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I'm a bit late on things. When did Dom dragged Clace? Also when did Dom drunkenly drag Clace?

In his latest Instagram live video, there was a question about C/lace or whatever. Dom was apparently totally wasted and answered something like “don’t know what C/lace is”. Up until that point I couldn’t even believe this actually happened (I only saw posts and thought people were making this up) but apparently he is on a roll lately. Not only does he actually want to see Jace and Maia happen because of his chemistry with Alisha but in the latest interview (where I am guessing he was not drunk lol) he even said that Simon and Jace could be even lovers if Clary didn’t exist. 

He pretty much ended C/lace and wants to either have Jace/Maia happening or J/imon?I am like… Wait…. what??? 👀

Imagine $imon €ominic

Face timing Simon “Hey babe how’s that fine ass doing ?” Y/n : “😘😘love you 😂 *changes subject cuz coworkers are around*”

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“it’s been so long since my lips touched yours, I miss you so much baby 👄” Y/n: “me too daddy”

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“I miss holding your hands 24 hours a day 7 days a weak , y/n ?” Y/n:“yes” “promise you’ll never leave me , even though I’m never around promise me you’ll always wait ” y/n: “I promise ”

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Y/n: “i miss our cuddles , I miss binge watching tv till one of us falls asleep ”

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  • what i see: simon, a jewish latino vampire who would do everything for the people he loves. he always tries his best. they didn't even give him the time to be angry, they just put him in a world he didn't want to live in but he's still the same kind boy. he lost his dad when he was just a little boy and now he's trying to live without his mom and sister because he's afraid to hurt them. he has been through hell and back. he’s been kidnapped, abused, he literally DIED, he lost his home and the only thing they care about is his love life.
  • what they see: simon? do you mean the imon in climon?

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Would you do 1 or 45 for either clizzy or jimon?

45. pretending to hate each other au + jimon (warning: a little nsfw towards the end)

“No, are you fucking kidding me?” Simon exclaims. “Just because I’d rather watch Finn kick ass with Rey and Poe instead of fully grown men wearing inflated bell sleeve jerseys and fight over a pigskin bladder - “

Football.” Jace hisses. “A game filled with fucking strategy, which you’d know nothing about, Lewis - “

“That’s rich, coming from you, Mr. Doing Endless Bleacher Runs Without Showering and then coming to our Econ section and sitting in front of me like that, real good strategy - “

“That was once, you’re insufferable, my God - “

The two of them continue, their voices rising louder and louder. Clary and Izzy lean against the half-counter separating the kitchen and the living room of Magnus’ apartment, watching the argument with growing trepidation as the little party continues on behind them. 

“Are they always like this?” Magnus asks, frowning as he comes over. Jace and Simon seem completely unaware of the rest of them watching, pushing and shoving at each other as they get in each other’s faces, glaring so fiercely Clary’s afraid their faces will get stuck in the expression. 

“I’ve never seen Si this angry at someone before. Well, to their face.” She amends, sipping her drink. 

“Should we…step in?” Izzy asks, curling her arm around Clary’s waist and tilting her head thoughtfully. Magnus hums, slowly moving around the argument to grab something from his cabinet, making his way back to Izzy and Clary. 

“They seem fine.” He hedges, just as Jace pushes Simon hard enough that Simon’s back hits the fridge, rattling the magnets on the fridge door. Magnus raises an eyebrow in the ensuing silence - Alec got him most of those magnets - and they all watch warily as Simon’s eyes darken inscrutably. 

“I’m done here.” Simon grits out. “Magnus, thank you for hosting. I’ll text you guys.” He says, and then takes two steps and flees before Clary can say anything. She frowns, whirling on Jace, but he’s staring after Simon, his face similarly angry and his eyes dark. 

“I’m leaving too.” Jace decides, echoing Simon’s thank you to Magnus before he leaves too. 

“Where is he going? Don’t they live together?” Alec asks, materializing out of nowhere with Chairman Meow cradled in his arms, frowning. 

“I think we’d better check on them.” Magnus admits, and Clary and Izzy nod. “Ragnor, be a dear and watch the apartment for me while we make sure the boys didn’t kill each other.” 


Jace’s shirt flies across the room as Simon furiously kisses him, his lips urgent and demanding as he shoves Jace up onto his writing desk. 

“You took so long to come after me.” Simon whines as he scratches his nails down Jace’s back and bites at Jace’s ears just so. Jace moans on cue under him, his hips jerking upward as he clings to Simon for dear life. 

I wasn’t the one that stretched the argument on forever. Me, sweaty in class? That was the best - fuck, Simon - “ He gasps out as Simon works on a hickey right under Jace’s ear, swiping his tongue over the angry red mark on his skin. “I can’t hide that!” 

