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Another Terrible Magic Item Idea: Chainmail Chain Mail

Looks like a suit of masterfully crafted chainmail. Due to its magical enchantment, it provides great protection from weapon impacts, while maintaining an impressive degree of flexibility for the user. But of course, it’s cursed.

Once you put it on, you gain all the defensive benefits of the armor, but you also have to pay the price. The armor can’t be removed through conventional means, and the user has seven days to produce seven copies of this armor and give them to seven other living people.

The copies created will automatically acquire the same properties, as well as the curse, of the original. If the debt is left unpaid by the end of the deadline, the armor will suck the life from the wearer. If it is completed in full, the curse is lifted and the user now has a badass suit of “regular” magical chainmail.


Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Views reality as a system
  • Often produces logical structures, models, and principles
  • Usually has a knack for impersonal systems and knowing how to manipulate or expound on the existing system (for example, improving on computer systems, creating hacks, or software development)
  • Prone to attributing logical “rules” to reality, based in experience
  • Conceptualizes the world around them in terms of fixed categories
  • May be vocally critical or judgmental toward those who fail to follow the “rules” of life or logical reality
  • Can quickly and easily arrange or organize logic or familiar systems
  • Picks out the logical inconsistency in others’ arguments or belief systems
  • Tends toward certainty in their views and principles  
  • Often believes their logical consistency is sound and irrefutable
  • Interested in determining the underlining principles, causal mechanisms, and systems of the world
  • Tends to see the principles they develop as universal / without exception
  • Prioritizes the consistency of their rules, principles, or beliefs over the external evidence supporting these conclusions

Extroverted Sensing (Se):

  • Greatly in tune with external possibilities
  • Often eager to engage with the environment and push themselves
  • Skilled at finding ways for others to engage with reality
  • Objectively views and catalogues the environment, with a desire to “make something happen”
  • Prefers being “hands on” to pure observation, particularly when learning new skills
  • Can often pick up physical things quickly, without former experience
  • May be forceful, confrontational, and proactive
  • Willing to “push” others simply to get things done
  • May feel a need to possess a certain degree of control over the situation, in order to feel completely at ease (service to Ti)
  • Attentive toward the impact, influence, or impressiveness their behaviors or creations can have on the outside world (may manifest this through their appearance)
  • May be critical of others’ physical appearances

Introverted Intuition (Ni):

  • Motivated by higher meanings and deeper messages
  • May desire to find a singular purpose or “higher calling” in life
  • Guided to some extent by their specific “vision” for the future
  • Trusts gut instincts and what it tells them about people or situations
  • Inclined to think in terms of the “collective” rather than the individual (Ni + Fe) in terms of success and global impact
  • Often able to assess others’ motives, characters, or intentions
  • May struggle not to have a single negative expectation for the future (believing their current case carries them toward certain doom, or that a certain outcome is unavoidable)
  • May follow others’ passions or causes rather than develop their own
  • Drawn to those who can supply them with a higher sense of purpose
  • May feel “empty” in the presence of others with strong intuitive purpose or higher ideals
  • Tends toward impulse, and often lacks self-control, due to an inability to prioritize the future over the present

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Relies on others to create an emotionally inclusive atmosphere or to generate “fun” situations
  • Desires acceptance and to be liked
  • Often quiet, reserved, or formal in their behavior
  • Frequently unaware of how they might develop camaraderie or connections with others
  • Tends to develop self to projects, which builds emotional tension; often unable to release this tension without another prompting them to do so in a healthy way
  • Respect and admire others who are deeply passionate about causes and inspire others to similar attitudes
  • Forgiving of others’ flaws in exchange for emotional connections or dynamics (inclined to overlook minor flaws, for the greater potential of emotional inclusiveness)
  • Feels more connected to the world when around lively people
  • May tend to self-monitor and avoid appearances of rudeness or others’ disapproval in groups where they don’t feel safe from emotionally-based criticism
  • Prone to explosions of temper under stress and/or emotional meltdowns

Drawn from MBTI / Socionics descriptions. Compiled by Charity.

Alucard & Ghouls

A town full of ghouls? No problem.
The first episode of Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate were so perfect for setting the tone and making a lasting impactful first impression.
I have been longing to try something like this for a long time.
The boyfriend described it as “meta”.
Maybe do one for Anderson next?

