‘What’s your name, lad?’ he said, as kindly as possible.

‘Sssssssssssssss’ said the boy. His Adam’s apple bobbed like a captive balloon. He turned to his companion, full of mute appeal.

'Simon,’ said Treatle.

’– imon,’ agreed Simon, thankfully.

'Can you cast fireballs or whirling spells, such as might be hurled against an enemy?’

Simon looked sideways at Treatle.

'Nnnnnnnnnn,’ he ventured.

'My young friend follows higher magic than the mere hurling of sorceries,’ said the wizard.

’– o,’ said Simon.

Gander nodded.

'Well,’ he said, 'maybe you will indeed be a wizard, lad. Maybe when you have your fine staff you’ll consent to travel with me one time, yes? I will make an investment in you, yes?’

'Y –’

'Just nod,’ said Gander, who was not naturally a cruel man.
—  equal rites, terry pratchett
Imagine $imon €ominic

Face timing Simon “Hey babe how’s that fine ass doing ?” Y/n : “😘😘love you 😂 *changes subject cuz coworkers are around*”

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“it’s been so long since my lips touched yours, I miss you so much baby 👄” Y/n: “me too daddy”

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“I miss holding your hands 24 hours a day 7 days a weak , y/n ?” Y/n:“yes” “promise you’ll never leave me , even though I’m never around promise me you’ll always wait ” y/n: “I promise ”

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Y/n: “i miss our cuddles , I miss binge watching tv till one of us falls asleep ”

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magnusandalexander  asked:

Hi, I’m Ketz and I hate the soulmate trope. <-- Hi, I'm Anica and I agree with this 100%.

Urg, there’s something about the finality of it and how it’s just about the couple for the couples’s sake that I cannot abide. It’s the same of saying a couple is in love because they kiss. Lazy, not good at all writing.

If you want to go with it, write an arranged marriage where it wasn’t the universe that dictated their love, but the couple themselves finding their own agency in an impossible situation.

I would, however, love a c/imon soulmate fic where Clary and Simon realize they are not romantically interested in each other. They are soulmates in a strictly platonic way, just like Alec and Jace.Just saying.

sheltips  asked:

🌟 …someone my muse trusts.🔥…someone my muse would die for.💀 …someone my muse would kill for.👻 …someone my muse considers a best friend.😜 …someone who makes my muse laugh.👪 …someone in my muse’s family.

🌟 …someone my muse trusts
It’s rare to earn Imon’s full trust. But Ren is one of the lucky few. He has never done her wrong, and she adores the man as a good friend. 

🔥…someone my muse would die for.
There is only one person who has that kind of loyalty from Imon and that is Rodther. If he can’t handle something and she realizes it, there’s a good chance she will step into the scene to help him get to safety. Even more so if the opponent is a light wielder. 

💀 …someone my muse would kill for.
Depending on how things are worded, she would kill for anyone if they paid well. But picking one from random… Haleth. Yup. He could ask her to get rid of someone for him and she’d do it in a heartbeat for her old friend.

👻 …someone my muse considers a best friend.
Varyem. For certain. Their bickering is always playful and despite how she nags him, Imon loves this booger like crazy and she’d probably do anything for him.

😜 …someone who makes my muse laugh.
Verlai is the easiest pick for that. Have these two even been in the same room without making each other crack up? 

👪 …someone in my muse’s family.
While not blood, Derekil is practically Imon’s brother. She loves him and finds comfort and wisdom through the old elf. Their meetings are rare but always an absolute treat. 

@ccjoh {xxx}

 “Well, I guess it’s only fair. You win this round, Jolyne” The blue haired male conceded shutting his eyes with a smile before opening them again. “Wait, a minute though..” Simon looked at her. “So now that I’m in a collar, do you have some sort of plan of what you’re gonna do to me, or are you just gonna go with the flow?” He asked genuinely, awaiting what was coming next for him. It was always a power struggle for them when they did something like this, but he was ready to submit for Jolyne. Fair was Fair after all. 

The dancing, singing, and even fiddle playing for once in so many years… What a wonderful evening. Despite her weak state, somehow Rodther allowed her to have her fun and get him in on it.

