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Can someone please write reaction fic to Kurt seeing a video of Blaine performing Don’t Stop Me Now? Preferably something that ends in Kurt calling Blaine and phone sex ensuing? It would really make my day.

Warnings for Daddy Kink and phone sex. :D Well… kind of phone sex… *shrug*

I hope this is what you were hoping for, love!

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imogeneismyspiritanimal said: I love the little affectionate couple things they do, like when Sonny plays with Will’s lip, and Will plays with Sonny’s hair and ears. I love that even more than the kisses (even though THOSE are awesome). I keep thinking though, why can’t we have nice things like this for…

Ahhh, it cut off your reply. 

Still, I totally agree. The little things the actors do (like constantly touch - sitting up against each other, arms around shoulders, holding hands, the lip touching, the hair touching - Will even played with the tie strings on Sonny’s hoodie once) that make it so believable and real for me. It’s also completely adorable. 

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aren’t we supposed to give up porn for lent? haha

last time someone asked me what I was giving up for lent (which was a SURPRISINGLY COMMON QUESTION AT MY SCHOOL) I responded with “For lent I’ve given up caring about lent" 

and that basically summarizes my feelings on the matter 

(Other lent gems: "For lent I’ve given up pretending that I’m not going to eat that entire jar of nutella,” “For lent I’ve given up driving” (I didn’t have a car at the time), “For lent I’ve given up brussel sprouts,” “For lent I’ve given up classes” and my favorite, “For lent I’ve given up dealing with douchebags.”) 

(the lasst time I ACTUALLY “gave up” something for lent it was chocolate, because my parents mandated it, and I broke that ~lenten promise~ about sixty minutes after I made it)

Imogene Update

So the AMAZING scrunchydarren made of fairydust managed somehow to defy ridiculous odds and get us Ontario girls 4 tix to Sunday Sept 16 at 11:30am. We are going.  Thank you all for your supportive messages and thoughts - it clearly got through to the film fest powers on some level…

And I know that many, many hopefuls were disappointed so I do feel lucky for that. 

I still REALLY want to go to the premiere. I will pay money (seriously, try me) and can buy 4+ tickets. 

Please….If you know of someone who has a ticket or are someone who has one, send ‘em my way…

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omg I haven’t looked at my crushes for a while and I am so happy, because finally I   know all the blogs that are on it and yeah.. they’re great 

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Same here, mom and older fan- and MAJOR HEEBEJEEBIES

This is a huge issue with me and why I kept my “older fan” status hushed for awhile. The attitude that we’re somehow lesser, boring, asexual, unable to distinguish quality from popularity (think all-older-women-love-50-shades-of-gray mentality), AND are creepers makes me crazy.

Yay, I've been tagged! Procrastination game!


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Jwmelmoth’s questions:

1. What timezone are you in?

2. Do you remember slinkies?
I’m not sure they were ever a fad around here. I never had one, although I often see them in US movies.

3. Eeyore or Tigger?
Again, not part of my childhood. I know very little about the universe of Winnie-the-Pooh. But to satisfy your question, I found a quick personality quiz online that told me I’m Eeyore.

4. Favourite mythological creature or person?
Morgan le Fay.

5. You @ home: yoga pants / blanket burrito or regular clothes just in case?
Old, ragged, comfortable clothes.

6. If you could grant one other person’s wish (not your own), whose would you grant?
My father’s.  

7. What does your Patronus look like? (skip if you’re a Muggle)
A polar bear.

8. Who would you cast for August Waters?
I don’t know who or what that is, and google wouldn’t help me either, sorry.

9. If you could re-enact one scene from your favourite film/episode (with all of the original cast) starring you as your favourite character, what would it be?
I’d be Luke Skywalker during the fight over the Sarlaac Pit in Return of the Jedi. I always wanted to do that crazy jump off the plank, okay?

10. Name the last thing on tv that made you laugh out loud :)
It was a scene from one of the final episodes of Six Feet Under, a couple of days ago (rerun): Ruth imagining herself killing all her past lovers and husbands with a shotgun.

11. Finally… I have not seen Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, or Dr Who. Which of these should I catch up first?
Tough. Merlin is the one I’m fondest of. On the other hand, Sherlock is the easiest one to catch up with, so very few episodes.

My questions:

1. What’s the title of that movie you watched so many times you know most of the dialogue by heart?
2. Chocolate cake or apple pie?
3. What was your favorite subject in middle school?
4. What talent/skill/ability you wish you had? (not supernatural)
5. Favorite songwriter?
6. If you could Mary Sue yourself into the universe of your favorite book, who would you be?
7. A language you wish you could speak?
8. Your favorite non-canonical pairing of all time?
9. What’s that song you’re still waiting for Glee to do, and who should sing it?
10. Drinking alcohol, yes or no?
11. The name of your favorite place to eat?

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