impact festival

Ghost @ Impact Festival 2013 - My first Ritual

So yesterday was the first time I saw Ghost live. As I mentioned a couple of times, I knew I was not ready and gosh was I right. 

When I heard the first notes of Masked Ball (which btw is a Romanian church song played backwards feels proud to be a Romanian) I thought I was going to die. And then the Ghouls entered the stage and I seriously thought I would suffocate. Infestissumam was great, I love this song with all my heart. Then Papa cameand so did I…Satan knows I have seen so many pictures and videos of him but I was not expecting this. He really is a majestic and beautiful creature.

I had strategically placed myself in the middle of the stage, front row. And boy was it a marvellous decision. I got some intense Papa staring for the majority of the time while he stood still. He is pretty much the complete definition of SEX. He shagged the mic stand like nobody’s business, licked the mic on “Stand by Him” and jerked it later on on “Monstrance Clock” (yet I was the only one screaming when he did that…foolish mortals not catching stuff). And oh my, his EYES and his STARE HNNNGG! I once reblogged a picture of him staring and said that he can see into our souls. I was oh so right. Also, he blew me a kiss as once “Stand by Him” started and he was indicating us to clap, I was the only one doing so. It was quite funny as he was on the right side of the stage, the song begun and I started clapping as it just felt right, Papa was just returning to the mic stand and showing his disapproval of the audience not following his instructions, saw me clapping and blew me a kiss. Even know when I am remembering this I am getting shivers down my spine…So yeah, in Wiena I will keep the same position in the audience, I am craving for more Daddy E staring/pointing fingers/blowing kisses at me.

As for the Ghouls…Alpha is a stud but I already knew that. I got the mouth porn I wanted and I also found it funny to see that he was actually singing the songs. I never knew if when he showed his mouth he was either screaming or gasping for air. Omega is PERFECT. If I see another fat/plump comment I will go berserk because after seeing him I cannot see the issue. Nameless Keyboardist…thank you for SOON-ing me. Nameless Drummer and Bassist…oh sweet Satan I am so sorry for neglecting you guys for so long. You both are some sexy motherfuckers.

They replaced Death Knell with Prime Mover. Was I disappointed? Not quite as I know I will see them in Wiena and then they will play a full set.  Also, I really got obsessed with Prime Mover during my stay in Poland.

Conclusions? I love them more than ever, can’t wait to see them again and now I want to do even more bad/perverse things to them. Hell Ghost!