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imneyu asked:

You are a beautiful writer :) just so you know, you are now one of my inspirations to write! All the best.

Thank you Sarah. Do you me a favor and listen to your favorite playlist. :)

imneyu asked:

Hello beautiful! I adore your blog :) hope to talk more x

hello angel ~~ tysm!!  i would really love to talk to you ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )


They tell us to grow up, to act our age. Of course when the actions we choose causes damage, inflict pain, then yes, acting in better judgement is required. With experience comes that understanding.

Still, I listen as they tell you to ‘grow up’, spitting distaste and judgments clotted with scorn. Grow up? I see a world, where age no longer defines how ‘grown up’ we are. There are adults, who run our world, scrapping in childish schemes cloaking themselves in an artificial veil; by chiding others. Politicians are almost too embarrassing. Awkward shambles for votes, abusing the skies with their jabbing of fingers, and prideful protests. You watch as they kiss babies foreheads in attempt to ‘win the people’s hearts’, grinning those practiced smiles. Then I see younger children, who beam at the sight of bubbles; uncaring of ‘adultness’. Gleefully giggling – the most innocent of sounds. Yet as silly as those bubbles are floating away in unison, bursting faster than it took them to be blown, they are still a source of excitement, they are still what makes that small face smile in delight. We are told to grow up – grow up into an adult world polluted with miseries, stress and unending worry. Being an adult doesn’t mean we need to be so buried in the gravity of work, we cease to play – so serious that jokes are no longer a part of our life. I am not saying that you are to not take responsibility; in fact do so, but in a way that involves a bit of fun. Who says living means you need to be so staid? Why can’t it also be an adventure.

Don’t go and blame time. I know that reason all too well, how there’s not enough of it, or you have none at all. It’s so overused that it becomes just an excuse. Make time, don’t be run by it. If being ‘grown up’ means I can’t be a kid inside, I can’t act ridiculous, I can’t dance around while thudding to an invisible drum set, strum to an imaginary guitar or sing aloud to my heart’s content. I choose going on adventures, and discovering magic in this world. I choose immaturity. 

(I asked someone close to me about this one, apparently I use too many ‘big words’. Not sure if this is any better but I’m feeling uninspired right now, so this shall be the final edit bleh)

Happy is an understatement.

What surprises me is how someone who I made an important part of my life no longer means anything. What surprises me the most though, is how much happier I am without them.

From Pessimistic to Optimistic.

I think it’s safe to say, that you make me happy. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. For the last time I believed someone to be sincere - I found I was just used. I found them spitting on my broken heart and yet still… They tried to, in my vulnerable state, use me all over again. While I, in my stupidity, still tried to defend them. With excuses that were only there to make it seem like I didn’t screw up.

Because I fucked up when I chose to love them.

So I need time. The last thing I want is to mess up anything with you. Unlike the last person, I already value you as a friend. And yes you do, oh how you make me blush. Which although is a lovely feeling, I am somewhat disappointed in myself, since I’ve always been an idiot; who attaches roots to those who show they care. Your unexpected words so sweet - I wish I wasn’t so scarred because if it wasn’t for the past. I might actually have believed you.

I have learnt how someone who once said they cared. Would end up showing me how little they cared at all.

On a side note, thank you for making me so happy at the moment. You should always always be smiling and you should always be happy as well. You deserve it. I mean this with all my heart.