It was one thing when her days consisted of the little reminders of his presence. The scent of the perfumed oils he wore, perhaps a certain noise about Stormwind near the forges that reminded her of his work at home. Even a certain lighting could bring her mind to wander back to Rodther.

It never lived up to being alone and in his arms.

Though it wasn’t just about that tonight.

It was a new start for Imon.

As they danced far from the dangers of battle in an abandoned home, with the pitter patter of the cool rains common in Gilneas, she realized for the first time something she should have much sooner. This wasn’t her home. Not anymore.

Her home was with Rodther and their children, not the hope of inhabiting a land lost to her past. What in the Light’s name was there left for her here? The ghosts of the past? Let them be buried.


lordebonsteele  asked:

👀 …someone my muse likes, but doesn’t trust.💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires.👿 …someone my muse used to like, but doesn’t anymore.

👀 …someone my muse likes, but doesn’t trust.
Pleo. She reminds her so much of herself when doing business, and Imon wouldn’t trust herself in regards to business. This is complicated though. She trust Pleo outside of business, and Ren gave her that rocky free pass with the witch.
@renlavaye @misspleo

💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires.
Jekkor. Her dislike comes from the fact that she doesn’t know him, and suddenly got plans for a village that her spiteful Gilnean self couldn’t care less for, from him. But she admires him because she thinks he’s hot and interesting as a person. 

👿 …someone my muse used to like, but doesn’t anymore.
There’s plenty of people to choose from for this but we’re going way back.
The romance between he and Imon was nearly as strong as her and Rodther at the current moment. He had taken bullets for her, and she for him. Literally. Their work was like a gentle dance of heavy unspoken emotions. As much as she was there for him, he was there for her. 
Until he willingly took the worgen curse in a reach for power. 
Even then Imon tolerated his ever growing aggressive behavior and cleaning his violent fits, up until he insulted her personally. Claiming she was all bark and no bite. 
Something in Imon finally snapped, and she nearly ripped off his leg and left him crippled in the woods. 

That was a major turning point for the witch. In a complete instant, love turned to hate, and florist turned to vicious hexes and crime.

Smoke billowed from between Imon’s painted lips as the sounds of the tavern became muffled and muddled as if her whole being had slipped underwater. Her vision blurred and everything around her spun wildly.  The words spoken to her, she didn’t quite understand and the poor man had to repeat through three questioning whats from the witch. His tone wasn’t lost in her fever fit. Each answer was clearly more strongly concerned each time. It hurt to have her arm gently grabbed so that her cigar could be removed before it fell from her hand.
The past week had been hell.
Thank the Light for patient conversation. Patient and helpful.

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the signs as texts from my friends
  • aries: Mm daddy
  • taurus: are you gonna finish that croissant
  • gemini: I live in the darkness
  • cancer: I could also be Chubacca for the next Star Wars
  • leo: fUckin degEnerAte
  • virgo: #iloveyoutoo #miputa
  • libra: Im ignoring you cause youre not adopted
  • scorpio: What if humans pooped cream cheese
  • sagittarius: tell her to deepthroat her ramen and get the fuck over here
  • capricorn: Gotta zayn
  • aquarius: IMON FUCKING DRUGS
  • pisces: Woah its cringy yoda!

unabashedrebel  asked:

👑 …someone my muse is jealous of.

Oof. Hitting Imon right in the feels.

Although her and Rodther have talked things out, she’s very jealous of Aneokame and how sweet Rodther has grown with her. It scares Imon greatly, and despite these feelings she has more flight than fight. Rodther’s happiness comes first, and she’s not about to start anything over it. She’s set the boundaries down and will be passive about everything unless those are crossed.
It doesn’t stop her from slinking away in jealous fits, though.

The charismatic 19-year-old’s margin of victory more than tripled the closest gap between No. 1 and No. 2 in every Olympics of the last 40 years. But it was somehow even more unthinkable than that. Her win of 2.1 points was bigger than the victory margin in every individual all-around from 1980 to 2012 combined.
—  (x)