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Devon Adams on Dylan and Eric:

“’Dylan was a shy and sympathetic person. He was so sweet and kind and loving,’ his friend Devon says all these seven years later.
‘He was also disillusioned and hurt and angry at the world,’ Devon continues. ‘He had no outlet to vent his emotions; he bottled them up.’
Dylan’s disastrous depression, which was propped up by his journal entries, was talked about a lot in the papers. But in contrast to Eric, Dylan didn’t take medicine for his depression. He kept the knowledge of the depression to himself.
Devon admits that in retrospect there was something weird in Dylan’s behavior from time to time.
‘One theory is that he had Disassociate Identity Disorder, which means that one has multiple personalities, because he literally changed from one person to another around different people or circumstances,’ Devon ponders.
Dylan was a really talented person, an extremely promising and skilful poet. Devon agrees with this and also finds many other skills which he had. ‘Dylan was incredibly talented at sound design, at computer work, and at baseball,’ she says.
According to Devon, Dylan’s talent didn’t get the value it deserved, which depressed him. ‘He didn’t make the Columbine baseball team because he didn’t have a ‘name’ for himself, so he just gave up. He became apathetic, which is so dangerous,’ she says.
In this busy Western world, where creativity and being an individual isn’t valued enough, Dylan didn’t have a place to be happy. He didn’t have the ability to handle the world around him. It makes me think of the amount of humanity and potential which was lost that day. It was too much. It should never have been allowed to happen.
Forlorn Devon remembers her last genuine encounter with Dylan. It is something, which she is never going to forget. It happened in Columbine High School senior prom.
‘At prom, just three days before the shootings, Dylan and I danced to Take my Breath Away,’ Devon remembers. ‘I meant to tell him what a good friend he was and how much I cared for him, but I chickened out,’ she regrets.
‘He asked if I wanted to see The Matrix movie on that Wednesday, April 21. I said yes. He had never broken his plans with me before. That’s why I believe that a deeper mental issue came into play,’ Devon says. ‘People who want to die do not make plans. And when they entered that building they knew they were going to die.’
Talking about Eric, Devon can’t be so insightful since she wasn’t so close to him as she was to Dylan. Nonetheless, she knew Eric and was his friend, through Dylan mainly. In the media Dylan was portrayed as a follower who in a way copied Eric. Devon, however, saw it differently.
‘Oddly, it was Eric who would copy everything Dylan did, which made Dylan so angry,’ she says. ‘But it was Eric’s stronger, more violent personality that won out over Dylan.’
Otherwise the picture of Eric made by the media and experts matches the picture of him drawn by Devon. Eric was an angry and menacing teenager.
‘Eric loved to intimidate and frighten people. He would walk through the halls wearing camouflage or black, just scowling,’ Devon describes. ‘He was bitter and angry and threatening. He hated everyone and everything.’”
- excerpt from “A lasting impression. The impact of Columbine” by Sasha Huttunen (2007), pp.175-177

