Peacemaker Kurogane

 Peacemaker Kurogane is a beautifully drawnhistorical fiction manga based on the shinsengumi, following the young page Tetsunosuke Ichimura and the fall of the Edo Period and how he, his friends, and his fellow shinsengumi were affected by it and influenced it.

Despite the name, the actual first part of the manga series is called Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker, since there was another manga around at the time also called Peacemaker.  This spans about 5 volumes and basically familiarizes us with Tetsu’s character and other relevant side characters that will become more important in the second half of the series.

The first half of the series is fully scanlated, if you look it up on mangahere you’re probably gonna be able to read most of it, though it has been a bit hard to keep track of since Tokyopop had it licensed in America before it went under.

The second half of the series is Peacemaker Kurogane, (also on mangahere, just click the author’s name)what I consider the true name of the series and the grittier, more plot-heavy half of the series.  This is not fully scanlated (It’s come back from hiatus, too, so you can be at ease.), but there are people/is a person woking on it here on tumblr, and have the chapters in an easy-to-download format (aside from the ones that you can find searching up the series’ name(s)).  

You can find their blog and the pmk posts here

ALSO IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE A TIME WHEN YOU COME ACROSS 4 VERY EARLY DUPLICATE CHAPTERS: IGNORE THEM, IT’S JUST AN ERROR AND SKIP OVER THEM.  They are the ¾ chapters after The Sea in Peacemaker Kurogane and they are duplicates from volume two

There is also an anime that is fully available to everyone, fully subbed or dubbed for your pleasure on youtube.  It’s 24 episodes, but I suggest you read the manga before you watch it since there are certain things that are spoiled heavily in it.

GENERAL WARNINGS: peacemaker kurogane is very bloody and violent, which is why it’s rated M on youtube.  there is also implied sexual assault/pedophilia at certain points in the manga, but nothing is explicitly shown on screen and it is completely shown as a revolting and grotesque act.  PMK may not be for everyone, but it is a very raw and emotional series and it treats its female characters as multifaceted individuals and never for fanservice.  If you can handle a bit of the more heavy parts, it’s a beautiful series about having hope when things fall down around you and staying true to yourself even when the world demands that you change.


It was what Imon had said that really had Alastar sitting and thinking instead of boredly walking around with no goal to do anything of importance in his life as so many other seemed to be doing. It was what she said that had him paranoid over the comm’s when he heard about the packages. It had him doubting if he had even heard her correctly or was really thinking to much into it.

He had seen her perhaps a few hours after being released from whatever cell she had been let go from. He knew instinctively what was wrong even before he saw the cuffs around her wrist. She was jumpy, scared, and was doing well to hide it all. She wanted to be left alone to figure out what had been done to her, perhaps even figure out other things. Alastar understood. Once before he had the same wants and desires and even today he still did when ever the subject arose.

However, none of what he believed he was doing now  would come directly back at him; for he was no one but a kid with no where to go. 

Yes, joining Shiv and deciding to follow Adhelin was a choice he had decided on to give him something worthwhile to do. Escaping his past and becoming something more was all he wanted, but alas her group and this new one seemed to be all over the place and they all seemed to have jobs and task that needed to be done. But he had no clue what was expected of him, so he had decided to sit on the back burner. After all, there were stronger man, smarter woman, and more important individuals in the group than himself. 

So, Alastar had been sure that anything Adhelin and her group did would come back to him in any way. He even had made sure that his interaction openly with the group was limited within the city and he so far only one person knew he with his affiliation with them outside this group. It didn’t stop others though from saying his full name out loud. How that made him cringe so, but he didn’t think anyone would care. After all he was a nobody with no skills or talents. 

Kes had made a small remark about him being with Shiv. Her question had him curious, because he hadn’t told her and he was sure she had not been around when they shouted to the whole world his name. Even Renault didn’t even know, maybe he did now, but he believed he worded his phrases well enough that he could give some sort of lie to him if he was questioned, which he believed he wouldn’t. That’s what Alastar loved about Ren. The Knight rarely questioned his motives or tactics, or openly care so much since the Knight’s world was filled with dramatics of his own that Alastar didn’t even know and didn’t care to know for the time being. 

Yet, what Imon said had his heart fluttering and his mind and actions alert. “They had asked about you.” Who had asked about him? His heart beat heavy in his chest and each time he recollected on the phrase he couldn’t sit still. 

Once he had been kidnapped and tortured. He had the scars to show his pains and trials. It was obvious what happened to Imon through his own eyes. So who had asked about him and why they had scared him, because anyone who could do that to Imon would have no issue doing it to him or worse. 

Alastar had no answers for this one particular question. Where was that druid now that he had questions. If or when he did find her did he have the heart to force her to talk about the events she undertook? There was a pause in his thoughts. The answer was simple and came in form another question. What did it take to survive…






adhelin asked:

Since Imon is married to Rodther and Addy views Rodther as a father figure, does Imon view Addy as a daughter in any way?

(And if this was a general question not the ‘yes or no’ one, a bit in depth would do!

Imon is a mother hen towards everyone in the company that much is for sure. More so Addy than anyone, given what happened. But she will never tell that she does view Addy in a daughter like way, due to being younger than the woman as well as being the WORST at showing any form of affection.)

 guess ill list mine now

  • guilmon (dig/imon)
  • weregarurumon (di/gimon
  • angemon (di/gimon)
  • John Cena
  • all th jojos (jj/ba)
  • killer queen (jj/ba)
  • star platinum (jj/ba)
  • crazy diamond (jj/ba)
  • th Pillarmen (jj/ba)
  • ed & double d
  • Grunt, Wrex, Legion, Thane and Garrus (ME1 & ME2)
  • Balto & th bad guy i cant name
  • Kovu (lion king 2)
  • that bear from that fighting game i dont remember
  • demo, snipe, medic, and sometimes engi
  • scouts mom
  • switch from Lethal Lea/gue
  • Krieg (bl2)
  • Ceviche and Schnitzel (chowder)
  • Knuckles
  • th Tunnel Snakes (fallo/ut 3)
  • Boone (fallo/ut new v/egas)
  • FISTO (fallo/ut new ve/gas)
  • reptile, baraka, and d’vorah (mkX)
  • i cant remember anymore tbh

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