So I’m going on a tumblr hiatus

Seeing as Tumblr has decidedly tried to protect me from “sensitive content” even though I’ve been on here for now 3 years or so,and that “sensitive content” is body positive posts, gay pride, LGBT post in general, and good memes. If tumblr becomes less bad, I’ll return. But until then, see y’all in 2018

-A salty poodle



Kun löydät käänteiskentaurin in real life

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SO," DO YOU LIKE ME TIGHTS? DO you want to ride it? -what?- idk,i just have that urge" then like,the other person before that,was,other day,just dry humping,and cuz they just love themselvs,was just a need of friction,-IDK. IM FEELING MY DESIRES VERY EXPOSED BY MYSELF RIGHT NOW,GURL- BASICALLY,instinct,gurl. that turns me on. and jk +truth or dare,was exactly like that. even the Yn. just no prejudice. if the other wants to hump,than that'll be. if wants to kiss your back,you will let them. imout

Why are you doing this to me when it’s almost 1AM ??!! HOW AM I GOING TO SLEEP NOW 😭😭😭 JUNGKOOK’S THIGHS RUIN ME OKAY ZHXXJDJDK

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