Unfaithful : part two

Pre-apocalypse romance : Negan x Reader

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Once you finished your bath, you dried up your body and got dressed fast so you won’t keep Lucille and Negan waiting for you to have breakfast, and you couldn’t deny you were so eager to catch up with Lucille and get to know Negan better!
You opened the bathroom ’s door then headed downstairs, when you got closer to the kitchen you accidentally heard Lucille talking in an agressive tone to Negan, you slowed your pace, they didn’t hear your footsteps because you were wearing flipflops .
“I said we will talk about this later Negan! Not now! My niece is here and the last thing I wanna hear is your shitty excuses!! So back off!” Lucille hissed.
“You know, that’s why marriage is so goddamn hard! Because, you women make it fucking hell!!! You complicate every fucking shit!!!”
Negan seemed to be real angry and he tried to keep his voice down!!!
You felt completely nervous and confused, you were torn between going back to your room and waiting for them to finish their conversation and they’ll call for you eventually or walk in and interrupt them pretending that you didn’t hear anything, last thing you wanted is to get caught in the middle of a married couple drama!!!
After a little moment of struggle, you decided fast, you cleared your throat and before you walked in the kitchen, you coughed so they end their conversation which they did. You smiled at them and they smiled back.
“Feeling good?” Lucille blurted as she handed you a plate.
“Never felt better! You guys have a comfy bath tub!” You extended your hand and took the plate from Lucille then you took a seat next to her.
“I made your favorite breakfast! ”
“Uh.. thanks Lucille but I don’t eat pancakes anymore, just eggs and coffee, I’m on a diet! ”
“Are you fucking kidding me, you look great!” Negan interrupted chuckling before adding “you women are crazy! Seriously (y/n ), you look absolutely sexy, no need for fucking diets!!!”
You felt flattered, especially that you felt it wasn’t just some compliment that most guys say to women, you felt that Negan was honest and that ,for a reason you ignored , made you feel special. However, Lucille shot an annoyed look at Negan and it made you feel weird, so you changed the topic.
“So!!! Lucille, what did I miss?? What did you do all these years? You work?”
Lucille took a sip from her mug, then put it on the table and sighed while Negan stared at her smirking while eating his eggs.
“No! Negan refused the idea of me going out to work, he is old fashioned, he thinks that a man shouldn’t let his woman work and that his duty is to provide for me everything I need!” She narrowed her eyes at him in a funny way and both you and Negan chuckled.
“Damn fucking right!!! I’m the man of the fucking house, I get you whatever you fucking need, that’s why I’m between jobs, did you ever need something I couldn’t get for you dear wife?!!” He smiled as he rubbed his beard.
You couldn’t help but to admire him and his bluntness , men like him are rare these days, a man who provides for his woman and treating her like a princess! Not to mention he’s sexy , funny and speaks his mind. You’d do anything to have a man like that, your chest clenched once you remembered your ex and how mean and abusive he was to you!
“Negan works as a coach in a primary school and and he helps his cousin Jack in selling used cars after school, of course Jack pays him well . ”
Lucille ’s voice brought back from your thoughts.

You nodded with an “oh ” was shaped on your mouth as you continued eating.
“So college girl! What are your plans for the future?!” Negan asked.
“Um … I’m going to med school next year! ”
You replied.
Both Negan and Lucille seemed impressed.
“Atta girl! We’ll have a fucking doc in the family! Can’t wait to tell uncle Bernie, but that fucker is dead!” Negan giggled “ uncle Bernie always called me a loser when I was a kid, he said unless I became a fucking doctor in the future, I’m a shame to the family! ” He laughed out loud and almost chocked in his eggs.
His laughs were contagious and you laughed along with him .
Once the three of you finished your breakfast, Lucille stood up and started collecting plates, you intended to help her but she stopped you.
“No I got this!! I’ll clean this up sweetie! Negan , why don’t you take her to the garage and you two play ping pong , I’ll join you as soon as I finish this!”
Negan mumbled a “yes, sure” and headed outside, you followed him .

