deal with those animals. 

This isn’t even counting other animals like “mini” pigs, chihuahuas, snakes, foxes, etc etc etc. And we can’t exactly blame this on over enthusiastic children when it’s adults who have the purchasing power to buy a pet, and who choose to do zero research, and who choose to indulge said children or even themselves when that I Want the TV Animal as a Pet urge comes on. 

Ignoring what is essentially weaponised cuteness used for online likes is hard, especially when faced with such palatable stuff like that gif of the owl riding the tablet stylus, or the plethora of cat videos. But it costs very little effort to not only educate yourself on the needs of animals and to also not encourage a rapacious pet trade industry, but to communicate that to others so that, hopefully, we won’t have to see things like Peter Dinklage and Jo Rowling having to make statements to the news because of this problem. 

–Mod Nick

We’re taking questions about social media & mental health

As researchers and advocacy groups examine the impact of social media usage on mental health, they are discovering both positives and negatives. While social media fosters community and allows people to connect in ways that are possible only because of the Internet, social media can also come with risks– bullying, harassment, and language of hate. This Tumblr Issue Time discussion brings together panelists from media, advocacy, and healthcare to discuss the relationship between social media and mental health, explore the positive effects it has on community, and examine solutions for how you might mitigate or address some of the negative risks. 

Our panelists will answer your questions in an Issue Time right here on @postitforward on Tuesday, May 30th. Ask anything you’d like. 

The Ask box is open now!

You can read more about our panelists after the jump,

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i saw my psychiatrist today for the first time in like a year and mentioned im moving to the UK and she was like “any particular reason?” and i guess a part of me was like i remember this person shes actually super cool bc i usually avoid talking abotu it w strangers but i was like “im getting married” 

and later she goes, “i assume it’s a he?”

and it was the best possible thing bc she was implicitly giving me the opportunity to say, no, actually! and it was SUCH A RELIEF telling strangers im getting married is always so weird bc i dont wanna like out myself to ppl??? who have like a part of my life in their control at the time we are talking especially LMFAO

but yeah so i was like no actually its a girlfriend and my psych looked SO HAPPY and honestly i havent had a lot of opportunities to feel really? safe? and excited? about all this yet like PUBLICLY, its all so unfamiliar to p much anybody i meet, moving across the entire world for this thing i really AM excited for, but like, its gay and coming out to people is terrifying.

anyway the moral of the story is: someone made me feel safe and happy about my gay marriage today and also this person seems super competent in getting me to a place where i am physically and mentally healthier and im so bummed out that i only get to see her for a handful more months bc she earned so many points w me today haha…


Tiana + Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon

  • Art does not exist in a vacuum.
  • Fiction and literature do not exist in a vacuum.(this includes fan works)
  • Freedom of speech does not and has never meant “freedom from the consequences of that speech.” It just means you can’t be persecuted by the government for what you say.
  • Don’t say it doesn’t matter. There are tons of studies that show how our creative arts and our media directly impact our lives and our world.
  • What we create matters. What we consume matters.
  • The romanticization of toxic, harmful, terrible behaviors has a direct impact on the lives of others. Yes, that means romanticizing abuse, neglect, slavery, nonconsensual acts.
  • Don’t do it. Stop doing it. Stop ignoring it because you’re uncomfortable.
  • This is not a vague blog. This is a general post that seems to be relevant time and again. It seems like there will always be another incident and I will reblog this then because I do not always have the knives spoons. Also because someone else might want to. 
  • Stop being terrible and then getting upset when you’re called out.
  • Stop defending people who get upset for getting called out. 
  • Yes, tumblr callout culture is toxic. Yes, we need a better way, but putting our heads down and ignoring the bad stuff is not that better way.
BREAKING: Hugh Hefner, Playboy Founder, Dies at 91
"He defined a lifestyle and ethos that lie at the heart of the Playboy brand," son Cooper Hefner says

Matt Donnelly at The Wrap: 

Playboy founder and icon Hugh Hefner died on Wednesday evening at 91, a spokesperson for the men’s magazine said.

