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But it is dramatic, Alec. It is.

Because the last time you decided to blindly carrying out orders instead of following your gut, Magnus almost ended dead. And you for yourself already have noticed that Magnus is just trying to look okay, but he’s so not okay, he’s terribly not okay and you perfectly know it, Alec, that’s why you were so hesitant before asking for the strand of hair.

I understand that Alec trust Magnus, and most of all he probably wanted to stop the Clave from going against Magnus… But this was not the way. Nothing that includes the Clave having something as personal as DNA from Magnus is never a good way, specially after the body swap with Valentine. I sincerely doubt that the Inquisitor or someone else from the Clave even attemped to apologize to Magnus for all that unfair torture… What right do they have now to doubt him? How is that even remotely right?

But then again… I think what upset Magnus the most was the fact that, whatever the reasons were (defeat Valentine, stop the Clave from suspecting Magnus), Alec was still going along with cuestionable things (allow “Valentine’s” torture and almost extrajudicial execution, ask downworlders for DNA samples), even knowing how wrong they were.

That’s why it is dramatic. Because Magnus wants to trust Alec, needs to, but he just can’t when Alec is still going like this.

And that’s also why I felt relieved when Alec finally decided to stand up for what he thinks it’s right. And, at the same time, defended his love for Magnus; the fact that Magnus is a downworlder, one of “those people” the Clave despite, but has more sense of justice than all of the Clave together:

There’s no way this is the end of Alec’s path of learning, he still definitely has a long way to go actually I had to stop myself from screaming what-the-fuck’s at Alec after the “let’s not be overdramatic” line to properly write this. But I’m glad he’s starting to finally follow his instincts.

Because that’s the best, and not only for Alec, but also for Magnus and their relationship, which needs to regain the trust in each other, so much. And now, with Alec as the Head of the NY Institute, it’s the best for the shadow world, too.

Jace’s Rings

You know how Imogen gave Jace the Herondale ring on a chain at the end? I really want him to thread all of his family rings on their in order or realisation.

  • Wayland
  • Lightwood
  • Morgenstern
  • Herondale

When someone asks his last name he could just hold it out and go “pick one”.

Alec always the obedient little soldier even though he KNOWS there’s something off with ‘Valentine’…

“Put him on the chair. Now.” (Imogen)

“But, no…No. No. please. Please don’t do this. Don’t. Don’t do this. Please. Don’t do this. Don’t do this.” (Valentine!Magnus)

“Gag him.” (Imogen)

“Alexander, what are you doing? Please, don’t… Please don’t do this! Please!”

Imogen begins to speak. Valentine!Magnus looks pleadingly at Alec in front of him. The look he gives Alec is one of 'Are you really going to do this? You really don’t believe me? After everything?

“Please.” (And Alec leaves…)

I hate it that Alec only believed Valentine!Magnus after Magnus!Valentine appeared at the institute with Jace and Jace told him it was true. It shouldn’t have happened like that. Alec should have trust his instincts, trust everything Magnus told him.


LONGER VERSION: Shadowhunters | Season 2 Episode 12 Promo: “You Are Not Your Own” | Freeform


fake mini-series meme: vampire: the masquerade – bloodlines

wentworth miller as jackson – clan gangrel
natalie dormer as elle – clan brujah
nicole kidman as elizabeth – clan ventrue
kaya scodelario as imogen – clan tremere
robert sheehan as jimmy – clan malkavian
nicholas hoult as tommy – clan malkavian
reeve carney as alexander – clan toreador
doug jones as warner – clan nosferatu

david bowie as sebastian lacroix
chris evans as nines rodriguez
lucy liu as ming xiao
jonathan breck as andrei, the tzimisce
hugh jackman as beckett
gary oldman as smiling jack
ed harris as maximillion strauss
robert nairne as gary golden

jeremy irons as isaac abrams
margot robbie as therese and jeanette voerman
hayley williams as damsel
omari hardwick as skelter
eric mabius as ash rivers
patricia velásquez as pisha
michael clarke duncan as the sheriff

a televised adaption of the 2004 video game which follows and expands upon its story as it follows the so-called ‘gehenna group’, made up of several kindred of each clan: jackson, elle, elizabeth, imogen, jimmy and tommy, alexander and warner, as they look into the sarcophagus that has caused the vampires of los angeles to react in fear of the final nights.

cadfael: the virgin in the ice

winter 1139, and raging civil war has sent many refugees fleeing north from worcester. among them: two orphans of a noble family and their companion, a young nun. but they seem to have disappeared somewhere in the wild winter landscape of frost and snow – and cadfael sets out to find them. when his path crosses with that of a most unusual templar knight, commissioned by the pair’s uncle to rescue them and bring them home safely, the monk who was once a crusader himself discovers an entirely unexpected connection…

imogen poots as lady ermina hugonin
alexander siddig/siddig el fadil as olivier de bretagne


Britney Spears – Over to You Now

One more diversion: here’s a rare Britney song (released as a bonus track to the Chaotic EP/B-side to “Someday (I Will Understand), but only on the Japanese release) written by Imogen Heap, Guy Sigsworth, Robyn, and Alexander Kronlund. I find this fascinating for many reasons:

  1. The idea of Imogen and Robyn working together. I mean, they may not have written this in the same room, but still.
  2. The lyrics, which are, uh, suggestive.
  3. You can hear Imogen on the track! Her breathy vocalizing opens the song, and I swear I can hear her providing guide vocals on the chorus.
  4. Sigsworth’s production, which is such forward-thinking dancepop that if a major pop artist released something like this today, I would fall off my chair.