Once you two stepped inside the garage, Negan joked “I’m gonna show you how to play ping pong like a motherfucking pro!!! I had enough playing with the little fuckers from school, thank God it’s summer holiday!!! No more seeing them for a couple of months, phew!!”
He chuckled as he handed you a small bat and a ball.
“Ladies first!! Now play by the fucking rules, rules are important! You try not to let the ball fall off the table and as you bounce it back …”
“Negan! I know how this game is played!!!” You cut him off giggling.
Negan raised his brows.
“So you think you know how to fucking play ping pong?? it’s a sport by the way!”
“It’s easy and stupid! ” you said in a teasing and challenging way!!! And you could feel that he was triggered.
“Oh, that so?! Ok then little girl, lemme see what you fucking got!” Negan licked his lips and positioned himself on the other side of the table, prepared for you to hit the ball. You let the light ball bounce on the table and you hit it towards Negan who bounce it back to you , for a split second, you thought you can handle this stupid little ball, but you couldn’t and it fell off the table.
Negan chuckled as he threw his head back.
“Ha! Thought you said it’s stupid and easy!”
You grabbed the ball and hit it again.
More than ten minutes passed and you struggled to keep up with Negan, he was beating you in the easiest ways!!! He hardly made an effort, while you were a mess, you were sweating and panting from moving forward and backward, from trying to bounce the ball back with the little bat, and also from running and chasing the ball once it falls on the ground. Heat wasn’t helping too .your see-through shirt stick to your body because of the sweat, your cleavage was showing, you tugged strands of your hair behind your ears and wiped sweat from your forehead with your forearm. Negan couldn’t help but to stare, he couldn’t look away, his smirk fell off his face and his hazel eyes were burning and fixated on your cleavage, he didn’t realize that you noticed him staring, somehow you didn’t mind and you let him look, it wasn’t like you to let men especially married ones , stare at your body but for an unknown reason you made an exception for Negan. But then you felt ashamed for doing so, he was your aunt’s husband and it felt so trashy, so you pulled the collar of your shirt up , it was a desperate attempt to cover your cleavage because your sweat and the see-through fabric of the shirt weren’t helping much , Negan noticed that, he cleared his throat and looked away as he gulped .
“Uh..I feel so fucking thirsty .. you wanna drink something? Water? Lemonade? ” Negan said as he rubbed the back of his head.
“Lemonade is good! ” you replied fast.
Without looking at you, he nodded and left the garage to bring you lemonade. You muttered at yourself.
“Ugh! What was that (y/n)? ” you huffed.
You’re here for just a couple of hours and you already feel weird attraction towards your aunt’s husband! You never were a home wrecker! You were always a respected and loved gal. But you weren’t feeling stable the last couple of weeks, because of you breaking up with your ex boyfriend, you thought that spending the summer away from Texas will make you forget about the prick who turned your life into a living hell, but instead you felt attracted to a man who is not and never will be yours!!! You internally cursed yourself for having such thoughts! But you couldn’t blame or judge yourself for too long though, sexual tension is a normal thing , you don’t have to fuck every guy you feel attracted to. it’s not like you’re gonna fuck him or anything you thought! It’s just a harmless attraction and admiration, it would probably last just for a couple of hours and once you get to know Negan better it’d go away, it’s probably the first impressions impact. Yeah ,he’s charming and sexy but maybe he’s just another asshole! !!
You shook your head trying to get rid of these overwhelming ideas!
“Hey, here’s your lemonade!” Lucille said as she walked in, and extended the glass to you . Negan wasn’t with her but you couldn’t dare to ask.
“How was playing ping pong with Negan? ” Lucille added.
“Tiring and hard!” You smiled as you pointed to your shirt.
“You’re gonna need another shower !” Lucille laughed .
“Looks like it!!!” You took a sip from your lemonade and then headed out of the garage, Lucille followed you out, you two saw Negan getting in the car.
“Where you going, Negan! ” Lucille asked curiosly
“Uh.. to work, Jack called! See you later ladies!”
Negan stepped on the gas and drove a little faster than he’s supposed to, Lucille murmured a doubtful “yeah right!”
You didn’t know what was that all about, it’s true you didn’t even spend a whole day with them yet but there was definitely something wrong between Lucille and Negan, you wanted to ask her about her marriage but you decided against it! It wasn’t your business and if there’s something that Lucille wants to tell you, she will eventually. So you kept your mouth shut and headed to the bathroom for another shower.

You spent the rest of the day with Lucille, catching up and telling stories to each other , some of them are funny, but neither of you spoke about Lucille ’s marriage and her relationship with Negan or about your miserable love life, you kept talking about casual topics and recalled memories of your childhood.
You and Lucille had lunch and dinner together, alone with no sign of Negan. Lucille pretended to ignore his absence and you genuinely thought he’s caught in work in the beginning , but it’s too dark to be working, even used cars salesmen don’t work late, and it was already 10 pm.
“Lucille, I wish I could stay up but I’m tired today and I need to go to bed if it’s ok with you!” You blurted yawning.
“Sure thing sweetie, I gotta go to bed too! Feeling a little dizzy today, tomorrow we’ll go to the lake and have fun!”
“Oh! Ok then , sounds good to me!” You smiled.
Both of you got off the couch and went upstairs. Lucille opened the door to her bedroom then turned to you and said.
“Good night sweetie! ”
“Good night Lucille! ”
You continued your path to your bedroom, once you’re in you took off your dress and tossed it away then you threw yourself on the bed and in no time you fell asleep.