“Sorry.” Simon says, unrepentant,  breathing the words out against Jace’s ear before he drops to his knees and nuzzles at Jace’s thigh. “How fast can we make this?” 

Fast? Fuck you, I’m not fast.” Jace scowls, even as Simon laughs and presses open-mouthed kisses along the planes of Jace’s stomach, his fingers fumbling over Jace’s buckle. “Here, butterfingers.” 

“Rude, don’t say that to someone who’s about to suck your dick.” Simon chastises, tightening his hold on Jace’s waist and shifting up on his heels slightly to drag his tongue against one hardened nipple. Jace hums in encouragement, his hands shifting to anchor in Simon’s hair as Simon spends a moment kissing around Jace’s nipple, drawing varying degrees of moans out of him, before he pulls back and helps Jace shimmy his jeans off his hips. 

Jace tosses the jeans into a corner of their room and sits back, his eyes hungry and full of adoration as he stares at Simon, his lips lifted in a half smile. There’s a moment of stillness then, their lust abated as they just stare at each other, Simon’s fingers dipping below the waistband of Jace’s boxer-briefs and his mouth hovering so close to where Jace wants him, his eyes half-lidded and excited as he looks back at Jace, his grin wide and fond. 

“Alright?” Jace asks softly, and Simon hums his affirmation, leaning in to breathe lightly over the outline of Jace’s cock - 

A loud knock echoes through the room suddenly, the sound discordant enough to jar them both. Simon, in particular, displaying his particular brand of clumsiness, jerks forward, accidentally burying his face in Jace’s crotch, and Jace moans helplessly, slapping a hand over his mouth. 

“Are you guys actually fighting?” Izzy’s voice comes through the door, worried. “We’re coming in.”

“I’m gonna use my spare key.” Alec says, and Simon and Jace stare at each other in horror before Jace shoves Simon away and catapults into his bed, pulling the covers up to his chin while Simon, still fully clothed, whirls around and pretends to be leaning super casually against his desk. 

Alec, Magnus, Izzy, and Clary all burst in, looking around like they expect Jace and Simon to be lying in a pool of blood. Simon regards them and lifts a hand in acknowledgement. 

“Heyyyyyy, guys.” He says as innocently as possible, smiling. Clary stares at him. 

“You’re not fighting.” She says, then pauses. “You’re not fighting?” 

“Nope.” Simon laughs nervously. “We’re just not talking to each other, you know how it is, we’re so angry - “ From the corner of his eyes he sees Jace shift guiltily in bed, the sheets slipping to reveal just his collarbone, and Simon is hit with a sudden wave of desire as he remembers that Jace is almost naked under there, hard and wanting, waiting for Simon to get his hands on him and wreck him - 

“Why did Jace shout?” Alec asks suspiciously, crossing his arms. Simon shrugs. 

“Bad dream.” He says, just as Jace blithely says “Stubbed my toe.” They stare at each other and sigh as Alec pauses, confused. 

“What?” Izzy asks. “That doesn’t make sense.” 

“Oh my God.” Magnus says suddenly. “Oh my - seriously? Can’t you two do anything normally?” He stares at the two of them, and Simon flushes, sneaking another glance at Jace, unable to help himself. 

“What is going on right now.” Clary says slowly as Magnus gestures helplessly between the two of them. 

“There’s the shirt.” Magnus says, pointing at Jace’s discarded shirt on the floor. “His pants are in that corner - like someone threw them - and Jace has a hickey he definitely didn’t have when he stormed out of my party. Three guesses to who gave it to him. Hint - his name starts with ‘S’ and ends with ‘imon’.” 

“Oh God.” Alec says, looking nauseous as he looks at Jace. Simon flushes, because yeah, the hickey high up on Jace’s neck is fresh and bright, and maybe he wasn’t thinking clearly when he marked his secret boyfriend up. “Oh God.” 

Why pretend to hate each other. Ohhh, my eyes.” Clary groans, slapping a hand over Izzy’s eyes. “Look away babe, this is disgusting.”

“I don’t know.” Jace says softly, not looking at anyone but Simon. Simon swallows, swamped with sudden affection at the look in Jace’s eyes. “It was kind of fun. We just…wanted to keep it to ourselves for a little longer.” 

“If you want to sleep together, sleep together, no one is stopping you.” Izzy smirks, removing Clary’s hand. Jace shakes his head. 

“It’s not just that. We’re dating. I…really like him. More than I thought was - I’m in love with him.” Jace says, his voice still quiet, and there’s silence all around as everyone looks at them. Clary and Izzy are beaming now, Magnus is shaking his head and smiling, and Alec still looks vaguely unimpressed, if mildly less annoyed, which counts as ecstatic for him. “Babe,” Jace adds, “you gotta come over here. I can’t remove this sheet, and I really wanna kiss you right now - “

WAY more information than I wanted!” Alec bellows, all but pushing Magnus out of the room. “Great, good, we’ve got a party to get back to.” 

