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because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way

Call For Papers

It should not be surprising that a digital journal takes seriously the question of digital materiality: what does it mean for the digital to be and how does the being of the digital impact the social relations in which it is nested and from which it emerges? Perhaps more urgently, as theorists and radicals in the Marxist tradition, we are tasked with a responsibility to engage with the materiality of the digital. How are we to think through, and alongside, our relationship with digital materialities both as postcolonial and neoliberal subjects (for whom the digital is either inescapable or inaccessible), and as radicals for whom challenging the conditions which gave rise to the predominance of the digital is a paramount task?

In Δ1.2, we are seeking submissions that engage with or open up these questions of the digital. We are interested in a variety of perspectives, from critical inquiry to tactical guides, ontological and metaphysical analyses to critiques of virtual economies. Although we will accept a wide range of topics, our primary focus with this issue is the implication of emerging studies of the materiality of the digital for leftist thought. Submissions should be between 2000 and 15000 words in length and should follow Chicago style manuscript preparation. Submissions should represent original work which interacts with relevant literature. All finished submissions should be sent to by June 1st.

About The Publication: ΔMag is a journal which seeks neither to fear nor hope, but only look for new weapons in spaces outside the walls of the academy.


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To Be Shown in IMAX®&4DX®! The Movie FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST to Open with the Largest Number of Screenings for a Japanese Film!

The movie Fullmetal Alchemist will be screened in IMAX & 4DX! You’ll be able to enjoy this movie even more if you watch the IMAX screening version with the impactful, high-quality stunning digital footage that spreads across several walls from left to right and from the floor to the ceiling, along with an impressive sound system. Or, [you can enjoy] the 4DX version with many iconic scenes that go well with this type of screening and where the intensity of the movie can be fully experienced. 

Now, adding the IMAX 2D and 4DX screenings to the regular 2D version ones, there will be a total of over 400 screenings scheduled. [Fullmetal Alchemist] will become the Japanese film with the largest number of screenings upon opening! 

The one taking the megaphone for this movie was footage specialist Director Fumihiko Sori who worked under Director James Cameron on the CG of Titanic (1997) and who also opened a new door in Japanese film with Pin Pon (2002). 

At the opening ceremony of the Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition, Winry’s actress, Tsubasa Honda, commented on a part of the footage that she saw as the movie approached completion, “The film constantly gave a great deal of importance to the manga so the scenes that everyone wants to see are all packed into the movie! I was very moved when I was actually able to see a battle scene where transmuted materials were used. The footage was gorgeous!”

Kanata Hongo, who played the Homunculus (artificially created human) Envy, gave his seal of approval, “Plenty of famous scenes have been reproduced [in the movie]. The quality [of the movie] is not at the level of current Japanese films, it’s beyond it.” It’s become clear that this movie has surpassed current Japanese visual effects technology by a long shot. We can’t wait for the opening of Fullmetal Alchemist, the movie that is paving the way for future Japanese movies!

Source: hagaren-movie tumblr

thepeppermintpig  asked:

What do you think about the advent of the digital age and it’s impact on manliness?

The digital age has been around for quite a while. Before the 1990s it was confined to businesses and grew quickly with the spread of Internet use. Today it pervades everything we do, supported by smart phone use. The very fact that I’m using Tumblr chat to respond to your message on my blog is one example. We need to remember though that the viewing of screens, on smart phones, pads or laptops is a form of consumption. We are consuming images every time we use these devices. Consumption is the lingua franca of the Consumer Culture, the way individuals participate in the culture. Since manliness is measured by the ownership of possessions in the Consumer Culture, screen consumption is another way to define values and ownership. The Martial Culture defines Manliness as the ability and willingness to fight. We fighters view screen consumption for what it is - another form of consumption linked directly to the Consumer Culture. Manliness and the love of that Manliness defines who we are - not the consumption of endless screen information. We view the internet as a tool, to be used wisely. Unfortunately the Consumer Culture manipulates Men through digital use, enticing Men to consume images compulsively. The Martial Culture keeps us fighters deeply in touch with our bodies, minds and values. We are firmly grounded by our Manliness, driven by Eros, our love of Manliness, to train and fight. We’re a tough lot and not manipulated easily by the values of the toxic Consumer Culture. Hopefully enough Men will realize this and choose to train and fight, resisting the manipulation of a culture that defines manliness through ownership and endless destructive consumption. Thank you for your question. Train and fight! Always seek Manliness!  WarriorMale

