I really do appreciate those who do still see the good in me despite my freak-outs or my down days. I really do try to be the best me I can be. I’m to the point in my life, if you don’t accept me for who I am and what I stand for. Piss off. I’m a caring person so long as you don’t lie or steal from me, cheat me or use me. I’m not saying I’m perfect, far far far from it actually, but I’m still human. I’ll over think and stew on things I shouldn’t. I’ll convince myself of things that are not true. I couldn’t possibly know what people are thinking, so in my insecurities, I fill in the blanks. And most times I’m dead wrong. I’ve always had periods in my life where I’m down on myself for a while. Everyone has struggles with themselves for something. I usually would go ride my bike so I could clear my mind. Thankfully, I’ve had a man enter my life three years ago and he’s helped me tremendously. I own him so much in all that he’s done for me. I am so much happier as a person to have someone who loves me for me, and accepts me. Wants to marry me and have kids with me. Spend the rest of his life with me. A companion, confidant, best friend, and lover. Not to mention his love for the Lord. He loves me for me… I am who I am. I am okay with that. Take it or leave it. @cwade4420 @vette1022 @amrouska @_itsheatherbruhh_ #iloveyouguyssomuch #thankyouforstandingbymeonmyweakdays #imnotalwaysstrong