immythecat replied to your postI don’t know if you’d be interested, but I made some pumpkin pie and I set away a slice for you. I can come bring some tomorrow :)

Oh, Milo! I’m so glad! I just love everything pumpkin! One day you’ll have to try my pumpkin ravioli!

Embracing the name, good for you, ha. I’ll try anything you make. My love for food knows no bounds, and I’m willing to bet anything that you’re an amazing chef.

Coffee Break | twistedgoldsworthy

Imogen glanced in the mirror at her outfit, wondering if she should change out of it before visiting her professor. She had to admit, it was a bit clichéd to be wearing a plaid skirt and knee highs, but Imogen had been feeling very Clueless when she had woken up that morning. As things would have it, she realized her professor might have had the same thoughts she had been having and Imogen wanted nothing more than to pay him a visit. It was forbidden, doing anything with him, that much she knew, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep him company. Feeling a bit self-conscious, Imogen tugged on the end of the skirt, feeling as though it was a bit too short. Despite this, Imogen figured Eli wouldn’t mind, he made his intentions pretty clear when talking to her. Professor Goldsworthy found her sexy. She turned him on, daily. Knowing that she was the cause of his uncomfortable problems was enough to give her that boost of confidence that she needed. Throwing on her peacoat, Imogen walked outside, bearing the Toronto winter, if only for a few moments. If she wanted to bring him coffee, the fastest way would be to walk. Her small studio wasn’t too far from the building where he held his office hours, and after swinging by Starbucks, Imogen was well on her way to his office. The building was empty, thankfully, and she was glad she wouldn’t have to explain the nature of her knee highs when it was so cold outside. Before she could lose her resolve, Imogen stepped into his office, finding him at his desk working hard on grading. “Professor Goldsworthy, I’m here with your coffee,” she said softly, not wanting to startle him too much. She wasn’t sure if he had been serious about her coming by or not but she had come all this way, she wasn’t going to turn around without even trying. With the back of her shoe, Imogen closed his door, locking it quietly, and took a few steps closer to his desk, unbuttoning her jacket.  “I pegged you for a black coffee kind of guy, if not, I’ll get it right next time.” After setting his coffee onto his desk, Imogen shrugged out of her jacket and sat at the chair beside his desk, eyeing him closely. She was in dangerous territory now, but there was no turning back at this point. The things this man had said to her and the dreams she had been having proved to be far too much. Imogen had to live out her newest fantasy.

immythecat replied to your postOh…okay. I didn’t want to just go and then you had no idea where I was. Do you think that’ll be what’s best?

I meant you coming with me. I mean, maybe you should, maybe that’ll be good for me, in case something happened. Your opinion matters most, Milo, you know what’s best for me.

Where is this Milo knows best mentality from? I even know that I’m not always right. 

immythecat replied to your postWould it be possible not to have sex tonight, Milo? I-I just want you to hold me. I don’t want to forget what it feels like to be in your arms.

No such thing. Its just, I leave tomorrow, and as much as I love sex, the one memory I want to have every night while I’m gone is how amazing it feels to be in your arms.

That’s no problem, not at all. I was just worried that you were overwhelmed or something. 

immythecat replied to your postThanksgiving dinner…I wrote it down. You said you wanted to spend it with us, my dad set you a place and everything.

Oh. Its alright I guess. I mean, its just a silly holiday. There’s um, still some pie if you wanted it.

No, it’s not alright. I feel like such a dick for this. Listen, it was stuff at home, I’m sorry. But that doesn’t excuse me forgetting. I’m going to make this up to you, alright?

And if you’d be willing to share some pie, I’d love that.