Hefner passed of natural causes at his home, the famed Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, surrounded by loved ones. Burial details and memorial plans are presently unknown.

“My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer and a leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time,” his son and current Playboy Chief Creative Officer Cooper Hefner said in a statement.

anonymous asked:

Hi Sam, I appreciate your not-supporting Nazi trash Nick Spencer. Do you think the idea would have a more direct impact in terms of visibility at Marvel if there was something like a Change(.)org petition?

Honestly, I don’t think Marvel gives a shit about petitions or how we feel, which is what’s so frustrating. Nick Spencer either knows where some bodies are buried or is very good friends with the Old Boys Club. Possibly both. Possibly the latter is the reason he knows the former. And even other writers who dislike him kinda have to play ball with him because of that, which means I feel sorry for a lot of writers I actually like, too.

I think the only thing that will ever have a direct impact at a huge media corporation like Marvel is money. So if you tell them you’re upset, also tell them you’re so upset you’re not giving them money, and then don’t give them money. Better yet, tell them you’re so mad about it that you’ve started buying indy and DC titles instead, so not only are they not getting your money, their competitors are. Then go out and support some indy artists. Give your Marvel money to folks on Patreon instead, or support the independent comics most of the Marvel writers and artists we like are involved in. 

Don’t forget that Disney owns Marvel. You’re not dealing with Grandpa Stan and a bunch of artists in a big room somewhere. You’re dealing with the full force of the Disney machine. The people within the machine might understand emotion, but all the machine understands is the bottom line. When that starts to dip, that’s when changes happen. 

I’m gonna run around a little this weekend and talk to my homies who have Patreons, and maybe make a post about indy comic reccs, and I’ll come up with a list of people you can give your Captain America Money to. Stay tuned.

Semiotics in Fandom Texts

A brief lesson on media decoding for the Check Please! Fandom

Semiotics is the study of signs/symbols and their use/interpretation. It’s basically how is meaning is created and expressed. Stuart Hall, notably, had a preferred reading theory. 

There’s encoding and decoding in all media. The content creator (an artist, journalist, etc) makes a piece with an intended meaning. They encode a message into their work. It’s the job of the audience to take that piece and decode its meaning.

 Now, it’s not often that straight forward. It’s not just like you have an audio jack straight from the brain of the creator into your mind so you can download their exact intended message. You have things like ethnic, racial, regional and religious backgrounds. You have how old you are, the generation you were raised in, and  the kind of education (formal or otherwise) that you’ve received. Whether you’re nuerotypical or allisitic sometimes comes into play. What privileges, or lack thereof,  and experiences you carry with you heavily impact how you interpret media. And even when a creator comes out and says “this is exactly the lens through which I want you to see this piece,” that can still be ignored or disregarded. 

Hall broke down how an audience decodes meaning into three major categories: 

Dominant reading- you’ve hit the nail on the head. This is exactly how the creator intended you to consume this media. You figured out the message and have accepted it as such. 

Negotiated reading - you’ve taken the message, and there are parts of it that you accept. You’re negotiating your bias with how much you believe that the intended message is indeed the message. Perhaps you see how it could be interpreted differently, but you’ve chosen to accept your interpretation as THE message. 

Oppositional reading - you’ve basically rejected the entire message in favor of something more aligned with your beliefs. This is like when global warning deniers refuse to look at facts and figures because they’ve been conditioned to believe that “the science is still inconclusive”. (just one example, more on this later)

Typically, the way people read media messages is more on a spectrum. So I’ll be using qualifying terms such as “more”, “less”, “closer to” and “further from” in order to describe placement on this spectrum. 

Case Study: In Universe Meta Meta 

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the whole concrete gem?

When I first saw the image of the gem, I saw it paired with captions expressing the impact it had on black folks so I immediately saw the connection they were making it to being an example of stereotypical racist imagery (e.g. black face, g*lliw*g, m*mmy etc.) - the description (“can’t read :(”) next to the original image shared certainly didn’t make it any better.