“Behave yourselves.” Magnus chirps happily as he leaves, and Clary and Izzy leave too, smirking at them. The door closes, and Simon finally crawls into bed with Jace. 

“You’re a menace.” He says softly, fondly, pressing his forehead to Jace’s. “I hate you so much.” He kisses Jace then, slowly, trying to make it mean something. 

“Hate you too.” Jace says happily, smiling as he pulls away, his hair falling in his face as he thumbs over Simon’s bottom lip. “You’re the worst.” 

“Right back at ya.” 


(Their wedding vows, five years later, consist of them lobbing increasingly creative insults at each other until Alec and Magnus threaten to sic doves on them if they don’t quit it and admit they love each other. They behave after that, but the silver bands on their fingers have ‘you’re the worst. my worst.’  engraved on them.)

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are there any sh ships you really hate though?

i mean i dont like cl//alec obviously and im not really interested in any actual ships involving sebastian with any of the mains (dynamics, yes, but not ships) and im not a fan of romantic j//alec either

any other ships it’s more like sometimes obnoxious shippers kind of annoy me, because i’m pretty chill and okay with most ships, when people think they’re so much better for shipping x ship instead of y ship, and that bugs me and sometimes starts to turn me off of some ships, but that’s not at all hating the ship. more just kind of rolling my eyes at the shippers and moving on lol which is 99% of my fandom life 

isabelle sleeping with s/imon in C/oLS was probably the loneliest she’s ever been. she so desperately wanted to be comforted and held and feel safe that she begged someone to be there for her (  something that should come naturally from a significant other ), and even if cc tried to make of it a romantic fluffy cute moment, you can’t really look past how he spent most of the time thinking about how his body fit better with c/lary’s, and izzy was uncomfortable as shit because she hadn’t shared a bed / her bed with a lover before. and it’s so sad also because when he did show up after she left him a drunk letter specifically saying she needed him, she was surprised, she didn’t think he was actually come to her and that’s sad af. he’s supposed to be her boyfriend, love of her life, or whatever shit cc tried to sell us, and i ain’t buying !!!! 

anyway. moral of the story is: be there for izzy, don’t betray her trust, be someone she can come to when she’s feeling down, be the kind of person she would want to sleep with, not fuck or make love to, just sleep. close her eyes and have a Good 8 hrs of sleep w/o worrying about a damn thing. this girl needs it. she needs stability and someone she can count on, someone she can trust. :-)

Notes” I just read this post by SimonLewhiss about how Simon never get’s a fucking storyline that doesn’t include pain or suffering,  and subsequently just gushed this out 😁

imon is partnered up with a certain surly, golden haired Lightwood for some mission or whatever. Like them studying the recent epidemic of Mundanes being bled out and abandoned in random alleyways all over New York, and even the world. Simon cause he’s the packs resident vamp, and Jace cause he’s the best at rune deciphering—yes even better than  Alec, who is better at Warlock runes for some reason ;)—and can put up a front of a charming little diplomat whenever they have to interview local Mundy police and the likes. (Even if he gets all pissy that everyone automatically assumes that he and Simon are totally boyfriends.)

“It’s cause you’re always touching me dumb ass,” Simon needles one night while they’re mapping out the most recent path of dead bodies in Buenos Aires in the dandy pizza shop that he and Clary use to frequent back when they were ignorant to all this shit. “I mean I get it, everyone wants a piece of this, but it definitely gives off the opposite vibe from your general I want to rip your heart out with my bare hands vibe that your always trying to emanate.”

Jace just snarls and tells Simon the arbitrary “Shut up vamp,” that he always ends up saying at some point in their conversations, before he rips into a slice of his pizza. Simon just wrinkles his nose, because seriously? Who the fuck unironically orders pineapple  on their pizzas? Which is definitely happening because no way in bloody hell can Simon picture the ever cross Jace cheekily adding on the fruit for it’s benefits.)

So yeah, it’s pretty much constant bickering and prodding and their regularly subscribed repertoire for the first few weeks where they’re always at each other’s throats on how they should conduct a certain mission—even if they almost always agree on what the endgame should look like. That is until one day Simon is kind of stunned that Jace doesn’t meet him at their reserved office in the Institute at nine o’clock on the dot—which why is cause for concern considering how Jace can sometimes have a total stick up his ass for certain attributes—time management not excluded—so yeah, it’s totally bizarre that he’s not there.

