The sun was starting to set over the univesity, and a light was thrown over the baseball field. In the next hour or so, the flood lights would be on, but for now there was a soft pink in the sky, and the player who were down beneath the bleachers were only slightly fuzzy at the edges. She’d left her glasses back in her apartment, and was now deeply regretting how scatty she was in the morning. But she could just about make out the team, running around and starting to pack up as they reached the end of practise. She’d been out there for the past half hour, as she was most evenings. It wasn’t like she was one of the giggling freshman she could see below, cooing over the pitcher’s hair or something stupid. Instead, her sitting there was a silent protest. 

She’d written three letters to the Dean explaining why it wasn’t fair to only allow boys to play lacrosse, and on her last one she’d promised she would be a pain and sit in on every practise until she was heard. 

But now she had to deal with the consequences of her own statement. And she could see that the last team member was packing away the bats. Standing up from her seat in the bleachers she framed her hands around her mouth into an improvised megaphone. “Lacrosse for everyone! Equal Lacrosse rights! Girls can play as well as boys!”. It wasn’t particularly creative, but it did cause a bit of a stir from the people who were sitting in the bleachers as well as the baseball players who were heading off the field. All but one. “Lacrosse for everyone! Equal Lacrosse rights-”. She didn’t hear the footsteps but did hear the cough and she turned briefly. “Do you mind I’m trying to stage a protest he- oh. It’s you


r.i.p. to tyler joseph’s best pictures, which on this day were tragically deleted from his instagram. the first one barely lived to see two minutes of life before it was taken from us.

                       Sometimes to achieve the world one desires,
                       one must take regrettable measures.

iiv | outings .

cj × fergal. ( @xcoupdegrace )

They had arranged plans before hand, like a date? Or more or so an outing. Rapid, but yet calm night in the bustling city sexy city of Orlando, Florida. The fake Russian, C.J, Catherine, Lana, etc waited outside of “Mutt & Jeff’s sports bar”, waiting for Fergal’s arrival. Perched on a seat outside in ripped skinny jeans and a white long sleeve crop top, with her short blonde hair extended into two trench braids. As cars passed, many wolf whistles and cat calls passed through her, as intoxicated men kept giving her shout outs, to the Florida native, and all she could do was nod and smile. “ He’s about to get a very rude ass text if he’s not here in the next light speed second.”, sh stated with a slight roll of her hazel eyes.

Still Life
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And he was born without a sigh
And she left, without a fight
This is not God. It’s just the way things are

Be still, my stillborn brother,
And be still, my stillborn lover,
And be still

And he was buried without a name
She buried love, very much the same
This is not love, it’s just the way things are

Be still, my stillborn lover
And be still, my stillborn brother
And be still, my stillborn lover
And be still


by Poorly Made TØP Edits