You were having a good night sleep when a sound of a door being slammed woke you up! Your eyes flew open and you sat on the bed so fast, the sound startled you. You heard loud voices, they were Lucille and Negan’s but you couldn’t figure what they were saying, Negan’s voice was coming from outside the house, curiosity made you get off the bed and without turning the lights on you leaned your head to the wall to listen to what they were talking or better yet fighting about, but voices were still unclear so you moved the curtains and peeked through your window as you slightly opened it.
“God fucking damn it Lucille, open the fucking door!!!” Negan shouted.
“Lower your voice Negan and fuck off, go back to your whore!” Lucille ’s voice was lower than Negan’s, she locked him outside, and he was standing in the front porch.
“Come on baby! Let’s fucking talk about this!! ” Negan was less mad this time .
“No! We talked about this many times, now let me sleep and fuck off!” Lucille hissed.
“Baby you’re gonna let me fucking sleep in the godamn street? It’s 2 am! Where am I supposed to fucking go? open the door before our fucking neighbors call the police!”
Lucille ignored him, and he could hear her footsteps going upstairs and once he didn’t get a reply, he kicked the door once after he let out a string of curses then he walked towards the car, your eyes kept following his steps.
And as if he felt that someone was watching him he turned around to look up and he saw you peeking through the window not to mention that you were only wearing your lace panties and matching bra ,it’s true that your lights were off but it was full moon and you were certain he saw your bra, you gasped and took few steps back as you covered your chest with both of your hands. You breathed hard and bit harder on your lip. Your subconscious was urging you to get back to sleep, after all this isn’t your business but you decided otherwise and you wanted to see if Negan was still standing there or he just left, so this time you turned your lights on and opened the window completely. You placed both your palms on the frame of the window and looked down to see Negan was still there, but this time he was sitting on the driver’s seat of his car , you could see a little red dot and fumes , he was smoking. You got closer to the window till your abdomen was stick to the wall, and you gave him a better look to your bra and shape, you could see the way he was staring at you. He was definitely admiring what he was seeing.
You didn’t understand why you were doing this, why you became so trashy all of the sudden around him but you blamed it on him, why did he have to be so damn sexy ! You broke up with your ex a couple of months ago , it was painful and stressful and you needed something to occupy your brain with. ‘You didn’t find anything better than seducing your aunt’s husband you little whore and you just got here!! ’ you thought to yourself , his eyes were eating you out, you sighed then you grabbed the curtains and enclosed them. Then You headed to your bed and got under the silky covers, you screw your eyes shut as you tightly gathered your thighs together . You couldn’t sleep that night and neither could Negan or Lucille.

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Unfair (Daryl Dixon)

word count: 1, 216

request: OK so my prompt is following season 7 episode 1 but instead of it being Glenn that died after Daryl punched Negan can it be the reader? And that the reader and Daryl were together and Daryl is crying and at the end has a flashback of them together?

requested by: anon

warnings: death (duh) 

a/n: hopefully, you like this, anon!! and I don’t think I used any specific pronouns but I could (most likely, as always) be wrong.

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Meat and Spicy Ramen

Scenario: Based off of Zico’s episode of celebrity bromance episode of Taejoon cooking and Zico being a cute little shit.
A/N: Written because Zico is, indeed, an adorable little shit and I couldn’t handle his actions or comments during all four episodes of Celebrity Bromance. So a super short thing written for his rude ass. P.S. I didn’t have a good title for this, so you get that lame one also. I needed an excuse to use Eureka gifs because reasons. I have no regrets for some of the gold I found. Hope you guys like it!
Genre: Zico x Reader

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

He was dancing around you while you were throwing some extra seasoning on the meat. Your peripherals catching him in time as he swiped a freshly baked cheesy bread roll you’d just pulled out of the oven.

“Aish, you’re going to spoil your appetite before we even eat,” you grumbled.

You turned your attention back to the meat grilling in the pan. It took all the willpower you had not to look around you while Zico continued to dance. His song, “Eureka,” blaring through his phone’s speakers.

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I just finished watching Naruto...

And yep, I’m on my way in Naruto Shippuden.

I just want to share my reaction or thought about it.

I don’t really like the openings or endings of Naruto except for the Opening 3. For me, the openings or endings didn’t make a good impression impact in my mind, but thanks to Opening 3, I thought not a single music would stick in my mind.

Like I said, I like the father-son relationship of Naruto-Iruka. I also like the friendship-family-like relationship of Team 7, where Kakashi serves as a Father, Sasuke as a brother (well, narusasu is a brotp.), and Sakura as a sister.

