Hi this is my I’m Not Sad Anymore poster, a lot of people relate it to the wonder years song but really it’s just a reminder to myself that I’m Not Sad Anymore. It’s fallen, been stepped on, thrown around and torn down when i don’t feel like i’ll ever be happy again. When everything sucks and all i can do is cry. But each time i destroy it a little more, i always come back to it. Try to smooth it out, get rid of the shoe marks. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how sad i am, i always end up being happy again. It may take a while but I always come back, and you will too.

“Just because we’re down doesnt mean we gotta stay there”

Finally got my wonder years hank the pigeon tattoo with “im not sad anymore” on near him.
So excited to have this
@thewonderyearsband has really helped me during my low points and I thought those would be a way to honor them #thewonderyearsonfullblast#thewonderyears #hankthepigeon #imnotsadanymore #theupside

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