I haven’t been able to keep track of everything that’s been said, and I haven’t been able to finish this video by two black SU fans (SwaggyThunder and SliceOfOtaku) who I watch on occasion, but the first post I saw about it was enough to make me listen (and learn from it). 

Honestly, I’m bewildered by how many people are trying to defend and/or dismiss the drawing - or rather, why’d you want to defend it. (mind you… internalised racism and the constant learnt dismissal of it is probably ‘how’ and ‘why’)

In my opinion, and this doesn’t just apply to this issue that’s risen, it doesn’t matter what the intention behind it was, the impact is enough and even if I’m, a white person, am not personally impacted by it, that doesn’t mean others aren’t. It’s our place, as white people/people who aren’t black, to listen to those deeply negatively impacted and to empathise/listen!

I would say ‘spread the word’ as well, but I feel that would be hypocritical of me as regrettably I didn’t share posts discussing the issue (I am very sorry for that) but fortunately, the crewniverse (specifically Lamar Abrams) and Rebecca Sugar have recently spoken up, apologised on their twitter/tumblr profiles and taken immediate action (after their apology was made) in making sure the drawing is removed from future printings of the Arts & origin book it was featured in - people’s genuine concerns were listened to, and I’ve seen folks like SliceOfOtaku expressed he was glad for a compassionate response and I am also glad the crewniverse did so and changes are happening because of it!

I know the SU Critical side of the fandom has gotten to the nerves of a lot of people (I must admit I can be agitated by it too) but when it comes to racism or anything discriminatory/prejudice like that, it’s important to listen, to empathise, to have compassion, to try and make a change for the better - in order to benefit everybody.

It will continue to confuse me how, a show that reinforces all those lessons, can have such a toxic fandom that continues to go against those lessons (and even intersectionality).

Even if I disagree with some points made by SU critical on other matters, I still believe it’s okay to call out/criticise the shows/films/people/etc. you like. It can result in better things, again, that can benefit everybody.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. I probably won’t discuss this further as I don’t want my voice to be heard over those who are directly impacted by such issues.

if i said anything insensitive or rude please let me know/correct me ahh


reporter: why’d you say spiderman is gay lole

andrew garfield: *launches into this nearly three-minute monologue about the social impact of heterocentrist media on lgbt and marginalized children, says, “gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, spiderman will put himself in harm’s way for anyone, he is blind to sexual orientation and that’s what he’s always represented to me,” demands that we as a society stand up for lgbt teens at risk of suicide, almost starts crying*

Being in a relationship with Jake headcanon.

Being in a relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal would include:

-          Starting off as Secret Lovers because he knows what impact the world of Media can have on someone who hasn’t got a thick skin for it already.

-          You being insecure and thinking that he’ll never make you official, that he’s just playing with you.

-          Him noticing that you’re all gloomy again while he’s cooking for you.

Jake puts the frying pan down, turn off the oven and startles you as he takes a seat next to you.  ‘Y/N, we have to take this slow, please trust me. I want nothing but the best for you, you’re everything to me’

-          You realizing he was right from the start as soon as ‘Who’s this new mysterious girl Jake Gyllenhaal is hanging out with’ articles start showing up and media starts digging into your life.

-          Both of you laying low, waiting for the excitement to cool off.

-          Everything getting cleared once Jake accepts to do an interview and speaks openly about you.

“Yes, it’s true’ he looks at the photo the host put up with you and him and smiles ‘We’re dating for 8 months now and I truly love her’

-          Both introducing each other to your families. Everybody is happy, his mother approves of you after a long talk about books over wine, while Jake is in the kitchen , preparing dinner with his sister. ‘I like this one, she’s smart’ she told him grinning and you blushed.

-          Him being supportive of your career , always listening to your ramblings and tantrums after a rough day. He always knows what to say. ‘We can’t satisfy every single person in this world Y/N, there will always be people who don’t like you, no matter what you do. Just ignore them’

-          Him clearing his throat repeatedly one evening after eating. He’s drinking more beer than usual. Who knows, he might be stressed out from his upcoming projects.

