So today’s update is with a picture yay!

Today was a pretty good day, other than the fact that I woke up at noon and ate my entire kitchen after waking up…whoops

But I went to target and bought a hula hoop today, it’s a fun little activity that’s actually apparently great for your stomach. After that I went to on a local walking path and ran 3.5 miles (it was actually 3.4 but let’s just round up to a pretty number). That’s the most I’ve run consecutively since like a year so that’s good for me. Although it was a little slow I’m still really happy with my mileage today. Yesterday’s mileage wasn’t so great since I barely did 1.5 miles, and Sunday I didn’t even have time to run because I was in Boston…

Now after some fresh sandwiches and getting physically eaten by mosquitoes when I picked strawberries, I’m eating fresh, just picked strawberries from my garden (my mom’s actually I won’t take all the credit). I threw a little (maybe a lot) of sugar on the strawberries to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I’m hoping to clean my room before I go to bed tonight and I started drivers ed yesterday (finally!!!!!). But I’m still jobless, let’s hope that changes soon man.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Stay swag :)