For otp, I noticed there’s a sasusaku, naruhina, and shikamari foreshadowing?

Overall, I ship Sasuke and Sakura. Why? Because they remind me a Kill Me, Heal Me’s (k-drama) OST called “Auditory Hallucination”. Besides, though a half-baked Naruto enthusiast when I was still an elementary kid (Grade 3, to be exact), I kinda route this ship.

I also ship Naruto and Sakura. Why? I can relate to Naruto having a crush who’s in love with someone else. Especially that EP 110, he promised her that he will return Sasuke. I feel like he’s a moon who shines brightly in Sakura’s dark days.

I’m okay with Naruto and Hinata. Well, I can’t say I will be a hardcore shipper of this, but I’m okay with it.

As for my favorite character, I like Gaara, Neji, Tsunade, and Shikamaru. Well, I really love Gaara’s back story rather than Naruto and Sasuke tho (Idk, I still know about Naruto, hopefully the Shippuden will gove more about Naruto and Sasuke). As for Neji, he’s really cool and calm! Tsunade is a pretty woman, responsible Hokage, and she’s funny at some time. Shikamaru is the real thug boss, I mean he fits being a thug meme of shades, bling-bling, and cigarette lol.

I like the EP where they fought Zabusa and Haku! (I will really miss those two! TT) That’s my favorite villain fight (not Orochimaru or whatsoever).

I also like the story of Yakumo, Menma, and the Star Village. I think that’s all?

Well then I’ll proceed to Naruto Shippuden!


salty as hell

Sometimes we come across patients who forever alter the way we practice as nurses; The very first patient who coded on our watch, the first patient who expired, or the first who survived a cardiac arrest - defied all odds to be subsequently discharged home. The very first patient who challenged our knowledge, or beliefs; prompting us to learn more, or take a stand - whether it was about our own confidence, values, or perhaps gain a deeper insight into our deepest fears. The impact of grief, or memory of extraordinary circumstances never quite leaves a nurse, regardless of how far we advance, or any time that may pass - impressions of the lives we encountered that remind us of our own humanity.
—  Nurse X
one way or another [pt.1]

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info: high school!au/slice of life; in which you make first experiences with the matter of love, and are unwillingly dragged into a path of defining that very word—jungkook will eventually show you that it’s not all about butterflies.

word count: 2753

genre: fluff??

chapter index: 1, 2  >> mobile masterlist

note: this story is going to show different aspects of a relationship and is not necessarily in a chronological order in the later parts. the focus lies in their definitions of love and certain aspects of it. this will feature fluff, smut and angst. also, the setting will change later on in the series. 

this one is for @yoonminnings viv

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‘This is Bilqis’

‘She doesn’t upload selfies to gain attention.’

She doesn’t need approval of other people because she is already a strong confident woman who only needs to please herself and Allah. The only thing that really matters.

‘Bilqiz knows she’s hot but hell is hotter.’

She knows she’s already beautiful because Allah made her. Allah never makes mistakes. He created us uniquely and beautifully she will never question why she has xyz etc. She can look in the mirror and she is happy with what she sees. She doesn’t need other people to tell her that - especially brothers because she already knows she is beautiful. She doesn’t need to make other girls jealous because they are not competition - they are our sisters, just like your own sisters. She fears Allah because the images on the Internet can be seen by anyone and used in the most disgusting way. Everything you do on the Internet will be questioned, just as if you had done this physically in real life.

‘She uses social media to make an impact, not to impress.’

She is using social media for the greater good and for the sake of Allah. She is using this to reach people who need help, to share what will benefit because she knows that there are so many souls in need of that help. She wants to help in a way that you wouldn’t need to post images of yourself to get that help because deep down maybe they are not happy with themselves. Because it all starts from within.