‘Something on your mind?’ you scooch closer to him on the couch and he flinches, your heart skipping a beat. This is bad.

‘Mhm , yeah’ he stands up.

Is he breaking up with you?

‘Do … you…wanna move in with me?’ he stutters and looks away, for some reason expecting the worst.

‘Yes’ you jump, pulling him into a hug.

-          Facetiming almost every day while he’s away filming. You won’t lie to yourself, it’s hard when he’s gone for months. But once he’s back, there’s no doubt it’s worth it.

-          You spending a lot of time with his mom meanwhile.

‘Hey honey’ you answer the phone, turning on the video. Your heart flutters as soon as he pops up on your screen, smiling.

‘How are you? Check this this out’ he shows you a beach ‘I wanna bring you here sometimes, it’s beautiful’

‘It is’ you grin and sneak a hand behind his mom’s shoulder, pulling her into the camera’s sight ‘Look who’s here’

‘Hey mom’ Jake chuckles ‘What are you guys up to?’

His mom lifts a bottle of wine ‘Gossip , mostly about you’

You all laugh.

-          Him teaching you his cooking secrets and watching you hopelessly fail as he’s reading the horoscope.

-          You falling asleep with your head on his lap on the couch while you’re watching some movie.

-          Him always freaking out when you tell him you’ve seen HIS film. You still don’t understand why, he knows he’s your favorite actor.

-          Going to Broadway shows and you shyly stepping aside when fangirls crowd him for photos and autographs. You’re not jealous, you never were.

-          You visiting him sometimes on set when he’s not working very far away, sometimes even as a surprise.

-          Him always falling asleep first, throwing his heavy leg over your body in the process.

-          You always waking up before him (those College days) and waiting for him downstairs with coffee.

‘Morning’ he steps inside the kitchen , rubbing his eyes and yawning. You always find him most sexy like this, in such a vulnerable state, a husky voice and messy hair.

‘Morning love’ you look up and he pecks your lips before pouring himself a nice cup of fresh coffee.

A/N: as promised to anon who requested this, sorry it took so long. I just did some BIG LINES, it’s my first headcanon, I had no idea what I was doing. LOL, hope you guys like it. (Btw anon I included the horscope part , hmph not sure if it’s what you wanted)

P.S I didn’t know how to end it, how do you end a headcanon? A little more and I would’ve made it a fic. LOL.

P.S 2 Gif not mine, found it on google. (Message me if you made it, I will give proper credit)

It’s hard not to appreciate how much HP Lovecraft has influenced modern horror and media.

  • The reference of anything otherworldly as “eldritch” was first used in a Lovecraft story.
  • The entirety of the concept of otherworldly beings sporting tentacles first appeared in a Cthulhu story, and the Great Old Ones are said to be “from the stars.”
  • The Necronomicon, one of the most identifiable staples in many horror tropes and series (such as the Evil Dead) was a part of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.
  • His stories were so revolutionary that “Lovecraftian” is not only a descriptor but an entire horror genre.
  • The name Arkham from the Batman comics was taken from a town frequently mentioned in Lovecraft’s works.
  • “Beyond description” is now a common term to describe something horrific and was inspired by Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos.
  • Lovecraft is one of the first, if not the first, horror novelist to use the occult as a staple part of his work (effectively, Lovecraftian horror is occult horror).
  • The entire concept of the Void and the Voidborn in the League of Legends game lore is taken from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, including the design for the character Kassadin, which resembles Cthulhu.
  • Cthulhu is literally now a staple horror monster that even people who don’t know Lovecraft know about.
  • Every.  Single.  Call.  Of.  Cthulhu.  Game.
  • Deep sea creatures being used as a horror element was first used by Lovecraft.
  • Seriously Lovecraft was so influential and a lot of people are surprised when I point this stuff out.  Hell, some people don’t even know he existed but he’s left such an impact on media it’s insane.

it’s so easy to feel like you’re not good enough because of the impact social media has on our perception of ourselves and others, and it’s really fucked up, you know? even if you’re the most confident person there is, there’s still that little glitch in our heads, social media fucked us