AKA My Very First Lady Date

AKA This Weird Internet Thing That Happened to Me

These two crazy people found me on the Twitters. I was really apprehensive to hang out with either of them because well, I was really unclear about what was actually going on. Molly messages me and tells me she’s really into what I’m doing and would I be interested in going out that day. I say yes, but fully aware I have to be cautious. I’m even more cautious when we have this strange message exchange 

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That thought goes out the window when I find her waiting at at little cafe table outside a minimart. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to hang out with a girl and I unload on her like we’ve been buds for years. I finally stop to take a breath of air and Molly tells me she needs some food and sangria. I know exactly where to take her. 

It’s just a short walk to Picaros, one of my most favorite tapas places that my brother and his girlfriend often take me to. We take a seat in the patio and order a pitcher and some veggie plates. We talk about the blogosphere, she is a a writer and runs her own blog about the EDM scene. It’s apparent she thinks I know A LOT more than I do. Of course I don’t pretend and tell her exactly how novice I am to the scene. 

We talk about dating, we talk about women and how we both find ourselves in the same boat of not quite being gay enough. i express my frustration of trying to date ladies and she puts things into perspective for me. “Why would a gay woman want to waste their time with a lesbian tourist, someone just passing through for the sights?” I kind of feel crummy after that. One for being a full blown tourist with my tommy bahama button up and fanny pack and two for being so blind to my own ignorance and insensitivity. 

We go out for a smoke and even though she’s a little reluctant we order a second pitcher (this of course is still within my 2 drink max rule haha) She tells me she will be drunk after this one. I’m so comfortable with this person and we’re both just spilling our guts. It’s awesome. 

We wrap things up there but I still wanna hang so we head up to her friends house. This house… this house is a gd mansion. Her hulking friend answers the door and she introduces us. His name is Montrey and he runs the music blog Earmilk. Molly tells him and some girls who are there about my blog, we watch the GMA segment, and all of a sudden I have an audience. I feel like an asshole but my drunk brain is telling me go for it. Yep. Feel like an asshole. After I do a dramatic rendition of bad dates, Montrey gives us a grand tour of the mansion. It’s beautiful and there are people scattered throughout it. We end up on a little rooftop balcony and can see the whole city. It’s just magical. 

We go back downstairs because I’m cold. I still haven’t learned my lesson to bring a hoodie everywhere, everyday. We’re hanging for a while, I’m sipping water so I don’t get a sugary wine headache. Baby girl is curled up on a bed. I try to get her to rally but it’s not happening. I feel bad. I feel like a dude. Something about it made me really depressed. Maybe the fact that I pressured someone drink beyond their limits. I’m not really sure but it’s not good. 

The rest of the gang is heading out of the house so we order a lyft home. 

Molly is amazing and real person, I can’t wait to hang out with her again but  maybe we’ll just stick to the herb.