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(`▽´)Ψ ⅚ ℨ

(`▽´)Ψ: Did you used to play hide-and-seek when you were little inside stores?

Yes :) I do XD

⅚: Post the link if your current favorite song. 

Rise Up - Beyonce & Simple Life - The Weepies

ℨ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

United State , or the place that I can meet you guys :)


Just a little vid for my followers I guess! XD

Can't be real. Closed.

Green eyes darted across the computer screen in front of her, red hair falling around her shoulders as she heaved a heavy sigh. Hummingbirds passed through the trees, and with each one, MK sat up in her chair a little more, getting a little closer to the screen each time. What if Nod was on one of them? What if he was training and she was missing it? One flash of colour passed by the camera as her heart almost beat out of her chest. Chewing on her bottom lip for a moment, her eyes trained on the monitor’s screen, she jumped at the feeling of something at her leg. Her eyes dropped to the pug at her feet, panting up at her as she grinned down at him. “Thank you for that heart attack, Ozzie,” she replied, laughing a little before she reached down, scratching the dog behind the ear. “I suppose you’re right, I’ve been sat here watching that screen for hours now, might be time to actually do something,” she sighed in exasperation before pushing herself up and out of the chair.

Turning, her eyes landed on her father who had been standing in the doorway, unknown to her. “How long have you been there?” Walking over, she passed him by as he followed her to the kitchen. “Long enough to see that you miss something out there, or someone. I used to get that same look when – …well, when your mother left,” her father gave her a look before averting his gaze for a moment. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she nodded her head gently, arms wrapping around herself in comfort. Of course she missed Moonhaven, she missed Mub and Grub, and even Ronin, but most of all… she missed Nod. Missed the way he’d made her feel, the way he’d opened her eyes to so many things, how he made her smile. “I guess I’m just–” Not able to finish her train of thought, her father’s beepers went off, once…twice… three times. “Something’s going on,” MK announced quickly before running to the office and straight to one of the computer screens.

Her eyes darted across the green of the leaves, the trees… and the figure walking across each camera. “Dad! There’s someone out there!” Shouting to her father, she watched as he began tinkering with the different computers, attempting to get a better look at who it was. Her brows furrowed together as she squinted, looking at the figure… the figure which seemed ever so slightly familiar in it’s movements. But it couldn’t be. Pushing away from the desk, she sprinted for the door, letting it close on it’s own as she ran from the porch. Running for the trees, she quickly jumped over a fallen log before stopping, her chest rising and falling with each gasping breath. “Nod!” Shouting across the trees, she almost beamed at the sight before her. There he stood, taller than she was, just how she remembered him, and just across the way… so close she could almost run and jump into his arms… if only her legs would carry her.

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who are your closest friends on tumblr? how did you get talking to them? what are they like?

Okay. I’ve got a few, and I’m sorry if I left anyone out, but these guys are the ones who have been there for me and who’ve left a mark on me.

This is Ren, and basically Ren is like… majorly important to me. I met Ren about eight months ago, back when I started up my Toothiana blog. I said I wanted to do some human Toothiana/Jack stuff and Ren responded. I dunno, we just clicked immediately. We’ve got so much in common and I was able to open to him straight away. It’s gotten to the point where we talk first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He’s someone that I basically run to when something happens during my day XD not to mention, he’s freaking amazingly talented, at art and at rpin’. So yeah. He’s hilarious, caring, sweet, funny. XD

the-guardian-of-luck//the-leafwoman —
Amazing Alex. Yep. I met Alex just through rpin’ in the ROTG fandom, and there she rps the amazing Roisin, the Guardian of Luck. I just adore her rp’s with Becca’s Kid Pitch, I mean, they give me such fucking amazing feels. I feel kinda protective over Alex in a way, I think it’s because she’s slightly younger than me, even though she doesn’t act it. She’s someone I can go to if I need to talk, and she’s always there for me. She’s fucking hilarious as well. Omg. I can’t. That girl. XD

nikoletastnorth —
Lulu. This girl is unbelievable. Seriously. Not only is she drop dead fucking gorgeous [and she is, holy fuck, wow] but she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. But good god, we can be bitches together, it’s hilarious. She’s my tea date. Yep, we have tea dates. She’s also my gamer gal. We have the same interests when it comes to games and stuff which makes me majorly happy. I love getting a whatsapp from her, whether it’s a hilarious video or picture, or just a text. I adore her, seriously, so fucking much. She’s so talented, I can’t even. Also, we’ve got some amazing Toothiana/Fem-North stuff going on. Unf. This girl, she’s helped me through a lot. And I mean, a lot. I’d do anything for her.

the-tooth-fairy//queen—tara —
The amazingly hilarious Sabrina. Or Sabby as we know her. This girl cracks me up. She’s fucking hilarious, I actually die laughing whenever she gets going. She’s random as all hell and I adore it. She’s unbelievably talented, in cosplaying and rpin’. I can’t get over it. She’s also someone I can chat to whenever, and we share the same views and stuff. It’s kinda awesome.

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