As requested, a few more excerpts from “A lasting impression”

The impact of Columbine for Eric’s and Dylan’s friends
“Mark Manes and Philip Duran, the only ones sentenced in the aftermath, have paid their debt to society. They are free from prison, and although the tragedy will be a cross to bear for the rest of their lives, they are now continuing those lives, trying to move on.
Also Eric and Dylan’s friends, who were put through hell after the event, are now doing well. Brooks Brown has his own videogame firm, Nate Dykeman is living happily in Florida, Robyn Anderson became a mother a few years ago, Zach Heckler runs a technology consulting company and Devon Adams graduated from the university of Denver and is now [2007] working in theatre. Also she is successfully moving on with her life, though she feels that she can never leave Colorado. Because of Columbine.
“Since it happened I find myself more willing to tell my friends what they mean to me,” Devon says. “I’m more open about how I feel. When people ask me ‘how are you?’  and when I’m honest, it kind of freaks them out. I have anxiety attacks. I have flashbacks. I am less willing to implicitly trust someone. I have trouble making friends.”
On the other hand, Devon has also got opportunities and experienced things which she would have never got unless all this had happened. “I’ve done interviews with news sources from around the world, I consulted on a Hollywood film, I lobbied for stricter gun regulations in Washington, I met President Clinton three times, I met Michael Moore, whose film meant a great deal to me, I wrote an article for Newsweek, I wrote a book of poetry with my friends, and so on,” she lists. “These are things that would never have been an option before,” twenty-four-year-old Devon admits.
“But I also find myself unable and unwilling to leave Colorado. My connection here is too deep,” she ponders. Many of her high school friends have already left the state. “I have trouble with personal relationships. As with those first days and weeks, when I get upset, I don’t like to be touched. I hate being coddled. I am always lonely.”
Devon has understood the shortness of life. Therefore she wants to live it the fullest and make the best of every single day. There is not a moment to waste. “The one thing that has stayed with me so strongly is the sense that life is really fucking short. That each day is a beautiful, precious gift,” she says.
“My family pressures me to get a crap job, but if I’m not enjoying it, what is the point? I could die tomorrow and I already have too many regrets. I will not accumulate more,” she argues, with good cause.
Devon will not gainsay the influence of Columbine.
“Columbine changed my life. It is a part of who I am. I think about every day. I have not ‘gotten over it’ – but I also do not dwell on it. It’s a part of my past – it will affect my future,” she philosophizes. “But it is not an excuse.” “
- excerpt from “A lasting impression. The impact of Columbine” (2007)  by Sasha Huttunen. pp. 294-295

WWE announces the signing of Kana

STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE announced yesterday the signing of international superstar Kanako Urai, aka Kana, to the NXT division. Kana will officially report to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla., in late September.

Over the course of her 11-year career, Kana has become one of the most exciting women ever to compete in Japan. She has appeared in many organizations throughout the country and has held multiple championships. Last month, Kana made a surprise appearance at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, sitting in the audience ringside next to WWE Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

“We are very excited to have Kana join the NXT roster,” said Triple H, WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Creative and Live Events. “Her exciting in-ring style will make an immediate impact on the already impressive NXT women’s division.”

Thursday 3rd November - Part One show report

I bought tickets to this show back in June, just a week after I saw the play for the first time, and I can honestly tell you I have never been more excited. However, midweek shows are a bit awkward, especially over two days, so I spent the longest time considering switching to a different day or into a different seat. I’m truly glad I didn’t. I think this was one of the best part ones I’ve seen. Anthony had the audience wrapped round his little finger, Jamie was particularly fired up, and Nicola Alexis was a pretty spectacular Hermione. 

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[TRANS] ‘ANAN’ Magazine February Issue - PT.1 [ B.I x BOBBY x DONGHYUK ]

[ Jinhwan & Junhoe ] | [ Yunhyeong & Chanwoo ]


Q: Please tell us what do you think of when people say “Ah! That’s your charm!”

Bobby: B.I is…

B.I: The fact that we have a lot of skinship.

Q: A self-confession? *laughs* As you say this, now you’re linking arms with Bobby and your left hand is on Donghyuk’s thigh.

B.I: *gets startled and becomes bashful all of a sudden*

Bobby: Girls may like it, but honestly I can’t really deal with it well (B.I’s skinship)

Donghyuk: Maybe it’s because Bobby was schooled in America? The other members don’t care as much, but for me I welcome it.

Q: Where do you often touch ?

B.I: A variety of…everywhere.

Bobby: Down to the dangerous places.

*3 members burst into laughter*

B.I: Wait-wait a minute! It’s because it’s a habit. I’ve been very touchy-feely since young.

Bobby:  B.I’s charm, rather than skinship is more of definitely being able to say what needs to be said, whether the other party is a senior, producer or a trainee that is younger than him. Towards the members, because he’s able to convey criticism to us clearly I think that’s why we were able to grow to what we are today.

