It looks like my Pumpkin BBQ wings were a hit! Roasted garlic, fresh thyme, sage, rosemary and a touch of brown sugar :). Mixed in with a lotta love! The parents and kids at my daughter’s school loved it! I love Fall 💛#iCook #iMother #iWife #iAct

southwest london gothic (as an american)

-it’s not as cloudy as everyone promised, but somehow even when the sky is clear it’s still foggy, it’s still hard to see 10 feet in front of you. the opacity of benson & hedges swirl with the haze of anonymity and the translucent film of languages you don’t understand. streets are narrow, the vascular system of the city. the sun is out but you can’t see it.

-the sounds of the capital were endearing at first but now you drown them out with headphones and unsubstantial thoughts. the city deserves a soundtrack, people move in accordance to the music in your ears. you used to eat the sound of buses and the murmurs of lost conversation for breakfast. you used to talk to strangers. now you put on your headphones and harden your face. you try not to speak; for some reason, you don’t want to reveal your nationality. you’ve been here for months but it feels like years. “when a man is tired of london, he is tired of life”. you are tired of both.

-sitting on the tube for 5 fare zones has an effect on you, sort of like how when you watch the waves on the beach the world starts to make sense. you wish you could help the homeless man but you’ve trained yourself to look away. you find yourself staring at anyone unabashedly, you study hands, you wink at little kids. maybe anonymity isn’t the best thing for you. maybe you need consequences. you give up your seat but don’t feel as good about it as you should. your heart is a stony thing in your chest. i hope he doesn’t sit down next to me.

-your borough sleeps but you don’t. you’re up until 5, sifting through the past. you swirl the ribena around in your mouth to try and memorize the taste. you’ve picked up the slang, you’ve picked up the blasé attitude and the cold wit. you’ve grown immune the accents that you once found so charming. you’re losing your friends. it won’t be long now.

-you run down to the thames in a fit of anxiety, you throw your journal in the water. the regatta’s almost through. the steam is swirling off the water, the cherry trees are blooming and the flying petals end up smushed and brown beneath your feet. you know you should think it’s beautiful, you know you should be happy here. you know you shouldn’t feel this alone in a city of 8 million, you know you shouldn’t have kissed her when you were drunk. you know you shouldn’t cry but it releases the pollutants inside of you, like the steam of the river water dancing up from the in-ground manholes. your lighter is out of fluid, you’re young but you feel out of time.

She’s been the woman who’s been there for me trough thick and thin and has seen it all. She’s carried me within her physically and mentally, given me everything she has, and still continues to do so. From all the makuahine in the world I’ve been blessed to have her as mine. She’s always been the ideal role model to me. Showing me first hand what it is to be a true virtuous woman, full of love, pride, resilience, and humility and also remaining so damn BEAUTIFUL in the process! She’s hands down the hottest mom I know! I love you māmā! 😘 #hmslovesmoms #stylinonum #igotum #loveher #makuahine #uʻiloa #ʻohana #nanealo #kapiolani #ihopewewin #lol #honolulumedspa #hawaiʻimothers #hawaiimothers hawaiispas #hawaiʻispas #loveyourskin #freefacial