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The other day I was telling @shebasborg that it’d be nice if opening up to Aladdin during the time-skip helped Kougyoku quell her rage towards Sinbad to manageable levels and not fall to depravity.

And then I remembered that we actually did get this,

After Aladdin out of all people saw this,

So maybe it’s not that far-fetched and we may actually get some flashbacks to that later? 

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Hello!! I was wondering if you could give me some shounen ai manga recommendations if you can?? Its fine if you're unable too though :DD Love your blog <333

Hello <33333 of course I can :D I will give you my personal favourites, in hoping you don’t know them yet >////<

  • Doukyuusei, it’s my favourite one, the artstyle is original but pretty <33 and the relationship is written so beautifully imo *cry again*
  • Konbini-kun, it’s short but so much fluffy >/////< and Junko style is so much cute <3
  • Vassalord, if you enjoy dark stuffs ;)) It’s also one of my favourite, because the art is just so pretty and the story is really good!!! 
  • Seven Days, the story is simple but the couple is really touching. 
    I rec even more the live action movie tbh, I think it was even better!!
  • Yuki no shita no Qualia, it’s pretty bittersweet :)) and I just love so much the style of this mangaka, I would even rec her other works tbh ^^
  • Hoppe ni Himawari, this one is like killing you with fluff, it has a chubby MC and omg so much precious///////////////

Otherwise, I could rec you to check in Clamp works too since it’s always pretty shounen-ai, like Legal Drugs or Tokyo Babylon ^^ 
Also thank you <33

Laitoin tämän jo nanon sivuillakin, mutta hitto vie tuntuu hyvältä ficata ihan tuhannen pitkän tuntuisen ajan jälkeen ja siis jessus, kukaan ei kertonut, että minulla on Sirius/Remus-kausi taas menossa, mutta näköjää on. Tästä on tulossa aika kliseinen ja taattua kata-laatua oleva ficci, mutta en ees jaksa välittää. Oon myös ehkä kuunnellut The Curen Seventeen Secondsia, köh.

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oh no they’re actually going through with the hana yori dango remake….