Q: Towards the famously strict President Yang, are you able to speak out/object to what he says as well?

B.I: I can’t do that/It’d be bad to. As long as I’m in YG that would be unreasonable *laughs*. As for Donghyuk…his charm is his freedom and existence.

Donghyuk: What is that…*laughs*

Q: Jinhwan said this :”The charm of iKON lies in Donghyuk’s existence.”

Donghyuk: *claps his hands and erupts into laughter* Everyone, what are you saying? *laughs* Since this is a proper interview, please use more understandable/logical answers.

B.I: Because we sincerely mean it. Donghyuk is a good/pleasant person, because he has a bright personality  he’s able to become friendly with anyone. When we first met Donghyuk helped by breaking the ice.

Bobby: The way he eats is also cute. Although this can be a charm or a weakness…

Donghyuk: You want to say I eat too much, right? *laughs* I put on weight since our debut. A little. Because of that, recently what I eat is checked by B.I.

Bobby: “Yesterday night what did u eat?” What time did you eat?” Things like that. Those are the questions he asks.*laughs*

Donghyuk: So! Before we carry on with this let me change the topic. The way Bobby thinks before he acts can also be said to be “the manliest of men”. That aspect of him is cool. When you want to get a girl you like, what do you do ?

Bobby: *pushes against the wall as if it’s a real situation*  You, I like you!

B.I: Pew pew~! But, as I thought, the most charming point of Bobby is his baby-like smiley face. Even in times where work  gets tough Bobby’s smiley face has saved me many times. I think that aspect of Bobby has contributed to raising iKON’s image more than anything else.

Bobby: The strongest smiley face ! Charisma! I’ve neem thankful that the sunbaes also told me they like my smiley face. Previously I also received a compliment from BIG BANG’s TOP sunbaenim that my face was “Cute!” I was very happy to hear that, so I started going smiley-eyed whenever I met TOP. In response TOP sunbaenim had an astonished expression and said “What’s wrong?”. It was rather a feeling of being rejected.

Q: Painful. *laughs* However you guys are really harmonious!

Bobby: Probably because we live together. The members have always been together,  for a long time of about 5 years and we haven’t fought even once.

Donghyuk: Although there are times when our opinions differ, because we give in to each other it doesn’t become a fight.

B.I: Our teamwork is also good!

Donghyuk: The time when you can feel our teamwork the most is when we dance together for <RHYTHM TA>!

B.I: During our practices when we are able to decide as a team on something it’s an amazing feeling.

Bobby: Our teamwork is our biggest weapon.

Q: Do you have something, your individual appeal that you use as your killer weapon on stage ?

Donghyuk: For me it’s dance. I show my dancing in the middle of talking and whenever there are gaps/changes I dance…

Bobby: That’s a hindrance for me *laugh*.  Can I talk about B.I’s ? B.I winks on stage, but only once. He keeps a proper facial expressions, but at the most important times he does it once. That’s why the impact of it is impressive. More importantly I’m envious of his ability to communicate with fans.

Q:Are you the tsundere( a hot-cold personality type) type in love too ?

B.I: I haven’t experienced being in a relationship…

Donghyuk: He’d probably be surprisingly tsundere in a relationship too ? *laughs* Bobby’s killer tactic for a relationships is his “cool stoic face”. That is definitely a calculated move!

Bobby: Fufufu. From a smiley face to a cool stoic face!

Donghyuk: A win with cool face..I’ll learn it *laughs*

Trans by FAIRYJINHWAN_ | take out with full credits.

“Dylan’s friends liked his parents a lot. They were casual and convenient people, and one had to adore how close they were to both of their sons – without being too intrusive. Both Tom and Sue preached and practiced the values of empathy and loyalty to their sons. This was probably the reason why Dylan grew up to be such a courteous person who always considered what others would feel before doing or saying anything. He never wanted to disappoint his friends or make them feel bad. Dylan was interested in many things, but for some reason religion wasn’t a big deal for him. In contrast to his father, his mother was Jewish – although she didn’t try to force Dylan to be excited about the Jewish faith.”
- excerpt from “A lasting impression. The impact of Columbine” (2007)  by Sasha Huttunen. p. 46