SLF Jevan and Anahira - Impact LARP Commission 

Jevan’s player originally requested this last September, but I was having a rough time getting things done then. Now I’ve got a new computer, better skills, and an updated Art Program, so here it is, finally!

a little doodle of markiplier! // @markiplier

i wanted to doodle a markiplier because i was feeling really sentimental. i remember my freshman/sophomore yeas ; year i didn’t have much friends. not that i necessarily minded, i enjoyed my relatively solitary existence & i’d yet to really come out of my shell. this sort of made me prey; i didn’t have that strong a network within my school network which made it relatively easy to pick on my. however, it wasn’t my friends or peers that bullied me ; it was a teacher. i don’t want to say who because a handful of friends from school have my personal & if they don’t know about him, it’s likely because they like him. he was someone i once wanted to impress; someone i respected. i don’t really want i walked into his class every day with this overwhelming dread in my stomach. i had him first period every day in a class i used to be so damn passionate about; a passion he sucked dry. 

it was about halfway through my freshman year when i started contemplating suicide. it was before i was introduced to theatre or speech & debate & i was having trouble dealing with personal things & they way this teacher in question acted was the last push in that direction. there were near attempts, things i’d prepared but never followed through with… & at one point i was introduced to the videos of markiplier in my recommended videos. 

his videos helped me; i remember one night i was sitting in my room. i’d wrapped myself up with blankets with that fog over depression just suffocating everything else. it was a particularly bad day; the teacher in question had given my solo to another student because i’d missed quite a few days of class in a row ( mostly because i was avoiding him; i pretend to be sick ) & i was thinking about some trouble i was having with my mother. i was also going through a very rough breakup at the time; someone i thought i loved cheated on me & i found out through instagram… & i watched a markiplier video. a really old one, one of the really old slender ones… & the fog didn’t really go away, but i smiled. i smiled & i laughed & i enjoyed this little video of a stranger playing a game i wasn’t even good at…

move on to the summer of my sophomore year; indypopcon 2015. markiplier was coming to Indiana. marikiplier was going to be 45 minutes away from where i was living at the time… i bought a ticket & i stood in line for 8-9 hours to meet him. i remember all the wonderful people i stood in line with, i remember the little boy who snuck in the line because his mother wouldnt let him stand there for hours on end & i pretended he was with me so no one would call security. i remember the girl with a homemade jacksepticeye jacket & i remember tyler running around the outside of the line doing dumb tyler stuff. 

by the time i got to mark, jack & bob, wade had already left for a tournament he had entered ( i think? ) but bob was interacting with the line. i remember him stepping up to my cousin & i & saying ‘ im not supposed to cross this line but i live by my own rules’ & theni got to mark & god was i suprised at how short he was… & how willing he was to take this sobbing stranger into his arms in one of the best damn hugs i’ve ever gotten. i cried for a solid ?? 2 hours after that 2 ½ minute meeting & i was tired & emotionally exhausted by the end of the day… but i still claim it to be one of the best days of my life. up there with the time i unrappwed my dad for christmas when i was eight ( he lived in indiana i lived in maryland; i wasnt really expecting it ) & the day i made it to state finals for speech & debate ( something i had worked towards for three years ). i think i can honestly say that was the turning point where i started to reach a better… not a better place in my life, but a better representation of who i wanted to be.

i just? i wanted to share this bit of my life & offer an ambiguous thank you that i hope will be felt in mark’s left toenail or something because honestly it feels good to talk about this. about the impact he’d had on my life.