Simon waits for almost an hour revising their notes until he’s fed up and storms off to go and complain to Izzy of how much of an ass her brother is, (His usual form of therapy,) but falters back when he finds a familiar sight while he’s walking to her room.

Jace—all sweaty and shirtless and just generally a big fuck you to what should be the generally agreed upon capacity of sexiness that one person  should plausibly depict—is pounding on one of the punching bags dangling off the Institute’s ceiling.

“Hey asshole!” Jace flickers his eyes up and just averts them the second he realizes it’s Simon, returning to an impressive uppercut. “You totally ditched bro! You could’ve at least fucking texted me or something, you nephilim aren’t totally technolagaly inept. I follow Izzy’s Instagram!”

“Leave me alone Daylighter.”

Simon just rolls his eyes, because seriously he thought they’ve moved past Jace’s fucking monosyllabic sentences, and Downworlder discrimination. Simon  opts to pester Jace for a good ten minutes, to try and get him to just explain his supreme dick attitude—Simon really shouldn’t be surprised when nothing comes of it.

Three and a half hours later, Simon is gearing up to return to his and Maia’s loft after a very uneventful, and pretty much pointless day, when he encounters Jace again.

The blonde traded in his heavy breathing and boxing tape for baggy sweats and an open face that Simon only sees him wearing when he’s particularly surprised at something Simon had said or done—it’s his vulnerable face—He’s I’m beginning to trust you face—It’s a face that totally disarms Simon.

“yes,” Simon tries sounding shrill, or snappish—Jace was still a total douchesnozzle this morning—but he’s pretty sure it came out a whole lot more gentle than anything else.

“I know Valentine’s still alive.”

Simon kinks up a brow at Jace’s non sequitur, completely befuddled. No shit Valentine is still alive, him and his demonic son are the people they’ve been hunting down for the past year and a half. So yeah, no shit he’s alive, and sadly, very much  thriving.

“I know he is,” Jace just repeats—as if he’s convincing himself in some way. “But my father still died eleven years ago—Eleven years ago i still lost the man who raised me and who I thought loved me. I lost the man who I thought was Michael Wayland—I lost him, and I don’t know how to equate him to Valentine now…I just don’t.”

Jace’s voice breaks off, and Simon’s heart twists up into knots. Of course, of fucking course that’s why he’s sequestered himself off all day. Fucking hell, Simon sill does the same on the anniversary of his own father’s death every year, even if Becks and his mom are trying to slowly move on—but Simon relents that the whole ordeal must be a whole lot more convoluted on Jace’s end, considering all the winding turns that this whole Valentine epic has taken.

“C’mon dude,” Simon squeezes one of Jace’s broad shoulders, hoping that it gets across all the empathy he wants to speak out loud. “I’ll buy you a pizza, and even order ya some pineapples on their.”

A ghost of a smile flickers over Jace’s lips, and Simon feels a little lighter for it.


Their relationship shifts slightly afterwards—Their still always at each others throats and bantering like crazy, but their’s an edge of fondness that hugs their words, and a level of mutual respect that codes their conversations.

It’s new but Simon likes the alteration.

He likes that they could admit the other is right with no hard feelings. Likes that more often than not they spend time with each other, and enjoy it—so much so that their conversations usually devolve from essential work type topics, to them arguing over which superhero is the best, because who knew, Shadowhunters permitted the muck of comics to penetrate their “utopia.” Simon likes that Jace is the only person that he’s trusting more and more over others. So much so that when Simon’s mother gets captured by the kingpin that’s leading this whole vampire epidemic, a young up incomer in the vampire realm, one who is   insatiable for the ever enigmatic Daylighter powers, and Jace tells him to trust him that he’d get Simon’s mother back safe to him…

Simon does.

Simon trusts that Jace will actually return to him the single most important person left in his world—one half of his still living  family.

Simon trust’s Jace, and feels a whole hell of a lot more about him that he is not prepared to deal with at all.

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Dome has always been a messy bitch tbh? And he's always been bitter about him and his character not being the faves of the fandom? He complained about Ma/ec (and Matt) getting more attention than him a few times because fans are not as up his ass as he thinks they should? I also never bought him as "Captain of the J/imon ship" because I knew he only said all that to get attention and stay relevant .. anyways, I'm glad he's finally exposed, I'll keep stanning the Parabatri and winning in life!!

anonymous said: apparently a lot of ppl had been side-eyeing dom for a while. and it took his interview criticizing malec for these (including me!) ppl to come out. SH ppl should know by now the no1 rule of the show: NEVER MESS WITH MALEC. not in interviews, not in the writings, not in the directions, not in camera angles, not even in the lighting. lmao.

this level of tea being spilt today, i cant even add onto to it tbh