imoffsoon asked:

hm i have to agree with that anon who said the victorian era because wow!!! i can totally imagine you in all of those lovely posh extravagant clothes with your hair up and all. you're very pretty!! :-)

thank you so much ah!! same i can see myself in it too  

tell me what era i remind you of!

imoffsoon asked:

hi love i believe in you a tremendous amount and i know that life feels so heavy and tiring and upsetting but you are so amazing and worthy and loved and cared for i know how everything can get so difficult and too much but i swear you can cope with this you are so strong!!!

thank you so much sarah this really means a lot to me thank you so much ☆☆ this iss really nice thank you so much im… i hope your day goes the best it could ever go and you are truly amazing and worthy and loved and cared for too and i believe in you too.