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Dear Journal,

I might have to leave for a little while. Father’s been increasingly stressing the importance of marriage, he sounds…. strange. To make matter’s worse he keeps bringing up that man- no… that PIG far too much for my liking. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Link! If I had known he’d…oh, but that’s in the past- the only thing I can do now is find a way to fight back on my own. It was foolish of me to think Link could do this all on his own, brave as he, is having an insider isn’t enough. It’s time for me to disappear for a while. Impa- my maid, mind you- said a little “trip” should be in order. I’ve heard it’s lovely in the South this time of year.

Not sure when I can write again, but still yours,


1920′s zelda au

The Modern History of Zelda

I just finished a full edit of my Zelgan fic The Modern History of Zelda, which is complete at 14 chapters and 56,000 words. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, please let me tell you about it…

The Modern History of Zelda is set in a version of Hyrule that has just entered into an industrial revolution. Zelda, who is more concerned with practical statecraft than she is with folklore and superstition, is the embodiment of the spirit of this era. Ganondorf is the heir to an ancient civilization that holds magic and technology in equal regard, and he is well versed in both science and his mystical heritage.  

The story begins with the pollution of Lake Hylia, which has caused a water crisis in the desert. Ganondorf therefore rides to Hyrule to discuss the matter with the king, who sends Zelda out to investigate. Zelda accompanies Ganondorf across Hyrule, and she determines that the blight affecting the lake is more complicated than she suspected. Ganondorf invites her to spend time in his city so that she can better understand the alternative modernity of the Gerudo.    

Both Ganondorf and Zelda are in their late twenties, and they regard each other as equals. They are also extremely attracted to one another.

Unfortunately for them, Hyrule’s progress as a civilization has acted as the catalyst for an endless cycle of destruction and regeneration, and their meeting is fated to end in tragedy unless they can somehow find a way to overcome the violent legacy of the past.  

Although the emphasis of the story is on adventure and romance, it also features speculation on the nature of Hyrule, the Triforce, and the relationship between the three Triforce bearers. Meanwhile, Link is a cutie pie, Impa is a badass, the King of Hyrule is a sincerely conflicted adult, and there are plenty of Gerudo characters running around and threatening to steal the show.    

The Modern History of Zelda is available on AO3 and on, and you can find short excerpts and a bit of discussion under its tag on Tumblr.  

Thanks for reading!